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The President's Daughter is about people being valued for their connections to wealth, power, or a prophecy.

How many thought it was just about the daughters of powerful people?

This trope is about people who are MacGuffins. Most of them are girls. Wait, is that MacGuffin Girl?

No, it isn't. MacGuffin Girl is about a MacGuffin being transformed into a girl, or even another living being! See how this could be confusing?

There is also Living MacGuffin, which is like The President's Daughter except they're not in danger, but more of someone the hero wants to see.

Each page has an average amount of inbounds and internal links. The President's Daughter is the most underperforming of these tropes.

I suggest renaming MacGuffin Girl and The President's Daughter to titles that are more accurate.

Here's a check on every fifth link of MacGuffin Girl as I would expect the most misuse here. I believe The President's Daughter suffers more from disuse than misuse, so that may not need a misuse check.


  1. Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who 033 Neverland
  2. Characters.Fate Zero
  3. LaconicTropeDistinctions.J-R
  4. MacGuffin
  5. Series.Power Rangers Wild Force
  6. VideoGame.Wishbringer
  7. You Can't Thwart Stage One

Misuse, clearly a case of MacGuffin but nothing indicates a transformation from an inanimate object

  1. Literature.Adventure Hunters
  2. Anime.Angel Links
  3. Characters.Armored Trooper Votoms
  4. Characters.Darker Than Black
  5. Ordinary High-School Student
  6. Characters.Pokemon Best Wishes
  7. Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
  8. KimPossible.Tropes G To L
  9. Characters.Zoids

Misuse, the character was a normal person before being transformed

  1. Characters.Black Cat
  2. WesternAnimation.Monsters Vs Aliens
  3. Film.Push

Misuse, The President's Daughter lean

  1. Literature.Blood Of Elves
  2. Manga.Elemental Gelade
  3. Flower in Her Hair
  4. VisualNovel.Frozen Essence
  5. Characters.Galaxy Angel
  6. Heel–Face Door-Slam
  7. Characters.Homestuck Cherubs
  8. Human Hard Drive
  9. Characters.Karas
  10. Characters.Kung Fu Panda
  11. BittersweetEnding.Literature
  12. Men Act, Women Are
  13. Nature Hero (Same example as Flower in Her Hair)
  14. PlayingWith.Ominous Save Prompt
  15. Parental Substitute
  16. Characters.Resident Evil 6
  17. Space Fighter
  18. Characters.Star Ocean The Last Hope
  19. Take Me Out at the Ball Game
  20. Film.The Fifth Element (Same example as Space Fighter)
  21. Sandbox.Toaru Others
  22. Film.Transformers Dark Of The Moon
  23. SoYouWantTo.Write A Conspiracy Theory (It says "living humans" right before one of the links)

Misuse, Living MacGuffin lean

  1. Characters.A Certain Magical Index Sisters (The example lists Living MacGuffin and MacGuffin Girl side by side, but the page says they are clones. Nothing indicates a transformation.)
  2. Characters.Conan The Barbarian 1982 (Same as above)
  3. Characters.Django Unchained (Same as first)
  4. Characters.The Millennium Trilogy


  1. MacGuffin.Anime And Manga ("technically a MacGuffin Girl"?)
  2. Series.Batman (Administrivia.Weblinks Are Not Examples)
  3. YMMV.Dragon Fable
  4. Literature.Dragon Series
  5. Anime.Es Otherwise
  6. GenreSavvy.Film
  7. Anime.Final Fantasy Unlimited (Administrivia.Examples Are Not Arguable)
  8. Gilded Cage (Randomly linked in a Self-Demonstrating Article)
  9. Characters.Golden Sun
  10. VideoGame.Guwange (She was powerful even before getting possessed)
  11. Characters.Kaijudo
  12. Anime.Noein
  13. See-Thru Specs
  14. Characters.Skies Of Arcadia
  15. Strictly Formula
  16. Characters.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventures
  17. JustForFun.TV Tropes Additional Evil Overlord Vows Cellblock B
  18. PlayingWith.Virginity Makes You Stupid

Zero-Context Example

  1. Characters.Alister In Wonderland
  2. ShipTease.Anime And Manga
  3. Funny.Avengers Vs X-Men
  4. Recap.Bleach Gotei 13 Invasion Army Arc
  5. Camp Straight
  6. Chou Sei Shin Gransazer
  7. Series.Dengeki Sentai Changeman
  8. Anime.Digimon Tamers
  9. Impartial Purpose-Driven Faction
  10. WMG.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Open One
  11. VideoGame.Mass Effect 1
  12. Literature.River Of Dancing Gods
  13. Characters.Samurai Deeper Kyo
  14. Stalked by the Bell
  15. Terminator Twosome
  16. Trivia.The Last Of Us
  17. WMG.The Order Of The Stick Plot
  18. The Sunwell Trilogy
  19. Literature.The Witches Of Karres
  20. Pantheon.Treasures
  21. Fanon.Video Games
  22. ParentalAbandonment.Video Games (same example as above)
  23. Characters.We Are Our Adventuring Avatars
  24. TookALevelInBadass.Western Animation


  1. MacGuffin Girl (I think we all know this one)

  • Total of 89 links
  • 7 correct
  • 39 misuse
  • 42 unclear
  • 44% misuse
  • 91% misuse + unclear

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2 SeptimusHeap11th Aug 2013 01:29:22 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
What trope are you talking about?
3 Rethkir11th Aug 2013 01:31:06 PM from the gap between dimensions
We had this discussion recently for Holy Child: See here.

