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  • Stanley telling off his boss after once again arriving late for work.
    Mr. Dickie: Ipkiss! We have a crisis on our hands, and you show up an hour late? If I have to put up with your slovenly behavior—
    Stanley: BACK OFF, monkey boy! Or I'll tell your daddy that you're running the place like it's your own personal piggy bank. Or maybe we should call the IRS and see if they could arrange a vacation for you at Club FED!!
    Mr. Dickie: [visibly shaken] That will be all, Ipkiss. (walks away)
  • Stanley fighting Dorian without the power of the Mask.
    Dorian: I'm gonna take you apart!
    Stanley: Well, I hope you can enjoy the victory with ONE FRIGGIN' EYE! (pokes Dorian in the eye)
  • Milo manages to put on the Mask and of course, Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Mask's entire dance sequence with Tina at the nightclub, where he sports his signature yellow zoot suit.
  • Tina demonstrates that she's more than your typical Dumb Blonde Femme Fatale by tricking Dorian into taking off the mask and kicking it out of his grasp.
  • "Did you miss me? I guess not!"
  • "You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I'm around, you'll always be second best, see?"
    • Followed shortly by Stanley finally asserting his own will over that of The Mask by willingly taking it off.
  • Stanley breaking out of jail. He holds Kelloway at gunpoint, who says that Ipkiss won't be able to pull it off with the police station full of cops. What does Stanley do? Pretend to be Kelloway's captive (while still holding the latter hostage) and get escorted out. Bonafide smarts right there.
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  • The Coco Bongo dance scene. Jim Carrey's dance skills are straight-up SMOKIN'!
  • Dorian wearing the mask. While he lacks Stanley's imagination, he makes up for it with shear frightfulness and monstrosity. Special mention goes to his transformation sequence, where unlike Stanley, he's fixed completely to the spot while clouds descend on him.

Animated Series

  • In “Sister Mask”, after Pretorius had been controlling The Mask for a good majority of the episode, Stanley gets to have a little payback when using the controller on a now masked Pretorius.
  • The Mask taking down Cookie BaBoom (the mayor's psycho stripper ex who crashed his bill-signing ceremony) by dressing as a bartender and yanking the dynamite belts that were covering Cookie's body, then using her nudity to distract Kellaway and Doyle in "Flight as a Feather." It's not only awesome because The Mask actually did something heroic (even though he only did it to get his fedora feather back), but it stands out as a testament to how wild kids' cartoon content can get (back then, this episode ran with a TV-Y7 rating with that part intact).
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  • The Mask beating the Devil himself in a dance competition in “Boogie with The Man”.
  • In “Convention of Evil”, The Mask not only has his Rogues Gallery completely fooled for a good majority of the episode by posing as Dr. Neumannote , but takes on and defeats them all with little to no effort.
  • A meta example. Rob Paulsen claims that the people behind the scenes initially pushed him to try and perfectly mimic Jim Carrey's performance, much to his displeasure. Of all people, Tim Curry came to the rescue with a pep talk. What Paulson then told the executives went along the lines of "If you want Jim Carrey, you can hire Jim Carrey. But you can't afford Jim Carrey, so let me do this role my way." They subsequently eased up on him.

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