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Nightmare Fuel / Hellsing

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...You're dog food.

Well, seeing as how this is Hellsing we're talking about, this is going to take a little while. Alright buckle up, let's get the ball rolling...

  • Every Goddamn thing about Alucard. He's more the Anthropomorphic Personification of Nightmare Fuel than a vampire.
    • Granted, it's not a bad thing since vampires have suffered a serious case of Nightmare Retardant over the years; it's good to see that there's a vampire out there that can still scare people shitless.
    • Whenever Alucard gets into his full monster mode, shooting, biting, flaying, breaking his way through whatever unfortunate mooks happen to be in his way. No one, not even a vampire Nazi, deserves to die like that. And then he gets angry when one of the GATE soldiers commits suicide out of fear...
    • Alucard's face on the DVD cover for the first series can freak one out even before watching the first episode.
    • It is heavily implied that he has no true form, and the more power he is allowed to unleash the more he tends to resemble an Eldritch Abomination. One would have thought that it was impossible to actually depict a Lovecraftian horror, but Hirano gets damn close.
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    • When he releases his first restriction seal, we see this...just what the actual fuck happened?
    • Alucard's Nightmare Face upon being given the order by Integra to kill everyone in his way in Brazil, the demonic Slasher Smile that tells Seras, and us, that he is going to thoroughly enjoy everything he does to the people who are being sent after them.
    • And Girlycard, just Girlycard. Look at those eyes and try not to think they're looking at you. And why the hell doesn't she have a nose?!
    • Seras is perhaps more frightening than Alucard. Alucard is a Blood Knight, true, and a real horror show when fully released, but he really only does that when he's following orders, meaning he has some form of self control. An angry Seras, on the other hand, is disturbingly akin to an EVA unit gone berserk. Not that she has no motive to be in that state, which brings us to...
  • Seras watching all her police friends die in the first episode. And then dying and coming back as a vampire.
    • And then being stabbed through the chest with God knows how many silver blessed bayonets that deliberately miss the heart so that she suffers, watching her master's head get cut off, who's the only thing resembling family and connections at this point, and pulling out the bayonets one by one as she limps away from the crazy priest with her master's decapitated head and would have probably been killed a second time if Integra hadn't entered at the right time.
    • And then watching all her Hellsing friends die in the Valentine arc. With her personally ripping dozens of them apart in her Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • And then watching all the Geese die in the blitz. With her eating Pip's soul to restore herself.
    • And watched her parents be murdered in front of her and then her mother's corpse raped. With her stabbing one of the killers in the eye with a fork, and then getting shot.
  • Rip Van Winkle getting impaled on her own rifle, while also sobbing and getting sniffed/licked/bitten/assimilated by Alucard in a very suggestive manner.
    • Rip Van Winkle's fight against Alucard was unique for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it's made abundantly clear that Rip is scared utterly shitless of Alucard. She spends half the fight sobbing uncontrollably in sheer terror. She manages to shoot Alucard ONCE, using her bullet to tear through Alucard multiple times, as her power allows her to personally control every bullet she fires with that musket. But then Alucard comes back from this, catches the bullet right in his teeth and shatters it, and then she goes back to sobbing as Alucard impales her with her own musket. It doesn't have a bayonet, he just jams the barrel through her left breast.
    • And the HANDS. GOOD GOD, THE HANDS. There's at least ten and they certainly weren't helping with the fight.
    • The way Alucard licked her blood off the floor. Ugh.
    • It really speaks volume that this is the one Nightmare Fuel scene that Hellsing Ultimate Abridged omitted in a way. Even Team Four Star couldn't find a way to make this not terrifying so they ended right at the impaling.
    • "Look what I just caught. *CLANG* I just caught you... Rip...Van...Winkle!"
      • What's even creepier is that catching the bullet apparently shattered his jaw. And he doesn't give a shit.
    • Place yourself in Rip's shoes. An unstoppable, terrifying enemy has his sights set firmly on you. You know he is going to do horrible, unspeakable things to you. And there is NOTHING you can do to prevent it from happening. And that, my friends, is High Octane Nightmare Fuel.
