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     Male Students 


SHSL Defense Attorney

Daisuke Kurogawa is a young rising star in the legal world, and son of the late Akifumi Kurogawa - a famous defense attorney who involved himself in a number of high profile cases many years back. The original Kurogawa may be gone, but his son is definitely living up to everyone’s expectations.

While Daisuke has a bit of a temper, it comes out as determination and passion in the courtroom. His job is to defend those who can’t defend themselves, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get a favorable verdict for his client. He had a long streak of successes in the beginning, but even with a loss or two under his belt, he’s still an extremely impressive defense attorney who would no doubt make his father proud.

He doesn’t tolerate anything short of perfection and professionalism in the courtroom, and won’t let a case rest until every piece of evidence and testimony has been argued. He’s incredibly thorough, and takes his job very seriously.

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Absurd Phobia: Played for laughs when, upon entering the Escape Room, the door swings shut behind them, and Yuzuki promptly spends the entire run through attesting everything to the ghosts that are in there, much to Daisuke's loud disdain.
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Hot-Blooded: Has had more than a few times where he suddenly starts yelling, though all of them are justified - being told you're in a murder game, finding out your classmate is about to be executed - though that doesn't stop Umi from tiredly requesting he at least warn her before he starts.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Has to do this with Yuzuki when the two of them, along with Umi and Hansuke, make repeated attempts at the Escape Room found in the third area.


SHSL Bodyguard

The name “Murakami” means very little to most people, but to those who spend their days in the spotlight, it’s a name that brings comfort. Hansuke comes from a family that specializes in providing their services as bodyguards, though only the truly wealthy are able to afford them. For the last three years, Hansuke has been employed by the CEO of the shipping company ‘Universal Exports,’ tasked with providing extra protection for the company’s young heir.

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Bodyguard Crush: Shuuya and Hansuke gradually warmed to each other as they spent several years together before the events of the game, and a romantic relationship eventually emerged organically during this time.
    • Plays into Unequal Pairing, as the two chose to keep their romantic relationship a secret because they knew Shuuya’s father wouldn’t approve of him dating someone “below his station”.
  • Brains and Brawn: With Shuuya. Hansuke is The Big Guy of the duo.
  • Childhood Friends: With Shuuya. According to a conversation the two had with Michiya, they've known each other for about three years prior to the events of the game.
  • The Comically Serious: As mentioned below, he doesn't exactly catch on to some jokes. He also didn't understand why Umi and Shuuya kept telling Vera she was incorrect when she called a snack "twinks" rather than "twinkies".
    Hansuke: What are twinks?
    Shuuya: You don't want to know.
    Hansuke: I don't want to know it's a snack?
    Umi: It's not.
    Shuuya: Yeah, it's... really not.
  • Face of a Thug: It's mostly the lip scar.
  • Literal-Minded: At the very least, he didn't understand what the others were talking about when they kept saying 'Trophy Babies'. Where are the babies?
  • Unusual Eyebrows
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Shuuya. Because of how different their personalities are, they argue and tease each other a lot. Despite their constant bickering, they’re actually on the same page about most things and have an incredibly close friendship. It's not a friendship.


SHSL Babyface Wrestler

You watch Tokyo Supreme Wrestling, right? What? You don’t? You’re missing out, buddy. They’ve got maybe the best Heavyweight champion in the world right now, the Tokyo Supreme Universal Champion: Jack Flash. Big, handsome, kind, everything a hero should be. And he can wrestle! You should have seen it before he took a sabbatical, the Hell March Match to retain his title against Thunder Kawasaki in a grueling 1 hour 15 minutes… he didn’t lose the crowd’s love and attention once. It was the culmination of a year of writing and wrestling, of working the audience in every interview… Is it any surprise that when Jack Flash announced his sabbatical, he announced that he was headed to Hope’s Peak? I didn’t think so. Want me to lend you the tapes?

Plot related death in Chapter 4.

  • Face of a Thug: But has a heart of gold.
  • Gentle Giant: Massive, but friendly to all.
    • Or, so they all thing, but come the second trial, when he threatens to beat up Utamaro, most of the students are lead to believe that's not entirely accurate.


SHSL Shaman

The Torekkā Tribe grew and prospered because of Keinosuke Muneshige. A native to the tribe, rarely anyone knew of its existence until the young lad brought recognition to the tribe through word of mouth of the public speaking about how his divine healing practices seem to have some merit.

