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Enrico Maxwell is a secret Targaryen.
At least in the OVA, where he had silver hair and purple eyes to go with his strong interest in bringing fire and blood to his enemies and Sanity Slippage.

Hellsing has (or at least had) a complex computer network that surveyed London by piggybacking on all of its CCTV, similar to Torchwood's system.
  • When Pip was expressing his disgust and anger for Millennium's attack on London's innocent civilians, he was able to observe the damage done through dozens of monitors, each depicting a part of the city. It would make sense considering that Hellsing has considerable pull within the British government, and they would need all of that surveillance—a vampire attack could happen anywhere in London alone.

Seras Victoria is the reincarnated Mina Murray, who in turn was the reincarnated Elisabeta, Vlad Tepes's first wife
Since we know that Hellsing was half based on the Bram Stoker's Dracula film, we can assume that Alucard's interest in Wilhelmina comes from her being Elisabeta reborn. And in all the flashbacks Mina is shown to be blonde and blue eyed, like a certain Police Girl we all know, one of two people in the whole of creation that was chosen by Vlad/Dracula/Alucard to successfully convert into true vampires, meant to follow him through eternity. One got away, pulled back from undeath by his nemesis and enslaver van Hellsing, but who is to say that Vlad did not win his bride back in the end?

Integra is a lesbian
In her 20s, she's still a virgin and it's implied in the epilogue that she still has no children despite being in her 50s. Combine this with the fact that Seras is the only character she's shown touching non-violently (Alucard drank her blood as it dripped from her finger but Seras licked it off her finger, which was much more erotica in tone), including embracing Seras and pleading with her to stop when she goes nuts fighting the ghouls in Hellsing manor. Even Walter and Alucard aren't extended this privilege.

Anderson's regenerative powers were developed from Banmaden technology
The Banmaden (the true name of the demons in Chrono Crusade) had technology beyond anything developed by humans. Some of that was used to keep Remington physically 27 for about 50 years. Among the known powers of powerful demons was to rapidly regenerate from anything that wasn't instantly fatal. After the Banmaden became functionally extinct with the destruction of Pandaemonium in 1924, the Church, which held possession of the battlefield after the fighting was over, seized all of the archeotech it could find and spent the next few decades reverse engineering it, resulting in the creation of the regenerators.

The Hellsing 'verse will eventually become the universe of Vampire Hunter D
Just think about the rumored personality of Lord Dracula in VH D. "We are but transient guests." Does that not sound a TAD familiar?
  • And D's mother was called Mina the Fair. And since we know that Hellsing was half based on Bram Stoker's Dracula (the film), we must assume that Mina must have become impregnated by the Count while in the midst of him turning her à la the film, enraptured in a passionate embrace, drinking each other's blood. We know from Hellsing canon that she successfully completed the exchange of blood with Alucard, but that the transformation was undone (except at the bone deep level) when van Hellsing defeated Dracula and entrapped him. Thus she would have counted as human when she gave birth to her first born, D the dhampir. Which begs the question: could D's true name really be Quincy Harker, Mina Harker's canon first born while married to Jonathan Harker? Does the name D merely stand for the surname of his true biological father Dracula?

Hellsing is part of Trinity Blood's past.
And the Inquisition is the future form of Iscariot. When they talk about "nano-machines", they're truly talking about Alcuard's blood.

Brahm Gallager is Alucard
  • He was one of the experts on Vlad the Impaler in the "Vlad vs Sun Tzu" episode. He wears red (the same color Alucard always wears), seems to relish in destruction and bloodlust, always has a Slasher Smile, and he gushes about how much of a badass Vlad was. Basically, he's talking about himself.
One or more of the characters is a Time Lord.
  • Schrödinger, obviously.

Alucard is Carmen Sandiego.
Taking in consideration the whole red trenchcoat stuff, he's also Vash the Stampede, and, to some extent, Edward Elric? Or, by clothing style, Kurodo Akabane, AKA Dr. Jackal? If so, the Time Lord theory might be true.
  • Carmen Sandiego, Vash the Stampede, Edward Elric, and Kurodo Akabane are all descended from Alucard. He also has the long black hair, red hat, and can take on a female form. Now we know how she was able to reach all the corners of the globe so damn quickly (That's 'cause he absorbed Schrödinger, the Nazi-Catboy).
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  • And I'm Carmen Sandiego! Guess where I am!.

Integra has a Dead Man's Switch for when she dies; Alucard and Seras will somehow die or be contained as well.
She clearly isn't doing anything to continue on the Hellsing lineage, and they're the ones the Seal is binding to. Her sense of duty would never allow her to let them go free; whether she likes them or not.

Integra is intentionally not having children to free Alucard from the Hellsing Seal.
It's possibly because she doesn't regard him as a servant in the end (they weren't addressed as master and servant, like Integra and Seras). The Seal is mentioned by fans, pure speculation accepted as Fanon mostly derived from the Gonzo TV series, and never saw that one in the Japanese fandom. Never once this was mentioned in canon proper where Alucard can and has disobeyed Integra's orders without problem. If somebody only translates Hirano's interview in Puff Magazine, he defines the control restriction art Alucard can lift by himself with another purpose (IIRC: they help him to focus instead of being so lost in the soup of lives he had in the past).

All members of Iscariot were raised in Anderson's orphanage or in counterpart facilities in other locations, somewhat like Wammy's House for assassins.
In the world of Hellsing, the Catholic Church watches those in the care of its orphanage system for aggression and violent tendencies. Children strongly exhibiting these traits are separated from the general population and sent to specialized orphanages where they receive heavy indoctrination and combat training from an early age. The resulting adults are fanatically religious, fiercely loyal and indebted to the Church, and, as orphans, have no ties to the outside world, perfect employees for an agency that does not officially exist. Given how all major Iscariot characters are shown to be raised by Anderson, it's not even Word of Dante, but proper canon.
  • Further, since Iscariot is explicitly stated to be a very old institution, we can assume this has been going on for quite some time, possibly for many generations. For this reason, it's very, very likely that Anderson himself was a product of this system. This also explains why no one seems to know anything about his past.

The technology that gave Alexander Anderson his regenerative capabilities comes from Millennium.
Hear me out: At the end of Volume 2, Enrico Maxwell quite cheerfully states to Integral that the reason he knows so much about Millennium is that the Catholic church assisted them at the end of WW2. What he does not state is what the church got out of the deal, and while Doc's artificial vampire production experiments were still unsuccessful in September of 1944, he could have made greater headway in the months that followed or made other breakthroughs in biological enhancement which could have been applied to create a human regenerator.
  • Jossed by later volumes especially as he ordered the execution of the responsible priest after interrogating him in a later volume. He may have just been trying to piss Integra off. Then again, maybe not jossed after all. The fact that he ordered the current execution doesn't mean the Catholic church hadn't helped in the past. The current priest was a traitor, at least in Maxwell's mind, who needed to be killed, unlike a fairly faithful (at the time) bulldog like Anderson. The priest who was executed was executed because Millennium had shown themselves to be the church's enemy, unlike the period after WW II where the Iscariot and Millennium may have been on good terms.

Doc was behind everything all along.
The Major really did die —body and mind— in WW2 and the robot body Doc made was just that, only a robotic replica containing nothing of Major's real consciousness and meant to serve as a puppet figurehead.This is especially fairly sound of a theory if you count Coyote AND Angel Dust as canon... seeing as Krieg is in both, and they take place in overlapping time frames, with two wildly different character designs. It led me to personally believe Major's name to be some sort of codename that random people would be assigned, and Major is replaced as needed and that multiple people can be Major.

Schrödinger is an I-jin.
This came up in And Shine Heaven Now, and thinking about it it actually makes a lot of sense. Schrödinger not only shares his name with Erwin Schrödinger but his powers are somewhat based on Erwin's work as well. While the real Schrödinger may not have been a catboy the I-jin Jean-Henry Fabre is proof that an I-jin need not look or be completely human, and just as Fabre was known for his work with insects Schrödinger is popularly known for that cat.

