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  • The opening of the episode titled "The Watering Hole." In it, a mother Allosaurus is trying to get some sleep but a chirping Ornitholestes won't shut up. Eventually it wakes the babies forcing the mother to get up and silence the little bugger, by biting its head off.
    • The headless dinosaur then runs around like a chicken with its head cut off before it topples over, dead.
    • However, the family still doesn't get any sleep as another Ornitholestes starts making noise, much to the mother's annoyance.
  • The "antagonistic" male Cryolophosaurus being forced to flee by a swarm of mosquitoes.
  • The Gigantoraptor mating dance.
  • The Anhanguera "Looney Tunes" segment. (Not just the short preview that's been released on the Discovery Channel website; the entire segment runs like the Looney Tunes episode.)
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  • All the scenes where the Rhamphorhynchus and Ornitholestes appear together. It's almost Tom and Jerry or Sylvester and Tweety in manner.
  • The male Eoraptor defeating a Probelesodon by kicking it into the mouth of a Saurosuchus.
  • The Cryolophosaurus forcing her mate to fight the antagonistic one by snapping at his neck and motioning him to go forward. Needless to say, he's quite hesitant.
  • The Allosaurus still managing to get whipped by the severed tail of the Dinehirosaurus.
    • He nonchalantly answers by blocking it under his foot.
    • Towards the end of the episode, he gets whipped by a Dinheirosaurus again, this time by a baby, and by accident.
  • The male Troodon being sat on by an Ankylosaurus.
    • For that matter, the Ankylosaurus being oblivious to everything around it in general.
  • The Guanlong trying to get a Volaticotherium that has landed on one of the pair's head off.
  • When the Allosaurus sees the Torvosaurus for the first time, he mimics its posture and acts cool, trying to get the Torvosaurus to acknowledge him. The Torvosaurus doesn't even look, and then goes to sleep! The Allosaurus shoves him, and when the Torvosaurus stands, the Allosaurus suddenly realizes that he is NOT the bigger of the two a considerable margin.

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