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Behold, the completely irrelevant profiling image! (Of a Rainbow Robot Unicorn)

"Oh boy,"

"Here we go again..."

Under Construction for several reasons.

  • 1. This story is not complete.
    • This story is nowhere NEAR complete.
  • 2. This story may never be completed.note 
  • 3. Bah, whatever. It's the Darth Wiki.

Currently supervising this page is the creator of the story himself, MrRedstone.

Currently there exist MAJOR SPOILERS as well. You Have Been Warned.

Yes, I know all the subpages for this are all on one page.

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So, what if you were a teenager frozen for 6000 freaking years? note 

You would end up in THE FUTURE!

You would probably end up in space.

So on this spaceship, which is called the Iliad by the way, you travel around the Milky Way Galaxy.



Ryan, the Audience Surrogate from the 21st century...

"Ya know, a saw this coming from a mile away."

William, The Captain with a Laser Blade who is usually Too Dumb to Live, but that might just be because of the Hero Ball.

Alec Thanatos, the Awesome Mc Coolname with a Dark and Troubled Past and Elemental Powers that get a bit confusing at times.
Tyron, a Badass Security Officer Straight Man who is the Only Sane Man as well as being Childhood Friends with Will.
Kurt, an Omnidisciplinary Scientist who is the ship's Engineer / Mr. Fixit and the Non-Action Guy.
Tom, who is also The Navigator with the galaxy's most Improbable Piloting Skills. And he can cook, apparently.
Jason, who also The Empath as well as being perpetually in Sarcasm Mode to most everyone on the ship.
Charon, who usually gives a Mathematician's Answer and is a Great Big Book of Everything. Or a Voice with an Internet Connection.


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