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    Pre-Release Theories 
K'un L'un is connected to the Tree of Life from Thor

K'un L'un is in another dimension and, at least going by the comics, the residents are Human Aliens, much like the Asgardians in the MCU. Perhaps K'un L'un could be one of the realms connected to Midgard.

  • Nothing of that sort is mentioned.

Madame Gao will show up.

It is already speculated that Gao is from K'un L'un or one of the other Seven Capital Cities of Heaven due to her claim that she speaks all languages, is from a land farther away than China, and produced heroin with the symbol of the Steel Serpent (a villain in the Iron Fist comics). One should expect her to show up at some point.

  • It's most likely Gao will end up being Crane Mother, who became Steel Serpent's master.
  • Confirmed. She appears in the latest trailer.

One of the recurring villains will be Shang-Chi's father.

Obviously he wouldn't be Fu Manchu, but an international crime lord as in the Ultimate universe. Shang-Chi, the crime lord's American born son, combats his father's minions in Chinatown, which is where he'll meet Iron Fist.

  • Nothing so far.

Professor Wing will be in the show.

Professor Lee Wing, a character in the comics, will be one of Danny's allies in New York City. His presence will open up the possibility of Colleen Wing to appear in a potential second season for the show. If she isn't already set to be in the first season anyway.

  • Coleen Wing is already cast so it's possible that Professor Wing will show up too or sooner.
  • No appearance in Season 1.

Shang-Chi will be Chinese-American and have actual powers and depth.

As a way of throwing a bone towards the fans who wanted an Asian-American Danny Rand, Shang-Chi will be a Chinese-American residing in Chinatown or something. Furthermore, he could have actual Ki Attacks and character similar to Hickman's retcon/writing

  • But isn't Shang-Chi usually Asian-British?
    • Not really; he got espionage training from MI-6 but it's never stated that he's half-British. Not to mention the Ultimate universe's Shang-Chi was Chinese-American, so they can pick out things like they did with some of the Avengers.
  • No appearance in Season 1.

Building off the above, Shang-Chi was born in K'un-Lun but left for America as a child.

Making him a foil to Rand, who was born outside of K'un-Lun and immigrated there as a child.

  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

Ray Park will be cast as Orson Randall, the previous Iron Fist before Daniel.

As a sort of Casting Gag for when he was considered playing Iron Fist in a proposed live-action movie.

  • No appearance in Season 1.

Instead of Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi's father will be the real Mandarin

They can't use Fu Manchu since they don't have the rights, but the Mandarin is an Expy of him. Plus, it would give them the opportunity to follow up on All Hail the King, seeing as there doesn't seem to be plans for more Iron Man movies.

  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

If Orson Randall appears, he'll get a Race Lift.

After all the stuff going on with the debate over if Danny should have been white, it would look pretty suspect if his predecessor as Iron Fist was a white dude as well. So Orson will become an Asian-American in order to keep the Mighty Whitey implications from getting too ludicrous.

  • It's unlikely they would use Randall this early on. Not to mention there are several other older former Iron Fist they could use instead.
    • I think the Original Poster meant if he appears eventually, not necessarily the first season. It does say "If" after all.
  • No appearance in Season 1.

Shang Chi will appear but as an agent of SHIELD or MI-6
Shang Chi was an MI-6 agent for a time in the comics.
  • He will have kung fu skills but will wear a suit and favor firearms to avoid Marvel's fears of "stereotyping" an Asian character as a martial artist.
  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

Shang Chi will have Self-Duplication powers.
He gained these recently in the comics, possibly in preparation of giving him similar abilities in the show.
  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

Fat Cobra will either make an appearance or be mentioned
If only to have everyone who meets him wonder why a man called Fat Cobra would wield the turtle animal totem.
  • No appearance in Season 1.

Rand Corps owns Seagate Prison.
After Danny's parents die, Harold Meachum takes over the business and involves himself in many shaddy dealings, including buying Seagate Prison, which was said to be privately owned by an unknown entity. Once Danny finds out about this, he sets out to undo everything, which leads him to meeting Luke. Their friendship goes from there.
  • Jossed.

Junzo Muto will be one the Villains for Season 1
  • Either as someone who is passed over the title of Iron Fist and resents Danny for it and tries to kill him but fails, only to emerge for The Defenders as a new member of The Hand as he was in the comics.
    • Jossed.

Danny will wear his iconic Iron Fist costume at the end of the season
Judging by the teaser trailer, he's not in his costume. So, he might get to suit up in the season finale just like Daredevil.
  • Jossed; according to Scott Buck the costume won't appear.