      • There's a reason Taliesin Jaffe and the English VAs described Rip van Winkle as being a fairy tale protagonist, with Alucard as the Big Bad Wolf. For the record, it's (fittingly) the German style of fairy tale. There is no huntsman to come to Rip's rescue.
    • What makes this scene truly disturbing is that it is a clear subtext for a rape scene. From the way Alucard slowly corners Rip, to the way he penetrates her breast with her gun, to the way he licks her blood off the floor while multiple shadow arms grab her everywhere, to the Luminescent Blush Rip gets when Alucard bites into her neck and starts to slowly drain her. Add in that vampire biting is a metaphor for sex, and...well,,
  • Zorin getting cheese grated against a wall. She deserved every second of it, though.
    • And of course, it's also quite grisly to see Zorin trying to punch away Seras, just to have most of her fist crunched off.
  • Alucard getting raped as a child, which turns him into a barbaric warlord committing mass-atrocities in a religious quest masking personal vengeance which turns out to be all for nothing as he looses and in a moment of utter despair sells his soul to the devil.
    • Alucard, the Lovecraftian Eldritch Abomination, badass fuckmothering vampire who would kill you on a whim without even blinking, was once a child, just like anyone else. A child who, as stated above, was held down and had everything quite literally stripped away from him. Perhaps he has more reason for his actions than we give him credit for...
  • Any scene where the Nazi mooks are winning. Tag, somebody else is it.
    • There's a shot in the manga and OAV of one of the Nazis eating a baby. NAZI VAMPIRES EATING BABIES. There is NO pretty way of putting it.
    • The "War Declaration" scene. The fate of the old guard Nazi officer Heer is simply grisly, if not Nausea Fuel.
      • The images we get before we get to him. A pile of dead bodies, ripped to pieces.
      • To be specific, the Millennium vampires eat him. No, they don't kill him first.
    The Doktor: Be sure to eat every bite. If he turns into a ghoul, I vill not be happy.
  • Schrödinger decapitates himself with a huge grin on his face, and his severed head keeps laughing as it and his body fall into a river of blood running through London that Alucard is in the midst of drinking.
  • In the anime, the rather graphic depiction of a man being turned into a vampire by the chips is... well, quite disturbing, to say the least.
  • The Millenium vampires massacring the entire population of London.
    • Let's expand the horror a bit. Imagine you're a normal citizen of London, walking around on a cool evening. Suddenly, you hear the sound of airships. And then Nazis, a group that everyone thought was done for good, come flying down and begin killing everyone in sight. Worse still, they seem to be absolutely invincible, and are turning the entire populace into zombies. Then you see more blimps hovering overhead. Thank goodness, it's the Catholic Church! And then they join in the slaughter as well, because they're being led by a crazy fanatic that hates Protestants. Face it, any civilian in London is boned.
      • Heck, just imagining what being a regular human being in Hellsing's demented world would be like is enough Nightmare Fuel to keep anyone up for a few hours.
    • Which is exactly why those who choose to stay human when offered a chance of becoming something more — or less — are so very much admired. Anyone can become a powerful monster but it takes a truly brave person to stay relatively "powerless" in the face of all that insanity.
  • Awesomely executed though it is, The Major's speech is absolutely soaked in the kind of nihilistic blood-lust that would make a regular Blood Knight blanche. It becomes very clear that the "man" simply does not care who is fighting, who is winning, who is losing, and who is getting chopped into dog meat all the while. He's a personification of merciless, indiscriminate, demented desire for conflict. He doesn't even care if himself or his whole organization burns as well, as long as he can take a nation or two with him, and he finally gets the apocalypse he promised them decades ago.
    "Gentlemen, all I ask for is war. A war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble."
  • Rip Van Winkle's incredibly disturbing face as she is killing the soldiers on the ship. Take a look: [1]
    • Oh and top it off with her jauntily humming an opera tune as she paints a swastika on the ship using the blood of the soldiers she just killed.
    • While we're still on the ship, imagine being there as your captain and two officers suddenly turn into monsters and start killing your fellow crew, who only rise again to keep killing. You're basically trapped on your own coffin, folks, without even the time to make your peace with God.
    • Plus van Winkle's questioning of the newly vampirized captain. She asks him how he feels after committing high treason against his own country, slaughtering the men he worked with and condemning them all to Hell by turning them into ghouls... before congratulating him in an unsettlingly chipper manner.
  • Anderson's regenerative powers and the Major's cyborg conversion are most definitely Body Horror and Fridge Horror in the same package. Especially considering how damn painful it seems to be. The 10th OVA somehow makes the Major's cyborg nature all the more unpleasant by including the faint clicking and tick of machinery within as he and Integra speak. Then as he dies, you can hear the faint wheeze as if whatever pump has been serving as his lungs slowly winds down.
  • The page flip revealing what the Captain actually is. Half his face is twisted and contorted into some thing what does not even resemble a wolf.
  • Zorin Blitz herself, and the illusions in which she traps her enemies.
    • Especially what she does to Seras. She forces Seras to relive the most horrible thing that ever happened to her (the murder of her parents and the subsequent rape of her mother by two perfectly normal humans), and as a result Seras is too traumatized to fight back. Zorin then cuts off her arm and stabs her, and as a horribly injured Seras tries desperately to crawl away, Zorin drags her back and cuts out her eyes. Thankfully, Seras gets better.
  • This one crosses with Fridge Horror: in the very beginning of the story, a vampire infects an entire village and turns its inhabitants into ghouls. However, when a virgin is bitten and drained of blood, he or she will become another vampire instead of a ghoul. The village of course had its share of children, yet Alucard met only one vampire, the originator, during his purge. So what did the vicar do to the children?
  • From the eighth OVA: Maxwell's death. And how!
    • Forget Maxwell, just imagine what it would be like if you were there when Alucard unleashes his hordes. Literally a Hell on earth.
  • There's also the scene with Jan Valentine in Hellsing Ultimate OVA 2. During his infamous "I highly recommend pissing yourselves, followed by a course of praying to your impotent God!" spiel, he places his thumb atop the eye of the decapitated head he's playing with and presses down hard causing the eyeball to burst and blood to shoot out.
    • Shockingly, this scene as redone in the Abridged Series is actually worse. And it doesn't even show the eyescream. Probably for the best since instead of a decapitated head it's a live ghoul and instead of his thumb...
  • Seras's Mind Rape at the hands of Zorin Blitz as well as when Zorin mutilates her afterwards and planned on killing her before killing Pip.
  • The vampire preacher planned on raping Seras Victoria before killing her, since she was a virgin and he didn't want an "equal" vampire. Fortunately, Alucard steps in before it gets to that, although the preacher gets a few good gropes in for effect.
    • It should be noted that said vampire didn't know that she was a virgin. He was just doing it on the off chance.
  • Then there's Jan wanting to rape, kill, and rape Integra again. ...In That Order.
    • "Come out little Ms. Hellsing. We only want to torture you, kill you, maybe skull fuck your corpse a couple of times and go home and masturbate, O.K.?"
    • The first TV series had a little more disturbing declaration: "I'm gonna fuck that bitch, shoot her in the head, then fuck her there!" meaning he actually intended to use the bullet hole for his post-mortem session.
  • The Hellsing Ruins OST track 19. First reaction: "wait, is this a Hellsing song? Still nice, I guess... OK, now it starts becoming eerie an — OKWHATTHEFUCK." It can be heard on YouTube here.
  • This one crosses over into Fridge Horror, but the Chapter 94 revelation that Codename "She", the creature upon which Millennium based their artificial vampires is none other than Mina Harker. Because Alucard "Dracula" was not outright destroyed, she is presumed to have stayed in some half-human half-vampire state before dying and being dug up by Millennium for their research.. The Nightmare Fuel really kicks in when you recall that she is chained and bandaged in The Dawn, and this is after they dug her up. So, it is possible that she did die — as in her body stopped functioning — but her half-vampire state kept her soul/consciousness alive and imprisoned within that rotting form. Walter setting her remains on fire and obliterating them completely was probably the kindest thing that could have been done at that point.
