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    Evolution's Winners 


One of the first dinosaurs, it is the star of the first part of the episode.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The male has bright blue stripes on his head, while the female has a bright blue 'fin' on her tail.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: While they end up losing most of their clutch, they ultimately outlast the Saurosuchus.
  • The Hero: Of the first segment of the episode.
  • Mama Bear: Both of the parents are involved in raising their young, as several Probelesodon find out, to their dismay.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: The hatchling is definitely this, but even the parents manage to be cute.


A dicynodont, it represents the reptiles that ruled before the dinosaurs, most of which will ultimately die out.


A rauisuchian, it is the apex predator of the Late Triassic.
  • Big Bad: Is this for the first segment, although it isn't evil, just hungry.
  • Hungry Menace: The only reason it antagonizes the rest of the cast is out of hunger.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Kills an Ischigualastia in his first appearance; in his final appearance, a trio of the dicynodonts manages to kill him.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Unlike Postosuchus, this guy is very fast.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Because of this, it leaves the protagonist Eoraptors alone after the male accidentally throws a Probelesodon into the Saurosuchus's mouth.
  • Villainous Valor: Goes out swinging and is confirmed to have taken at least one of his assailants with him.


A colossal oviraptorid, and the star of the second segment.


One of the first large carnivorous dinosaurs, and the focus of the third segment.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The males are bright orange and yellow, while the females appear to be light blue (the lighting makes it hard to tell).
  • Downer Ending: The 'villainous' male succeeds in defeating the heroic one, decides to have his foe's eggs for lunch, claim's his rival's mate as his own, and, as a final insult, rips off the heroic male's crests, ensuring that he will never get the chance to mate again.
  • Karma Houdini: The villainous male gets away with all of the suffering he put the heroic one through with only a few scratches from their duel.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: He's swarmed by mosquitos in the final segment, which are still attacking him several hours later.


One of the largest mosasaurs, and the protagonist of the fourth segment.
  • Curbstomp Battle: The sharks didn't even stand a chance.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Loses most of her brood, but ensures that the last two will be safe from predators for the foreseeable future.
  • Mama Bear: Do not mess with her children. Several sharks learn this, to their detriment.
  • Monster Is a Mommy: She's introduced while giving birth.


A prehistoric shark.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Word of advice: don't eat baby mosasaurs when mommy is around.
  • Hungry Menace: The reason they eat the babies.
  • One-Hit KO: One of the sharks is disintegrated why the mother attacks him.
  • Sole Survivor: Based off the number of sharks shown attacking the babies vs the number the mother kills, it appears that one of the sharks escaped death. Alternatively, it could've been Killed Offscreen.


A prosauropod. A male is the protagonist of the fifth and final segment.
  • Butt-Monkey: The protagonistic male is this: gets evicted from the herd, finds himself in the sights of the villainous Cryolophosaurus from the third segment, is swarmed by mosquitos, ending up losing his footing on a log and taking a long fall into a muddy lake...
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In the end, though, he survives and is able to not only return to his herd, but become its new leader (the Crylophosaurus chased off the former leader, and his mud-bath protects him from the mosquitos).
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The alpha male evicts the heroic male from his harem for trying to woo a female. He ends up being chased off by the villainous Crylophosaurus from the second segment, allowing the heroic male to claim the alpha's harem as his own.

    The Watering Hole 

Broken Jaw

A male Allosaurus europaeus, and the protagonist of the episode.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: He's green and yellow, with a white stripe on both sides of his head.
  • Friendly Enemies: After the Torvosaurus dies, he has this relationship with Woodstock. Probably has something to due with the fact he saved her son.
  • Handicapped Bad Ass: Woostock hits him in the face with a Tail Slap, giving him his signature wound. He eventually repays her by biting off the whip end of her tail.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: He's the European species A. europaeus, rather than the more famous American species, A. fragilis.
  • Stock Dinosaurs: Is an Allosaurus.
  • Taught by Experience: When he goes for round two against Woodstock, he makes sure to avoid her tail. In fact, he makes a point of biting it off, so that he'll never have to deal with it again.
  • Villainous Rescue: Saves Woodstock's son from the Torvosaurus by biting his throat, though it only does superficial damage. Given that the Torvosaurus had evicted him from his Spot under the tree, it's likely he did it purely for vengeance.
  • The Worf Effect: Is easily outmatched by the Torvosaurus. Justified, though: he's much smaller than his foe.


A female Dinheirosaurus, and the deurteragonist of the episode.

Woodstock's son.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Handicapped Bad Ass: Has an injured foot, making him an easy target for predators. [[spoiler:Still holds his own against the Torvosaurus.


A Rhamphorynchus.


An Ornitholestes.


A megalosaur, and the main antagonist of the episode.

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