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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Comic Book
  • While the climax of "The Hunt for Green October" is enough to invoke a lifetime of fear, the ending is pretty sweet. Ray Tuttle, the man who just wanted payback on Sky City's dirty elite, now finds himself under the crosshairs of a Nazi cult who wants the Mask to rule the world, and they go so far as to use his daughter Emily to blackmail him. Little does he know that she had gotten a hold of the Mask and was out exacting her own brand of revenge, and when they decide to use Ray as hostage to barter for the mask (after she takes out all other gangs vying for it like punks), she decides to have her dear Daddy become Big Head one last time so he can take out the Nazi filth. After doing so, he retains enough sanity to save his daughter's life from an explosion (caused by the Nazi leader in a Taking You with Me moment), and when they're safe, she pleads to Ray to stop being Big Head ever again, having finally realized for herself how it pushes people to violence and murder, and she doesn't want anybody else to end up like her mother. So she pleads to him for her mother's sake. Hammering it home is the fact that Emily had stopped speaking ever since witnessing her mother's death, and the kid finally talking to him for the first time in months, probably even a couple of years, showing that she had finally come to grips with what happened... Well, it's a rare moment of levity in such an over-the-top-violent comic.


  • Stanley doesn't hesitate to climb into a filthy river when he thinks someone is in danger.
  • Stanley's interactions with Tina throughout the whole movie are so sweet. It would've been so easy to make him a sleazy creep, only being nice to Tina because she's attractive, but he's genuinely kind and cares about her safety when he tells her to get out of town when Dorian now has the mask and is going to cause chaos.
  • When Stanley and Tina look at the sunset together. It's both adorable and hilarious how Stanley tries to make the city's "methane emissions" in the sky sound romantic and Tina goes along with it. It's such a cute moment of chemistry between the two.
  • The Mask is also pretty much adorable as well when it’s shown that he’s very much become attracted to Tina just like Stanley with his jaws dropping and his eyes popping out and even at one point turns his head into that of a cartoon wolf and rushes over to Tina and gives her the biggest show she ends up seeing such as him changing the uniforms of her fellow singers into a rock band and gives her the biggest dance of all times which ends up with him kissing her in the end.
  • The Mask unlike in the comics is a harmless good hearted gangster who likes having fun and though he does rob the bank at one point it’s only to get inside the Coco Bongo to see Tina and when Stanley puts on the mask of Loki in the park where he and Tina were to meet and his masked alter ego appears the Mask despite the somewhat sleazy way he went with Tina doesn’t try to do any harm to her and gives her a heart with an arrow on it made of smoke and when Tina ends up in danger along with everyone else in the nightclub thanks to Dorian putting a bomb right next to Tina the Mask after Stanley puts on the mask of Loki to bring him out rushes over to where Tina is and eats the bomb in the most outlandish way possible by opening his mouth wide and swallowing it inside him showing he genuinely cares for and loves Tina like Stanley and will do anything to save the woman they both love.
  • When Stanley and Tina go to the bridge to get rid of the mask for good.
    Stanley: You sure you're not gonna miss this guy? Once he's gone, all that's left is me.
    Tina: (takes the mask from Stanley, and unhesitatingly throws it into the river)
    (Cue the Big Damn Kiss)
  • After Stanley's been arrested (thanks to Dorian), Tina visits him in prison to warn him about Dorian's plan to attack the charity ball. We then get this exchange:
    Tina: Thanks.
    Stanley: For what?
    Tina: Lots of things. Sharing the sunset with me. For being the only guy who's ever treated me like a person and not some sort of party favor. For being any kind of romantic, even a hopeless one.
    Stanley: ...You're welcome.
    Tina: You know that night at the club? I knew I'd found someone special.
    Stanley: [rolls his eyes dejectedly] The Mask.
    Tina: No, it was the guy inside the mask. It was you, all along. Stanley... Ip... kiss.
  • Even though it leads to the massive Mood Whiplash that was her Face–Heel Turn reveal, and her admitting that she didn’t mean a word of it, you gotta admit, Peggy's little "You Are Better Than You Think You Are" Speech to Stanley was pretty damn sweet. And in the end, she was right.
    Peggy: Look, I don't know what's happening to you, Stanley... but I do know this; that letter that you sent my column? That was from a guy with more guts... and more heart, than any of the creeps that I've met in this city. Whatever that mask is... you don't need it. You, Stanley Ipkiss, are already all you'll ever need to be.
    • And even after the betrayal, Peggy also reveals that she didn't want Stanley to be harmed, protesting against Dorian that he promised he wouldn't hurt Stanley. Luckily, Stanley is mostly unharmed, despite him being arrested. But her showing concern and standing up for him shows she still at least cares somewhat about him.
  • Milo's interactions with Stanley, he's a really loyal dog. When Stanley is thrown in a cell and he says that he's gonna be there for a very long time, Milo just lays down as of to say "then I'll be here for a very long time". This also applies to the animated series, where it's shown on several occasions that The Mask adores Milo just as much as Stanley does.
    • Milo-As-The-Mask loves Stanley as much as regular!Milo, as seen when he happily runs to Stanley and licks his face before Stanley takes it off.
