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  • When Stanley breaks into Kathy's apartment to steal back the Mask, he gets smashed over the head with a lamp. Two police officers show up and get smashed with a lamp by Big Head. One of them draws his guns and shoots Big Head between the eyes. Big Head hits him with a lamp and goes to the fridge to grab a beer. Then one of the police officers wakes up... and hits Big Head over the head with a lamp. Big Head... pulls out two revolvers and shoots both of them dead.
    Kathy: You... you killed him! My god, you killed him!
    Stanley!Big Head: Hey, don't blame me, you're the one with all the lamps!
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  • When Kellaway tries on the Mask for the first time, he tries out the whole “nigh-invulnerability” thing. First by hitting himself repeatedly over the head with a hammer, then decides to give it a real test with his gun.
    Kellaway!Big Head: (holding the gun to his head) Gee, if this doesn’t work, won’t I feel stupid? (puts the gun against his palm) Much better. Let ‘er rip! (fires, then looks through the bloody, yet still kinda cartoony hole in his hand) This is great! Unbelievable, but great!


  • For one without the titular character, Stanley's replacement car breaks down in the middle of a bridge. He gets out to see what's wrong, gets burned when trying to open the hood, and angrily kicks the car... which then proceeds to fall apart in the funniest way possible.
  • Stanley's dream of his night at the Coco Bongo going perfectly, where we basically get Jim Carrey playing Buddy Love. And then Tina suddenly starts licking the side of his face, because Milo is actually doing it. How's that for a first film role?
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  • The Mask trying to not wake Mrs. Peenman with a "shh" to the audience... only for an bouncing alarm clock to jump out of his pocket. He deals with this the only way he can: by trying to smash it with a giant mallet.
    The Mask: [smashes clock] Snoooooooze!
  • "Look, ma! I'm roadkill! HA HA HA!"
  • Squeeze Me Gently.
  • The whole scene with the alley punks.
    Punk: Hey, Mister, you got the time?
    The Mask: As a matter of fact I do, cubby! [Produces a pocket watch] LOOK AT THAT!! It's exactly two seconds before I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head! [DING! HONK! YOINK!]
    • "We have a giraffe. There you go son, now get out of here, you bother me."
    • Then the condom. "Sorry, wrong pocket." Apparently, this was ad libbed.
    • "And for you...a French Poodle!" [PAF] "Sorry, son, the dog was rabid; had to put him down." (That particular thug's crestfallen expression is what sells it.)
    • "A TOMMY GUN!"
  • "Somebody stole your pajamas?"
  • "It's PARTY time! P-A-R-T-Why? Because I gotta!"
  • Dorian demands to know where his money is, and The Mask decides to tell him precisely where:
    The Mask: (puts on a visor and chews a cigarette before pulling out an old calculator from behind) You've got 17.5% in T-bills amortized over the fiscal year; 8% in stocks and bonds; carry the nine, divide by the gross national product. Fortunately... (Takes out cigarette) funeral bouquets are deductible.
  • The Oscar Bait scene:
    The Mask: Hold me closer, Red. It's getting dark. (cough, cough, cough) Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out. (cough... cough, cough) Tell Tiny Tim I won't be coming 'ome this Christmas. (COUGH, COUGH COUGH) Tell Scarlet I do give a damn. (COUGH, fart) Pardon me. (dead)
  • Stanley trying to convince the mask expert, Dr. Neuman (played by Ben Stein), that the Mask is magical. Neuman is not amused.
    • Stanley tries to ask him about his book, only for Neuman to clarify that his book is about using masks as metaphor, not literally.
    • Stanley tries to prove it to him by putting on the Mask...which doesn't work since (by Stanley's interpretation) it works at night. Cue him acting like a complete buffoon and Neuman is looking all annoyed in the usual Ben Stein style.
    • What make it even more funny is that it's possible that the mask has become alive at this point and, decide to mess around by not wrapping itself around Stanley's head so that it can laugh at itself as Stanley tries to make it work which shows wooden or not The Mask sure knows how to be a Troll then gets even more funnier as Stanley uses it both day and night in the animated series which just shows how much he wanted to make Stanley look like a buffoon in front of Dr. Neuman.
  • The Extended Disarming scene in the park, in which the Mask has unusually deep pockets:
    Doyle: Really big sunglasses...
    Cop: Bike horn...
    Doyle: Small-mouth bass... wow!
    Cop: Bowling pin...
    Doyle: [snap] Aaaaa! Mouse Trap...
    Cop: Rubber chicken...
    The Mask: A little to the left... that's it.
    Doyle: [squeezes a stress reliever toy a few times] mmmm, I don't know. Funny eyeball glasses...
    The Mask: I've never seen those before in my life.
    Cop: Bazooka...
    The Mask: I have a permit for that.
    Doyle: Picture of Kellaway's wife...
    Kellaway: What?!
    The Mask: Uh-oh!
    Kellaway: [sees the picture of his wife in a sexy outfit] MARGARET! YOU SON OF A BITCH!
    The Mask: Geez! I figured you had a sense of humor. After all... YOU MARRIED HER!
    Kellaway: [wordless rage]
    The Mask: [SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!] That's gotta hurt! Eheheheheh! [zooms away]
    • What really sells it is that the picture of Kellaway's wife has it written "Call Me Lover 555-9371"
  • "Cuban Pete". Especially when Doyle briefly joins in.
    Kellaway: You start dancing, I'll blow your brains out.
    • Perhaps the funniest part is that, during the first part of the song, the cops just stand there, pointing their guns at The Mask- until, of course, they start joining in on the song!
  • "Sure, Stanley Ipkiss is gonna fall right into my lap!" And not even two seconds later...
    Stanley: Wait! I can explain everything!
    Kellaway: Oh yeah? You can explain everything? (pulls out a green rubber mask from Stanley's coat) Explain this.
    Stanley: (Beat) Uh...
    Kellaway: GET UP!
    • The rubber mask looks NOTHING like the Mask, it covers down to the neck and has ears.
  • "Not the cheese, the keys".
  • In the last fight with Dorian.
    Stanley: I hope you can enjoy your victory with one friggin' eye! (poke)
  • After taking innumerable bullets as he jumps behind the bar at the Coco Bongo, The Mask emerges with this:
    The Mask: Did you miss me? (chugs down a cocktail, which immediately pours from his gunshot wounds) I GUESS NOT!
  • Stanley's friend Charlie brings in The Cavalry: "Officers! Arrest those men! [Beat] I've Always Wanted to Say That."
    • Kellaway takes back his gun from him: "Give me that gun!"
  • The workprint version of the film is unique, in that (unlike most workprints) the lead actor plays out scenes that haven't had their CGI completed yet. As a result, viewers can see Jim Carrey acting out the Mask's transformation scenes and other moments when he's in transformation, to hilarious results. The best of these is the "That's a spicy meatball!" scene when, unlike the final cut of the film where the CGI Mask swallows the bomb, Carrey acts this out in-person, making it look like he's trying to jam an imaginary bomb down his throat. The end result is hilarious!
  • Stanley puts a pen through a pencil sharpener due to how overwhelmed he is during his first meeting with Tina.
  • Stanley paying his way into the club.
    Bobby the Bouncer: Uh, are you on the list?
    Stanley: Noooo. But I believe my friends are. Perhaps you know them. Franklin, Grant, and... Jackson?
  • Kellaway insults the weight of a bystander who bumps into him as he goes to rearrest Stanley, then belatedly discovers that man is the mayor.
  • The ending scene where Milo and Charlie both go after the mask as it's floating in the water.

Animated Series

  • In General, the running gag of The Mask giving Kellaway a wedgie. One of the best being, when Kellaway is pulled over by another cop only to see it's Mask dressed up in uniform.
    Mask: (pretending to be a cop)Where's the fire pal? If you don't go the speed limit I'm gonna have to (drops his cop persona. Wedgies Kellaway) pull your underwear over your head!(drives away laughing.)
    • The Mask being a Troll such as tricking his enemies into thinking he’s dead or defeated only to reveal himself alive at the last second and he also pulls wedgies over the heads of anyone who annoy him or Stanley.
    • The Mask can be too strong towards any girls he comes across such as putting himself in a position with a girl so that he can kiss them only they are put off by him which makes him like Stanley unlucky with any woman he comes across but however he does get lucky later on due to the fact that he’s polite, kind and very sweet as well which makes most of the girls who are put off by him to be attracted to him.
    • The Mask has forms that he tends to be over the top with them and one of his most favourite forms is a child one which makes sense since The Mask acts like a kid at times and he tends to crossdress as well having female forms that he does a female voice in them.
