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Just For Fun / Horror Movie Death Tolls

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Horror movies have such massive death tolls. It may be time to start taking count.

Be forewarned: unmarked spoilers ahead.

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Carrie (Original 1976 Movie)

  • The Prom Massacre: After having pig blood dumped on top of her, Carrie snaps and seals the doors to the gymnasium with her psychokinesis. She then proceeds to start killing everyone inside indiscriminately. Ms. Collins is crushed by falling scaffolding, some are killed by electrocution (a fire hose shorted out some electrical equipment), and most die in the ensuing fire.
  • Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan: Try to run down Carrie with a car, have their car toppled and psychically exploded.
  • Margaret White: Stabbed with various sharp instruments in the same fashion as Saint Sebastian.
  • Carrie White: Bleeds out from a stab wound by Margaret as their house collapses.

Carrie (2013 remake)

  • The Prom Massacre: After having pig blood dumped on her and video the shower room incident shown to everyone, Carrie snaps and seals the doors to the gymnasium with her psychokinesis. Several are killed by means of head injuries from telekinesis, falling debris, trampling, crushing injuries, and electrocution. Most die in the ensuing fire. A large swath of the town is also destroyed in the ensuing chaos.
  • Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan: Try to run down Carrie with a car, but hit a psionic brick wall. Billy dies on impact. Chris tries to run her down herself, but the car is thrown into a gas station. Chris dies of injuries from having her face crash through the windshield. The car is then incinerated in a gas station explosion.
  • Margaret White: Stabbed with various sharp instruments.
  • Carrie White: Dies when her powers run out of control and the house collapses on itself.


    Nightmare on Elm Street Series 
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

  • Christina Grey: Slashed by Freddy's glove, then thrown about the room like a rag doll.
  • Rod Lane: Hung by his bedsheets.
  • Glen Lantz: Sucked into his bed, then had his liquified remains splashed on his ceiling.
  • Marge Thompson: Dragged through a window by Freddy. Dies offscreen as the credits roll. The third movie claims she died in her sleep.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

  • Coach Schneider: Slashed by Freddy's glove.
  • Ron Grady: Stabbed through a door.
  • Party guests: Slashed and stabbed by Freddy, burned in a boiling pool, burned in a fire, burned on a barbeque grill, trampled by other panicked party guests.
  • Kerry: Stabbed by Freddy from inside her body.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

  • Phillip Anderson: Slashed by Freddy, muscle fibers used to manipulate him like a macabre puppet, dropped to his death.
  • Jennifer Caulfield: Electrocuted via head slammed through a television.
  • Taryn White: Injected with lethal doses of drugs when the blades on Freddy's fingertips turn into syringes.
  • Will Stanton: Stabbed in the chest.
  • Donald Thompson: Impaled on a car's exhaust pipe.
  • Nancy Thompson: Stabbed twice, bled to death.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

  • Roland Kincaid: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Joey Crusel: Stabbed, drowned in his water bed.
  • Kristen Parker: Stabbed, thrown into a furnace.
  • Sheila Kopecky: Has the breath sucked out of her by Freddy.
  • Rick Thompson: Stabbed in the chest.
  • Debbie Stevens: Turned into a cockroach, crushed to death.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

  • Dan Jordan: Electrocuted by wires from his motorcycle before he is hit by a truck in the real world.
  • Greta Gibson: Disemboweled, then force-fed her innards.
  • Mark Grey: Turned into a drawing on paper and slashed to ribbons...literally.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

  • Carlos Rodriguez: Hearing aids are amplified such that the sound of Freddy's bladed glove running along a blackboard makes his head explode.
  • Spencer Johnson: Sucked into a video game, knocked down a bottomless pit by Freddy wielding a Nintendo Power Glove.
  • John Doe: Dropped onto a bed of spikes.
  • Freddy Krueger: Pinned to a wall with an assortment of weapons, stabbed by his own glove, blown up with a pipe bomb.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

  • Chuck Wilson: Stabbed in the throat.
  • Terry Feinstein: Stabbed in the chest.
  • Chase Porter: Chest slashed, killed in the real world in a car crash.
  • Julie Mc Killop: Stabbed in the back, thrown about the room, neck snapped.