  • The scene where Stanley and Peggy first meet and talk about the letter he sent to her "Ask Peggy" column is downright adorable.
    Stanley: You really think hundreds of women are looking for a guy like me?
    Peggy: Sure... I'm one of 'em.
  • Charlie and Stanley's friendship. Charlie is one of the few people who is consistently and genuinely supportive of Stanley. Even when advising Stanley not to get with Tina, he expresses it more as finding a girl who is a better complement to Stanley rather than because Tina is out of his league.
  • Tyrell's Villainous Friendship with Freeze is a decent Pet the Dog moment for the villainous gangster.
  • The mayor praising Stanley as a hero at the end and preventing him from being rearrested is pretty nice.
  • There's something cute about how the gang members in the alley are excited to receive balloon animals.

Animated Series

  • In "The Terrible Twos", Lieutenant Kellaway genuinely thanks the Mask for saving his life from Putty Thing, and (begrudgingly) admits that maybe he's not so bad after all. Granted, the Mask almost immediately ruined the moment by giving him a wedgie, but it was still incredibly sweet coming from Kellaway, of all people.
  • The fact that Peggy could easily reveal Stanley's secret identity to the world and get the front page story she's always wanted (heck, she's even joked about it a couple times throughout the series), but she doesn't. Here she is, sitting on the story that would most likely skyrocket her career; "Identity of The Mask Revealed!"… And she doesn't say a word. Not only is Peggy a good Secret-Keeper, she's a good friend.
  • There are very few instances where the Mask doesn't get distracted by whatever trivial thing he wants to do and leaps right into action... and most of the time, it's because of Milo. It just really makes it clear how much both Stanley and The Mask care about that dog.
    The Mask: There are certain things in this world which are taboo, forbidden, verboten. AND MESSING WITH INNOCENT DOGS AND BABY SEALS IS TOP OF THE LIST!
  • Really, the series setting, and by extension the movie, is one of these. In the comics, Stanley Ipkiss succumbed to every horrible urge he had, and died by the end of the first series, in the end being a forgettable, miserable bastard of a person, with his girlfriend Kathy, and Lt. Kellaway both being far more honorable and decent wearers. In this setting? Stanley is a Nice Guy who's by far one of the most benevolent wearers of the Mask, to the point that even his Mask alter ego is relatively good, which is extremely rare.
    • The only other wearer who's mentioned as being on his level? Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Mask cares about the people of Edge City and will act to be the superhero and protector the city needs him to be and he’s pretty much well liked by the public and the mayor frees him from any legal trouble as to show his gratitude to him.
  • The Mask cares very much about Stanley and acts very much like a big brother to him and will help him when Stanley needs him the most.
  • Stanley gets stressed out over The Mask's wackiness and antics while The Mask wanted to pull a wedgie over Stanley which he finally got the chance to do so but they really do care and love each other since Stanley imagining The Mask putting Charlie in a jack in a box shows just how much he really does care about him and The Mask brings all the stuff that was stolen back to the apartment which also shows just much he cares about Stanley since he knows he would want his stuff back.
  • In the Shadow of a Skillit: The Mask meets a elf named Skillit who met the previous wearers of the Mask of Loki and wants The Mask to join him in having fun. However, when The Mask finds out that his idea of fun includes hurting people, The Mask refuses to join him, which proves that, unlike in the comics, The Mask is indeed a hero.
    The Mask: What kind of sicko do you think I am?
  • In Cool Hand Mask: When The Mask gets framed for robbing the children's orphanage, he actually thinks he might be the one who did it. Though he denies it at first, he does begin to wonder if he did do it which leads him to surrender himself to the authorities out of fear that he went crazier than usual and starts to feel guilty about doing it. When he eventually finds out that it was Pretorius who did it and framed him for it, The Mask frees himself and stops Pretorius and his plan which shows The Mask to be Friend to All Children because he is a troll like some of them and also shows The Mask will not rob any orphanages that have orphans because he knows that they need all the help they can get showing himself just like Stanley: a kind-hearted person who will not rob anyone who need the money they need to help them with their problems.
  • In Boogie With The Man: Stanley makes a deal with The Devil and realizes his mistake in doing it so he begs the Devil to free him from it. The Devil tells him there is a loophole in the contract that he can use by getting someone to sign it for him. Stanley searches for anyone who might take it and nearly succeeds with Peggy, but when she is about sign it, The Mask appears both as the angel and the devil with the angel side trying to convince Stanley not to let her take it while the devil side tells Stanley just to let Peggy sign it. Eventually, the angel side wins and Stanley stops Peggy from signing it, showing that while The Mask can be stressful for him and despite the things he said about him, The Mask will act as Stanley's conscience, ultimately showing that he does not want Stanley do bad things but also how protective The Mask is over Stanley.