Alucard is gay.
Not just because of his killer fashion sense. Look at his relationship with Walter. He knew Walter was straight, so he took on a Girlycard's form just to mess with him, and because he thought Walter was hot. Furthermore, his supposed thing for Integra is because she looks so gosh-darn manly. It would also explain that freaky fight with Rip, because she has similar physical traits to Integra. Also, what was WITH that whole scene with the hotel guy?

The manga is drawn from Seras' perspective.
In volume 1, she still has a human's relatively crude sense of vision, so things appear rather ugly and distorted. In volume 2 she is starting to adjust to having superior vampire vision so things begin to appear clearer, more refined, and more detailed. As the series goes on, both Seras' vision and the artwork get much better until Seras maxes out her vampire powers and we get the artwork in its current state.

It would explain the Art Evolution.

Mina Harker married Abraham van Helsing or is Arthur's mother.
Think about it. Maybe Jonathan Harker died as soon after they were married and returned to England as a young virgin widower for the Count to slowly turn her. The omission of Jonathan Harker in the entire manga whereas it includes everyone else in the hunting party is glaring, the way Abraham (who is a lot younger than in the novel) personally tells Dracula he lost her forever in an angrily manner, the way Major claims that sanity (Abraham) and madness (Dracula) "fought over Her" (meaning Shi as Mina) and sanity won. We know Dracula's interests were amorous, why not Abraham's? Maybe Arthur and Richard had different mothers because Mina died young. This is a wild guess obviously. But since Abraham was the hero instead of Harker (who was the hero in the novel while Abraham was the old mentor), he "gets the girl".
  • Hypothetically, the Major must have found the bones and dug them out during Arthur's reign in WWII. He was still in Oxford and the country had more pending business. Alucard's free roaming status seems to be an Integra-only thing, Walter was too young by then. Besides he's not the sharpest Hellsing in the box with the omission of facts with Alucard, the research and never telling Integra about Millennium or the Major? He already has a shitty history of mistakes, so this is no trouble. He could have assumed some tomb robber got her easily, he did assume Millennium was done for, Walter was loyal, Richard was trustworthy and that Alucard was dangerous poison. He was completely off base. Furthermore there's this. Arthur's illness, wasting away, was never revealed and seemed to appear out of blue, he probably died like Mina did, only older. Secondly, Integra is randomly as fast and strong as vampires for 'some' reason, usually regarded as Badass normal, but suspiciously Seras and Alucard both are able to pin point her location without trouble from the sea and from a smoking pile of rumble and corpses that was London. I had assumed that was before they have drunk her blood, but we don't know why. The blood would have passed in a minimum amount, what turns people in Hellsing is blood sucking or blood sucked in a spiritual commerce with life and souls, not quite anything genetic if you ask me, aside of Doc's tweaking which resulted in failure. At least not in the Manga. Alucard's remark upon Richard's blood compared to Integra's blood always sounded suspicious.
  • While admittedly not conclusive proof to the contrary, it was telling when Walter simply identified her as "Mina Harker" without following it up with something to the tune of, "Or rather, Mina van Helsing/Mina Hellsing," as might have been appropriate had Mina's inclusion in the Hellsing family tree been intended by the mangaka. Having begun Dracula as Mina Murray, Mina was inclined to take a husband's name, and the idea of her as Van Helsing's unwed babymama seems out of character for both of them, particularly given the era they lived.
  • She was inclined in Dracula, but Abraham in Dracula is an old man, Harker is the protagonist, and the Count dies in the end, the Count has no romantic interest in anyone either and he doesn't have an army of lives Abraham and the others fight against. Jonathan Harker's existence is not corroborated in the Manga. Maybe Mina was simply Mina Harker with all the list of changes. John Seward being Jack Seward (which wasn't his name either) in Hellsing. Walter didn't call her Wilhelmina (Mina was her nickname) either. Maybe she didn't change her family name or maybe Walter didn't know what happened (would he be even know?) or Arthur had any idea either. As if they would never keep a skeleton in the closet (Alucard). If she died in Arthur's childbirth or as soon after and Abraham suspected there could be a problem, I can easily see him silencing this, like Arthur never tells Integra every family secret ever (and Richard doesn't even know). Richard doesn't have a family resemblance to Arthur or to Integra (with their funny pointy hair), so I am counting he wasn't Mina's child or, in case Mina wasn't related to them, he wasn't Abraham's child. Arthur's speech of pity was uncanny in resemblance to Mina's in the novel. The idea began after I hear him say that. Maybe someday Hirano, in the Dawn, will offer us a full backstory of the Hellsing Bloodline (we can dream). On the fertility issues you mentioned because of Dracula's blood still in her system, notice Arthur sleeps around and the only child he ever has in advanced age is Integra, Richard has no family and Integra declines to have it. So it could fit nicely with that observation.
  • WE know for a fact that (in the novel) Johnathan and Mina marry and have at least two kids, a son, Quincy and later a daughter. So that rules that out so Jonathan would have been alive when Abraham was talking to Dracula. Also, no, his voice sounds pretty old. Not the right age for Mina. But even besides that we are told in the book Dracula that Jonothan and Mina had a happy life together. They name their son Quincy because of the only person of the party to die when attacked by a gypsy. Harker was the one who defeated Dracula in the novels and fought for Mina's soul in a way. While in Hellsing, Abraham van Helsing is the one who did that (if we believe the Major). Maybe Mina gave birth to Arthur and not to Richard who looks completely different from his family.