Freddy vs. Jason

  • Heather: Stabbed by Jason through the stomach with a machete.
  • Trey: Repeatedly stabbed by Jason, folded in half in his bed.
  • Mr. Mueller: Decapitated by Jason.
  • Blake Mueller: Cut to pieces by Jason's machete.
  • Gibb, Frissel: Impaled together by a pipe by Jason.
  • Teammate: Neck snapped by Jason.
  • Shack: Flaming machete thrown at him, impaled from behind.
  • Ravers: Killed by Jason's machete.
  • Mark Davis: Set on fire, then stabbed by Freddy's glove.
  • Security Guard: Crushed by a steel door.
  • Scott Stubbs: Electrocuted.
  • Bill Freeburg: Bisected by Jason's machete.
  • Charlie Linderman: Stabbed by a sharp corner on a counter, bled out.
  • Kia Waterson: Slashed in the chest by Jason.
  • Freddy Krueger: Arm ripped off, stabbed through the gut by his own glove, then decapitated by Jason.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

  • Dean Russel: Throat slashed.
  • Kris Fowles: Tossed about and slammed against the walls in her room, then slashed by Freddy's glove.
  • Jesse Braun: Stabbed from behind by Freddy's glove.
  • Marcus Yeon: Head slammed into a computer monitor.
  • Gwen Holbrook: Stabbed from behind through the head by Freddy's glove, pulled into a mirror.

    Final Destination Series 
Final Destination

  • Volee Airlines Flight 180: Passengers were either sucked out of the plane due to a tear in the fuselage or incinerated in the ensuring explosion.
    • Deaths: 288
  • Tod Waggner: Slipped on water in the bathroom, choked to death on a curtain wire.
  • Terry Chaney: Run over by a bus.
  • Valerie Lewton: Jugular sliced by a shard of glass from an exploding computer monitor, stabbed through the chest by a falling kitchen knife, incinerated in house explosion.
  • William Hitchcock: Decapitated along the jaw by a piece of debris kicked up by a passing train.
  • Carter Horton: Hit by a swinging neon sign.

Final Destination 2

Final Destination 3

  • Devil's Flight: The roller coaster's hydraulic line is ruptured, causing the safety harnesses to fail and the coaster to run out of control. Most deaths are by falling, with one being from getting hit by flying debris and one bisection.
    • Death toll: 18
  • Ashley Freund, Ashlyn Halperin: Trapped, then roasted alive, in malfunctioning tanning beds.
  • Frankie Cheeks: Back of the head cut up by a running motor's fan.
  • Lewis Romero: Head crushed to a pulp between two weights.
  • Erin Ulmer: Shot to death by a nail gun.
  • Perry Malinowski: Impaled from behind by a flagpole.
  • Ian McKinley: Crushed by a falling cherry picker.
  • Julie Christensen: Hit by a flying train wheel.
  • Kevin Fisher: Crushed to a fine mist between a subway train and a wall.
  • Wendy Christensen: Hit by a train.

The Final Destination

  • McKinley Speedway: A screwdriver left in a race car as it left the pit stop falls onto the track, blowing out another racer's tire and causing a domino effect that kills dozens as a result of debris from both the cars and the stadium.
    • Death toll: 52
  • Cynthia Daniels: Bisected by debris from a car.
  • Nadia Monroy: Upper body pulped by a flying tire.
  • Carter Daniels: Caught on a tow hook from his own truck, dragged along the streets, set on fire, than blowing to pieces when his truck explodes.
  • Samantha Lane: A rock kicked up by a lawn mower goes through her head, via her eye.
  • Andy Kewzer: Knocked into a fence by a flying CO2 tank. A section of his torso is cut through the fence.
  • Hunt Wynorski: Caught in a pool drain, which eventually sucks his innards out of him.
  • Jonathan Groves: Crushed by a falling bathtub.
  • George Lantern: Hit by an ambulance.
  • Lori Milligan, Janet Cunningham, Nick O'Bannon: Hit by a semi crashing into a bar.

