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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Snow Gives Way 
  • Danny, looking up at the Rand Building, comments to a street vendor:
    Danny: [pointing at the building] That's my building!
    Vendor: You should sell it and buy a pair of shoes.
  • Danny just walks right into his company looking like a bum off the street, with no one having seen him since he was a kid. Naturally, he has to fight past security.
  • Danny and a homeless man bonding in the middle of a park.
    Big Al: You can get shoes at the shelter on East 13th.
    Danny: Okay.
    Big Al: Just make sure you piss in 'em first. Y'know, they carry the bad juju from the previous owner. Only way to get rid of 'em is with your piss. Or the blood of a she-goat, and that's hard to find around here.
  • Joy recounts to Ward about her encounter with Danny outside her house:
    Joy: There's another thing. It's so strange.
    Ward: What?
    Joy: He...He stepped out onto the street. Right in front of a car. But then, he just sorta put his hand out and jumped over it, like it was nothing.
    Ward: So? Great. He's an insane homeless acrobat, called "Cirque de Psychopath." [Joy laughs]
  • Danny's first meeting with Colleen. He is performing exercises in the park and she drops some money into his open flask thinking he's a beggar.
    • He then assumes she's Chinese and starts speaking the language to her, only for her to request he either speak in English or Japanese.
    Colleen: I haven't spoken Mandarin since I was a kid.

    Episode 2 - Shadow Hawk Takes Flight 
  • The psychiatrist responsible for overseeing Danny's mental health hears of the warrior monks who took him in after his plane crashed. He is then certain Danny is a stranger from Canada and shows him the ID to verify.
  • Colleen gets ambushed by a group of thugs, and dispatches them with ease, only for them to turn out to be her students, whom she chews out quite creatively:
    Colleen Wing: And what the hell was that, Jenny? What are you doing, yoga?! You move about as fast as a pig... swimming in... gravy.

    Episode 3 - Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch 
  • Colleen lies about Danny hiding out in her dojo to Ward's goons while he's hiding in the rafters and bleeding all over the people looking for him.
  • Colleen warns Danny to make himself scarce. The next morning, she wakes up to find him practicing his katas in her dojo to very, very, very loud hip-hop.
  • Jeri Hogarth is back. And she almost maces Danny. He manages to convince her of his identity after reminding her of her miserable past as a Rand Enterprises intern and how she once bribed him $5 to not tell anyone how she secretly cussed out one of her bosses.
    • Or this when she asks where he's staying:
    Danny Rand: I'm staying at the Chikara.
    Jeri Hogarth: Is that in Brooklyn? The new place with the glass floor?
    Danny Rand: No, it's's a dojo. Has plastic mats.
    • Jeri's opinion on Danny's clothes:
    Jeri Hogarth: Do you have any money for some new clothes? Because this homeless hipster thing isn't working for you.
  • Jeri gets a few witty responses during the arbitration with the Meachums:
    Joy Meachum: Since the time of our last offer, we have had a change of heart. Due to your client's continuing harassment and threats to me and my brother, we have decided to lower our offer to $20 million, and added a restraining order. [slides a dossier across the table to Jeri]
    Jeri Hogarth: The restraining order is a nice touch...
    Ward Meachum: I thought so.
    Jeri Hogarth: ...but since the time of your last offer, we have had a change of heart as well. We are still insisting on the full rights guaranteed as the sole heir of Rand, which includes a controlling 51% [shareholding stake], board seat and compensation. But we are now adding a corner office, support staff, and a housing allowance in the amount of $1 million per year.
    Ward Meachum: [laughs in disbelief] Your sense of humor has always been your best attribute, but come on. You can't even prove he's who he says he is. At best, he's crazy. At worst, he's a conman. [to Danny] Take the offer, and be thankful that we don't sue you.
    Joy Meachum: [quietly] Ward...
    Jeri Hogarth: I'm glad you mentioned my sense of humor; I thought it was my ass.
  • Danny's line to Ward after fighting off the guy who was burning the records at the hospital:
    "You were like a brother to me! A terrible jackass of a brother, but still!"