  • There's some Paranoia Fuel and Fridge Horror regarding Schrödinger, and people often ignore that because of his Plucky Comic Relief personality. Think about it: he's the perfect spy. He can infiltrate anywhere he wants, do whatever he wants, and he won't be caught by security measures simply because he skipped them all to his target. Also, you can't kill him, because he'll just disappear. And as shown during Zorin's death, he can appear inside people's minds! Also, consider the nature of his power: He can basically warp reality regarding his own existence, thus appearing anywhere he wants and healing from any wounds, as long as he believes he can do it. Just Think of the Potential!. Can that extend to people's memories of him? Can he even be detected by cameras if he chooses not to be? Can he become invisible, selectively or completely? Can he shapeshift to any form he desires? He's a Nazi Youth Enfante Terrible created by a Mad Doctor who not only can teleport anywhere and heal from any wound, but his powers can potentially make him a god! He's basically Nazi Haruhi Suzumiya!!
    • And, at the end of the series, Alucard implies that he has the same powers after having absorbed Schrödinger. Sure, he's only got one extra life, but with those powers, he's even more immortal than he was with all his millions.
    • Speaking of Schrödinger, it may have been the music, it may have been the context, but the scene in the OVA where he goes "Meaow" in a burning tower is supremely creepy.
  • Maxwell's acceptance of his archbishopric. It starts with that cruel, mocking grin as he seizes the Archbishop stola, and it devolves into insane laughter as he sees his troops loaded up in Hercules helicopters, rejoicing in the thought of the Protestant carnage to come. However, this is made even worse when one considers that England does have a significant population of Catholics; they may be a distinct minority, but they're still there and a member of their own Church is celebrating their deaths.
  • "Level 0 Release". Alucard summons a mass of familiars (numbering in the millions) and blood to devour his enemies and London. The CGI serves to make the roiling sea of the damned he summons all the more terrifying and unnerving.
    • And the biggest nightmare fuel of this entire scene? The Level 0 Release is Alucard unleashing every soul he has ever devoured as a vampire. And he has devoured a whole lot of souls over the centuries he's been a vampire.
      • How many? In the epilogue, Alucard puts the figure just shy above three million.
    • And what's even worse? The very first souls he consumed were Wallachian soldiers. Men who served under him when he was still king. Even Maxwell is horrified when he sees them.
  • Anderson after using the Nail of Helena. He gives his humanity away for power and becomes what the narration can only describe as something that is neither human nor demon and is only referred to as a Monster of God by Alucard. The members of Iscariot are terrified of what has become of their Father and Alucard is utterly disgusted at what Anderson has become. The OVA even gives him unfocused and unnatural eyes right before he lops off Alucard's head.
    • And then to make matters worse, Anderson completely turns the fight in his favor and ends up beating the undead snot out of Alucard so badly that the latter is nearly butchered and incinerated and would've given up hope had Seras not snapped him out of his funk. While this is certainly an awesome moment for Anderson, it's not played as such in the manga/OVA. It's terrifying and Alucard, a maniacal Blood Knight is nearly as horrified as everyone else is.
    • Also, Anderson's head when it's first made entirely of thorns, with only sunken holes for eyes and a mouth.
  • Schrodinger's abuse of quantum mechanics. He can be anywhere and survive anything.
  • You're in an elevator. You're about to escape from a creature like you've never seen before, but one of your men suddenly has the expression of a panting dog as he repeatedly presses the open button. And Alucard is coming.
    • "Open Sesame."
    • What is just as horrific is not just Alucard slaughtering you and your men. It's the fact that your commanding officers knowingly, deliberately sent you all to your deaths because the promise of immortality and power were dangled in front of them by an unknown force. Men who trained and led you, throwing you to a monster like Alucard like meat to a rabid wolf for their own selfish desires. Humans Are the Real Monsters indeed.
    • The panicked radio call. "HQ! GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"