  • In the episode "Sister Mask", when Pretorius is turned from a huge spider into a ball and controlled by his own mind-control device, he lets out a Big "NO!".
  • In "Shrink Rap",after Dr Neuman puts on the mask, Masked Dr Neuman though terrifying does have his funny moments like The Mask did such as putting wedgie straitjackets on anyone he comes across, rides on a child bicycle, a book and finally a bouncy stick. After Pretorius manipulates him into busting him out of prison, Pretorius proceeds to further trick him by telling him the cosmos are within reach and they are not very far away. When Masked Dr Neuman says that he doesn’t see anything, Pretorius hits him on the head with a mallet, causing stars to spin around his head, which convinces him. Like The Mask, he can also pop his eyes out as well as when he sees Stanley again he pops them out a couple of times with them attached to springs.
    • And the best part is that Masked Dr Neuman still thinks that the mask does not work even though it does which after being told by Stanley that he is wearing it he denies it but he pops his eyes out which are attached by springs along with making his voice high pitched which proves that he is the one in denial not Stanley who pretty much said it.
      Stanley: I'm not the one in denial.
    • While going on a mission to cure the world from Ipkissa Maskosis Masked Dr Neuman goes to a zoo and sees a gorilla which upon seeing it declares that the gorilla has the same condition as well so he goes inside the cage, then holds it down so that he can take out diapers of all things so that he can turn it into a wedgie straitjacket to put it in which shows Masked Dr Neuman to be a Cloudcuckoolander just like The Mask and the other mask personas.
    • Masked Dr Neuman shows himself to be The Comically Serious as he still has his unmasked self’s deadpan professional demeanor and he has the Mask’s cartoony antics, childishness and a sense of humor.
    • And how did The Mask deal with the missile Pretorius launched to nuke Edge City after cutting all the wires didn’t work? The same way he dealt with the bomb in the movie, of course!
      Mask: That’s right. I’M GONNA EAT IT!
  • Pretty much all of "Split Personality". The Mask and Stanley’s interactions with each other are just a joy to watch; for example, The Mask wanting to take Stanley out to see his favorite movies, taking him out on a surf, and finally The Mask wants to take Stanley out to the Coco Bongo.
    • Stanley having to deal with The Mask's wackiness and his antics along with having to remind him to stay on task making him a Cloudcuckoolander's Minder though he does get amused by some of the things he does such as taking out a chicken suit for Charlie to wear which he smiles at that showing that he can be Not So Above It All.
      Stanley: So this is what i do as you...
      Mask: It's the voodoo I do!
    • After getting the other half of the mask back from Chet, we get this “heart to heart” between The Mask and Stanley, where he admits that there’s something he’s always wanted to give him; a half-wedgie. This is what finally gets an annoyed Stanley to take his half of the Mask off and put the two pieces back together again.
  • " Bride of Pretorius" has a woman named Evelyn who is like Stanley shy and meek but sweet and kind and when Stanley invites her over, Evelyn gets nervous and decides go to the bathroom but ends up opening the closet which is full of stuff that Stanley put in including the Mask of Loki that ends up causing Evelyn to lose her glasses which she can't see without them and when she finds them, she puts them on but they got attached to the mask which causes her to become attached to it and that's when Eve comes out.
    • Eve unlike Evelyn shows herself to be very attached to Stanley even calling him her screwball rabbit and tries to kiss him a lot of times and even turns her head into a cartoon wolf at first then into that of an alien and pretty much shows herself to be wacky and fun loving just like The Mask. Eve also has a southern American accent and acts like one as well.
      Stanley: Guess she likes me after all.
    • When Stanley gets kidnapped by Pretorius, Eve goes to rescue him but like The Mask decide to change her appearance into something appropriate for the situation such as turning into Vasquez from Aliens then after firing a suction cup at Pretorius party because the guns never work as Stanley points out but mostly she does not like killing or hurting anyone even with the villains she changes again into She-Ra to attack Pretorius with it. Then after surviving all attempts to kill her Pretorius offers her to marry him but Eve refuses because he tried to hurt the man she loves and cares about so she takes out her large handbag and attack him with it knocking his head off then takes out a giant tin can opener to free Stanley with it.
      Eve: Get away from my Screwball Rabbit!
      Pretorius: (He is confused at seeing Eve right in front of him so he checks the case) You are not Eve! Eve, be mine and we shall rule the earth TOGETHER!