Still, criticism continues to surround Keinosuke Muneshige. For how young he is, some believe him being successful shaman is too much credit. On top of that, there’s a lot of disbelief in shamanism. Despite the controversy on Keinosuke Muneshige’s ‘profession’, there are countless tales of people saying that he does tend to help and excel in what he (a shaman) promises to do.

The questions that come with hearing his name are: how exactly does his healing practices make people better? What do he use? What does he do? Asking anyone from the Torekkā Tribe or him personally yields no result. The tribe is tight-lipped towards outside on everything that goes on within their boundaries.

Chapter 3 victim.

  • Innocently Insensitive: Has a fair number of moments where he does something with what seems to be the best of intentions, but fall short of their mark and lead to a lot of animosity from his classmates. Let's start listing them, shall we?
    • On the night of the second murder, Keinosuke decided to make some nice muffins for the others to remind them that they were all in this together, even leaving them outside their doors. He also attached a note to all, which read, "Remember who the real enemy is." This came off as enough of a threat to most of them that they remained untouched by most of the cast.
    • During the second motive and trial, he insists that they should reveal everyone's secrets. This is, of course, met with a lot of resistance, and a fair amount of suspicion. After Eto dies, he tells the others it wouldn't have happened had they listened to him, and that's definitely not met with warm reception.


SHSL Inventor

Michiya Usokami is a young man of the Usokami family originated in Uji, Japan! The son of a single father who runs the aptly named Usokami Funeral Hall, Michiya has made a name for himself far away from the reaches of death and funerals! He is an esteemed inventor, widely known for his quirky yet reliable inventions! Known for a few of his products such as the Windcatcher Ultimate Umbrella, the Waterproof Toaster, and the Activi Shoe, Michiya has made a name for himself in technology, design, and mechanical fields as an innovative young mind! He is often reclusive, hiding himself away from the spotlight for weeks at a time before coming forth with a new invention. His eccentricity from his creative process isn’t exclusive to only his inventions, though! One would be surprised if they expected a regular conversation with the little inventor!

The mastermind of the Mutual Killing Game. Executed.


SHSL Archer

Heir to the Geinou school of archery and rumored to be the descendants of a legendary archer from ancient times, it’s no surprise that Satoru Geinou would be the one to be chosen for the title of SHSL Archer. Born and raised in Kyoto, Satoru has shown talent from a rather young age, but only rose to prominence around the time he entered middle school, winning many awards for his skills with a bow, and also showing incredible talent especially in the traditional art of mounted archery, even having been chosen as a Yabusame archer to perform a ceremony for a visiting foreign dignitary. He is known to have quite a love for horses, and on online forums, some people say that though he’s talented, his personality is rather lacking and unpleasant.

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Clear My Name: During the first trial, Pan, the actual culprit, framed him by stealing his jacket and bowstring and putting them to use in the murder. Fortunately, most of the other students thought it too obviously traced back to him, so not many accusations flew his was.
  • First-Name Basis: Seems to be on this for just about everyone, and it's not because he's trying to be friendly.
  • Friendship Moment: Has had a few of these with Umi, but if his relationship page is anything to judge by, he's not exactly happy about it.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He did get framed for the first murder, but when Alena and Chikako suggested that he may have been the actual culprit, he blew up... just a little bit.
  • Nerd Glasses



The name ‘Universal Exports’ has come to be synonymous with success. In the span of only thirty years, the company has evolved from a one-man operation into a massive corporation that nearly monopolizes Japan’s shipping industry. In a recent press conference, Universal’s founder and current CEO named his eighteen year old son Shuuya Kamishiro the sole heir to the multi million dollar corporation and announced that Shuuya would succeed him as CEO in the near future.

While critics of the heir claimed nepotism, research into Shuuya’s background revealed that he had been learning critical business skills and economic theory when he was only in middle school. He was also one of the first people to suggest a restructuring of Universal Exports’ business model, a move which recently ended up increasing the corporation’s profits. Though Shuuya is still currently in training to become Universal Exports’ next CEO, there’s no doubt that he’ll soon be qualified to hold the position. Even so, critics still pose the question ‒ is it really a wise idea to give a reckless teenager so much power?

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Amateur Sleuth: Showed himself as more than capable during the first trial.
  • Blue Blood: As the heir to Universal Exports, he's among the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, student in the game, though he doesn't care to parade it around.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Shuuya and Hansuke gradually warmed to each other as they spent several years together before the events of the game, and a romantic relationship eventually emerged organically during this time.
    • Plays into Unequal Pairing, as the two chose to keep their romantic relationship a secret because they knew Shuuya’s father wouldn’t approve of him dating someone “below his station”.
  • Brains and Brawn: With Hansuke. Shuuya is The Smart Guy of the duo.
  • Childhood Friends: With Hansuke. According to a conversation the two had with Michiya, they've known each other for about three years prior to the events of the game.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Starts out aloof and unwilling to form connections with anyone. As the game progresses, a softer side of him emerges from time to time, and he’s shown to be a dork around Chikako and Hansuke.
  • Nerd Glasses: He actually hates wearing his glasses because he thinks they make him look nerdy, but doesn’t have much of an option without his contacts, since he's Blind Without 'Em.
  • The Nicknamer: With Chikako and Hansuke, at least, whom he calls Chika-chan and Han-chan.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Grew up in a Gilded Cage, and was spoiled all his life, so he has difficulty with basic tasks that are a way of life for most, such as cooking and laundry.
  • Royal Brat: Though not necessarily royalty, Shuuya can act like an insensitive Jerkass who’s been raised in the lap of luxury and power, especially around Daisuke.
  • The Sleepless: While he refuses to come out and say that he suffers from chronic insomnia, he hardly sleeps at all, and can be found wandering around at all hours of the night.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Hansuke. Because of how different their personalities are, they argue and tease each other a lot. Despite their constant bickering, they’re actually on the same page about most things and have an incredibly close friendship. It's not a friendship.
  • Youthful Freckles


SHSL Janitor

Mostly known within his hometown, Utamaro Kitagi is a particularly efficient janitor worker. Apparently he’d originally started the work as some form of community service in order to avoid being put on probation, but he now utilizes his skills for part-time work in the hope of having some way of looking respectable despite his below-average standing in school. It must have worked, if he managed to get scouted into Hope’s Peak academy, so cleaning up his act has been going well.

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Goes well with his chronic resting bitch face.
  • False Confession: It's not intentional, since he does genuinely believe he did it, but asks the class to vote for him during the second case, when it turns out he was innocent.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: During the second trial, it's revealed that Utamaro had an episode the night of the murder where he blacked out and attempted to strangle Eto, the victim. It makes him think that he's the culprit for a moment, until some of the others remind him of details he couldn't have done. However, he still attacked her, and blames himself for both her death and the death of the actual culprit, Aika.

     Female Students 


SHSL Paranormal Psychologist

Aika Akiyama’s work is notable even outside the scientific community. Every child who wished they could learn how to fly and every adult who worried about people potentially reading their mind paid attention when Akiyama’s research was discussed on the news. Through strictly secretive scientific means, it appears that this young woman was able to prove a 30% increase in “ESP” like abilities in adults through thorough case study. These results have been met with mixed reactions; some call her a hoaxer and a cruel liar who don’t care about the bad influence she’ll have on gullible people, while others call her a scientific savant. Her young age and so-called “weird” demeanor have left critics confused as to how to approach her, but the controversy itself is enough to bring in huge donations from the curious and hopeful alike.

Chapter 2 culprit. Executed.

  • Cool Shades
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: After being pretty harshly insulted by a few of her classmates, Aika is dragged to her execution, which involves a swarm of rats while she's retrained to a table. It's the only time she's shown any big emotion.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Goth
  • Manipulative Bitch: Attempts to manipulate Utamaro into believing he killed Eto and succeeds in manipulating a variety of her classmates.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: Prior to her execution, Aika claims to have been working to advance humanity by researching paranormal powers and what it would take to induce them in a person. Unfortunately, her methods seem to have included "torturing her previous classmates," as Utamaro, who received her secret, put it.
  • The Stoic: The only time she shows a lot of emotion is during her execution.


