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Characters / The Black Hole

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This is a list of all the characters from 1979 film The Black Hole.

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Palomino crew

    Dan Holland 
Played by: Robert Forster
The captain of the Palomino.


    Charlie Pizer 
Played by: Joseph Bottoms
The first mate of the Palomino.

    Alex Durant 
Played by: Anthony Perkins
One of the two astro-physicists aboard the Palomino.

    Kate McCrae 
Played by: Yvette Mimieux
The other astro-physicist aboard the Palomino.

  • The Chick
  • Damsel in Distress: Gets taken to be turned into a drone.
  • Psychic Powers: She has a telepathic link with V.I.N.CENT. According to the novelization it's thanks to a cybernetic implant in her brain.

    Harry Booth 
Played by: Ernest Borgnine
A news reporter aboard the Palomino.

Voiced by: Roddy McDowall
A robot crew member.


Cygnus crew

    Hans Reinhardt 
Played by: Maximilian Schell
The captain of the Cygnus.

Reinhardt's robotic second-in-command.

Voiced by: Slim Pickens
An antique robot from Storage.

Reinhardt's prototype for the sentry robots and original second-in-command before Maximillian.


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