Father Renaldo's first name is Marco and he was once a huge badass.
You can't prove it isn't true!

Lt. Rip Van Winkle is a Sweet Polly Oliver.
She was referred to by female versions of military titles at least once, she is extremely androgynous and isn't exactly in the Nazi-preferred female role. While the higher-ups know her gender, no one else does.

Carmen Sandiego was behind everything.
Alucard finagled that hat from Carmen Sandiego long ago and, because of her pride as a thief, she constructed a very very long plan that resulted somehow in the creation of Millennium- or at least moving them to Brazil- all to get her hat back. So, when the orgy of violence began in Rio, Carmen retrieved her hat and let Millennium run wild for the rest of the time. That is why Alucard's hat is never seen again after that part of the story.
  • While everyone knows Miss Sandiego is a Gentlewoman Thief have you ever seen her raging at the theft of her precious fedora?

Girlycard can get pregnant in spite of being a Vampire
After the events of Hellsing: The Dawn, "she" had a roll in the hay with Walter, never telling him about their child together. This is where Sebastian comes from. Much later in the future, Girlycard will have a whirlwind romance with Vash the Stampede, which will lead to the birth of Abel Nightroad.
  • Sebastian really looks like a mixture between Alucard, uhh, Girlycard actually, heh, and young Walter. On this subject, Girlycard and Young Walter had something going on, or at least Walter had a crush on Girlycard. Girlycard(Alucard) was just messing around anyway so I don't think he(she?) was giving importance to his(her?) girl form.

Enrico Maxwell is really a Badass.
He was raised by Anderson in the same orphanage as Heinkel and Yumie! He probably just decided that once he became the leader of Iscariot that being a badass was lame when he had POWER instead. That... And why the hell not?!
  • Everyone else in Iscariot is a badass.

Integra is pregnant with Alucard's child
  • She is always pissed at Alucard and she won't let him change her into a vampire. It's a quite random basis for a theory, but that's why this is "wild mass guessing" and not "Completely backed up by canon"
  • The Anime strongly implied she became a vampire in the end (Gonzo even stated she liked Alucard romantically and his interest was always obvious). There were no sequel plans. It's more ambiguous in the manga, admittedly, she could have been joking when she offered him to suck her blood (the same offer Alucard made her in the TV series). Nevertheless, Hirano spent the last chapter shoving Integra into the idea of vampirism and Alucard. And she sort of became the old cat lady version with vampires...

Hellsing Seal does not actually work.
Alucard is in no way forced to obey members of Hellsing family and does so only for shit and giggles. He probably has some respect due to fact Hellsing family descends from man, that at the least managed to pose challenge to him, but he's not compelled to serve them, but it's still fun. Besides he seems to enjoy playing Integra as evidenced by Hotel scene. It also gives him a cover and a justification for his bloodlust.
  • Confirmed. There is no Hellsing Seal. Hirano himself debunked it. Alucard is bound by his (literally) undying devotion. He can't abide traitors. He has disobeyed Integra's orders, but he would never betray her.

