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This is Nabeshin!!!

Brett A. Weaver (born November 16, 1966) was one of ADV Films' prominent voice actors. In 1995, he was doing a children's theatre production with Amanda Winn, and she showed him Burn Up!. When he opined that the show was crap, she dared him to go audition for an anime role himself, and so he did. He ended up receiving the role of Washington in Gunsmith Cats, and have been voice acting ever since. He has a major in music and eight years of experience as a radio disc jockey. Moved to Austin in summer 2000, catching the remnants of the dot-com bubble.

He likes to play Deadpan Snarker and Anti-Hero roles. Also he has a tendency to voice characters that end up dying over the course of the series, usually dramatically or a well-known death. This is to the point that he was nearly picked to voice Kamina, until the role ended up on Kyle Hebert.




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