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"...when the English people started talking about Krautrock, we thought they were just taking the piss."
Faust, quoted about their song "Krautrock".

Krautrock is a British term for the experimental rock scene in West Germany existent between The '60s and The '70s.

Since it's a catch-all term, some of the bands lumped under the genre have nothing in common with each other, and the term could be used abusively to refer to all German rock music. Generally, the musicians themselves dislike the "Krautrock" label and prefer the term "Kosmische [Cosmic] music." There was no real Krautrock "scene" (the only thing in common between some of the bands listed here was the Record Producer of some of their records, Conny Plank, and, on the other hand, a madcap entrepreneur called Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser - more on him and the movement as a whole in Julian Cope's wonderful book Krautrocksampler). The main distinguishing features of Krautrock are its experimentalism - musically speaking the bands of the genre drew from Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, avant-garde rock bands (Frank Zappa, the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd), Funk, Jazz, Classical, and world music - and its focus on repetition and minimalism. Krautrock bands were among the first to seriously adopt electronics and explore world music influences, and represented a significant influence on Alternative Rock (especially Post-Punk and Post-Rock), Electronic Music, Ambient, and Progressive Rock.

Bands commonly cited as Krautrock:

Later artists and bands who were greatly inspired by Krautrock: