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"Having infinite money means never having to wear pants."

Occupy Richie Rich is a Tumblr devoted to dissecting old Richie Rich covers (a la Superdickery), and eventually branched out into riffing on the stories contained within as well.

Tobi, the siterunner, interprets the Richie Rich universe as a Crapsack World where the Rich family has gained a total monopoly on every sort of product imaginable, and have created a very large gap between themselves and the poor and middle-class. Meanwhile, the family also conducts horrifying genetic experiments, including but not limited to pun-based animals and recreations of Richie himself. All this and more await within the archive of the blog.

As of now, the blog is dead. However it is still allowed to be viewed.


One in particular prompts a GIF of a panda trashing an office.
"Okay back to my labyrinthine subterranean tomb to enter a meditative state until the revolution comes."