Final Destination 5

  • North Bay Bridge: Maintenance being performed on the bridge leads to its collapse. Many fall to the deaths in the river below, others are killed in industrial accidents occurring during the collapse.
    • Death toll: 86
  • Candice Hooper: Gymnastics accident resulting in her breaking her spine.
  • Issac Palmer: Head crushed to a pulp by a Buddha statue.
  • Olivia Castle: Eye is burned out by a laser during laser surgery, then falls out a window and onto a car.
  • Ray Carson: Fell off a catwalk and onto a lifting hook, throat first.
  • Dennis Lapman: Skewered through the eye by a wrench.
  • Jim Block: Shot to death by Peter.
  • Peter Friedkin: Impaled by a meat spit.
  • Molly Harper, Sam Lawton, Nathan Sears: All three die as a result of the Volee Airlines Flight 180 accident: Molly is sucked out the plane and bisected on a wing, Sam is incinerated in the explosion, and Nathan is crushed by falling debris.

    Friday the 13th series 

Friday the 13th (1980)

  • Barry: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Claudette: Stabbed in the neck.
  • Annie: Throat slit.
  • Ned: Throat slit.
  • Jack: Neck impaled from underneath his bunk.
  • Marcie: Axe to the face.
  • Steve Christie: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Bill: Arrow through the head.
  • Brenda: Killed offscreen. Her corpse is later seen crashing through a window.
  • Pamela Voorhees: Head severed with a machete by Alice.

Friday the 13th Part 2

  • Alice: Skull impaled by an ice pick.
  • Crazy Ralph: Strangled with wire.
  • Officer Wilson: Skull impaled by the back end of a claw-tooth hammer.
  • Scott: Caught in a snare set by Jason, throat slit.
  • Terri: Dies offscreen.
  • Mark: Machete through the face diagonally.
  • Sandra, Jeff: Speared together in mid-coitus.
  • Vickie: Stabbed to death.
  • Jason Voorhees: Machete buried in his shoulder.

Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

  • Axel: Throat slit by hacksaw.
  • Nurse Morgan: Stabbed in the gut.
  • A hitchhiker: Stabbed through the back of the neck.
  • Sam: Stabbed through the torso from under her raft.
  • Paul: Spear through the cash 'n' prizes.
  • Terri: Impaled through the gut on the side of a house.
  • Jimmy: Stabbed in the hand with a screwdriver, then takes a cleaver to the face.
  • Tina: Thrown from a window onto a car.
  • Ted: Stabbed through the head.
  • Doug: Head crushed by Jason's bare hands.
  • Sara: Machete through the torso.
  • Rob: Hacked to pieces.
  • Jason Voorhees: Machete through the skull.

Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

  • A grave robber: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Another gave robber: Stabbed in the neck.
  • Joey: Axe in the back, courtesy of another halfway house resident.
  • Vinnie: Road flare down his throat.
  • Pete: Throat slit.
  • Billy: Axe to the head.
  • Lana: Axe to the torso.
  • Raymond: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Tina: Garden shears to the eyes.
  • Eddie: Head split in two along the eyes by a leather strap.
  • Anita: Throat slit.
  • Demon: Spear through the torso.
  • Junior: Decapitation.
  • Ethel: Meat cleaver to the face.
  • Jake: Meat cleaver to the face.
  • Robin: Machete through the torso from under her bed.
  • Violet: Choked to death with Jason's bare hands.
  • Duke: Hard to describe: he is shown in a montage falling over before coming to a dead stop.
  • Matt: Railroad spike through the skull.
  • George: Tossed through a window after having his eyes gouged out.
  • Roy Burns: Skewered on spikes.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