    Episode 4 - Eight Diagram Dragon Palm 
  • After being pushed off Harold's penthouse by Ward, Danny manages to latch onto a light fixture affixed to the side of the building. He tries to steel himself with a Buddhist mantra only to lose his grip and fall onto a nearby balcony.
  • Colleen finds some of her students watching a video of her Fight Clubbing on their cell phone. Naturally, she's not pleased...cell phone use is forbidden in her dojo.
  • While Harold and Danny are having a serious talk about mystical monks and their war with magical ninjas, Ward is just sitting in the background with a look on his face like "I can't believe they think this shit is real."
  • After Danny reveals that he, as the Iron Fist, is the sworn enemy of the Hand, Harold orders Ward to allow Danny to receive Wendell Rand's shares in Rand Enterprises.
  • Ward's reaction to Danny's return to the company, given how petty he is due to Harold forcing them to work together now. Here's their reaction to seeing Danny in a suit and tie and prepped for the press conference.
    Ward: [walking past, without missing a beat] ...The tie might be a touch effeminate.note 
    Joy: I love it.
  • Danny attempts to greet Jeri like an old friend.
    Danny: (reaching for a hug) Hey, J-Money!
    Jeri: We don't do that.
    • And when she sits down with him in his father's old office, he out of the blue disappears under the table, recognizing the old stickers he put there as a child. Jeri naturally finds this extremely awkward.
  • Danny's first board meeting. While Ward is talking Danny strolls in like a kid who's late to class, takes one of the chairs, and moves it to the other side of the table just so he can sit next to Joy.
  • Danny thinks the Triads who tried to kidnap Joy are in league with the Hand and questions them about it. They aren't. They wind up thinking he's an ally of the Hand when he brings up the organization's name, apologize for their indiscretion, and try to briskly walk away from his confused self.
  • After interviewing Ward, Jennifer Many is heard on the phone with Mitchell Ellison, telling him "Listen, don't give the front page to Karen. I've got a helluva story for tomorrow." The next day, Ward is in his office reading the Bulletin, and we see that Jennifer's article is buried in the back pages. Just the idea of a fiery Karen Page fighting to keep her stories on the front page like her life depends on it is quite a sight to behold.

    Episode 5 - Under Leaf Pluck Lotus 
  • Ward does double middle fingers around his entire office after realizing Harold must have a camera somewhere.
  • Danny "ordered takeout" for him and Colleen, which is to say that he had tables, chairs, and candles brought into the dojo along with their food. He seems a little surprised when she thinks it's a date. Apparently it was his father's favorite place, and it's the only "take-out" place Danny knows.
    • Claire weaseling her way into Danny's not-date with Colleen.
    • Colleen and Claire's reaction to hearing that Danny took a vow of celibacy to better concentrate on his training.
  • Since Danny's attempts to use monetary incentives to get Colleen to help out aren't working, he decides to take the simpler approach and buy her building, making him her landlord and capable of legally remitting her rent. After a beat:
    Colleen Wing: I want the leak under my sink fixed.
  • Claire's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! face upon realizing she's run into her fourth superhero.
    Claire: My mother says I can't escape meeting people like you.
    • She does a literal double face palm.
    • The fact that, when Danny and Colleen have to take Radovan to Claire for treatment, she doesn't even bother protesting anymore, and she's just going straight to stitching him up.

    Episode 6 - Immortal Emerges from Cave 
  • One of the scenes in the opening montage has Scythe singing "Take On Me" by a-ha into a karaoke machine, and then strangling a guy with the microphone cord. The sheer Mood Whiplash of it makes for a brilliant bit of Black Comedy.
  • Ward is shocked at Danny's choice of car. Not to mention that Danny still doesn't have a license.
    Ward: Monastery-boy drives an Aston Martin?
    Danny: I had the fastest donkey cart in K'un L'un too.
  • Danny admits he's never actually seen the Hand before. Claire incredulously points out that means she has more experience fighting them.
    Claire: You're saying I have more experience fighting the Hand than you do?
    Danny: Well, if you want to get technical about it.
  • Claire is really starting to lose her patience with this stuff.
    Danny: I am the Iron Fist.
    Claire: (waves her arms exasperatedly) What the hell does that mean?
  • When Danny comes to face him, Scythe asks when "the real warrior" will arrive. Danny, annoyed by the constant insults, says that the Hand assassins all seem to have "trained on the same playground". Scythe can't help but chuckle.
  • As Danny is about to finish off Scythe, Madame Gao abruptly changes the rules, threatening to kill Sabina unless Danny withdraws from the tournament:
    Danny: That's dishonorable!
    Madame Gao: (scoffs) What do I care for honor?

    Episode 7 - Felling with Tree Roots 
  • Harold tells the Hand enforcers that have come to collect his fingers (and maybe his tongue) that he has nothing to do with Danny Rand. On cue, Danny comes in, still bloody from the previous episode, telling Harold that they have a problem.
    Harold: I have no idea what an iron fist is. Sounds like a sex toy.
  • Because Colleen knows that the Hand influence at Claire's old hospital, she decides to stitch Danny's wounds herself.
    Colleen: And I can handle a few stitches. Oops!
    Danny: What?
    Colleen: (chuckles)
    Danny: Hey, that's not something I want to hear right now.
  • Colleen asks the question that everyone in the audience has always wanted to ask about Madame Gao:
    Colleen Wing: Madame Gao. Not "Mrs. Gao" or "Linda Gao". Why "Madame"? What, does she run the best little whorehouse in The Hand or something?
  • Ward walks in on Harold mutilating the two bodies of Madame Gao's enforcers with a clawhammer.
    Harold: [cheerfully] Oh, Ward! It's about time! [Ward grabs a wastepaper basket so he can retch, only to freeze up when he sees Harold's severed finger in there, leaving him reduced to dry-heaving] You okay, son? You look a little green. Hey, what happened to your hand?
    Ward: [regards Harold's amputated finger] What happened to yours?
    • Harold asks for Ward's help in dumping the bodies, after comparing the mutilation to cleaning a kill when they went deer hunting.
      Ward: We never went hunting.
      Harold: (genuinely surprised) Oh. (Beat while Harold thinks) Oh, maybe it was your sister.
    • Ward tries, with his level of incompetence, to put the bodies of the enforcers into his car by himself. He's so rattled he's talking to the corpses by the time he makes it to the dumping site.
  • The entirety of Madame Gao's visit to the Rand Enterprises building:
    • Gao arrives at the executive suites, walks into Danny's office, and tells Danny that he needs to take better care of himself... because his office has terrible feng shui. Madame Gao, a woman who leaves men like Wilson Fisk, James Wesley, and Harold Meachum scared out of their wits, is complaining about interior decorating. She leaves Danny a bonsai tree, and reminds him to water it.
    • Danny then follows Madame Gao's elevator down by pulling open the doors, summoning the Iron Fist, and sliding down the cable.
    Danny: Yamade wa Buddha, please watch me and guide over my descent. This is probably gonna hurt.
  • During the board meeting at which he's supposed to deliver his apology, er, statement, Danny announces his plans to shut down the Staten Island chemical plant, which everyone else has been dragging their feet on for the last few episodes. The board members all express outrage at his plan. Then Danny nonchalantly mentions that he's already told his plan to Karen Page at the New York Bulletin, and she seems to think it will be tomorrow's front page story. Everyone around the table immediately grabs their phones to check the Bulletin app, instantly pulling up an article authored by Karen headlined "BREAKING NEWS: Rand Shutters Staten Island Plant, Keeps Workers on Payroll".
  • Harold being totally unfazed by the fact that Ward was embezzling company funds for himself, deciding that everyone has their private vices, and this was Ward's. He does lament that Ward was doing it so stupidly, forcing Harold to hide Ward's embezzling from the company accountants and the SEC.
    Harold: But honestly, Ward, couldn't you have just gotten a mistress? Much simpler.

    Episode 8 - The Blessing of Many Fractures 
  • When Danny discovers the blood stain in Harold's penthouse, he assumes that the Hand killed him out of revenge for Danny's actions. When Ward comes back with cleaning supplies, he uses this to his advantage to claim he blames Danny for everything. It's a sad scene, and it's clearly tearing Danny apart... but Ward has this tiny smirk on his face the whole time like "Holy shit, I can't believe how well this is working out for me."
  • Joy revealing to Ward that she hired a private investigator to gather blackmail materials on the board, telling him that the PI is pretty good. When she's sober anyway.
  • Claire easily figures out that Danny and Colleen had sex.
    Claire: You don't need to say anything. It's written all over your face. "Danny Rand got some".
  • Danny's battle against Zhou Cheng, a Drunken Master Hand agent.
    • He even offers Danny a drink:
    Zhou: Care for a taste?
    • At one point he takes a drink while dodging a punch from Danny.
  • Claire prefaces her helping Colleen and Danny fighting Madame Gao's bodyguards by saying that she regrets ever going to China with them.
    Danny: ...that's fair.
  • Take a close look at Claire when she starts the car to escape the guard trying to stop her after she warned Danny and Colleen. She actually takes time to give him the finger.
  • When Claire is keeping watch outside the factory:

