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Mink, originally Cyber Idol Mink, is a manga series by Megumi Tachikawa, creator of Kaitou Saint Tail. It ran in Nakayoshi from 1999 to 2002.

The story starts with Mink buying the latest CD from her favorite star, Illiya. However, it turns out that the CD she bought was not Illiya's latest single, but a CD-ROM that came from the future that contains a software program that can turn her into whomever she wants. With it, Mink becomes a cyber idol version of herself and gets a job of being a singer. While using the software, Mink is not allowed to tell anybody about it or else face deletion. The only ones who know that Mink is Cyber Idol Mink are her two friends, Kanoka and Mahoko.


Tropes include:

  • Cute Machines: Om, the CD-ROM's mascot, is adorable.
  • Fangirl: Mink loves Illiya.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: Mahoko's older brother loves Cyber Idol Mink while he sees the normal Mink as a friend. In the end, when he finds out they're one and the same person, he comes to love Mink in both forms.
  • Magic from Technology: The Wanna-Be CD-ROM.
  • Magical Girl: Mink takes a more technology-based approach to the genre.
  • Magic Idol Singer: Mink. She and her two friends later form a band called Minkle.
  • Masquerade: Mink can't tell anyone about her secret identity, or face digital death.