In the future the universe will only be bayonets.
The explanation for Anderson producing all those bayonets is that he is fourth dimensional but the fourth dimension usually refers to time. So what he does is reach forward in time to the point where bayonets are everywhere and bring them back to our time.
  • It's a Doraemon shout out - the titular robot cat keeps all of his gadgets in a "fourth dimensional pocket".

Someone introduced the Major to Warhammer at an early age.
He played as Khorne. Obviously. With a slash of Tzeentch. He hates Alucard as he sees him as Slaanesh (Love of suffering and ability to change gender) with a hint of Nurgle (River of Death at level one)... as a C'tan (Do I even need to explain this one? Heck, he even had an army of everyone he ever fed upon at the end, exactly like the Necron forces)

Alucard lies to Walter in the end.

Alucard will get even worse.
As of the end of the series, Alucard literally can't be killed, period. Now, we know that Arthur theorized that vampires actively seek death. Combine Alucard's current condition with this, and we've got some decent Fridge Horror.

The Major is Schrödinger's Father
Think about it. Why else would he specifically have the child groomed to kill Alucard? He said he wanted to be the one to do it, so why not create a son, then have Dok build him into a weapon capable of doing it? He could have easily impregnated a woman, became a robot, but kept the mother intact to give birth to his most effective superweapon. Plus, notice the way he treats Schrödinger: Almost in a paternal way...

Alucard is Lucy's Father
Chii is the mother. Despite being a robot, Alcuard is sexy enough to impregnate her.

Hirano based Hellsing off of Bram Stoker's Dracula, not the original novel.
Alucard's appearance is based on GARY FREAKIN' OLDMAN. This film also explicitly connects Dracula to Vlad Tepes, which the original novel did not. In his backstory as Vlad, crossing the Despair Event Horizon caused him to renounce God and become a vampire. In this version Dracula also has genuine love for Mina (hinted at in Alucard's flashback), which she reciprocates. This probably would have caused much tension between Harker and Mina, leading to the "Harker divorced Mina" theories. And with the whole Love Redeems tone of the film's ending, Alucard becoming a servant of the Hellsing family (perhaps by Mina's request?) is more plausible.
  • Half confirmed. He based it on both.

In Hellsing's setting, the Pontifical Swiss Guard never existed
Or was perhaps abolished centuries ago. With no heavily-armed Swiss guys in awesome retro-renaissance uniforms to protect the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church had to form the fanatical Iscariot organization and maintain the knightly orders we see invading England in military helicopters. Alternately, the Swiss Guard DOES exist... in an entirely ceremonial role. The guys in the rad uniforms serve as a front, throwing off the public while Iscariot and the military orders do the REAL protection work.
  • Jossed. The Swiss Guard exists and is obviously capable of fighting, as mentioned here. Maybe there was a translation error somewhere.

Alucard is Ozzy Osbourne.
He's the prince of darkness. He likes wearing a Badass Longcoat. He wears the same glasses. And he likes biting heads off.

Girlycard is Alucard's original form.
You really think that with those good looks Count Dracula would've been able to stay a virgin? note 
  • Sameface syndrome aside, the boy Dracula seen in flashback at the end of volume 8 looks no more like Girlycard than he looks like Walter. Anyway, it's further revealed that Dracula turned himself into a vampire, so presumably the normal "rules" given earlier in the series (which regard to being bitten) don't apply here. And consider also that this version of Dracula is based on Vlad III Dracula, who was married twice and had three kids...

The Major is, in fact a deep cover KGB agent.
It would explain why he killed those high-ranking officers and Millenium remained hidden during Cold War, as Major was waiting a war between NATO and Soviets, so that he could join the Soviet attack, or just destroy couple allied countries with his army of artificial nazi vampires. But then, Soviets and communism collapsed. Maybe he decided to attack London because it was the safest way to self-destroy Millenium...