SHSL Urban Gardener

Alena Agyros is a well-known figure in the world of gardening and community aid. Just in a handful of years the young gardener has moved from growing basil and tomatoes on the balcony of her small family apartment in Los Angeles to living in Japan, traveling between various dense cities to help start and teach gardening. According to a NPR interview with Alena and her mother, Alena, nine years old at the time, started gardening to help feed her family of seven. Her skills blew up when she started volunteering on a neighborhood project garden. The success of the project and young Alena’s leading role in it prompted her to be a sought after figure in helping more gardens to develop in other neighborhoods and other cities all together. Her skills and mind for sustainability and conservation of space style gardening improved wildly at this time.

At age 13 Alena’s family was invited by a city planner in Tottori, Japan to come visit the city and lend Alena’s talent of small-scale agriculture. Seeing how much she could help the other dense population cities of Japan, she took her work to Tokyo to be taken in by a homestay family. There she kept up her battle against produce starvation in poverty by learning japanese, the new meteorological conditions of the country, and continuing her education there. Her dedication to her talent and various successful garden projects earned her a role in Japan’s famous Hope’s Peak Academy where her strive never ends

Chapter 3 culprit. Executed.


SHSL Librarian

A well known figure around her country, with quite the exceptional feat of being a librarian at 14 years old, she is well known among librarians and scholars alike for being a prodigy managing a place of information all by herself!

The second Chapter 5 victim.


SHSL Otome Gamer

Kiyoko Satoori, probably better known by her online handle “Tenshi_no_Ai,” is the one of the ever growing names within the otome gaming community. For those who ever showed a spark of interest in dating games, one has probably stumbled across Kiyoko Satoori’s website, home to her popular and easy-to-follow walkthroughs, commentaries on upcoming and current games, game product reviews, weekly livestreams, and anything and everything to do with otome! And that’s not all— Kiyoko Satoori also has a new section on her website dedicated to shoujo and josei manga reviews, all of which have brought the respective mangakas the recognition they deserve! Kiyoko certainly put her entire heart and soul into her website to help foster a more devoted otome community, something which long time fans of hers can attest to. From her endearing online persona to her entertaining livestreams, it’s no wonder this girl has captured the heart of many, both real life and in-game!

As Kiyoko would say towards the end of her livestreams, “Thank you all for your continued support everyone! But just remember, no matter what otome game I play next, there’s no game that I love more than you!”

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.


SHSL Escape Artist

Chains? Locked rooms? Sealed boxes? No matter what it is, this girl can find her way out! Nothing, literally nothing, can contain Machiko Tetsuya! Death defying escapades, unbelievable feats, the SHSL Escape Artist has astounded audiences all around! The only question is, “What can’t she get herself out of?”

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility on the condition that no one ever try to find her.


SHSL Net Idol

Pi-Po-Pa-Pi-O-ha-you~! A greeting call that’s deeply embedded itself in the heart of Japan’s rapidly growing net culture. At the center of it all? Why, it’s Pi Po Pa, of course! This spirited young girl has made quite the name for herself in these past 3 years, gaining a rapid following and becoming a voice for a large portion of the new generation. With 3.5 million subscribers and counting, her youtube channel has become a variety show of sorts: hosting streams of games, original songs, and even live chat events with fans! Remember, Pi Po Pa is cheering for you~! Tune in and put some popipep in your day today! ★

Chapter 2 victim.

  • Exhausted Eye Bags: She always looks like she's never known sleep in her life.
  • Multicolored Hair
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift: Eto's appearance in game is vastly different from her appearance as a net idol. It causes a lot of confusion for the students when they receive their tablets which claim one of their classmates to be the net idol.
    • Even more so once the second motive, and Eto suddenly makes the shift back to her bright, net idol self. A few characters make the connection, but Utamaro notably has a crisis about how apparently, both of those girls are here. Where's Eto? Was Pi Po Pa here the whole time? What???
  • Technicolor Eyes


SHSL Nutritionalist

If you’re ever worried about your health, then Umi Sakakibara is the person to go to. Making her humble beginnings on a number of online forums, she quickly became the one people seek whenever they’re worried; what to eat when you’re sick, how to get enough protein for your height, the foods that will give you a burst in energy, what will improve your immune system… Even things like how to eat delicious, healthy foods on a budget, or how to get the nutrition you need on a dietary restriction! Umi has knowledge on it all, and instructs people clearly, and… maybe a bit sternly, too.

Survives until endgame. Chooses to leave the facility.