    Episode 9 - The Mistress of All Agonies 
  • Harold's dazed wandering through New York after he comes back from the dead.
  • Ward's expression when Harold weeps and holds him, after the buildup that made it seem like was going to stab him in retribution. It can only be summed up as "WTF?!"
  • Harold killing Kyle over vanilla ice cream is darkly humorous.
    • And, of course, when ice cream first gets brought up earlier, as Kyle is driving Harold home:
      Harold: What would you do if you found out you could live forever?
      Kyle: Oh, anything I want, I guess.
      Harold: No, be specific. What would you do?
      Kyle: I'd eat ice cream for breakfast.
      Harold: Really?
      Kyle: Oh, and lunch. Yes, sir.
      Harold: Amazing...
      Kyle: Thank you, sir.
      Harold: That wasn't a compliment.
  • Claire saying "Whoo!" after Danny, Colleen, and Claire fight off a Hand paramilitary squad is a nice tension breaker.
  • To get Gao to talk, Danny acquires sodium pentathol for Claire to inject into Madame Gao. After she says that Harold took the deal over Wendell's opposition, Madame Gao passes out. Danny and Claire then realize that Colleen was poisoned while fighting the Hand in China, and their only hope is unconscious...only for Madame Gao to lift her head and say that she spent most of the 17th century being interrogated. She has been acting like she was drugged just to Troll Danny and Claire.
  • After Danny heals Colleen with the Iron Fist, it seriously drains him.
    Claire: Danny. You okay there?
    Danny: (weakly) Yeah. I'm fine...(passes out)

    Episode 10 - Black Tiger Steals Heart 
  • "You're the worst Iron Fist ever," said by Davos, Danny's best pal.
    • Meanwhile, Danny is still in shock to see Davos in the compound.

    Episode 11 - Lead Horse Back to Stable 
  • Danny breaking Davos's phone. Much to Davos's surprise and pain over the lost.
  • In order to close up the stab wound in Danny's side, Claire is forced to literally staple the wound closed. Despite promising to do it one at a time, she accidentally does two in quick succession.
    Danny: Ow! That was two!
    Davos: You seem to be a very gifted healer.
  • After patching up Danny, Claire gives Danny one of Luke Cage's old hoodies.
    Claire: A friend of mine left it here.
    Danny: (fingering a bullet hole) Is your friend okay?
  • After Davos tells Claire of Shou-Lao, she asks if he's the size of a Komodo dragon or Petes Dragon.
    Davos: I don't know who Pete is.
  • Colleen says that Bakuto's Finger of the Hand is nothing like Madame Gao's. Claire points out that it would have helped if they changed the name.
    Claire: How about the Ear? Or the Arm?
  • Davos deciding to give pizza a try despite his ingrained contempt for non-K'un Lun food.
    Davos:'s's not horrrible.
    Claire: That's your reaction to Joe's? The best slice in New York?
    Davos: (looks at the slice and takes another bite) It's chewy.
  • Claire grumbling that her supplies of medicine keeps getting depleted because too many aggro would-be crime fighters keep showing up hurt and cleaning out her supplies.
  • Danny's got one last favor to ask of Claire to take his fight to the Hand: Her car.
  • Danny and Davos arguing over why only the former is allowed to drive Claire's car with Danny insisting that unlike Davos, he doesn't need a license because he's rich.