  • Allen: Heart ripped out of his chest.
  • Darren: Impaled through the gut with a pole.
  • Elizabeth: Pole through the face.
  • Burt: Head crushed into a tree.
  • Three paintball players: Decapitated all at once in one slash.
  • Martin: Stabbed in the neck with a bottle.
  • Steven, Annette: Skewered on a pole together.
  • Nikki: Head slammed through an RV's metal siding.
  • Cort: Knife in the head.
  • Roy: Dies offscreen. Pieces of him are found.
  • Suzy: Neck snapped.
  • Paula: Sliced up by Jason, tossed out the window.
  • Thornton: Arrow to the head.
  • Pappas: Head crushed.
  • Garras: Folded in two by Jason.
  • Jason Voorhees: Chained to a weight and tossed into Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

  • Jane: Impaled through the neck.
  • Micheal: Stabbed through the back.
  • Dan: Punched through the torso, then neck broken.
  • Judy: Trapped in her sleeping bag as Jason slams her against a tree.
  • Russel: Axe through the head.
  • Sandra: Drowned in Crystal Lake.
  • Maddy: Scythe to the neck.
  • Ben: Head crushed.
  • Kate: Party favor through the eye.
  • David: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Eddie: Throat slit.
  • Robin: Thrown out a window.
  • Amanda: Stabbed through the back.
  • Dr. Burns: Hedge saw to the gut.
  • Melissa: Axe to the head.
  • Jason Voorhees: Pulled into Crystal Lake by Tina's father.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

  • Jim: Impaled through the stomach.
  • Suzie: Impaled through the chest.
  • J.J.: Head bashed in with a guitar
  • A boxer: Hot rock through the chest.
  • Tamara: Stabbed with a mirror shard.
  • Jim Carlson: Stabbed from behind.
  • Admiral Robertson: Throat slit.
  • Eva: Choked to death.
  • Wayne: Electrocuted.
  • Miles: Impaled on a rod.
  • A sailor: Axe to the chest.
  • Gangbangers: Stabbed through the back, head slammed against pipes.
  • Julius: Decapitation.
  • A cop: Dragged offscreen and killed.
  • Charles McCullough: Drowns in sewage.
  • Sanitation worker: Wrench to the skull.
  • Jason Voorhees: Flesh is dissolved by toxic waste.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

  • Jason Voorhees: Bombed by the feds.
  • Phil: Eats Jason's heart, becomes possessed by his vengeful spirit
  • Coroner: Face shoved through metal grating.
  • FBI Agents: Killed offscreen. Their bodies are shown.
  • Alexis: Slashed with a scalpel.
  • Deborah: Impaled and bisected.
  • Edna: Head smashed by car door.
  • Diana: Stabbed in the back.
  • Police officer possessed by Jason: Shot in the head, stabbed with a poker. Body melts away when Jason leaves his body.
  • Ward: Arm broken off, stabbed through the back.
  • Shelby: Face thrown into a deep fat frier.
  • Shelby: Punched through the mouth.
  • Jason Voorhees (again): Stabbed by an ancient dagger while possessing a victim, dragged to hell by Freddy Krueger.

Jason X

  • Private Johnson: Hung on a chain.
  • Guards: Head smashed by a pipe, choked to death, strangled by a chain, head smash with a pole (again).
  • Sargent Marcus: Thrown through a steel door.
  • Adrienne: Face frozen in liquid nitrogen, then smashed into little pieces.
  • Azrael: Back broken.
  • Dallas: Head smashed.
  • Stoney: Stabbed in the gut.
  • Sven: Choked to death.
  • Condor: Impaled by a drill.
  • Gecko: Throat slit.
  • Brigga: Impaled.
  • Kicker: Bisected.
  • Fat Lou: Cut by Jason's machete.
  • Professor Loew: Decapitated.
  • Crutch: Electrocuted.
  • Janessa: Sucked into the vacuum of space through a grate.
  • Sargent Brodski and Jason Voorhees: Incinerated on atmospheric re-entry.