Seras was a virgin at the beginning because she's seriously messed up about sex.
It would be impossible for her to not be messed up from not only seeing her parents murdered in front of her, but adding to that her mother being necro-raped and then being stabbed in the gut (something that is slightly symbolically related to rape). This may have prevented her from wanting to have sex, if she even was able to date after that.

Gonzo series only: Helena is really Claudia from the Vampire Chronicles.
An alternate universe version of course, where she didn't die as she was supposed too because Iscariot got first to the Theatre of des Vampires. So Louis and her never got to meet them, also Louis got killed by Hellsing at some point and that is why she is even more jaded and uncaring in this version.

Dracula and Draculina are titles
When Alucard is chewing Seras out for not wanting to kill normal humans, he refers to her as "draculina".

Integra has Romani origins, and so does Alucard's curse.
Some fans have speculated that Integra has some non-Caucasian heritage, due to her tan. The only non "white" characters featured prominently in the "Dracula" story are Gypsies/Romani people. Van Helsing could have fallen in love with a Gypsy woman while fighting Dracula (just like in the movie!), married her, and produced the Hellsing line.

If this is the case, the Gypsies may also have assisted Van Helsing in the magic used to enslave Alucard. Many adaptations of "Dracula" feature Gypsies as being more informed about vampires than everyone else, and their culture has long been associated with magic. Of course real Romani people don't possess such stereotypical magic; but remember that "Hellsing" takes place in a world where the Vatican is run by psycho crusaders, and the French guy is a pervert. There is no reason to think Gypsies wouldn't also fit some Hollywood stereotype in the "Hellsing" universe.

The reason that only virgins in the Hellsingverse can become vampires is because Vlad Tepes did not treat unchaste women well.
Since Alucard was the first vampire, perhaps Vlad's own beliefs and ideals somehow translated into the 'rules' of vampirism. So, deflowered/unchaste women and men who were bitten would turn into ugly, mindless ghouls under control of the perpetrator. It would also explain why those of the same sex as the vampire suffer the same fate.

Related to the above WMG, "monsters" (or rather humans who were too weak to remain human) have less to do with such things as the "demonic" or "divine" and are more along the lines of Clap Your Hands If You Believe and Your Mind Makes It Real.
It never once specifically states that Alucard sold his soul to the devil or made any sort of pact with an entity of any sort during his transformation into the presumably first vampire. He merely drank the blood off the battlefield that had been shed by his executed soldiers and subjects. Anderson with the Nail presents even more evidence of this theory. While in the English dub Alucard states that the Nail smells of "blood and miracle", this is absent in the Japanese, replacing it with him simply begging Anderson to retain his humanity. Anderson expresses his desire to become nothing more than a weapon wielded by God, without emotions or will of its own. Which is exactly what he becomes after stabbing himself with the Nail. Alucard had fought his hardest for God and Christianity and had failed, was humiliated and ground into the dirt for his trouble. Perhaps that was why he felt the need to reject God and his type of monster became "demonic". Methods don't matter; the reason for one becoming a monster has nothing to do with the how as much as their absolute rejection of their human state.
  • It also explains the Captain as well, as it is quite clear that he is not the first werewolf, and we don't know how the origin of the first (whoever he or she may be).

Alucard's female form is based off of Mina Harker

Alucard is an Offscouring
In Drifters, notable figures like Jeanne de Arc have gained supernatural powers, possibly as a result of their forsaking God at the time of their deaths. Alucard himself when he was Vlad III the Impaler had a similar moment in the Hellsing before he died and became a Vampire.

He was brought by Easy to the Drifter world where he gained vampiric powers, but was either removed after the war, or he was just uncontrollable, and deposited back on Earth.

Alucard is Saya and Diva's daddy, because he's A-okay with sleeping with weird bat monsters
Or just Saya's daddy. Or maybe Saya's daddy...

Alucard is Wrong Genre Savvy
He believes he's the bad guy (not that he's lacking proof of it). He can't understand that despite his ruthlessness, cruelty, and professional trolling, he's not the villain that dies in the end. Which is why he's all the more crushed when Anderson uses the Nail of Helena. It made him face reality: He IS The Hero of the story... For better or worse.