    Episode 12 - Bar the Big Boss 
  • Ward begs Bakuto to not kill Harold in front of Joy, saying he'll give him anything. What does Bakuto ask for?
    Bakuto: Your phone.
    Ward: What?
    Bakuto: (slowly) Your phone.
    Ward: Why?
    Bakuto: Well, obviously, I'd like to make a call.
  • When asked if he has any last words by Bakuto, Harold uses his to tell Joy how much he loves her and to tell Ward how he's the biggest disappointment in his entire life.
  • When Danny, Colleen and Davos chase Bakuto through the rainy streets and into Central Park, their desperate pursuit is momentarily drained of drama when they descend a long staircase near the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, and slow down so as not to risk tripping and falling headlong down the steps. Safety first, even in a climactic showdown.
  • While being escorted away by Bakuto and his men, Danny's chi is balanced enough for him to summon the Iron Fist and break his cuffs. He immediately pulls his hand back to strike Bakuto...and the Iron Fist powers down. Even Bakuto can't help but chuckle at the sudden shutdown.
  • Once again, Danny wakes Colleen up by practicing while listening to very loud music. This time, she smiles, and quickly joins him.

    Episode 13 - Dragon Plays with Fire 
  • Harold just walking into the Rand Building like it's the most normal thing ever, despite being legally dead for 13 years. Jeri Hogarth actually tells him that he is committing fraud of the highest level.
  • Colleen looks on the bright side of Danny being on the front page of the paper, saying that "the picture is cute".
  • What is the message that Claire delivers to Jeri Hogarth from Danny? A $5 bill with the words "J-Money" written on it.
    • Once Claire brings Hogarth to where Danny and Colleen are waiting for her:
    Claire Temple: Look who I found.
    Jeri Hogarth: Huh. As an officer of the court, I'm obliged to tell you to turn yourself in.
    Danny Rand: You really think that's a good idea?
    Jeri Hogarth: No, of course not. You're a billionaire facing federal drug charges, you might as well have the words "flight risk" stamped on your forehead. You surrender, and you will end up in a jail cell for 6 to 12 months minimum before this even goes to trial.
  • Jeri's reaction to Danny stating Harold actually died?
    Jeri Hogarth: Let's make a list of things you are never allowed to say again, starting with that.
  • This exchange after Colleen says that she can't let Danny kill Harold out of fear that it will corrupt his chi:
    Colleen: Which is why I have to kill Harold for you.
    Claire: (startles, then stares at Colleen disbelievingly) What — Jesus! Is there a version of this where we don't kill someone?!?!
  • Claire's part in the break-in involves using Danny's remaining cash to buy a peanut stall near the Rand building and then setting it on fire to distract the guards patrolling the entrance.
  • Colleen chasing after Danny into the Rand building, only to be too late and lose the element of surprise to the stunned guards who start pulling out their sidearms, forcing her to turn around and run back the other way.
    Colleen: Guns. Shit.
  • Claire's response to seeing all the windows on a floor of the Rand building blowing out?
    Claire: Danny, I hope like hell that you know what you're doing.
  • For the first time, the descriptive audio actually points out Stan Lee's cameo, saying the picture is "Stan Lee dressed as a cop."

Season 2

    Episode 1 - "The Fury of Iron Fist" 
  • Because he's been gone for 15 years, Colleen's amused to find that Danny doesn't know what SpongeBob SquarePants is about. Danny counters that he knows it's about "a sponge, named Bob."
  • Ward and Danny go to a loft apartment where they've been summoned for some sort of meeting. As they're wondering just who they might be meeting, they are greeted by Joy, who is so blatantly dressed like a woman on a revenge quest that both guys are very stunned.
    Joy Meachum: Hello Danny! Hello Ward!
    Danny Rand: Joy. It's been a while.
  • Danny and Colleen banter over dinner. Colleen spins a tale about Bakuto's training including her being forced to eat spiders to develop immunity to their venom.
    • BB's gang shows up to try shaking Mr. Yip down for money. Colleen and Danny go into the kitchen and try to get them to leave before the Golden Tigers show up, only for the Tigers' enforcers to arrive, forcing Danny to go out and stall them.
    Danny Rand: Hey! What can I do for you?
    Tiger Enforcer: We got a call. Where's Mr. Yip?
    Danny Rand: Yip? Oh, you mean the owner? He uh, he went outside to feed his meter. I can tell him you came by when he gets back.
    [The Tigers don't seem too impressed by Danny's lies. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, BB's gang snaps and begins fighting Colleen; the sounds of crashing are heard in the dining area]
    Tiger Enforcer: What was that?
    Danny Rand: Okay, it was my girlfriend. She-she went back in there to complain to the chef. Her pork baug, it was too chewy.
    Tiger Enforcer: You better move.
    Danny Rand: I'm telling you, you don't want to go in there. She has a terrible temper.