Freddy vs. Jason

See in the Nightmare on Elm Street folder.

    Halloween Series 
Halloween (1978)

  • Judith Myers: Stabbed repeatedly with kitchen knife
  • Mechanic: Car found abandoned
  • Stray dog: Found dead with bite marks
  • Lester (Dog): Neck broken
  • Annie: Strangled
  • Bob: Pinned to wall with knife
  • Lynda: Strangled with telephone cord

Halloween II (1981)

  • Alice: Stabbed
  • Ben: Hit by Police car
  • Mr Garrett: Hit with hammer
  • Budd: Strangled with cord
  • Karen: Drowned in sterilization tub/hot-tub
  • Dr Fredrick: Stabbed in eye with needle
  • Janet: Stabbed with IV and air injected into temple
  • Mrs Alves: Blood drained
  • Jill: Stabbed in back with Scalpel
  • U.S. Marshal: Throat cut

Halloween III Seasonofthe Witch

  • Henchman: Smashed between two cars
  • Harry Gambridge: Eyes removed
  • Henchman: Car explosion
  • Starker: Head ripped off
  • Marge: Blasted with laser
  • 'Little' Buddy Kurper Jr: Head turned into bugs and snakes
  • Betty: Eaten by bugs and snakes
  • Buddy: Bit by snake
  • Teddie: Stabbed in head with drill press
  • Several Henchmen: Blasted with lasers
  • Conal: Turned to stone
  • Ellie: ???
  • Ellie Clone: Decapitated by tire iron

Halloween4the Returnof Michael Myers

  • Paramedic: Thumb through forehead
  • Three more Paramedics: Unkown
  • Mechanic: Impaled with steel rod
  • Diner Waitress: Unknown
  • Electrical Worker: Thrown into power grid
  • Lots of people in the Police Station: Unkown. Place is found bloody
  • Ted: Shot with several shotguns by mob
  • Deputy: Offscreen kill
  • Kelly: Impaled with shotgun
  • Brady: Skull crushed
  • Orrin: Knifed in back and pushed off truck
  • Big Al: Knifed in stomach and pushed off truck
  • Unger: Pushed off truck
  • Earl: Head snapped back

Halloween5the Revengeof Michael Myers

  • Homeless man: Knifed in back
  • Rachel: Stabbed with sissors
  • Mike: Stabbed in face with garden claw
  • Spitz: Impaled with Pitchfork
  • Samantha: Sliced with Sythe
  • 2 Policemen: Stabbed with Pitchfork
  • Tina: Stabbed
  • Eddy: Head bashed in with steering wheel
  • Charlie: Hung from noose
  • Doctor & Nurse: Unknown
  • Sherrif, Deputy Tony and multiple police officers: Killed by machinegun fire

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  • Mary: Impaled on spike
  • Motorist: Neck snapped
  • Jaime Lloyd: Impaled by tractor harrows (Shot in head in Producers cut)
  • Debra: Hit with Axe
  • John: Stabbed and electrocuted until head explodes
  • Barry: Stabbed
  • Tim: Throat slit
  • Beth: Stabbed repeatedly
  • Multiple Doctors: Stabbed, cut and killed offscreen
  • Doctor: Head forced against bars


  • Laura Barns: Suicide by gunshot
  • Val Rommel: Forced by Laura's ghost to drink bleach
  • Ken Smith: Forced by Laura to mangle his hand and slash his throat on the blades of his blender
  • Adam Sewell: Forced by Laura's ghost to shoot himself
  • Jess Fulton: Forced to swallow a hot hair straighener
  • Mitch Roussell: Forced to stab himself with a kitchen knife through the eye
  • Blaire Lily: Accosted by Laura's ghost, likely forced into killing herself

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