The Shang-Chi announcement was an example of Lying Creator and he isn't appearing at all
No announced actor, no mentions in descriptions, and not even a hint at a him appearing in any promotional clips or trailers is pretty suspect. Perhaps it was just a stunt made to placate the backlash and nothing more. Then some of the fans who wanted Asian-American Iron Fist would be distracted, or at least be like "when life gives you lemons..." until the show is released and they learn that Shang-Chi was just a lie and they're drowned out by the positive reviews of the season when they try to bring it up online.
  • Early reviews of the first six episodes neither confirm a Shang-Chi appearance, nor sound positive enough to drown out any complaints his absence could cause.
  • It probably won't be Lying Creator since Marvel never actually announced it; it was a rumour that got steam after Finn Jones was cast but was never officially confirmed.
  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

How Jeri Hogarth ties in to the show
The Jeri Hogarth that we saw in Jessica Jones (2015) was the kind more likely to be in alliance with the Meachums than with Danny. I imagine that Jeri used to be a good person but somehow got jaded, leading to her becoming the person we saw in Jessica Jones. Perhaps she used to be a lawyer and close friend for the Rands at one point. After Danny's disappearance and his parents' death, Jeri had a falling out with the Meachums. Perhaps Harold Meachum did something damaging to Jeri that turned her into a cold and manipulative person.
  • Confirmed on both points!

Iron Fist WILL fight Shou-Lao
However, it will be a dream-like, introspective moment, as if he's achieving it through meditation. Shou-Lao will seemingly be made of smoke as in the main logo.
  • Jossed.

The Meachums aren't what they seem
They are imposters.
  • Alternately, they're actors hired to play the Meachums. (Is that meme dead yet?)
  • Even more alternately, they will actually be Zendaya.
    • OP: Please, no more Zendaya crap jokes.
  • Jossed.

Rand Enterprises is connected to AIM
The Extremis enhancement looks a whole lot like the Iron Fist. Maybe Maya Hansen got the idea of bio-energy enhancements from Danny Rand's parents before the plane crash - what they hell were they doing flying over the Himalayas? Maybe they were researching K'un-L'un, and Extremis is somehow connected to its martial arts teachings.
Killian: Now, Extremis harnesses our bioelectrical potential and it goes here. This is essentially an empty slot and what this tells us is that our mind, our entire DNA, in fact, is destined to be upgraded.
  • Jossed.

This will be the first of the Marvel Netflix shows to only be one season
Instead of a second season the show will be replaced by Daughters of the Dragon, a team-up spin-off showing Colleen Wing and Misty Knight becoming a crime fighter duo.

Danny Rand might be recast.
Unfortunate Implications aside (though it'll probably play a part); if the critics prove to be correct and even audience/fans see Finn Jones as bland and uninteresting as Danny Rand, he will be recast once Season 1 of the Defenders runs its course. Coupled with his comments about It's Not Supposed to Win Oscars as well as generally downplaying the Asian culture/representation problems, the new Danny Rand post-S1 will probably be Asian-American.
  • Though possible due to the negative publicity Finn Jones is bringing, its not likely they could get away with casting an Asian-American actor if just because it would be jarring-as-fuck for him to be white for one season then suddenly Asian the next, which might not sit well even with people who want an Asian Danny. The only possible way they could get that to work would probably be if they have the films invoke a Cosmic Retcon during Infinity War, and allow all the shows a chance to retcon some shit.

The bad reviews are a gambit by Marvel to get hardcore DC fans to stop whining about how they pay critics.
  • Come on, there's gotta be a few people sick of this.

Shang Chi will appear in a similar role to Stick in Season 1 of Daredevil.
  • He will appear in a single episode, work with Iron Fist on something involving his supervillain father or maybe something with The Hand, and then go off to do his own thing, with a bigger role in the second season.
  • No Shang-Chi in Season 1.

Danny will die in The Defenders

Due to the series' early negative reviews and being Overshadowed by Controversy due to its Mighty Whitey trope, Danny will be killed off fighting the Big Bad in the Defenders.

  • Unlikely - The Defenders was written and filmed before Iron Fist premiered.

If the show does get a second season, it will introduce Shang-Chi and have frequent flashbacks of Danny's predecessors.

Actually possible, as something like that did happen in the comics; Immortal Iron Fist, which modernised Danny, largely got around the iffy racial issues by focusing so much on developing Danny's predecessors and introducing the (mostly Asian) other Immortal Weapons.

The 'Phase 2' of the Marvel/Netflix shows will probably better handle Asian characters

Similar to Phase 3 of the films being the first to feature black and female leads after complaints of too many White Male Lead characters. Thanks to the negative publicity of Iron Fist and its treatment of Asian culture, post-Defenders they'll have actual effort to better treat Asian characters, as well as increase their diversity.Possible spin-offs for Elektra and Colleen Wing, a solo series for Shang-Chi and maybe Kamala Khan getting a show, introduce the Immortal Weapons, Daredevil downplaying the Yellow Peril trope, among others. Similarly, they might see shows for Hispanic characters like Angela Del Toro (who had been namedropped in Jessica Jones), and Jewish characters like Moon Knight, in order to broaden the scope of scope a bit more.

    Post-Season One Theories 

Madame Gao's master
During the grand duel, Madame Gao mentioned that she had a Master who accepted Danny terms. This Master will turn out to be Alexandra, who will be played by Sigourney Weaver in The Defenders (2017).
  • Possibly Confirmed. If she wasn't throwing up a smokescreen to downplay her status, she was talking about Alexandra.

Madame Gao is a dragon in human form.
She constantly references that she's hundreds of years old, back in Season 1 of Daredevil she said she was from 'considerably farther' than China, she's been to K'un L'un, she's way stronger than she looks. Totally a dragon. Hangs out in the dragon club with Shou Lao and Fin Fang Foom when she's not selling heroin and being cryptic.
  • Jossed. She's human, although she does have ties to dragons. Their biological matter sustains her immortality.

In the next season, Danny will train under Shang-Chi and the Sons of the Tiger.
It would only make sense to introduce Marvel's "good guy" martial artists after we met the bad ones in the first season.
  • Jossed, although the end of the last episode suggests he's been training under somebody — and it's apparently not Orson Randall.

When Madame Gao said Wendell Rand had "no honor", she was talking about his infidelity
I've seen an interesting theory that Joy Meachum was actually Wendell Rand's daughter, that Wendell had an affair with Harold's wife. They look so much alike, especially since Wendell's portrait in the Rand Enterprises executive suites has him with his eyes wide open, almost if it was to accentuate the resemblance between him and Joy.

Harold only started being abusive to Ward after the resurrection

In their conversation at the park by the river in the eighth episode, Joy says to Ward, "When was the last time we talked about anything other than work? Can you name the last person I dated? I have...I just have no idea who you've been seeing, or what you've been reading, or...anything about your life outside of Rand. We didn't used to be like this. One day, you just put up a wall and I never understood why." To which Ward replies, "I was protecting you."

Ward's remark that Harold has always been a bastard to him is true. But it stands to reason that Harold didn’t start the explicit physical abuse until Ward was older. Joy’s dialogue seems to indicate that she and Ward were close after she started working at Rand (at 18 years old, probably, or maybe later after she went to college). Ward is 5-6 years older than Joy, about the same as the age gap between Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Stroup, so the abuse probably didn’t start happening until Ward was at least 23-24.

And then Ward pushed her away “one day.” That day was when Harold began to abuse him (or maybe the abuse reached a whole other level). Ward didn't push Joy away when Harold came back from the dead, but much later. (It certainly doesn’t sound like they’ve been estranged for the past 13 years, so it must have been more recent, given they're still talking to each other while at work.) Ward didn’t push Joy away because Harold came back from the dead and she needed to be protected from the Hand, but because Harold began to abuse him, and Ward didn’t want her to find out.

Madame Gao may be a former Iron Fist
Back in the penultimate episode of season 1 of Daredevil, when Matt confronts Madame Gao in the heroin place. He goes to take her on, and then she attacks him and escapes. She attacks like Danny, with a spin punch, but with an open palm instead of a fist. It also leaves a hand-shaped imprint on Matt's shirt, but it looks yellowish too.
  • Jossed. She can do many things with her chi, but she was never an Iron Fist. She was a healer who went evil in a quest for immortality.

     Post-Defenders Theories 
Season 2 will be an example of Growing the Beard...
...which will ironically coincide with Danny becoming clean shaven! But seriously though, the show having a new showrunner in Raven Metzner could allow for the issues viewers had with Season 1 being addressed, while still including, or even expanding upon, the more positively received aspects of it. Character Development from The Defenders will allow for Danny to grow more, caring more about his duty as the Iron Fist and finally getting his costume, Colleen getting to develop her comradery with Misty, and getting to see more of K'un Lun.
  • Well, it's definitely improved, but Danny still doesn't own a razor.

Danny will suit up and try to pick up where Matt left off.
He seemed inspired to essentially pick up the torch left by Daredevil and become a costumed crime fighter. Additionally, now that he sees what happens when bad guys go after loved ones, he will know the benefit of wearing a mask.
  • Confirmed.

Luke Cage will show up in season 2.
With Danny making sure Misty gets a new arm, it's possible we might get a cameo by Luke who comes in to check up on her or otherwise be involved in the plot. Considering might be in need of roping in some viewers after the first season got poor reviews, it could be an interesting way to get people interested again. Besides, fans love seeing those two together.
  • Jossed.

Misty will lose her job and start a PI agency with Colleen.
If her police career doesn't end in the second season of Luke Cage, it will end here, resulting in her starting Knight-Wing LMTD with Colleen.
  • Jossed. She's still a detective at the end of Luke Cage season 2. Although the name Knight-Wing is teased.

Shang-Chi will appear, possibly as Danny's Punisher
That is, a more vengeful and extreme vigilante whom Danny will have to confront. Or possibly in another capacity.
  • That may prove to be kind of derivative. Maybe they could subvert it by having Shang-Chi or even another martial artist hero (on the off-chance that Shang-Chi might appear in the movies or something someday) appear as a unambiguously heroic character who is The Ace and makes Danny feel inadequate.

Season 2 will be based on the Immortal Weapons tournament arc
  • Sadly jossed, but the ending suggests that they may be heading that way in season 3.

Instead of a Season 2 for Iron Fist or Luke Cage we'll simply get Heroes for Hire
  • Jossed. Both shows were renewed for second seasons.

If Danny gets his suit from the comics, it will be in the form of Matt Murdock's original black costume
Think about it. They both resemble each other and it would fit Danny's whole "protect New York now that Matt's gone" arc. The suit could also glow when he's using his chi, becoming the classic yellow and green color scheme.
  • Jossed. Danny has a costume of sorts but it doesn't resemble Matt's original costume.

Hogarth will be searching for a way to heal her ALS
.As of the second season of Jessica Jones, Jeri Hogarth is suffering from ALS and trying to find a cure. This will lead her to either seek Danny’s help due to his healing powers or possibly make a deal with villains to try to find other means of thwarting the disease.

Typhoid Mary will be in control of The Hand (or at least what's left of it).
In the comics, Typhoid Mary had a connection to The Hand. In this series, she will take hold of what is left of the organization after the Five Fingers and Black Sky were killed in The Defenders. If not that, she will be a former member who is going her own way after her bosses died.
  • Jossed. There's no sign of the Hand, and Mary is just a somewhat troubled mercenary.

Typhoid Mary is Danny's half sister.
In the comics, Danny has a half-sister who ended up as a villain. This series uses Mary for that role. We still don't quite know the relationship between the Rands and the Hand, so perhaps it will be revealed that Wendell had an affair or a previous relationship with someone else connected to the Hand and Typhoid Mary was born.
  • Jossed.

Davos needs the dead Iron Fist underground to complete the ritual to steal Danny's power.
The trailer shows a mummified Iron Fist under New York and as Davos prepares the ritual, we see a cauldron with what appears to be mummified flesh on top with the Mark of Shaou Lao. Davos cut the flesh off that dead body and used it to gain Danny's power.
  • Confirmed. Although, despite the trailer's implications, the corpse was not underground.

The dead Iron Fist under New York was the one who sealed the dragon bones under Midland Circle.
In The Defenders, we learn that The Hand needed an Iron Fist to open a gateway leading to dragon bones which had been sealed by a previous Iron Fist. The trailer for season 2 shows a mummified Iron Fist under a New York subway. That was probably the one who closed that gate and was subsequently killed some time after and his body was left buried.
  • Jossed for the most part. The corpse wasn't underground and there's no indication he was the one to close the gate.

Danny's relationship with Joy will take a real change
Almost all the major characters in season 1 have alluded to seeing something between Danny and Joy which leads me to believe these writers do care about this pairing as opposed to flat out ignoring them, and that sending Joy down the antagonist path in season 2 will cause this dynamic to undergo a big change.

Ward pointed this out twice. The first was in episode 4 as everyone was getting ready for the press conference to announce Danny's return. Ward confronts Joy and says he knows she went behind his back to help Danny regain his inheritance with the old pottery bowl, saying, "Danny's always been a soft spot to you." In the previous episode Ward had been going through great lengths to destroy any documents or pieces of evidence that would identify Danny as the rightful heir to Rand Enterprises. What Ward didn’t count on was the old piece of pottery Danny made for Joy when they were kids containing his fingerprint. And when Joy denies her involvement, Ward deliberately throws her undisclosed feelings for Danny in her face. And her response is a silent stunned look just before Danny walks into the room. Plus, she even flirts a bit with him, much to Ward's consternation.

In the season 1 finale, while Joy was in the hospital, Ward visited her in the hospital and made an attempt to warn her about Harold. At this point his pleads are met with anger, frustration and impatience due to not only his 13 years of dishonesty but also in his indirect role in Joy getting shot (because he tried to make a deal with Bakuto). Joy, unwilling to believe how dangerous Harold is to her, is hardly in the mood to forgive or forget. So Ward makes a last ditch effort to get his sister to listen to him by once again using her soft spot for her childhood friend to state his case, tossing a newspaper with Danny’s face on the cover confirming that he is in fact being framed by Harold. This is the second time that Ward has confronted Joy about her affection for Danny. Feelings that she has neither denied or confirmed to having for him yet. Its just left up in the air as a small crumb for the future. But it makes sense that the writers are using Ward in this format as no one knows his sister like he does. They’ve been close their whole lives; the secret about Harold’s resurrection being the exception to never harboring any secrets from each other. If anyone would know the way Joy feels about Danny, it’s most definitely Ward.

In 1x09, Madame Gao spends the entirety of the episode being held captive in the dojo, and getting into Danny, Claire and Colleen’s heads. She suggests that Colleen has a few skeletons in her closet that could jeopardize her new relationship with Danny. Antagonistically, Gao also says to the ailing Colleen that not only are her and Danny meant to be on separate paths but that "Danny Rand belongs to someone else", and she's clearly not talking about the monks of K'un-L'un. Colleen doesn’t even really have a reaction to this which is also strange. She neither denies, refutes the assessment, or accuses Gao of spewing lies.

True the subtext in the particular scene can almost be interpreted to whatever the viewer imagines. But the "someone else" that Gao was referring to was probably Joy, given how good she is at reading people’s past, present and future via their auras in this show, in Daredevil, and in The Defenders. No doubt she’s seen inside Danny’s conflicted heart during all her interactions with him. Also at the very beginning of that same episode, Danny runs off to meet Joy in a short but pivotal scene, telling her to stay away from the building Ward has brought her to before disappearing, which later has her discovering Harold’s existence.

Another indication that Gao was referring to Joy when she said "Danny Rand belongs to someone else" is the fact that she had alluded to Miranda Randnote  in 1x06 and 1x08. She cryptically informs Danny that Wendell was “not such an honorable man”. And of course there’s the moment in the last episode, where Gao is seen listening in on Joy and Davos’s conversation; two of Danny’s former best friends conspiring together against him. Why was she there? Is she working with Davos? Or was she keeping tabs on Joy knowing what she means to Danny? The only certainty is Gao has a hidden agenda.

Speaking of Davos, Davos sought out Joy to help him destroy his former comrade. He chose a woman he barely knows, someone close to Danny’s past, as a likely ally in his personal mission to gain the Iron Fist’s power. Really he could’ve gone to anyone but honestly manipulating Danny’s childhood friend against him is the perfect weapon. Not only does Davos condescendingly level with Joy about Danny not being the same person she knew growing up, he encourages her to get revenge reminding Joy that she felt her world fell apart when Danny resurfaced, using the very same words Joy says to Danny on the street in 1x09: "Everything fell apart once you showed up" / "Isn't it true your world fell apart after his return?" That was a deliberate writing parallel. Joy, ironically, doesn’t deny this replying “things changed for me” reaffirming she indeed believes Danny is the source of her pain. How would Davos know this? Or better yet, how would he know anything about Danny and Joy’s relationship unless Danny regularly talked about her while training in K'un-L'un? Davos would have to know about her to some extent in order to push the right buttons.

Then there's Colleen. Colleen is made aware of not only Joy’s past with Danny but also her undisclosed feelings for him. Colleen gets a front row seat to witness Joy’s reaction towards the M&Ms Danny sent back [as a test] from Birch Psychiatric. Joy cries out in tears at the realization that this is Danny Rand, and it's enough to sway Colleen. Originally she was skeptical about Danny, and was even tempted to take Ward’s offer. However this is the scene that convinces her his story is legit and quietly excuses herself out of the office without Joy knowing.

The next time Colleen and Joy interact is when Danny brings Joy to the dojo to hide her after the hatchet-men's attempt to snatch her. While they’re alone together, the two women begin bonding and Colleen curiously inquires about Joy and Danny’s past. To which Joy confesses their parents being best friends and even implies that she and Danny were betrothed to be married someday. Of coursed it's said with humor, but the subtext underneath indicates some truth to that assessment. Now think about Gao’s “Danny belongs to someone else” line. It's interesting that writers have already linked the phrase marriage towards Danny's connection with Joy, while Colleen is the person he is currently focused on.

Later, when Danny and Colleen are infiltrating the pier to track down the synthetic heroin, they share their first intimate moment together. As Danny looks deeply into Colleen’s eyes he confesses she is the only person he can trust as well as rely on. Surprisingly enough Colleen brings up Joy by name, and Danny stands silent wearing an inscrutable expression before he gives her a response which is very telling. She could’ve just left the Meachums out of the conversation but the fact that Colleen even acknowledges Joy being an important person to Danny emphasizes her insecurities about their relationship. She knows Joy harbors some kind of feelings for him based on the time she spent with her at the dojo as well as the M&M's scene. If this wasn’t an issue, Colleen wouldn’t have mentioned her and Danny would’ve denied it.

Other interesting details include Danny and Joy’s carefully color coordinated wardrobes. Including the fact that Joy has worn outfits entailing yellow and green as well as been placed in areas with yellow/gold and green [the Iron Fist’s colors] environments.

So about each of these references and encounters in season 1, they more so underline Joy’s affections for Danny as opposed to his for her considering his love story is currently with Colleen. And it makes sense that the writers did that since part of Joy’s arc was grappling with Danny’s reappearance and how it had affected her positively and negatively. It wouldn't be a surprise if season 2 ended up focusing on Danny’s feelings towards Joy this time around. And with all the angst built between them it seems a likely outcome. If these two characters aren’t going to end up as anything significant in the future than none of these plot points should matter. But they do.

This isn't to downplay Danny’s relationship with Colleen. Danny and Joy's relationship is very significant in the comics and highlighted pivotal in the show, in much the same way that Matt's relationship with Karen Page is handled in Daredevil. Yes they can go either way but I’d like to think all this "Ironjoy" build up they’ve had is leading to something more than the basic family or hero/villain aspect. Plus it's no secret that the creators might be setting the seeds for a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff with Colleen and Misty. There’s a reason Danny and Joy's relationship has been hanging out on the backburner while Ironwing is in full bloom, and it's the same reason Matt/Karen took a backseat to Matt/Elektra during Daredevil season 2 and The Defenders: it’s on slow burn. Things change and it looks as though there’ll be drastic changes happening for Danny and Joy in season 2. While many people think Danny and Joy are going to grow further apart, it's actually Danny and Colleen's relationship that's been slowly breaking down as a couple. In The Defenders, it was established that Colleen wanted more outside of her relationship with Danny and vice-versa for him. Whatever guilt Danny has about what happened to Matt at Midland Circle can't be helping either. It will culminate in an amicable split as both characters mature and come to grips with Claire's forewarning at the end of S1 of their relationship.

So between the comic book arc being used as inspiration for season 2, and later comic events as well as earlier TV setup, they are slowburning an "Ironjoy" relationship here that will be heavily implied if not established by S2's conclusion, kinda like Matt and Karen were in Daredevil. Because really, the Colleen/Danny/Joy dynamic is a modified version of the Elektra/Matt/Karen dynamic.


    Post-Season 2 Theories 

Danny found the Book of the Iron Fist.
In the final scene of season 2, we know Danny and Ward raided Orson Randal's warehouse and took his property. While we know Danny has his guns, it's never stated that was all he took. In the comics, Orson also had the Book of the Iron Fist which allowed Danny to learn more hidden techniques such as charging both fists and igniting weapons, so that's probably what happened here. In season 3, once Danny takes the book, he will be able to learn how to regain his powers, thus finally becoming fully worthy of the Fist.
  • If it's true, chances are that Davos will want that book himself. If only to help him take back the Iron Fist.

Danny, Colleen, and Mary will be transferred to the other MCU Netflix shows
That way they don't just vanish. My guess would be Luke Cage, with Danny becoming the one who stands in the way of Luke becoming corrupted in Season 3, while Colleen starts a detective agency with Misty. It would essentially be Heroes for Hire, but with Luke being the explicit lead. Mary will go off the deep end and become a villain in a future season of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or The Punisher.

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