  • In Mystery Cruise: Stanley, his friends, his landlord and the police officers Kellaway and Doyle are invited to a cruise which also happens to be on Stanley's birthday then when they get attacked by Pretorius, Peggy naturally thinks that he is the one who invited them but he tells her and everyone else he was not the one who invited them so they find out it was The Mask who wanted them to be on the cruise for his birthday along with Stanley's to have fun since they are the people he knows the most which shows just much of a Nice Guy The Mask is along with the fact that he did it on Stanley's birthday also shows just much he cares about and loves Stanley since that means The Mask did it for him as well which just makes it just even more sweet since it shows no matter how much his antics and wackiness stress Stanley out, The Mask is a big brother to him so therefore he wants Stanley to be happy no matter what and at the end he dances at the Coco Bongo with his friends though he could not resist the urge to wedgie some of them at least but he gets a great birthday in the end which just make it even more sweeter.
  • Stanley doesn't forgive Peggy for what she did in the movie but The Mask does forgive her knowing that she feels guilty about what she did and he is very friendly and sweet towards her though can be a little flirty at times which proves The Mask will forgive people if they show enough guilt about what they did and eventually over time Stanley does forgive her for what she did.
  • In Santa Mask: Stanley is not a big fan of Christmas but when the villains started disguising themselves as Santa Claus which causes Santa to get arrested. Stanley seeing everyone being miserable and being told by Santa that he and The Mask are the only ones that he trusts to replace him, he decide to help save Christmas which The Mask agrees to do it as well so he goes on his trip to put presents under the tree when a little girl comes up to him so The Mask decide to pretend be Santa so the girl doesn't know but when she asks him about the rocking horse which she told Santa at the department store he begins to panic and feeling awkward since he was not there for that so he decide to bring her a real horse instead which she is very happy for that and proves as always The Mask is a Friend to All Children and cares very much about their happiness clearly proving just how much The Mask cares about the children.
  • When Evelyn accidentally puts on the mask she becomes Eve another wacky, fun loving, impulsive superhero who is taller and wears jewellery, a necklace, has blue eye-shadow, has earrings on her square ears, wears red heel shoes and red dress and Eve unlike Evelyn who is too shy to show she loves Stanley in no time at all tells Stanley that she is in madly in love with him and takes herself and Stanley to the Coco Bongo and whipped the floor with him around and takes him to the top of the roof where she notices he’s shaking which he said he’s frozen in fear and shows how much she cares about him by saying she will heat him up to keep him warm and when Pretorius kidnaps Stanley instead of Eve whom he saves her from and she in turn saves him by going after Pretorius herself and attacks him to save Stanley even managing to survive his attacks and rejects him when he tries to get her on his side and chooses Stanley instead just like the Mask who chooses to save Edge City, its people and his friends showing herself to be a good hearted person.
  • Milo gets scared of The Mask so he goes under the bed anytime Stanley puts on the Mask of Loki to bring him out but over time he sees that just like Stanley, The Mask is a good-hearted, kind and nice man like him so he calms down eventually and gets used to all the wackiness and antics The Mask does even ending up caring about and loving him like Stanley becoming loyal to him as well by helping him with anything that gets him in danger which the Mask trusts him to help him with showing just how much Milo has grown to trust him like Stanley as well.
  • Masked Dr. Neuman has his moments as well such as sparing a Police Officer even though she tried to get double clearance on him and also spares Charlie Suhumaker from lobotomy as well after his appointment alarm went off and he does still retain some morals such as agreeing with everyone else that Pretorius is insane even though he set him free and teamed up with him and still retains his politeness as well such as putting Stanley in therapy session even though he is clearly annoyed with him and shows enough restraint not to kill him right there and now only when Stanley tries to stop him from destroying Edge City does he tried to kill him and after putting a boy in a wedgie straitjacket the boy’s mom starts attacking him and despite the fact she kept hitting him lots of times with her handbag he decided not to put her in a wedgie straitjacket and puts her in a cage instead which shows Masked Dr Neuman still having some standards even though he is insane and psychotic and is willing to destroy Edge City to get rid of the disorder he calls Ipkissa Maskosis unlike some evil Mask personas such as Dorian, Pretorius, and Chet.
  • Masked Peggy Brandt is a vapid and vain woman who thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and therefore she must have a feminine makeover to show everyone that even saying that one life of a dog pales compared to her and she's so fussy as well constantly telling a woman to get all the Knicks out of her back completely even threatening to use her mallet on her and makes another woman to cut her toenails again after she cut them too short and very demanding as well as she shouts at the woman to turn the heat in the machine up to extreme to turn her hair extra fluffy and even dragging the hairdresser later on so that she might need it again. She also tries to marry Kellaway and when he rejects her she throws him on a catapult to send him flying away but she does genuinely care about Stanley even saying that he is the only one who understands her and takes him with her to the top of the roof and when she finds out she’s got a crooked eyebrow she decides to give Stanley the tool he needs to take her face off so that he can use it to bring The Mask out to save Milo showing herself to be just like The Mask and Eve egotistical but a fun loving and wacky superhero just like them and a good hearted person as well.
  • The Masks interactions with the Goofalotatos, a trio of Expies for The Warner Siblings. Despite his annoyance at being pranked, he does a total 180 once he finds out who did it.
    Mask: *gasps* The Goofalotatots! I love these guys!!