      Eve: (She loads her gun clearly not taking his offer because she prefers Stanley than him) Dream on Zippy! I love Stanley Ipkiss! (She then points her gun at Pretorius)
      Stanley: Eve!? Uh, Eve? Those things never work!
      Eve: (She fires her gun at Pretorius's head) Bulls-Eye! (Pretorius removes the suction cup from his forehead then a spear to thrown at him which he then gets down and sees Eve change her appearance again) Oh ho ho! MINCE the bad guys, SLICE the bad guys, CHOP the bad guys! DICE them good! (Pretorius avoids her attack but knock into the laser away from Stanley but then Eve accidentally sent back to where it was)
      Stanley: AUGH! Eve would you WATCH IT WITH THAT THING?!? (Pretorius turns the laser around which he aims it at Eve who changes back from She-Ra to her default appearance like The Mask does who checks herself on her compact mirror making a wolf whistle then Pretorius fires it at her which she deflect it with her compact mirror which she smiles while doing that)
      Pretorius: It's not just a laser. It's a mortar cannon! (He fires it at Eve who jumps herself into the air to get out of its way)
      Stanley: Eve... (clearly thinking she's dead while forgetting that she can't be hurt by something like that and shows that he cared and loved her very much despite her wackiness and antics. Pretorius looks around to see if she's dead but then she lands down and starts making Kung Fu moves and sounds showing that she is brave like The Mask)
      Pretorius: I see i shall be forced to use more dramatic measures of persuasion (He goes down on his knee) Eve will you marry me?
      Eve: (She makes a goofy face clearly surprised at him doing that of all things then reacts in disgust and brings out her large handbag clearly thinking that he's got to be kidding her if he thinks that will work on her) You... CAD! (She then uses it to knock his head off his body then takes out a large tin can opener to free Stanley with it) You miss me? (She is clearly happy and relieved that the man she loves is safe and sound.)
    • Later on as The Mask is pondering how to destroy the meteorite he doesn’t know how so he decides to give up and go back to the apartment where he and Stanley live and read all the books he never got a chance to read, watching all his favourite tv shows and movies, making a cartoonishly huge sandwich which he eat with a loud burp, then calls Charlie to let him know that he can keep his promotion.
      Mask: I always wanted to say that.
    • After making that phone call to Charlie The Mask saw that he only have one minute left on his cartoonish large watch so he decides to go to the bathroom to be ready for the end with him straighting his tie up, brushing his large buck white teeth, spraying his armpits and cutting the hairs in nostrils of his nose since he has no hair on his head then notices a dripping in the pipe which he said he never got the chance to get it fixed which The Mask has a "Eureka!" Moment as he saw that he can build a pipe to turn the meteorite around which he did only that he got it the wrong way around which he fixed straightaway and the meteorite went back to space.
      Mask: Oh you know i been meaning to get that fixed (but then suddenly has an idea) that's it!
      Mask: Yep that oughtta do it (but then saw he got the pipe the wrong way around) oops (turns his tongue into that word while saying it)
  • In "Flight as a Feather" The Mask sings to himself what a great time he will have at the Coco Bongo while in a shower with his swimsuit, flappers and rubber duck ring he’s got on then he asks Milo if he can sing or what which his dog covers his ears clearly not liking that singing at all which leads The Mask to be disappointed that his dog did not like it at all.
    Mask: Swedish Karaoke Night at the Coco Bongo. First i win the prize tonight then eat a chimichango. ( He puts his head out out of the curtains with him still wearing his googles who then sees his dog Milo on the bed) Can this boy sing or what? (He smiles clearly very impressed with himself but his dog cover his ears showing that he did not like that singing at all causing The Mask to be disappointed at the fact that his dog did not like it at all dropping his smile down because of it then hears banging on the shower wall.)
    Mrs Peenman: Pipe down in there, Ipkiss! You're making my african violets droop!
    Mask: (He comes out of the shower with his swimsuit, flappers and his rubber duck ring) That's not all that drooping on the old bag. (He changes back to his default form after saying it) Mm-Mm-Mm, i tell ya, pooch. Everybody's a critic.

  • "Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters" has Stanley watching over his neighbor's infant son who wanders off chasing a bird. The baby puts on the Mask and yells "BIRDIE! BIRDIE!" in a deep, raspy voice.