Alucard is a Homonculus
He's a sentient masses of darkness, covered in red eyes! This is why everyone refers to him as different from other vampires: they can somehow sense his true nature. He is an attempt at making the first Homunculus by the Father of his universe. The reason why he doesn't represent Pride is because that wasn't this version of Father's main trait(he still gave him a like appearance because he's his first Homonculus). Similar to Führer Bradley, this is a case of being turned into a Homunculus.

The Major is Davros in an alternate timeline.
The ghouls that survived the fight were the prototypes of Daleks

Schrödinger is the son of Adolf Hitler...
His mother is the cat-girl the Doktor created in that prototype hentai, who was actually Eva Braun turned into a cat-girl!

Anderson's Deadly Upgrade is based on a sculpture from the Vatican

La Resurrezione by Pericle Fazzini, which is situated in the Paul VI Audience Hall. Compare.

Walter was brainwashed against his will
The dialogue where the Major tells him that he was destined to join them doesn't sound like a superior addressing someone already under his command. What really happened was Walter was captured (probably by the Captain) in 1945 and Doc implanted some sleeper agent programming in him. His insecurity about being weaker than Alucard may have helped the Doc in this process, or maybe it was part of Doc's programming. Either way, Walter was genuinely loyal to the Hellsing family until Millennium reactivated his programming 60 years later.

The Major is a follower of norse paganism and intends to prove himself worthy of Valhalla
The Major makes a quite a few references to Norse Mythology. First he mentions that he and Rip will meet again in Valhalla. Then at the end of OVA 7 not only does he mention Götterdämmerung (obligatory Wagner-reference) in other words Ragnarök but declares himself to be the serpent devouring itself which in other word is the Midgard Serpent aka Jörmungandr, who would appear during Ragnarök and fight Thor, protector of mankind. Jörmungandr would be killed but drag Thor with him. The Major seems to be a Death Seeker but is insistent on meeting his demise in battle. Is he trying to prove himself as a war cheif to be regonised by Odin and be given a seat in Valhalla. After all, the ones who goes to Valhalla spends eternity fighting which would be paradise for the Major.
  • Millenium as the forces of evil in Ragnarök. The Majors as Surtr who burns the world, The Captain as Fenrir, Walter as Loki who betrays his conpatriots, Schrödinger as Jörmungr who with his death kills the protector of mankind (Alucard) and Deus Ex Machina & the other zepplins as Naglfar the ship that carries the armies of the dead (they are vampires) to the final battle.

Parts of Alexander's and Alhambra's powers are derived from Konan's DNA
That's how they got at least a partial version of her paper kekkei genkai.

Tubalcain Alhambra is either Egyptian or Tunesian
That's how he has such an Arabic-looking family name and a French accent (both countries were French colonies and many people do speak French there).
  • The same points could be made about most of North Africa.

Alucard won't be ever dispatched to Germany or Turkey
Given his history, it could end badly.

Alucard was severely repressing any sexual lust he felt
Assuming he wasn't gay or bi, he did have urges like jus about every sentient being... Look at what he did to Rip van Winkle, the ONLY female he was ordered to kill and compare it to what he did to the males.

Alucard is the SCP Foundation 's own Dr. Clef
After he ate Schrödinger , he fell through time and space. It was here, in the middle of the multiverse, he combined with his alternate, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged self, turning him more foul-mouthed and sexual, while maintaining his nightmare qualities. Once here, he began to do what he was good at, hunting monsters. He consumed a creature that had an odd effect on technology, causing cameras to not see his true face, along with other odd effects. While disguised as a college teacher while hunting, he was discovered and recruited by the Foundation.

Integra's last order to Walter is why he betrayed Hellsing
When Walter stays behind to fend off the Last Battalion while Integra returns to the Hellsing Manor, she orders Walter to not die. Walter joined Millenium with increased powers because the only other option was death, and he would rather betray Hellsing than disobey an order.

When Walter was turned into a vampire, he gained telekinesis
We see him grabbing and swinging people around with monofilament wires, but making a net sturdy enough to block bullets, and hold it together as it blocks bullets, you'd need to be telekinetic to do that.

