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When four dysfunctional superheroes team up to fight a criminal organization, there are inevitably going to be a lot of comedic moments.

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    Episode 1 - "The H Word" 
  • Alexandra and Madame Gao have a meeting in Central Park... while feeding birds. Just the sight of the leaders of the Hand doing something so mundane as feeding birds in the park is oddly funny. Alexandra tells Madame Gao to relay that her plans are to be sped up, and also tells Gao to make sure she finishes feeding the birds. Which then fly off.
    • Alexandra starts the conversation by musing a bit about how, back in the 15th century, the Dutch bought the island of Manhattan from the native tribes for a measly $24, but if you ask her, they overpaid.
  • As Luke is being released from prison, one of the guards fumbles with the key while undoing Luke's handcuffs. Luke then promptly snaps the handcuffs by himself.
    Luke Cage: My bad. [hands the broken cuffs to the warden] I believe these belong to you.
    • Luke is then discharged, and is greeted by his lawyer, who we see is Foggy Nelson.
      Foggy Nelson: Mr. Lucas? Or Mr. Cage? Which do you prefer? I forget.
    • Foggy hands his business card to Luke and assures him that Hogarth Chao & Benowitz can help him get back on his feet once he's back in New York City. Because Luke isn't acquainted with Foggy the way Matt, Karen or Marci are, he takes confusion with the nickname.
      Foggy Nelson: People call me Foggy.
      Luke Cage: And you let them?
      [Luke walks away as Foggy lets out an amused smirk of "I'm gonna tell Matt and Karen about this the next time I see them!"]
  • After giving his little pep talk to his paraplegic client, Matt lets Aaron join his family to speak to the assembled reporters. As Matt is lingering, he senses Karen standing behind him. It's weirdly cute and funny seeing Matt and Karen do the same "flirting through addressing each other by last names" thing they did on their first date:
    Karen Page: Congratulations, Mr. Murdock.
    Matt Murdock: Oh! Thank you, Miss Page.
  • Jessica's introduction: she's passed out in a the early morning. She wakes up, just in time to help Trish, who is trying unsuccessfully to talk a parking enforcement officer out of towing her car. Suddenly, there's a spark, the tow cable breaks, and Jessica pulls the car back into a legal parking space. Trish lets out an amused smile, which she promptly wipes off her face as the bewildered cop turns to her.
    Cop: What?!
    Jessica Jones: We got a problem?
    • As Trish and Jessica are walking afterwards, Trish takes a sip from her coffee...
      Trish Walker: [recoiling] Is there whiskey in this?!
      Jessica Jones: [casually, switching cups] Oops, that's mine.
  • As Jessica is getting off the elevator in her building, the doors try closing on her as she's stepping out, causing her to nearly spill her coffee.
    Jessica Jones: [muttering] Jesus, shit....

    Episode 2 - "Mean Right Hook" 
  • When Misty arrives at the apartment, her first reaction to learning that Jessica is the one who called the police:
    Misty Knight: I heard about her. Thought she'd be bigger.
    Captain Strieber: She said she was following a client. I bet this scared the shit out of her.
    Misty Knight: Rumor is she ain't scared of much.
    Captain Strieber: [biting a toothpick] Well, then she ain't met you.
  • Jessica goes to the city's archives to search through the old records using the shipping manifests on the explosives. Every single time she thinks she's found the source of materials on the bombs, it ends up just being a transfer of assets to another and older shell company. By the time Jessica's worked her way through the archives, she's gone back to 1820 and still has no idea what this company is or what they actually do.
  • When Matt and Foggy's bar talk at Josie's turns to Karen, Foggy says "I talked to Karen. She said you guys grabbed coffee. I don't mean to pry, but...where are you guys at? Relationship status?" Knowing that "grabbing coffee" is Luke and Claire's euphemism for sex, and given how happy Foggy looked when Matt began dating Karen in season 2, you'd be forgiven for thinking Foggy is trying to find out if Matt and Karen had sex rather than just go out to do her interview over lunch.
  • Luke interrogates Turk Barrett in a seedy bar by unnecessarily punching a hole in a beer keg, and then warns him if his information is wrong, Luke will come back and Turk won't like him when he does.
    Turk Barrett: I don't like you now!
    • Notice that when Luke first approaches Turk, he's in the midst of speaking to the cop that let Luke go after he escaped custody following the Harlem's Paradise standoff.
  • Luke and Danny's faceoff. Luke has been tracking the mysterious White Hat who's been recruiting Harlem men by following Cole, and Danny and Colleen have found Cole and the crew destroying the bodies of Stick's fellow Chaste soldiers with acid. A scuffle ensues after Danny pulls a gas mask off of Cole and roughs him up for answers. Danny tries to attack Luke without using the Iron Fist, throwing several punches at Luke's chest while Luke just stands still and does nothing, and then floors Danny with a shove. Then Danny punches Luke in the face in slow motion with the Iron Fist, exactly like when one of Cottonmouth's thugs tried doing it.
    • How Danny and Colleen reveal themselves to the cleaners:
      Colleen Wing: Hey there, assholes... [knocks out one of the crew]
    • When Danny and Colleen start fighting the clean up crew, Cole has his back turned and doesn't notice the fight because of the gasmask until he finally turns around and then runs off in fright.
  • Jessica is in a police interrogation room, wrists handcuffed to the table. Misty Knight comes in with some file folders in her hands:
    Jessica Jones: Are these [handcuffs] necessary?
    Misty Knight: Standard protocol. Nothing personal. [puts down one folder] John Raymond, the body we found in your office / apartment. [puts down another folder] Malcolm Ducasse, your friend being interrogated down the hall. [puts down another folder] And Jessica...
    Jessica Jones: I don't know what you're talking about-
    Misty Knight: ...Jones. [puts down a second file, beyond overstuffed, with more stuff on Jessica]
    Jessica Jones: [impressed]...Really?
    Misty Knight: You have been a huge pain in my ass all day, you know that?
    • Misty turns up the heat on Jessica, trying to get some straight answers out of her:
      Jessica Jones: Look, I know you think you're just doing your job, but I'm telling you this case isn't normal. You are walking into some weirdass shit-
      [The interrogation room door opens. Matt enters]
      Matt Murdock: Jessica Jones, stop talking. [sets his briefcase down on the table] Hi. This is over.
      Jessica Jones: Who the hell are you?
      Matt Murdock: [smiles] My name is Matthew Murdock. I'm your attorney.
      Jessica Jones: [looks back and forth from Matt to Misty]
    • Topped off by Matt's smile after Jessica's look of confusion. He’s psyched, and very amused. He’s reading the emotional reaction from Jessica and Misty. The shock, discomfort, confusion. He definitely has the upper hand for the moment.

    Episode 3 - "Worst Behavior" 
  • Stick is disappointed that Alexandra isn't going to torture him this time.
    Stick: A shame. I grew to like that part!
    • When Alexandra slaps him, Stick just laughs it off and says, "Now that's the Alexandra I know."
  • Having arrived to bail out Jessica, Matt sits down and starts introducing himself:
    Jessica Jones: Are you a public defender?
    Matt Murdock: Uh, no.
    Jessica Jones: Then what are you doing here?
    Matt Murdock: A, uh, friend [Foggy] referred me. He works for-
    Jessica Jones: Let me guess, Jeri Hogarth.
    Matt Murdock: Right.
    Jessica Jones: I didn't know she did diversity hires.
    Matt Murdock: [smiles and removes his notes from his briefcase] Uh, I'm independent. I don't work for her firm.
    Jessica Jones: Well I'm not paying you.
    Matt Murdock: You don't have to.
    Jessica Jones: Oh, 'cause she'll foot the bill?
    Matt Murdock: Yeah. And I'm a Catholic. I have a soft spot for hopeless causes. [beat] That was a bad joke, sorry.
    Jessica Jones: Barely.
    Matt Murdock: Um, Miss Jones, may I ask how long you've been a PI?
    Jessica Jones: No.
    Matt Murdock: [makes a face of "Never mind, then. Moving on..."] ...Are you always this rude to people trying to help you?
    [Jessica smirks]
    Jessica Jones: You know what, I'm gonna find my own lawyer. Thanks.
  • Luke returns home from the scuffle with Danny in the alleyway. Claire finds Luke in the kitchen making an icepack for his face. As Luke describes the "skinny white kid with a glowing fist" that clocked him, you can see the gears in Claire's head turning as she realizes, "Oh, fuck, he's crossed paths with Danny." She picks up her phone, begins dialing, and tells Luke, "There's someone that you need to meet." Cut to a very annoyed Danny standing face-to-face with Luke in Colleen's dojo.
    Danny Rand: ...He punched me.
    Luke Cage: You punched first.
    Colleen Wing: [gives an exasperated "Does it really matter?" wave of her arms]
    Claire Temple: Seriously?
    Danny Rand: [to Claire] How come he can't be hurt?
    Luke Cage: What's the deal with that fist?
    Danny Rand: I earned it.
    Luke Cage: You what?
    Danny Rand: I-
    Colleen Wing: He earned it. There's this mystical place called K'un-Lun, and it's—-
    Danny Rand: I can answer myself. [to Luke] There's a mystical place called K'un-Lun.
    Luke Cage: Oh this is a joke! C'mon!
    Danny Rand: [continuing] My parents died in a plane crash. I was adopted by a group of monks. There, I learned how to summon my chi. I'm the Immortal Iron Fist.
    Luke Cage: [turns to Claire, still confused] Is this why you went to China?
    • Danny talks about his test involving a dragon. Luke takes it as well as one would expect.
  • Jessica and Matt's game of cat-and-mouse.
  • Danny and Colleen drop by Rand to ask a property clerk for info on The Hand.
    Colleen Wing: Do you need help spelling that?
  • Jessica poses as a goofy blog owner seeking office space in order to get info on Midland Circle.
    Designer: Now, why don't you tell me what you envision for your company's-
    Jessica Jones: Communal workspace. Umm, I mean, we're gonna need a juice bar, standing desks. Y'know, those bouncy balls that people sit on that some people find annoying. I think it should be modern and high-tech, but also so simple.
    Designer: A pragmatic utopia.
    Jessica Jones: Yes. Oh my god. Can I quote that? Don't give me an answer, 'cause I'm gonna quote that.
    • The guy she's talking to eventually is persuaded to give up some very confidential information.
      Designer: Can you keep a secret?
      Jessica Jones: I am the face of discretion.
  • Midland Circle:
    • Jessica enters Midland Circle through the revolving door. She is so fixated scanning the lobby that she doesn't see Matt behind her entering through the side door until he grabs her by the left arm and drags her aside.
      Jessica Jones: MURDOCK! What-
      Matt Murdock: We need to leave, now.
      Jessica Jones: If you grab me like that again, I'll punch you so hard you'll see!
      Matt Murdock: Listen, I've been here before-
      Jessica Jones: Why are you following me?!
      Matt Murdock: And you're in serious danger.
      Jessica Jones: [scoffs] What kind of lawyer are you?
      Matt Murdock: This case you took, it's leading you towards something truly sinister.
      Jessica Jones: OK, you are the most full-of-shit lawyer I've ever met, and I think we should stop and appreciate the magnitude of that statement.
      Matt Murdock: Let's talk about this somewhere else-
      Jessica Jones: Let's talk about it, never. [beat] Unless you want to tell me how a blind man moves the way you do.
      Matt Murdock: [makes a face] Excuse me?
      Jessica Jones: I have pictures, asshole. [Matt abruptly grabs Jessica's camera] What the fuck?! [Matt smashes her camera]
    • As Danny is being swarmed by Alexandra's men and they're dogpiling on him, Luke comes crashing through the doors.
      Danny Rand: You?!
      Luke Cage: Me.
      [Danny shoves one of the goons holding him down in Luke's direction. Luke grabs the guy by the neck and punches him into a wall]
      Danny Rand: So punching's okay now?
      Luke Cage: [tosses another Hand goon over his shoulder] It's complicated...
    • A couple of goons show up with automatic rifles and open fire. Luke just stands and takes it while Danny stands behind him.
    • Because he didn't come anticipating a fight, Matt steals Jessica's scarf and ties it around his head. He rushes up the stairs, jumping over janitors' carts. As he exits the stairwell, Jessica emerges from the elevator.
      Jessica Jones: You look like an asshole.
      Matt Murdock: [completely stoic tone] It's your scarf.
    • As Matt and Jessica walk down the corridor, Luke and Danny's fight in the boardroom abruptly bursts through the wall in front of them. Only once Danny has overpowered the last of the goons the two of them were dispatching does Luke notice that Matt and Jessica are staring at him.
      Luke Cage: Jessica?
      Jessica Jones: Luke.
      Luke Cage: How have you been?
      Jessica Jones: Long story.
      Danny Rand: We have to get out of here.
      Jessica Jones: [points to Danny] Who's he?
      Luke Cage: Longer story. [points to Matt] Who's he?
    • Jessica and Luke seem relaxed while Matt is in combat stance looking decidedly odd in his parka with Jessica's scarf over the top of his face.
    • The four of them all manage to make it to the elevator to make their escape. The first thing out of Danny's mouth as the doors close is to ask Matt and Jessica, "Who are you people?" This leads to the elevator teaser.
      • A very awkward silence ensues, accompanied by elevator music. Which is broken when Jessica spots and smashes the security camera.
      • The fact that everyone, save Jessica, is not only doing anything but look absolutely tired from the fight. All Jessica is doing is tapping her hand on her leg like "can this thing be any slower so I can get away from these guys?" Luke is looking at everyone and appears to be thinking "I'm not even going to ask".

    Episode 4 - "Royal Dragon" 
  • Having just escaped the Hand at Midland Circle, the group run for cover at a Chinese restaurant, barging in just as the owners are about to lock up for the night.
    Owner: We're closed!
    Matt Murdock: We need to kill the lights!
    Jessica Jones: How do you even know they're on?
    Owner: Hey, I said we're closed!
    Danny Rand: Look. we just need to stay off the streets.
    Owner: Well stay off them somewhere else. I'll call the police.
    Luke Cage: You can't do that. You'd be putting the cops in danger.
    Owner: I'll put you in danger!
    Jessica Jones: I'm done explaining this. [Jessica turns a large desk over and pushes it in front of the door]
    Owner: [in Mandarin] What are you doing!?
    Danny Rand: Whoa, she is very strong!
    Matt Murdock: Sir, this is for your protection. We need this place to look closed.
    Owner: [still in Mandarin] It is closed!
    Danny Rand: [also in Mandarin] We have no intention of hurting you.
    Jessica Jones: You speak Chinese?
    Danny Rand: [to the owner, in Mandarin] You can trust us.
    Matt Murdock: I can still hear neon.
    Luke Cage: [to Jessica] ...Who hears neon?
    Jessica Jones: My blind-but-maybe-not lawyer.
    Luke Cage: Your what? What do you mean, he's blind?
  • Matt spends the first few minutes at the restaurant refusing to take Jessica's scarf off his face, insisting he doesn't want to get involved in a four-person crusade. The incongruity of him dressed in a suit but with a scarf over his face among the rest of the Defenders, all wearing normal clothes and showing their faces is just hilarious.
  • Luke describes Danny to Jessica as "off in the head but packs a mean right hook when it counts."
    Jessica Jones: So do you.
    • Also, Jessica's alarmed reaction to learning Luke has done some time in prison since she last spoke to him. Clearly she's been too busy drinking her days away than focusing on big news events.
    • Matt rejoins Luke and Jessica once he's checked the perimeter:
      Matt Murdock: I think we're safe for now.
      Luke Cage: So we're just gonna wait it out here?
      Matt Murdock: You got a better plan?
      Jessica Jones: Is there a plan where I get my scarf back?
      Matt Murdock: I just need it 'til this is over. What, you two know each other?
      Jessica Jones: Yeah.
      Matt Murdock: How?
      Jessica Jones: [shrugs] We met. We drank. I shot him in the head. [Matt laughs]
      Luke Cage: Why are you still wearing that thing?
  • Jessica demands to know just who it is they just got into a fight with.
    Matt Murdock: There are people I need to protect.
    Luke Cage: Hey, you're not the only one-
    Matt Murdock: And the organization we just fought are powerful.
    Jessica Jones: Yeah, who are they?
    Danny Rand: They call themselves the Hand.
    Jessica Jones: What are they really called?
    Matt Murdock: No, he—he's right.
  • Danny gets the owner of the restaurant to let the group hide out there by agreeing to pay six months rent. The owner agrees...on the condition they also order four of everything on the menu.
    Luke Cage: We're not here to eat!
    Danny Rand: [to the waiter as food comes out] Hey! Are those pork?
    Matt Murdock: No, they're shrimp. [another waiter comes in] Oh! But this guy's got pork.
    Danny Rand: [rubs his hands] Great! [Danny eagerly rushes over to the table]
    Jessica Jones: [to Matt] God, you're weird...
  • Danny introduces his title to Matt and Jessica.
    Danny Rand: I'm the Immortal Iron Fist.
    Luke Cage: [rolls his eyes in an "Not this again" expression]
    Matt Murdock: Come again?
    Danny Rand: Sworn protector of K'un-L'un.
    Jessica Jones: What are you on, lithium?
  • Jessica revealing to Matt that she knows who he is.
    Matt Murdock: No you don't. Trust me.
    Jessica Jones: Yes I do. You're the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Or Devil Boy. Or whatever it is you like to be called.
    Matt Murdock: Whatever you're insinuating, I don't-
    Jessica Jones: I'm a PI. I put two and two together. Besides, you leaping around the city like a Russian gymnast didn't exactly help.
    Matt Murdock: You don't have any proof.
    Jessica Jones: I did. You smashed it!
  • Danny as the group's Butt-Monkey.
    Matt Murdock: I promise you, you cannot fight these people. Not even with whatever it is your hand can do.
    Danny Rand: It's chi.
    Jessica Jones: It's not.
    Matt Murdock: What I'm saying is....going at them head-on, that will get you killed.
  • Danny sums up just how much of an awesome, if weird group of eccentric people they make.
    Danny Rand: What are you talking about? [to Luke] Bulletproof. [to Matt] Blind ninja. [to Jessica] Whatever it is you are...
    Jessica Jones: Classy.
  • The entirety of Stick's introduction:
    • Matt upon sensing Stick approaching.
      Danny Rand: This feels like something else is at work here. The four of us show up to fight a criminal organization at the same moment? How obvious does it have to be? This... This cannot be an accident.
