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Mythology Gag / Iron Fist (2017)

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Season 1

  • The announcer calls Colleen Wing "the Daughter of the Dragon" as she steps into the cage to fight, alluding to the name of the duo she and Misty Knight are called and the comic book series they star in.
  • When Colleen fights in the cage a second time, she is wearing a all-white suit similar to her comic book outfit sans the hoodie.
  • Multiple 50s Marvel monsters, including Goom, the Abominable Snowman, and Orrgo, appear as the stickers Danny put on the bottom of Wendel's desk.
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  • The 1948 Iron Fist had a costume similar to Danny's in the comics. And given the timestamp, it's possible/likely that this Iron Fist is Orson Randall.
  • One of the things Madame Gao suggests that Danny do as part of her proposal for him to be a Rich Idiot With No Day Job is to "buy a yacht". Because, you know...
  • Danny and Colleen getting together is a reference to Ultimate Marvel, where they were married and had a daughter.
  • Zhou Cheng states that his master is named Ch'i-Lin, and implies that he's perpetually drunk not just because of his fighting style, but also because he has to be, otherwise something very dangerous inside of him will awaken ("Some chase the dragon. I've got to keep him sedated. Bad things happen if I don't.") In the comics, Zhou Cheng is the host of a mystical dragon monster named Ch'i-Lin, who seeks to kill every Iron Fist on the day of their 33rd birthday to absorb their chi in order to open a door to K'un-Lun.
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  • Colleen being revealed as a member of Bakuto's faction of the Hand before turning against and fighting them bears similarities to her arc in Shadowland, where she leads a splinter group of the Hand before going rogue.

Season 2

  • Joy's arc very much mirrors her comics run, as far as working with Davos to go after Danny, who she thinks is responsible for her father's death.
  • The police code for an incident with a powered person is 616, the number of the "main" Marvel comics setting.
  • At one point the Triad's threaten to cut off Davos' hand. Davos lost a hand in the comics during the Tournament in Heaven arc.
  • In episode 9, Walker sings "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas while gearing up to take on Davos. She previously sang the same song in the comics during Michael Bendis's run on Daredevil.
  • In episode 10, Walker talks about how the men who found her (after she broke out of imprisonment under the control of her third personality, thus far unnamed) called the situation "a bloody mess", which is an allusion to Bloody Mary, the third personality Typhoid Mary exhibited in the comics.
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  • Mary often appears in shots with one side of her face obscured, a reference to her comic book appearance.
  • Danny meets Mary in a cafe called the Coffee A-Go-Go, which was a favoured hangout of the Silver Age X-Men.