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Continuity Nod / Iron Fist (2017)

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  • Jennifer Many, the Bulletin reporter who interviews Ward, ends her interview when she gets a phone call from Mitchell Ellison, and from the dialogue as she leaves, we learn that she's competing with Karen Page for the front page of the paper.
  • Karen Page of Daredevil (2015) is mentioned to have leaked Danny's plans to shut down the chemical plant.
  • When Danny climbs into Harold's penthouse, Ward says Danny was climbing buildings like he was "goddamned Daredevil."
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  • The Forbes magazine cover of Danny has text for the headline of an article reading "Is Stark Industries Too Big to Fail?"
  • Joy mentions hiring a private investigator to collect her contingency plan against the Rand Enterprises board. She was apparently worth every penny... when she was sober. The description of the private eye, plus Rand's past association with Jeri Hogarth, heavily imply that Joy was talking about Jessica Jones.
  • Danny wears one of Luke's bullet-riddled shirts when Claire gives him some clothes. She also seems to have picked up Luke's habit of saying "Sweet Christmas!" In addition, in "Blessing of Many Fractures" Claire is seen reading a letter from Luke and later writing one back, and Danny notes that she has reread the same letter three times.
  • Claire clearly still remembers her previous run-ins with the Hand, even name-dropping her friend Luisa Delgado, who was killed in the hospital attack. Shirley Benson, Claire's former supervisor, also shows up when Claire and Colleen deliver Radovan to Metro-General, and despite the less-than-amicable circumstances of Claire's departure, fast-tracks Radovan.
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  • Claire repeatedly makes collective remarks that she has experience with people who have powers and want to do good.
  • If you look closely, Jeri still has the scars on her face from Wendy's Death of a Thousand Cuts.
  • Mary Walker developed Dissociative Identity Disorder due to her traumatic experiences as a POW in Sokovia.
  • In the final episode of Season 2, Misty notes that she did not like what she saw the last time she met Luke Cage, referencing Cage's ambiguous Face–Heel Turn in the season 2 finale of Luke Cage.


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