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Fridge Brilliance

  • Stanley obtaining the mask was perfect timing for Edge City(this following the movie and cartoon series, ignoring the sequel film). Dorian was already an active gangster and if Stanley hadn't gotten in the way, he'd have robbed the bank successfully and probably used the money to fund a mob war against his boss, whom he was already at odds with. Dorian taking over the mob in Edge City would've been bad. Stanley got rid of Dorian and took Nico with him. Then a year later, Dr. Pretorius arrives to cause trouble, and it's safe to say he would've shown up regardless. He'd have successfully stolen the automated futuristic house, perhaps ended up in a war with Dorian, and no one could've stopped him when he eventually chose to nuke the city. And all those other villains? Walter was around anyway, Kablamus was created in a balloon factory accident, Putty Thing & Fish Guy were a deliberate act by two idiot teenagers, Tempest and Channel Surfer would've gained their powers anyway, Gorgonzola would've found a permanent host, the list goes on. Point is, these mobsters, madmen and super-powered crazies would have walked all over the city even if the Mask hadn't been around, leaving Edge City an eventual nuclear wasteland.
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  • Why don't the police in the film start crapping themselves over the sheer physics defying abilities the mask gives its wearer? Because the film version of the mask also affects reality itself and not just have the wearer as the one subjected to cartoon physics. The police behave as police in a bugs bunny cartoon would behave because of Rule of Funny combined with the mask's Reality Warper powers. It's noticeable that when Dorian gets the mask, people seem to be able to notice how horrifying the things he does are. Stanly's the one with the love of old time cartoons and his mask persona's abilities and behavior reflect that. Dorian is a monster who wants to people to fear and respect him and his persona reflects that too.
  • The differences between the film and the comic can be explained by a Perspective Flip between Stanley and Lt. Kellaway, in the movie we saw everything from Stanley's point of view, when he wore the mask he started operating on Cartoon Physics and therefore saw the rest of the world that way. The Comic on the other hand showed the world from Kellaway's point of view where without Cartoon Physics the injuries have serious, lasting and most of the time fatal repercussions. The over the top sadism could represent his view of the world.

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