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Heartwarming / Iron Fist (2017)

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Season 1

  • It's rather sweet for Danny to be so happy coming back to New York and geeking out over the new things in it.
  • As much of a twisted psychopath as Harold Meachum is, there is no denying that he does genuinely love Ward and Joy. When he resurrects after Ward killed him, he asks if everything he did as a father was wrong, and tells Ward he's sorry. Later, when he's reunited with Joy for the first time in 12 years, he's genuinely overjoyed.
  • While she was getting up to all sorts of moral awfulness in Jessica Jones (2015), Jeri Hogarth still had enough sentimentality and goodness in her before her Character Development kicked in to regularly send flowers to the Rand family gravestones and to pay for their upkeep.
    • Jeri acknowledging that Danny is alive. She gives him money to buy new clothes as well as a place to stay in. When Danny asks how much he needs to pay her, she simply says nothing except for letting her firm be permanent lawyers for Rand.
    • It is a small detail, but it was clear that Jeri's eyes go teary with joy when she realizes that Danny has survived and is standing in front of her.
  • When Danny presents the crucial evidence that proves his identity, Ward asks where he got it. Joy — who kept the childhood birthday present that Danny made for her after all those years — lies and says she has no idea. She could say Danny stole it from her and call into question its legitimacy, but she doesn't because she wants Danny back in her life.
  • Despite 15 years of ruthless training to become the Iron Fist, Danny chooses to save the life of a young woman and withdraw from the fight rather than kill a ruthless member of the Hand and allow the innocent woman to die as well.
  • Danny and Colleen's relationship in general is a great source of heartwarming. Where the other Defenders' relationships tend to end in tragedy, Danny and Colleen's relationship stays strong, mature, and healthy.
    • After Danny has an anxiety attack on the plane and relates how his mother died, Colleen tells him how she watched her mother die as a child. While it's a sad reminder that both had rough childhoods, it's also sweet to see Danny and Colleen opening up to each other. Colleen actually says that while she's sorry Danny can understand her, the other part is glad to have found him.
    • After learning that Colleen is part of the Hand, Danny wants nothing to do with her, believing it was all lies. Claire, however, defends her without question. Later, after Bakuto tries to kill her, she's left attempting Suicide by Cop. At this point, Danny comes to his senses and forgives Colleen.
    • Following this, Danny spends the entire next episode defending Colleen from Davos's cruel accusations.
    • After Danny's fight with Davos, he tells Colleen that he has spent years trying to find something that could fill the void left by his parents' death. He tried it with the people of K'un-L'un and the Meachums, but in the end, they weren't right. What he's found with Colleen, however, is different than what he had with his parents, and he doesn't want to lose that. Colleen tells Danny she feels the same way.
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    • Danny's Iron Fist punches have been powerful before when fighting on anger, but the one he summons when he sees that Colleen is about to be shot by Harold is the iconic Ground Punch that sends a shockwave along the floor of the entire Rand Building. Still so sure Love Is a Weakness, Lei Kung?
    • After Danny says that he's returning to K'un-L'un to reclaim his post and truly learn his role, Colleen says that she'll miss him while he's gone. He clarifies that he wants her to come with him. She instantly agrees.
  • When Claire and Colleen take Radavon to Claire's old hospital, her ex-boss Shirley Benson finds them rather quickly. Despite the less than ideal circumstances they departed on, Shirley still tells the orderlies to put Radavon at the head of the list. Whatever Shirley thinks of Claire, there's a man's life at stake and now is not the time to be dwelling on what happened before.
  • Davos admits to Danny that he always wanted to be the Iron Fist, but he accepted that Danny was chosen. Why? Because in the end, Danny was still Davos's brother.
  • By the end of the season, Danny and Ward have reconciled. Ward even says Danny is welcome to return to the company and run it together like their fathers should have.
    • Ward even had the pictures of their fathers replaced with pictures of himself and Danny, so it's fair to say he wanted to make good on that promise to Danny.
    • If you read between the lines, Ward's basically asking Danny to be the company's moral compass, to help Ward make decisions not just for profit. Ward wants to be better than his father, but doesn't know how, and wants Danny to show him. Brothers, indeed.
    • Danny, in turn, leaves the company in Ward's hands, acknowledging that he was not a particularly good CEO and making it clear that he trusts Ward to do right by his father's legacy.

Season 2

  • Ward and Danny's relationship in Season 2 is very much the relationship they could've had as children, and in ways a parallel to their relationship with Joy, who they've both become estranged from. Ward outright refers to Danny as his brother, when discussing him with someone who doesn't know Danny.
  • When Danny tries to talk Walker out of killing Davos, he tells her he knows she's better than that. She actually smiles, apparently genuinely, and tells him it's a sweet sentiment.
  • Colleen arranges a funeral service for BB at the Bayard Community Center, since in the end he had made the right choice.
  • Joy's efforts to retrieve the bowl, enlisting BB to help her, to aid Danny, without him ever having contacted her.

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