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The April 2002 cover featuring Tokyo Mew Mew.
Nakayoshi—Japanese for "good friend" or "close friends"—is a phone book Shōjo manga magazine by Kodansha first released in 1954 and still published today that focuses on the Shōjo Demographic of young and teenage girls. The phone book manga features love girly stories, and frequent Magical Girl stories, and like many manga magazines of its kind come with furoku, little items based on the serialized manga.

The Other Wiki has a complete list of manga published in Nakayoshi. The magazine went through a minor Retool in 2010 to be aimed at an older audience.

Compare Shonen Jump for the Shōnen Demographic, CoroCoro Comic for younger children, and other Shōjo magazines such as Hana to Yume, LaLa, Ciao, Margaret, and Ribon.

Manga (and anime with manga adaptions) serialized in Nakayoshi: