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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Snow Gives Way 
  • Danny vs the security guards at Rand Enterprises. He effortlessly takes them out, but without hurting a single one. This shows two things. One, unlike the previous three heroes of the Netflix series, Danny is a Nice Guy who would prefer not to hurt anyone. Two, being nice won't stop him from effortlessly handing you your ass.
  • Danny gets another CMOA when he pickpockets an employee while standing right next to her in the elevator, swipes the card in, hits the floor button, and replaces it without her knowing. He may be the sweetest of the Defenders, but that doesn't mean he can't be sneaky.
  • Danny's Spider-Man-esque backflip over an incoming taxi that was about to run him over. Joy's Jaw Drop is just icing on the cake.
  • Danny's next move is to commandeer Ward's car when his driver is out. Ward pulls out a gun and points it at Danny, who for the first time in the episode gets angry and tells Ward to put down the gun. Ward does cocky non-verbal taunt by cocking his gun and pointing it at Danny again. Danny shows him why you shouldn't be pointing a gun at close range at a master martial artist by effortlessly disarming him and pointing it at Ward.
    • When Ward angers him even more, Danny then proceeds to call out Ward on the various ways he used to bully him as a child, adding a Catharsis Factor that now their roles have been reversed, and that now Ward is in a much more helpless against Danny than the preteen Danny was against his mid-teens bully.
    • Danny's driving. While he's no expert, he does one hell of a job for some who's probably never handled a car in his life.

    Episode 2 - Shadow Hawk Takes Flight 

    Episode 3 - Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch 
  • Colleen Wing's cage matches. Although they're made tragic in how she believes they go against her code of honor and is only doing them to pay for her dojo's upkeep.
  • Madame Gao's entrance. After two episodes of Harold as the unflappable Big Bad, suddenly the lights shut off and he drops a glass in horror as her voice comes from the shadows. She proceeds to make him slice his hands up with the broken glass as punishment for breaking the imprisonment she has him under, simply by telling him to. Suddenly there's no doubt who Danny's real biggest threat is.

    Episode 4 - Eight Diagram Dragon Palm 
  • Danny fighting the Triads trying to kidnap Joy in the hallway leading up to his apartment and in a descending elevator. They're all armed with two hatchets each and he uses the Iron Fist just once to block a blade strike-which shatters the elevator's lights and pushes the rest of the fist into dark red mood lighting. The rest of the time, he's fighting them barehanded. The entire fight shows off the difference between this show and the other Netflix shows, even in the red lighting, its fairly bright, its far more stylized, and despite the fact that it's overall not brutal-despite a few bone breaks here and there-to show off not only Danny's skills, but his restraint (though its clear once a Triad punches Joy in the face that Danny is...less than pleased).
    • In terms of real world impact, Danny's greatest moment of the episode (if not the series) continues to be his work at Rand Industries-he takes a pill that costs $5 to be made and insists it be sold at $5 a pill to cure Leishmaniasis, which affects 12 million people worldwide. Danny ignores the other board members and just puts his 51% control of the company foot down. Its also worth noting the other members aren't beard-stroking fat-bellied corrupt execs trying to exploit people, they want to sell the pill, help people, and make a profit so they can do more research and make more medicine-nobody's a bad guy here but Danny can't stand to make money off people's illness.
    • Joy gets a minor one of her own when she drills a Triad in the face even though she hurts her hand doing it.
    • The Hand show off their in-universe Memetic Badass reputation when Danny informs the Triad boss about their involvement in the pier Rand Industries purchases. The gang leader reacts as if someone told him the Devil was real.
    • Harold gets to see his daughter for the first time in over a decade-he's visibly moved and emotional. Then he notices someone hurt her and he asks Gao to be allowed to kill whoever did it-which he does with one sword slice, which breaks off the top end of the sword! Papa Meachum's not a nice guy, all the more reason not to hurt his daughter.
  • Ward gets one too: When a journalist starts to put Danny in a negative light in the press, against Harold's wishes, Ward simply invites her to his office, pretends to be drunk, and tells the journalist about Danny's stunt at the board meeting, knowing that this tidbit is too much of a scoop for the journalist not to put in the papers while at the same time putting Danny in a favourable light.

    Episode 5 - Under Leaf Pluck Lotus 
  • Danny fights a Hand warrior posted to guard the chemist who makes their synthetic heroin and while he wins, the chemist is stabbed. Danny escapes the moving cargo container they're in by punching the doors off the hinges with the Iron Fist, and then jumps with the injured man onto the hood of Colleen's moving car.
    • Claire gets her own moment by performing impromptu surgery and being the MD version of MacGyver to save the chemist's life.

    Episode 6 - Immortal Emerges from Cave 
  • Danny fighting through 4 of the Hand's best fighters including the Bride of Nine Spiders and Scythe.
    • First, there are a pair of Slav brothers; two fighters who insist they are not two, but one-they move in unison and create a ring of boundaries with their own spilled blood-fall outside the circle, you lose. Danny bests them both but takes some hits and does some personal clothing damage to bandage his wounds. He draws strength by remembering the words of Lei Kung, the Thunderer, his sensei, who tells him to be a double-edged sword.
    • Bride of 9 Spiders catches Danny off guard with her feminine wiles, something the celibate hero has no defense against, before she poisons him and engages him directly. Danny remembers Lei Kung telling him to abandon grief for his parents and either choose to embrace darkness or reject it-he rejects the Bride's words and takes her down with a kick, after performing a kata that blows the nearby lights out!
    • Lei Kung tells Danny that facing the dragon (as in Scythe and Shao Lao) carries risk even with victory. Danny refutes Scythe's insults and when offered to pick a weapon, replies that he is the weapon. They fight, Danny unarmed and Scythe changing weapons until Danny shatters his double-scythe with the Iron Fist and ignores Scythe on a conscious level, reciting the prophecy of himself while blocking Scythe's attacks until he punches him with the Fist itself and actually prepares to kill him-something he has yet to do. Danny has, in the moment, fully embraced his destiny as Destroyer of the Hand and every fight shows what Kung spoke in the early parts of the episode-that Danny's greatest enemy is himself and when he is at harmony, nobody can touch him.
    • Gao tosses Danny into a wall with merely the force of her chi, while mentioning she knew his father, has been in K'un Lun, and met an Iron Fist before.

    Episode 7 - Felling with Tree Routes 
  • Right after helping Danny fend off the two Hand agents sent to collect his finger (and possibly his tongue), Harold realizes that he still needs to make it look like they did their job so Gao won't their deaths to him and his family. And so he just sits down and chops off his finger with no hesitation or sound at all.
  • Danny, sick of how Rand Enterprises is treating the Staten Island manufacturing plant situation, decides to take things into his own hands. He calls Karen Page at the New York Bulletin, and tells her that Rand Enterprises is shutting down the plant to prevent anyone else from getting cancer from the plant, while still keeping the plant workers on the payroll. He does this before meeting with the Board, in order to force their hand.
  • Ward, in turn, proves he's his father's son, and has the same will of iron when he gets pushed too far, and proves it when he takes out Harold with the same knife Harold used to kill Gao's men.

    Episode 8 - The Blessing of Many Fractures 
  • Danny's brawl with Gao's Drunken Master bodyguard followed shortly after by him, Colleen, and Claire battling the rest of her entourage.
  • Danny becomes the first one to actually scare Gao (if for only just a few minutes) when he finds out she caused the plane crash that killed his parents.
  • Coleen starts off the festivities with an epic swordfight with an almost Mirror Match female agent of The Hand.
  • Claire reaches the culmination of her development in this series. Her first episode has her improvising a dressing for a perforated lung using a credit card, and from there she insists on tagging along as a full team member and in this episode she isable to fight Hand members and even stealing some Wolverine Claws from a nearby weapon rack of their's and making them her signature weapon.

    Episode 9 - The Mistress of All Agonies 
  • Gao casually manipulating everyone the entire episode despite being tied to a chair.
  • When they finally get the truth serum.
    Gao: You are about to face something you are completely unprepared for.
    Danny: [smug] You got something scarier than a dragon in a cave?
    Gao: Yes. Yes I do.
  • Danny, Colleen, and Claire fighting off a Hand paramilitary team who came to recover Gao. Special note to Colleen, who is dying from being poisoned while doing this.

    Episode 10 - Black Tiger Steals Heart 
  • Bakuto gives us an idea as to how powerful a fully-realized Iron Fist is by showing black-and-white footage of Danny's 1948 predecessor in the classic costume battling a squad of armed Chinese soldiers, both hands blazing with weaponized chi the entire time.
  • Bakuto vs. Danny, a no-holds-barred showdown in a cramped space. For Danny.
  • Davos and Danny teaming up to escape the Hand compound.
    • Keep in mind, the pair are not just taking on a few guards. They are fighting the entire school, each student an expert in martial arts, recruited by Colleen or Bakuto, who are masters as well, not to mention that Danny is dealing with a stab wound from earlier. And except for Bakuto, not a single one poses a remote threat.

    Episode 11 - Lead Horse Back to Stable 
  • Colleen escaping from the Hand compound.

