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A Super Nintendo Entertainment System game based on the 1994 movie.

Stanley Ipkiss was once a ordinary bank account who has bad luck on his side until he discovers an ancient mask that turns him into a green-headed trickster called The Mask but Dorian Tyrell discovers about it so now The Mask must stop him and save Tina the woman that he and Stanley both love.


  • Adaptation Expansion: The Mask does a lot more than he does in the film since he fights several enemies and bosses on the way (only two of which are in the movie, Mrs. Peenman and Masked Dorian - yes, two Masks simultaneously).
  • Adaptational Wimp: The Mask can get taken down a lot more easily than the film and the animated series.
  • Directionally Solid Platforms: Tree branches are solid from above but not from below.
  • Hyperspace Mallet: One of the Mask's attacks is a hammer he pulls from nowhere.
  • Loud of War: The "Squeeze Me Gently" foghorn is one of the attacks.
  • Mana Meter: Used for the wacky attacks (only the regular punch and "holding down after running" don't use it). When it gets exhausted, it slowly recovers to at least 100.
  • Nintendo Hard: Along with being a regular Everything Trying to Kill You action platformer, there is no saving or passwords, meaning the game needs to be beaten in one go.
  • Secondary Adaptation: The game is based on The Mask, a film adaptation of the comic book The Mask.
  • Springs, Springs Everywhere: Awnings and couches in this game are very bouncy.
  • Video Game Sliding: The Mask can slide across the surfaces with one of his legs on front. The slide damages foes as well.
  • Wild Take: Before each boss, the Mask does the eye/tongue/skull pop that precedes the Cuban Pete scene.
  • Written Sound Effect: Hitting the enemies makes "POW" text appear.