    Episode 2 - "The City's Not For Burning" 
  • Colleen and Sam Chung are getting the community center ready for a poker game being hosted by Sherry Yang, Hai-Qing Yang's wife. Sam admits that he's uncomfortable about it, but looks the other way because Sherry's money keeps the lights on. Prompting Colleen to say, "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown!" She is surprised when he doesn't get the reference. She then mentions she's been catching Danny up on 1970s movies.
  • Ward and his assistant Katie have some funny banter:
    Ward Meachum: I'm not an asshole boss, I promise.
  • Ward tracks down Joy to an auction she's holding. At one point, Davos comes over to tell Joy that Mika's ready for them. So Joy introduces Davos to Ward, and pretty much demands Ward say hi back. Ward says, "Hello, Davos," like he's trying to say "Helllloooo, Newman".
    • Just the way Joy warns Mika Prada that Davos is very anti-social, doesn't party, doesn't eat meat, doesn't drink, and hates small talk. It's borderline Black Comedy seeing Davos put on display like that.
  • Davos is being referred to as "Davis" around Mika Prada.

    Episode 3 - "The Deadly Secret" 
  • In the support group, Ward brings up his suspicions that Joy paid one of them to tell her about his presence at the sessions. It culminates in him calling them all assholes while giving them his famous double middle fingers.
  • Ward decides that the best thing he could do is have Danny and Colleen invite Joy and Davos over for dinner to the dojo, and Ward will make a "surprise" appearance.
    • With Ward and Davos meeting in the previous episode, the actors' height difference became very obvious.note  This one leans into it with a possibly improvised bit where Ward holds out his hand at waist level to make sure he and Danny are talking about the same Davos.
  • Just like with the pizza in season 1, Davos is baffled by Danny cooking meatballs on skewers.
    • The double date in general. Davos and Joy are feeding bullshit about falling in love after meeting in Paris, and Danny and Colleen are trying to play along.

    Episode 5 - "Heart of the Dragon" 
  • Colleen and Misty decide to seek out Ward to help them find Danny. When shaking hands with Misty, Ward compliments her robotic arm and says it's like "a Maserati with fingers".

    Episode 7 — Morning of the Mindstorm 
  • Rhyno's gang come home to find Chen Wu waiting for them — Davos's driver, but from their perspective a mysterious, grim, black-clad badass with an eyepatch (from when Sherry took out his eye) who proceeds to beat the hell out of the entire gang single-handed. Finally Rhyno pulls a gun, and Davos punches out a doorframe as he makes his entrance.

    Episode 9 - "War Without End" 
  • Turk Barrett ticks off the last show on his box to sell Ward and Mary some guns. Ward messes up his golf shot and then gives Turk advice on it. Plus, as Ward points out later, he's now working out of a van down by the river.
    • Ward says to Mary he doesn't know what the legal definition of killing his zombie dad is:
    Ward Meachum: "I think the technical term is patricide. Although I'm not sure it applies to the repeatedly undead. Necrocide is more like it."
    Mary Walker: (impressed) And your sister let me call you a pussy!
    • And on a meta level, this means Turk actually beat Claire Temple to the punch in appearing in every MCU Netflix show (Claire has thus far been absent from The Punisher (2017)).
  • Joy sassing Davos about his choice of recruits, in the presence of Chen Wu:
    Joy Meachum: It makes sense that you hang out with a bunch of teenagers, because any adult, one eyed sycophants excluded, would instantly see how full of shit you are.
  • When Chen Wu is bleeding out, Misty tells him that she'll get help: This is immediately followed by Walker firing three shots into his chest, then blankly stating "He wasn't gonna make it."

    Episode 10 - "A Duel of Iron" 
  • Danny trolls Ward with Ice Cream Koans while persuading him to come Walk the Earth.
    Danny: You already know who you are. Why don't you find out who you could be?
    Ward: Uhh, it's irresponsible. You can't just up and leave. You can't run away from yourself.
    Danny: Maybe you'd be running towards yourself.
    Ward: What does that even mean?
    Danny: (with a huge shit-eating grin that shows he knows how annoying he's being) What does it mean to you?

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