    Episode 12 - Bar the Big Boss 
  • All of Colleen and Bakuto's katana fight, particularly when Bakuto breaks Colleen's katana, and then she kicks the broken point into his leg midair. Not so bad for a "teacher of children", ey?

    Episode 13 - Dragon Plays with Fire 
  • In the final battle: Danny and Colleen storm the Rand Enterprises building looking for evidence that Harold Meachum framed him for the Hand's drug trafficking, only to be pinned down by security in the boardroom. Colleen tries to back him up, only to draw Harold's fire - so Danny goes nova. He uses the Iron Fist for a Ground Punch - it's as if a car bomb went off. Even better than the shot from the trailer as the full force of the blast is shown - it wipes out an entire floor.
    Claire: Danny, I hope like hell you know what you're doing.
  • Ward comes to Danny's aid and shoots Harold, causing him to fall to his death. After seeing all the abuse Harold puts him through it's really satisfying to see Ward give him his comeuppance. This time, it sticks.

Season 2

    Episode 1 - The Fury of Iron Fist 
  • Iron Fist vs a Moving truck? It ends as well as you would expect.

    Episode 2 - The City's Not for Burning 
  • The absolutely brutal battle between Danny and Davos over who will face Shou-Laou. In the end Danny comes out ontop with a broken hand no less.
    • The battle seems to have lasted for almost one day.
    • How does Danny get the best of Davos? By using the glare from the sunlight entering the room to temporarily blind him allowing him to take Davos down.

    Episode 3 - This Deadly Secret 

    Episode 4 - Target: Iron Fist 
  • Walker approaches Danny and utterly demolishes him in the subway station. His reluctance to fight Mary may give her a bit of an advantage early on, but even when he does start fighting back in earnest, she knows exactly how to avoid and disable the Iron Fist before moving in for the kill. She takes on a powered person who is also one of the best martial artists in the world, and it ends up being a Curb-Stomp Battle in her favor.
    • Though it should be noted that she started fight byninjec to injecting Danny with a sedative, which clearly came into play, and the finishing move was helped by Danny being distracted by the phone call from Colleen.

    Episode 5 - Heart of the Dragon 

    Episode 6 - The Dragon Dies at Dawn 
  • Misty and Colleen's fight with the Crane Sisters in the tattoo parlour. While Colleen has an epic fight scene with two of the Sisters, the third tries to escape on a motorcycle. And Misty just sticks out her metal arm.
  • It's revealed that Davos can use 2 iron fists at once.

    Episode 7 - Morning of the Mindstorm 

    Episode 8 - Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance 

    Episode 9 - War Without End 
  • Lau, Sherry's head of security, makes a Heroic Sacrifice and fights Davos to stall him while giving Sherry and the rest of the Triads time to make an escape.
  • Danny, who is without his Iron Fist, manages to still subdue an Iron Fist-wielding Davos.
  • Joy rips into Davos about how ineffective his cause is:
    Joy Meachum: It makes sense that you hang out with a bunch of teenagers, because any adult, one eyed sycophants excluded, would instantly see how full of shit you are.
  • Ward and Mary go to the lair to rescue the injured Joy from Davos, with Ward managing to subdue and wound Chen Wu, and Mary later using her M4 to finish him off.
  • Colleen lighting up the Iron Fist.

    Episode 10 - A Duel of Iron 
  • Misty gets locked in a room with a heavy steel door, so what does she do? She punches through the damn wall.
  • Colleen Wing, the Immortal Iron Fist. And her chi-powered katana.
  • Also in the sequel hook, Danny with double chi guns.
  • Danny's rematch with Walker, where he's clearly dominating before she kicks him in his injured leg. Also his plan to take her out without injuring her by bringing out Mary.
  • Colleen's Iron Fist vs Davos Iron Fist.



  • The fact that the series really put some effort into researching the arts. Those episodes titles up there? Most of those are the names for specific real-life Kung Fu techniques of the Shaolin style, "Black Tiger Steals Heart", for example.
    • Season 2 improves on this, naming EACH episode after a popular storyline.
  • Despite the bad rep this show got, a second season has been confirmed. Marvel Studios is as much a Determinator as its heroes.
  • The fact that we will get to see the comic accurate yellow mask.
  • The showrunners have brought in the choreographer of Black Panther in season 2.
  • The show's Rotten Tomatoes rating jumped a whopping 31% from Season 1 to Season 2, the biggest improvement the site has ever seen between seasons.
  • The improved second season, period. Marvel heard the fan complaints, heard the critical rejection, and instead of staying the course or shrugging and dropping the whole "Iron Fist" idea, proceeded to rectify every single complaint and problem.


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