      Matt Murdock: Okay. I know you mean well, but we're not whatever you think we are. All right? We're four very different people, and while we might all have been trying to do some good, we need to be rational about how we proceed. [Matt hears Stick's heartbeat] Oh, you've got to be kidding me...
      [There's a sudden crash in the back. Luke, Jessica and Danny all jump to their feet while Matt slowly stands up with his hands on his hips. Moments later, Stick walks in]
      Stick: This...[motions with his sword] one shitty excuse for a hideout.
      Matt Murdock: [with a tone of restrained annoyance] Stick.
      Stick: [pleased] Matty.
      Jessica Jones: Who the hell are you?
      Stick: The guy who's gonna help you save New York. [sheathes his sword]
    • Matt is outright embarrassed having to explain Stick to the other three.
      Matt Murdock: How did you find us, Stick?
      Luke Cage: You know this guy?
      Matt Murdock: [sheepishly] It's complicated...
      Jessica Jones: Then un-complicate it!
    • Stick explains that the Chaste, followers of K'un-L'un, are the only reason the Hand haven't won their war. While he's saying this, Matt is smiling in a way that conveys, "Listen to him talk about this fairy tale of his that he actually believes is real".
    • Matt asks Stick why he's here.
      Stick: [points to Danny] Because this one, the Immortal Iron Fist, living weapon and protector of the Ancient City, is still a thundering dumbass. [pulls a cell phone out of Danny's breast pocket and crushes it with his foot] New rules, kid: shit like that will get you killed.
    • The fact Stick bows to Danny to indicate his respect... for the position of the Iron Fist, not the person who currently holds the title, given that seconds later he calls Danny a thundering dumbass and smashes his phone.
    • Jessica asks Stick how he lost his hand, to which he mentions he cut it off to free himself as offhandedly as possible, before he brushes it off like he just got a tiny papercut and carries on with what he was saying before. Jessica is understandably weirded out by this man.
    • Stick says that with the rest of the Chaste dead, he needs the four to help him.
      Matt Murdock: [laughs] Yeah, here it comes...
      Luke Cage: Here what comes?
      Matt Murdock: This is what he does.
      Danny Rand: H-How do you know him again?
      Matt Murdock: You saw me fight. I learned it from him.
      Danny Rand: [still confused] You're a blind lawyer, you're Daredevil, and you're a member of the Chaste?
      Matt Murdock: [raises finger] No. Uh-uh. I never joined his war. [points a finger at Stick] Hey Stick, you and I need to talk.
      Luke Cage: Hey! Anything you've gotta say, you say in front of us.
      Matt Murdock: This is between me and him.
      Luke Cage: And we are all in danger-
      Matt Murdock: I don't know you very well, Mr. Cage. You seem like a good guy, so trust me when I tell you that with this old man, nothing is sacred.
    • Jessica decides she's done with all the mystical nonsense Stick is talking about and starts to leave. He promptly barks, "Sit down and shut up!" Jessica gives him a wide-eyed look of "The fuck did you just say to me?!" And then the scene cuts to Jessica doing something unheard of in the series to this point: smacking open the door and marching out, blatantly ignoring the angry, cantankerous old man.
    • Stick to Danny, on how Matt is one of the most naturally gifted fighters he's ever trained.
      Stick: I trained him to fight a war. [scoffs] He decided to put on an outfit. Stop muggers in back alleys.
    • Stick gives the guys a rundown on the Fingers of the Hand. When he gets to Bakuto, Danny lets out that Bakuto is dead, causing Stick to give a very cheery "Ahh, finally! Some good news."
  • Danny wolfs down Chinese dumplings by dropping them into his mouth while rocking back and forth in his chair, using another chair as a footstool.
    Luke Cage: How are you still hungry?
    Danny Rand: It takes a lot of energy to summon my chi.
    Luke Cage: [chuckles and grins]
    Danny Rand: What? C'mon! You've seen it in action. Twice now.
    Luke Cage: I liked it better on my side of the fight, not the side of my face.
    Danny Rand: Well, me too.
    Luke Cage: Don't get too used to it.
  • Jessica sees a Hand henchman sitting in a car outside John Raymond's brownstone. She breaks the window, and rips the guy from the driver's seat. The guy has a knife and puts up a bit of a fight with Jessica before she's able to pin him to the pavement.
    Jessica Jones: Jesus, am I the only one left here who doesn't know karate?!
  • Jessica's return to the Royal Dragon is awesome. Her doing so via shoving the above Hand goon's SUV through the restaurant window?
    • Plus, the look on Alexandra's face that says she was really not expecting that.
    • And the cherry on top: Jessica arrives by smashing the window AND hitting Elektra with the car, then walks to join the others in the coolest fashion possible while Elektra gives her the stink eye.

    Episode 5 - "Take Shelter" 
  • Luke and Jessica while tag-teaming Elektra:
    Luke Cage: She's annoying!
    Jessica Jones: Tell me about it...
  • Two of Sowande's men begin firing into the restaurant with automatic rifles. Danny jumps on top of Jessica to shield her from the bullets.
    Jessica Jones: Dude, get off me!
  • Madame Gao and two of her men corner Danny in the back corridor. Just as her men are about to grab Danny, Jessica busts down a door and then, without any fanfare whatsoever, just turns and punches her. Let's repeat, Jessica Jones just turns and casually decks the tiny old Chinese lady who has been a consistent source of terror for Wilson Fisk, James Wesley and Harold Meachum.
  • Matt shows up in Daredevil regalia to rescue Jessica and Trish from Murakami:
    Jessica Jones: The scarf looked better. Nice ears.
    Matt Murdock: They're horns.
  • Misty has to deal with Claire, Karen, Colleen, Foggy, Trish, and Malcolm all being stashed at the precinct in the aftermath of Sowande's threats.
    • Trish is more fixated by the fact that Jessica knows Daredevil than the fact that Murakami just tried to kill her.
    • Malcolm awkwardly asks Trish "Who is she?" and does a double-take when Karen arrives at the precinct.
    • While Karen got the full briefing from Matt in person when he grabbed her from the Bulletin, he apparently only gave Foggy the Cliff Notes version over the phone.
      Karen Page: What, Matt didn't tell you?
      Foggy Nelson: Matt doesn't tell me anything.
    • This exchange between Misty and Colleen after the initial briefing:
      Misty Knight: I'm told my uniforms confiscated something unusual from you.
      Colleen Wing: [sighs] It's a katana, it was passed down—
      Misty Knight: It's weird.
      Colleen Wing: Look, I don't need to be here. I can defend myself.
      Misty Knight: You came in here pretty bloody. Are you sure about that?
      Colleen Wing: Yeah, I am.
  • Bakuto tries to make small talk with Madame Gao, as if his attempts to take her out of the picture were nothing more than a minor disagreement.
    Bakuto: Are we no longer on speaking terms?
  • While Stick tries to interrogate Sowande, he takes off the blindfold on Sowande.
    Sowande: I was wondering when I would see you again.
    Stick: Me too. [waves his hand in front of his eyes] Guess that won't be today.
    • Sowande relates a story about how the Chaste captured him and his armies besieged them in their fortress, where the Chaste eventually knelt before Sowande to make it stop:
    Stick: Well, if I kneel before you right now, shithead, will you shut up?
  • While Matt is using his billy club to interrogate Sowande, Luke and Danny comment on it:
    Danny Rand: So cool.
    Luke Cage: I mean, it's... it's kind of cool.
    • Matt goes over the top in his interrogation of Sowande trying to get information about Elektra out of him, and seemingly strangles Sowande to death. Stick leans over Sowande to check his pulse:
      Danny Rand: Is he dead?
      Stick: Eh, unfortunately, no. Passed out.
    • Matt and Stick are forced to admit the truth about Elektra. Matt explains how the Hand killed her, and Danny quickly deduces that she was resurrected by the Hand. Luke and Jessica, being the newcomers in all this, have a little trouble believing this.
      Danny Rand: She was resurrected...
      Matt Murdock: Yes.
      Luke Cage: Wait a minute. What do you mean, "resurrected"?
      Stick: His ex-girlfriend. Now he thinks he can save her.
      Luke Cage: That's why you nearly got us killed?!
      Matt Murdock: When I said her name, she recognized me, she knew me, alright? I think whatever they did when they resurrected her, I think I can get through to her.
      Jessica Jones: Okay, to be clear, we've now used the word "resurrected" three times.
      Stick: It's what they do.
    • As Stick decapitates Sowande, Luke and Jessica give shocked and horrified expressions at what they just witnessed, while Matt's expression is merely one of, "Oh, great, Stick is killing people, again."

    Episode 6 - "Ashes, Ashes" 
  • As Danny comes around, he asks Luke what Stick is doing.
    Luke Cage: Meditating. I think? He said something about crane pulls and centering his animal, then I tuned him out.
    • Luke, stuck on baby-sitting duty for Danny, facetiously tells Danny to recite his origin story again, and Danny launches into a poetic description that Luke shortly cuts off. After a few seconds, his curiosity kicks in...
      Luke Cage: Molten heart, huh? I bet that must've hurt.
      Danny Rand: Like you wouldn't believe.
    • Danny talks about how painful it was fighting a dragon. Luke reminisces about how he once took a rocket launcher from Cottonmouth, and once got shot in the head by Jessica with a shotgun. His conclusion: he would rather fight a dragon any day rather than go up against Jessica Jones. Danny agrees.
      Danny Rand: Our Jessica?
  • Just like when Matt first brought Karen to his apartment, Jessica can't help but wonder how Matt can afford the space. Matt points out the billboard and jokingly claims he goes out and roughs up tenants late on rent.
    Jessica Jones: I hope that's a joke.
    Matt Murdock: [laughs awkwardly as he puts the armor back in the chest] Sorry about the mess.
    Jessica Jones: It's all right, you should see my place.
  • Matt acting blinder than he really is as he walks over to the piano. Even Jessica can't hide her amusement. Then he sits down and starts playing the title credits music.
  • When Madame Gao advises Alexandra to be careful of a possible coup, saying that she has seen it before, Alexandra is quick to remind Gao that Gao led it. Gao's face is absolutely priceless.

    Episode 7 - "Fish in the Jailhouse" 
  • After two seasons, Colleen says what the fandom has been thinking about Danny:
    Claire Temple: Danny's prepared his whole life for this fight. He's the Iron Fist.
    Colleen Wing: And he'll tell that to anyone who will listen.
  • Matt is recuperating on the couch in a private office. He is startled awake by the sound of the phone ringing. As he sits up, groggy, Foggy walks in.
    Foggy Nelson: Whoa, Matt, hold on!
    Matt Murdock: Foggy, where are we?
    Foggy Nelson: Harlem precinct, private office. And if we're painting the whole picture, you look like shit.note  They took your shirt for blood samples. Claire gave you a quick look, nothing's broken, but the cops have a lot of questions.
    Matt Murdock: I wasn't wearing the suit!
    Foggy Nelson: I know. There is a god, after all.
    • Foggy gets to join the People Reacting Incredulously To Danny's "Iron Fist" Title Club:
      Matt Murdock: I don't have a choice. He's the Iron Fist.
      Foggy Nelson: I'm not gonna even pretend to know what that means.
    • Matt has just started explaining to Foggy that Elektra attacked them, when Misty comes in from her failed attempt to interrogate Jessica. The result is that Matt has to answer Misty's questions while not letting slip that he's Daredevil and without Foggy having to shoo her out:
      Misty Knight: Mr. Murdock, you're up.
      Matt Murdock: Is that you, Detective?
      Misty Knight: I've got one of your clients scared shitless across the hallway and the other one passed out. So, I'm gonna need you to answer a few questions.
      Matt Murdock: Oh! Well, unfortunately, whatever happened is protected by attorney-client privilege.
      Misty Knight: That's cute, but, cut the shit. Because we both know you're not just a lawyer in all this. You're something more. As of right now, you're a person of interest. A witness to a crime.
      Matt Murdock: A witness? [bites his lip] What, do you want me to describe how it sounded, Detective?
      Foggy Nelson: [rolls his eyes, as if thinking "I knew I should have listened to my mom and Theo and become a butcher"]
      Misty Knight: Perhaps you didn't hear me when I said "cut the shit".
      • Murdock could probably hear a great deal, although Misty wouldn't know that.
  • Murakami, Bakuto and Madame Gao try to reason with Elektra as she wipes Alexandra's blood off her sword and face. Given Elektra's in her mid-thirties while the Fingers are all at least eight or nine centuries old, the scene comes off like parents trying to control a rebellious teenage daughter.
    • Elektra actually rolls her eyes when Madame Gao is trying to explain Alexandra's pragmatism to her, like she'd rather impale Madame Gao with her sai than listen to these three old crones talk their ears off.
  • Foggy takes Matt aside long enough to deliver him his Fogwell's gym bag, containing the Daredevil armor.
    Foggy Nelson: Did you hear what that cop said? If you're ever investigated, you'll lose everything. They re-open every case; matter of fact, I come down with you, we both get disbarred.
    Matt Murdock: Yeah, well, I'm sorry. I can't do this right now, the entire city is in danger-
    Foggy Nelson: I know. And I’m not dumb enough to think I can try and stop you. I’m here because I’m trying to help you keep your two lives separate. So they don’t lump you in with Mr. Bulletproof and...Super Joan Jett in there! You understand?
    Matt Murdock: Yeah, I do.
  • Apparently, Luke and Jessica didn't get the memo right away about how the cover story that's going out is that they kidnapped Matt (as Matt had just been warned by Foggy about how dangerously close his two lives were to colliding).
  • After breaking out of the police station, Matt, Luke, and Jessica realize they need to get off the streets. Matt suggests taking a taxi, only for Luke to point out that their wallets are still at the police station. Then Jessica holds up her MetroCard, and we cut to them on board a train. During which time, Jessica steals a sleeping homeless guy's beer and chugs it while Matt and Luke stare at her.
  • As the trio prepare to re-enter Midland Circle Financial, Luke and Jessica talk about whether they're having second thoughts. Then Matt walks in beside them, in full costume, grinning like a loon.
    Jessica Jones: [to Luke] There it is again.
    • From the way the camera is positioned, it's also pretty apparent that Matt must have stripped naked and changed into the Daredevil armor in the middle of the street, right in front of Luke and Jessica.
  • Colleen mentions that she's taking John Raymond's plan to blow up Midland Circle:
    Colleen Wing: The architect, he was was your guy, right?
    Jessica Jones: Don't try to pin this on me!

    Episode 8 - "The Defenders" 
  • When Danny discovers that the Hand are harvesting dragon bones for their immortality, he is horrified. Madame Gao points out that he's one to talk.
    Danny Rand: You desecrate Shao-Lao!
    Madame Gao: [amused] You punched him in the heart!
  • As Matt, Luke and Jessica prepare to make their descent into the pit, Matt tells the other two that just in case they don't make it out, he's glad they're working together.
    Matt Murdock: For whatever it's worth, I'm glad you're here.
    Jessica Jones: What?
    Matt Murdock: No, the circumstances could be better. I'm just saying, you know, I'm glad we found each other.
    Luke Cage: I'm not hugging you. [Matt laughs]
    • As they peer over the edge of the pit:
      Jessica Jones: You guys ready or what?
      Luke Cage: No.
      Matt Murdock: [Sighs] No...
      Jessica Jones: Sounds about right.
  • Jessica, as she seemingly comes down alone to negotiate with Elektra.
    Jessica Jones: Ever since you burst into my office, my life has become one big kung-fu party.
  • This exchange, once the trio find Danny:
    Jessica Jones: Let's go, Ironclad.
    Danny Rand: It's Iron Fist.
    Jessica Jones: I know.
  • Part of the final battle is set to "Protect Ya Neck" by the Wu-Tang Clan. The lyrics include a clearly-audible Shout-Out to "your neighbourhood Spider-Man". One wonders if that song actually exists in the MCU, given in the real world it came out in 1993...
  • Jessica suggests she and Luke get coffee, not knowing how that's become an Unusual Euphemism for sex between him and Claire. Luke's "deer in the headlights" expression says it all.

Meta and unsorted

  • The four Character Blogs for the team on Twitter already show the four are being Vitriolic Best Buds.
    • Their way of celebrating Twitter increasing their character limit to 280? Well...
  • Charlie Cox has talked about he needs to "sell" being blind. Namely, that it is human instinct to look at something that has your attention (even if you can't see it/anything) and if he did so people would not believe Matt is blind. How this plays out though in the promo photos, is that Matt looks at something five degrees off of where everyone else is focusing their line of sight. It looks ridiculous.
  • Once Matt puts on the Daredevil suit once again, he looks hilariously out of place fighting next to normally dressed Luke, Jessica, and Danny. And the show gets every bit of comedic mileage it can lampshading that fact.
  • The fact that the show regularly pokes fun at some of the more ridiculous parts of Matt, like the unnecessary parkour, the ridiculous lying/secret keeping, the secret identity hijinx, and well, the costume. Matt plays it incredibly straight, and NORMAL people react to Matt’s ridiculousness like normal people would.
  • This line-up promotional cover depicting the quartet from the Midland Circle fight. If you didn't have the context or know that Matt is blind, it looks Matt is being blindfolded so he can be taken to a surprise party.
  • "Best of New York". It starts off with Danny getting a slice from a pizza box, which he then passes it off to Luke, whom takes a slice from the box. Matt is offered one but doesn't take it and Luke passes it over to Jessica. Like Matt, Jessica doesn't take a slice and instead, she tosses the pizza box into a garbage can, all while drinking some booze.
  • The cast recalling an incident from filming the scene of Matt interrogating Sowande, in which Charlie Cox (who insisted he would be able to do the stunt practically instead of just using VFX in post production) was supposed to use the grappling cable/billy club and throw it at something only to hit Mike Colter in the head, despite Cox claiming to have nailed it in the rehearsal leading up to the scene. The best part? While Mike is recounting the entire story on his own, Krysten is absolutely losing her shit.
    • Even funnier is Charlie and Finn Jones' reaction as they watch a video of Mike and Krysten Ritter recounting the story.
  • The multitudes of fans commenting that they've never been so happy to see Misty getting her arm cut off and feel kind of guilty about it.
  • During downtime between takes, Krysten Ritter taught Charlie Cox how to knit. Even when shooting scenes in the costume.
    • She talked about that photo when she was interviewed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me. It turns out Mike Colter was just off camera and mercilessly making fun of both of them when the photo was taken.