  • Counterfeit Mask has Peggy put on the mask which turns her into a egotistical, vain, vapid and good-hearted woman who thinks that she is the star of the story so she goes to hairdresser which she takes out her mallet when the knicks in her back are not all straight, grows her toenails back because the woman cut them short, demands for the machine to turn up hotter to make hair extra fluffy and after going through all that comes out in pretty attractive clothes with flowers on them and blue heels then asks her mirror if she’s the pretty in the land which even her mirror just explodes instead so Masked Peggy decides what do these mirrors know true beauty anyway so she breaks up the fourth wall by telling the audience that she is ready for her makeup and goes in her large pink car to drive off.
  • In "Fantashtick Voyage", The Mask indirectly causes Milo to become sick with a computer virus, so Stanley leaves behind a prerecorded tape for The Mask to let him know about Milo's situation. It naturally has a few The Tape Knew You Would Say That moments, but it's the very end of the tape that gets this troper every time.
    Video!Stanley: You do something about this, buddy. Or so help me, I will stick this mask in the Smithsonian, where NO ONE will ever wear it again! (puts on the mask)
    Video!Mask: (panicked) IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN, DO IT, MAN! I THINK HE MEANS IT!!!
    • The Mask when he sees the tape that says Play Me he decide to play it like a harmonica first and when he puts it on he thinks it's Baywatch even turning into his child form which is both funny and cute at the same time only to find out that it's not Baywatch but Stanley instead.
  • In "To Have and Have Snot", Peggy accidentally causes Stanley to catch her cold, which they soon find out can be potentially fatal to The Mask. Later on, they finally discover that there’s a cure; Bavarian wood mites. That’s when Mask gets the opportunity to get back at Peggy for getting him in this mess in the first place.
    Mask: Peggy, I need your help. Will you help me find the remedy?
    Peggy: Of course! Anything! But where am I gonna find a Bavarian wood mite?
    Mask: (gives her a Slasher Smile)
    Peggy: (starts to back away) No. Uh-uh. No, no, no, no… (tries to make a run for it as Mask pulls a large rocket out of his jacket) NOOOOOO!
    Mask: (grabs Peggy, puts her in the rocket, and blasts it off to Bavaria) This kind of payback is good for your soul!
    • Of course, The Mask has himself to blame too. At the start of the episode, Peggy (who's already visibly sick with the cold) makes an off-hand remark about how "she could kiss him", after the Mask saves her, and The Mask decides to take it as an invitation to steal a kiss. He makes a big production of it too, including sweeping Peggy into a romantic embrace, and using a cartoonishly oversized breath spray on himself.
    • Even The Mask at first thought it was ridiculous seeing that a cold of all things will kill him along with his wearer until symptom number one which is loss of bladder control that ends up happening and he goes to the restroom because of it and convinces him that the cold will kill him if he keep his face on.
  • The two-part Crossover with the Ace Ventura Animated Adaptation were pretty much Crowning Episodes of Funny, although one of the best moments was in the second part, "Have Mask, Will Travel", when the Mask managed to briefly wind up on Ace's ass. That bit was hilarious on its own, but what made it even funnier was what happened when Stanley got it back.
    The Mask: Let's bring this party to a close. But first! And I do mean "butt" first... EWWWWWW! (Pulls a sink out of nowhere and begins scrubbing his face frantically) I know where it's been, I know where it's been, I KNOW WHERE IT'S BEEN!
    • The very first confrontation between the Mask and Ace Ventura.
    Ace: Hold it right there, fancy pants! I'm taking you down for the abduction of one Milo the dog!
    The Mask: Oh yeah?! (whips out two absurdly large, multibarrelled pistols) Try it.
    Ace: I will! [[beat]] (less confidently) After a brief pause. [[beat]] (sporting an Oh, Crap! face) For a fresh change of shorts...
  • The ending of "Shadow Of a Skillit", after The Mask defeats Skillit (basically an evil Peter Pan) by removing his shadow, which causes him to lose his magic powers and renders him mortal. Skillit is nearly hysterical, because without his magic and ability to drain others of their youth, he's doomed to grow old and die like everyone else.
    The Mask: *dressed like a police officer with an Irish accent* Ah, all in good time laddie, but it's 8 AM, we gotta get somebody to school!
    Skillit: NOOOOO!!!! Anything but That!!
  • When The President, who's pretty obviously supposed to be Bill Clinton, visits Edge City in one episode, The Mask happens to save him from an accident by random chance, and the President rewards him with the Medal of Freedom. The Mask promptly tries to trade it for some tacos at his favorite fast food stand.


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