It didn't go anywhere.
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4 StarSword11th Aug 2013 01:40:36 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
Yep. Nasty misuse, Non-Indicative Title, and no YKTTW. It also has an interestingly titled redirect The Governors Daughter that people seem to be using for Exactly What It Says on the Tin, which is Not a Trope.
5 Spark911th Aug 2013 01:43:05 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Gentleman Troper!
[up][up] Why on earth did that get locked? It didn't even have a clock notice. Most people agreed on how to deal with that, so at the least it should have gotten a page action crowner.
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6 SeptimusHeap11th Aug 2013 01:46:13 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I did request a clock on that, not a lock.
The misuse check is for MacGuffin Girl. Please read the paragraph immediately above the lists.

The President's Daughter suffers more from disuse than misuse.

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8 StarSword11th Aug 2013 01:56:39 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
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I was talking about The President's Daughter (that being what this thread pointed at when I posted) but MacGuffin Girl has the same problems (minus the redirect thing).

edited 11th Aug '13 1:57:22 PM by StarSword

Many of the links seemed to mean The President's Daughter.

I'm not sure if this is even tropeworthy. I don't see this happen often and it sounds like Humanity Ensues To A MacGuffin.

edited 11th Aug '13 2:03:18 PM by MikuruFan

10 StarSword11th Aug 2013 03:27:17 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
A classic straight example of MacGuffin Girl would be Anveena from the Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy manga, who is really the Sunwell, a font of magic that was in Quel'thalas until the undead overran the place, in human form. Humanity Ensues is more general "nonhuman gets turned into human, usually involuntarily".

EDIT: Fixed the example on the work page and kicked it into a namespace.

edited 11th Aug '13 3:50:45 PM by StarSword

Oh. I put that under Zero Context Example in the check.

So MacGuffin Girl includes instances of MacGuffin who can turn into humans. I'm not entirely sue what the page is even about.

edited 11th Aug '13 3:29:59 PM by MikuruFan

12 StarSword11th Aug 2013 03:30:46 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
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Wow. Complete coincidence. I'll pop over there and fix the example.

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13 StarSword11th Aug 2013 03:51:55 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
First line of the MacGuffin Girl description is "The plot where the object that everyone is looking for turns out to have been transformed into a girl (with the occasional variation of being a Robot Girl)."
Except almost none of the wicks I went through indicated that.

There are some doubtful examples on the trope page itself.
15 StarSword11th Aug 2013 04:00:34 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
You are of Bajor.
I know. Title's probably to blame. From playing Guess That Trope Definition you'd think the definition was "girl as MacGuffin", not "MacGuffin transmogrified into girl".

I suggest a rename and cleanup.

edited 11th Aug '13 4:00:58 PM by StarSword

I think MacGuffin Girl needs a rename, then clean up the page and examples, moving them to more appropriate tropes. After that rename The President's Daughter.
17 Spark911th Aug 2013 04:08:39 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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Is there even a meaningful difference, trope-wise, between "girl who is a macguffin" and "macguffin who has been transformed into a girl"? It strikes me that the story plays out exactly the same.
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A girl who is a MacGuffin is someone is sought after by heroes and villains because she possesses something important. That's exactly what The President's Daughter is about.
19 m8e11th Aug 2013 04:14:40 PM from Sweden , Relationship Status: Wanna dance with somebody
We also have Living MacGuffin and Phlebotinum Girl...
Phlebotinum Girl describes a part of The President's Daughter, but it seems to be an archetype.
21 Rethkir11th Aug 2013 04:20:15 PM from the gap between dimensions
I just changed all 6 cases of The Governors Daughter to The President's Daughter and cutlisted it.
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What were they?
23 Rethkir11th Aug 2013 04:35:57 PM from the gap between dimensions
All I remember is Pirates of the Caribbean and… I don't remember. Even if she was the daughter of a governor, it still doesn't matter. It's not a trope. You could check my edit history.

edited 11th Aug '13 4:37:36 PM by Rethkir

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Good. They should be kept. I may go over those tropes when we get around to renaming that.
Dragon Writer
Living MacGuffin is about a person with MacGuffin-like qualities; MacGuffin Girl is (non-intuitively) about the MacGuffin being transformed into a girl (possibly to hide said MacGuffin from the Big Bad), with side helpings of moral dilemma as the heros lament that her true nature is as an inanimate object incapable of, well, human interaction.

And this whole subject has come up before, almost two years ago. It had a crowner ... and died.

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Alternative Titles: Hostage Mc Guffin
5th Oct '15 8:01:18 AM
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