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Characters / Wyrmwick Campaign

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Current Players

     Dhother Cyllenae (played by Y Ruler of Time)

     Jonn Dayth (played by SonicGav)
  • The Big Guy
  • Epic Flail
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Almost went this way when Dhother and Greig got kidnapped and transported to an unknown place. Jonn planned to destroy the tower the group was at, reasoning that the loss of Dhother and Greig was worth the lives of the citizens that destroying the tower would save.

     Denora Silune (played by ArcLight)

     Caitlin Cormac (played by Rollo T)

     Greig Eisenbogen (played by Skitch)
  • Expospeak Gag: In a way. Skitch has a strange way of explaining his plans, often times stating the blatently obvious and making simple plans sound far more complicated then they actually are. This often prompts a Why Didnt You Just Say So from the DM and other players.
  • Dark Is Not Evil

     Skynet Antigravity AKA Dahl (played by Rollo T) 

The DM (LordKaT)

Former Players

Eli DeLucci (played by Rollo T)

Drew Arris (played by Skitch)
  • Put on a Bus: Drew left the party to find out the fate of his wife.

Kithra Eralin (played by ArcLight)
  • Put on a Bus: Kithra left the party to seek out the aid of the elves against the Demon Baron threat.

Azad Tyron (played by The Spoony One)
  • Put on a Bus: Azad left the party to ensure the safety of his fellow Drow after finding the Drow slaves at Orwayn's Hold.


Owayne, the Death Knight
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Thanks to the party being severely underleveled. At the time they were level 4. He was level 19.


The Demon Baron


Lord Felbrigg



Kane Muzarog


Duke Ned

Bomar the Baker
  • Hulk Speak
  • Idiot Houdini: Aside from losing his bakery (which he inherited in the first place), Bomar has not yet had to answer for his dangerously retarded antics.
  • No Sense of Direction: Bomar was once told to go north. Somehow he wound up in the very southern Wyrmwick.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Bomar once started a campfire on a wooden ship. He survived, but the party was not impressed with him; he'd burned down the Mighty Gauntlet...

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Ghadi may be completely insane and a complete pervert, but he's currently the most powerful mage they've encountered. When he said he could wipe the floor with the party, he wasn't kidding.
  • For Science!: Well, rather for magic, but same effect.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Does this to research subjects and it happened to him as well when Vante unmade him.
  • Memetic Molester
  • Squick: He collected all of Caitlin's bodily fluids while she stayed with him. Serious questions have to be raised when you wonder how he obtained some of her more personal fluids.

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