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Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama

"Yushiro" is a priest who is able to communicate, and summon the God of Destruction, Gasaraki—a god of war whose capable in wiping out an entire society. His soul is also known to have undergone reincarnation since ancient times. Because of this, many people along the course of history attempted to either use him, or take him into their possession for power.


The anime focuses on the contemporary "Yushiro;" a 16 year-old teenager named Yushiro Gowa born in 1998 A.C., while the manga and drama CDs revealed the stories of the past incarnations of "Yushiro."

In General

  • Apocalypse Maiden: Male example. Whenever Yushiro is incarnated to that period, he holds the fate to summon The Gasaraki either with Miharu or by himself.
  • Bishōnen: Yushiro's a man with fair features.
     Yushiro Gowa (Contemporary Incarnation) 
  • Beyond the Impossible: Yushiro frequently does things with a TA that are considered both suicidal and impossible.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Whenever he pilots his TA, though some of it is psychic power induced.
  • Dead Person Impersonation. The protagonist Yushiro was raised under the identity of the real, and long-dead, "Yushiro Gowa" who died 8 years prior to where the story begins.
  • Improbable Age: Yushiro is 16; justified in that he is still a civilian, and that the TA squadron he's assigned to wasn't meant to serve in combat at all. This is also lampshaded during episode 6, when Yushiro disappears:
    Ataka: Just how many teenage boys in SSDF uniforms do you think are here anyways?
    Kaburagi: Um...actually i've been mistaken for one...a few times...
  • Normally, I Would Be Dead Now: Yushiro miraculously avoids being pulverized by an artillery bombardment.
    • And even earlier he gets shot in the head by a sniper and lives, though in all fairness he was still wearing his helmet.
  • Odd Name Out: Yushiro is the only one of the Gowa sons to lack the "Kiyo" (清) character in his name. Mainly because all incarnations of "Yushiro" will show signs of his Kai abilities shortly after birth, therefore the clan will name all male Kai inheritors as "Yushiro."
  • Screw Destiny: After regaining the memories of all his past incarnations, Yushiro (with Miharu using their mechas) performs The Gasaraki Ceremony to summon out Gasaraki and to gather the souls of all those involved; gives them the talk about them not needing to cling onto their traditions and past selves, and proceeds to save Misuzu's life from being devoured by Gasaraki.

     Past Incarnations of Yushiro 

Yushiro Gowa ( 05/19/1998-10/04/2006, Japan)

  • Posthumous Character: Through Miharu's hack in retrieving (the contemporary) Yushiro's personal information, which was locked under heavy security, the contemporary Yushiro and Miharu came to know of his existence. Which leads them to get out of their way to search, and force awake their past memories together.

Yushiro Gowa (World War II Era, Japan)

Preda (1450s, France)

  • Big Brother Instinct: As the Kai who awakens his past memories first, he does all he can to let his little sister Faye (Miharu) live a happy life, and if possible, prevent her from awakening her memories. Sadly, Phantom found her, and it all goes downhill for the both of them.
  • Hotblooded: This incarnation of Yushiro is the closest he can get to the classic hero archetype.

Yushiro Watanabe (Heian Period, Japan)

Yushiro (First recollected memory, unknown East Asian location)



Voiced by: Mami Kingetsu

In General

     Miharu (Contemporary Incarnation) 

     Past Incarnations of Miharu 

Harumi Gowa (World War II Era, Japan)

Faye (1450s, France)

Jeanne (1410s-1430s, France)

This incarnation of "Miharu" was recorded to be the Saint Joan of Arc mentioned in history. She claimed to her king that she "received visions from the heavens" to serve her kingdom and successfully summoned her Kokai to fought enemies, but due to her conscience ordering to stop slaughtering lives, she ended up caught by the enemy country and was put to death by being burned at the stake. This also marks Phantom's first encounter with a Kai. In this case, Miharu.

Miharu Watanabe (Heian Period, Japan)

Miharu (First recollected memory, unknown East Asian location)


The Gowa Clan

  • Big Fancy House: The Gowa Clan lives in a traditional Japanese mansion, so they got The Thing That Goes "Doink!" naturally.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Mainly inverted. The clan may seem like this due to their practice of Royal Inbreeding, but most members are tight knit and values teamwork. That is, until whenever the soul of Kazukiyo is reincarnated, things can get really bad for that generation of family members.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Something of a deconstruction, it's revealed that most of them (except Kazukiyo) abide by some code of morality as the series goes on. i.e., upon learning that Misuzu is a Kai, Kiyotsugu refuses to disclose said knowledge to protect her from Kazukiyo. And when Kiyoharu is the one who spills the beans, Kiyotsugu is all Oh, Crap!.
  • Royal Inbreeding: Due to their clan's duty to uphold their ancestors' "pure lineage" as priests/vessels to summon The Gasaraki, it is strongly implied that they've been performing this for generations so that they have the best odds to reincarnate the vessels "Yushiro" and "Miharu" back to the world, and especially back into their clan.
     Clan Members 

Kazukiyo Gowa

Kiyotsugu Gowa

Kiyoharu Gowa

Misuzu Gowa

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Misuzu does NOT like Miharu being around Yushiro; plus, the way she dotes on Yushiro is rather creepy given that he's her brother. Even when, well, he's not the real Yushiro.
    • And for worse? When she connects with one of the mechas as the kai she is, Kazukiyo uses her jealousy of Miharu so she will keep brainwashing her.
  • The Ojou: The only daughter from a renoun military clan.

Daizaburo Gowa

  • The Atoner: Daizaburo deeply regrets sacrificing his biological son, Yushiro for his own ambitions. And when Misuzu awakens her own Kai abilities, he became even more devastated.
  • Cooldown Hug: Averted; Daizaburo is about to give one to his daughter, Misuzu, to dissuade her from using her powers as a Kai — and right then, his eldest son Kazukiyo shoots him in the back, killing him.

Yukino Gowa

Yoshitake Gowa

Takeharu Gowa

Giichiro Gowa

     Related Personnel 


Kiyomu Yonetani

Special Self Defense Force (S.S.D.F)

     3rd Experimentation Company 

Tamotsu Hayakawa

Takuma Tokudaiji

Rin Ataka

Kahoru Kaburagi

Sunao Murai

Nozomi Takayama

Jun Kitazawa

Takurō Suemi



  • Parental Substitute: Councilman Meth becomes one for Miharu, Phantom even comments on it, saying that it is clouding his judgment.
     Phantom F. Freezeller 

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