  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Well... somewhat? She comes across pretty icy, especially because she never smiles, but there's a heart hidden in there somewhere. She wouldn't be the one to ask about Pan's sister before they were executed otherwise.
  • Last-Name Basis: Is on this with just about everyone; all of her classmates are referred to by their surname and kun/san, with the only exception being her roommate, Satoru, and Aki, who she frankly doesn't know the surname of.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Has yet to give anyone an actual, real smile.
    • Chapter 2 motive saw Satoru getting one, even if it only lasted for half of a second. What a miracle.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is pretty wavy and reaches her hips, though two parts of it are tied up in twintails. Imagine how much she must have when it's all down! How does she take care of it?
  • Team Mom: An unsmiling, more stern example. From telling them to use their inside voices, to getting towels for Machiko after she jumped right into the pool during the second motive, she spends a lot of time making sure these kids actually take care of themselves.


SHSL Programmer

Taking the world by storm one program at a time is the tiny girl genius known as Vera Amemori! From her helpful programs that help you learn how to use technology in a more cute and efficient way as well as creating programs better than your average antivirus to protect you from pesky viruses! Veras most notable program however is one almost everyone who owns a computer or cellphone has! Pablo Peach, the adorable peach shaped mascot that keeps everything in pristine order for you as well as doubles as an anti-virus for both your computer and phones! This Russian beauty however is not done yet as she has various other programs in the making...the real question is? What can’t this girl make! Before being accepted to Hopes Peak Academy rumor had it she was working on a program that was going to be used when sending people to space!

The first Chapter 5 victim.


SHSL Prosecutor

The Akibara family is known far and wide as one of the leading groups of prosecutors in Japan, A group of serious-business oriented people who have an amazing track record in convicting criminals. The second oldest out of the trio of siblings, Yuzuki Akibara is no different than the others in the family, as she has become one of the youngest prosecutors in history. Although she has an amazing track-record, however, her carefree nature in court leads others to question her ability, however, when looking at the track-record she has proven that she is more than capable of convicting any criminals who are forced against her in the courtroom.

Chapter 4 victim.


     Nonbinary Students 


SHSL Detective

Iroha Sakurazaka, prodigy child of Osaka city’s Chief Inspector Sakurazaka, undoubtedly takes after their father in their crime-solving abilities. They were raised in a poor household by their single mother in the village of Chihayaakasaka, Osaka, which is also where they solved the shocking murder of Mrs. Aoyama before the police even arrived at the scene, at just fifteen years old. Nowadays they’re doing pretty well for themself; prior to their acceptance into Hope’s Peak they moved in with their father in Osaka city where they worked alongside the police and continued to solve numerous crimes, ranging from petty thefts to hit-and-runs to good old-fashioned murders.

They’re (arguably) known just as well for their handsome good looks and charmingly cool personality as for their detective work; it’s no secret that they crave media presence, where they will frequently boast about their accomplishments and flirt with the camera. They talk a big game, but they seem to be doing more work than the entire Osaka city police force combined, so, who can complain?

Chapter 4 culprit. Executed.

  • Chuunibyou: At least, Eto seems to think they're one.
  • Great Detective: It's the talent!
    • Or, as the chapter 2 motive has revealed, maybe not as great as they claim. The details are unclear, but Daisuke confronted them over their secret, which involved being a fraud and taking credit for cases that have already been solved.
  • Nice Hat: It's a real nice hat.


SHSL Odorite

People are raving about the mysterious odorite simply known as “P✰N”. Their videos have topped the Odottemita charts on Nico Nico Douga multiple weeks in a row. Pan has done multiple collabs with other odorites across Japan and has even been invited to perform at various live events. Recently, the young dancer has been invited to attend Hope’s Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Odorite! While they still haven’t released their real name to the public and remain a mystery to many of their fans, their popularity is sure to skyrocket even further!

Chapter 1 Culprit. Executed.

  • Cool Mask
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Faced with one of these when executed for killing their teacher, Yosano. They were literally torn apart.
  • Tears of Fear: Before they were executed, they had these, especially as they yelled "I don't want to say goodbye!" while telling Umi their sister's name.


SHSL Lapidarist

Kim Sagwa, the SHSL Lapidarist, has made their mark on the jewelry industry as the youngest gemstone jeweler on earth! The well-mentored apprentice to up incoming South Korean business “Golden Apple Jewelry” carries on their lavish new life in strides! Handsome, focused, and dapper are their middle names.

Chapter 5 Culprit. Executed.


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