Alucard is Samael
He is a soul devourer, after all. See this description of Samael: "There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes, at the sight of which the beholder fell prostrate in awe. "This one," said Metatron, addressing Moses, "is Samael, who takes the soul away from man." "Whither goes he now?" asked Moses, and Metatron replied, "To fetch the soul of Job the pious." Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, "O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel."" See the many eyes thing, who else has that? Our dear vampire, Alucard. Also, Samael was translated as Sammuel in ancient times, and the name Zamiel that Rip van Winkle uses for Alucard is a germanic version of Sammuel. For added fun, Samael is known as the angel of death, which means Hellsing had two angels of death at their disposal.

Vampires can smell virginity.
They only pretend not to know whether or not someone is a virgin.

Badass Longcoats are literal Plot Armor in Hellsing
Consider the following:
  • Luke Valentine is clearly impaled by multiple spears while wearing his longcoat, but even though they go right through to the wall, he doesn't even have holes in his suit. In his battle with Alucard, where the coat is absent, he gets his ass handed to him.
  • Alucard is only truly vulnerable when he's in a form that doesn't have a longcoat; no matter how many shots he may take and how much blood gets spilled, you hardly ever get the sense that he's truly in danger in longcoat form. When wearing his black straitjacket, though, particularly in his battle with Walter, damage seems far more... damaging. He noticeably also shifts back to straitjacket form from Girlycard before not-dying.
  • When wearing her longcoat, Integra is never even touched, much less wounded. The closest she comes is blood splatter from her victims. When she goes up against the Major and The Coats Are Off is the only time she's ever hurt.
  • The Major tanks a shot from an 88mm flak cannon while wearing his coat, something described by onlookers as 'impossible'.

Prior to the Valentine brothers' attack, Enrico was (or acted) a lot more sane.
The Vatican would have to be idiots to put an obvious nut in charge of their armed forces, but when he was appointed, his emotional problems hadn't surfaced.

Due to abandonment issues, Enrico dedicated himself to the Church to gain a sense of self-worth. During that time, he was indoctrinated into the zealous culture of Section XIII. He would understand that organizations like Hellsing, who were heretics, used unholy vampires to do their dirty work as a manifestation of their heresy.

But after the Valentines' attack, Iscariot's inquiries showed that the Church had actually helped create the biggest, most evil force of undead in the world, making the Vatican not only no better than Hellsing but actually much worse. As Iscariot leader (tantamount his self-identity) Enrico couldn't ignore the truth, but nor could he admit that the Church he was so dedicated to was so flawed, that the Church and true faith weren't one and the same. Perhaps there were other options, but the one he took was to forget dealing with the problem rationally and just extrovert his frustration and rage.

Everyone calls Seras "Police Girl" not because they disrespect her, but because they're absent-minded from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There is actually a Vampire Hitler who runs Millenium as the Big Bad
When he killed himself, some neo-Nazis with necromantic powers decided to bring him Back from the Dead as a vampire. The Major is The Dragon. Alternatively...

Schrödinger is secretly controlling Millenium as the Big Bad
He may have just used his Reality Warper powers to start the whole thing. The Major just thinks he's the Big Bad.

Seras will only ever consume the souls of a few willing allies
Clearly eating Pip's soul gave her a massive power boost compared to what Alucard gets from his usual meals. Beyond that, the fact that his voice isn't drowned in a sea of other victims serves as a major asset to Seras in battle. It stands to reason that Seras would recognize this, and only consume a few, willing people that she's very close to. It would also make her a nice foil to Alucard: quality over quantity.

The Wild Geese were founded by Irish revolutionaries who fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie
The term "Wild Geese" is often used in real life to denote Irish mercenaries fighting abroad due to the fact that after Jacobite rising of 1745 was put down, the several Irish revolutionaries were smuggled out of the country as "wild geese" and went on to live as mercenaries. Given that most of the revolutionaries went to France and that Pip has red hair it possible that he and the other members of the Wild Geese are descended from the historical "Wild Geese".


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