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Many Fan Fics use Shout Outs — to things within fandom, and to other works, because it's all Just for Fun after all.
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Other Fan Fics:

     Ace Attorney 

  • In Breaking Routine, Grimmjow goes for a walk and when the other espada learn of it, we get this exchange.
    Harribel: How much collateral damage are we looking at?
    Starrk: Oh... the Grimmjow amount.

     The Butterfly Effect 


  • has a humorous CSI fanfic in which Ray takes 'Morpheus' as an online username, a shout out to his The Matrix role.

     Death Note 


     Doctor Who 

     Ed, Edd n Eddy 

     Fullmetal Alchemist 
  • The Elemental Chess Trilogy has a few, both in-universe and otherwise.
    • In the first story, the three main characters sneak into besieged Central City using a hot air balloon, which is a Call-Back of sorts to the 2003 anime adaptation.
    • Edward Elric's son is named Lucas, after Luke Triton from the Professor Layton games.
    • The Brotherhood anime showed a photograph of Roy Mustang after the end of the series in which he has a mustache, for reasons unexplained. Many members of the fandom prefer to believe that, as the picture in question belonged to Ed, he had drawn the mustache onto it; this Epileptic Tree is firmly planted in the fanfic.


     Gravity Falls 
  • At one point in Faking It when Bill is suggesting to Dipper different things they could conquer, he suggests taking over a "Tri-state area."

     Harry Potter 

     His Dark Materials 

     Kingdom Hearts 

     The Legend of Korra 

     The Lord of the Rings 


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 

    One Piece 
  • New Game+: Oh, so much. In chronological order:
    • Vegapunk identifies his time machine as the Flux Capacitor.
    • The three members of Buggy’s crew that they pick up en route to Orange Town introduce themselves as Moe, Larry, and Shemp, collectively known as The Three Stooges. The author even lampshades it:
    Duncan: (A/N: Yes, yes I did just do that)
    • Nami mentions Lord of the Flies once in Chapter 3.
    • Luffy quotes The Charge of the Light Brigade in Chapter 4.
    Duncan: And yes, poetry was part of his training. Don’t ask why, you’re not ready.
    Moe: Really quite filthy down here.
    • Usopp debuts much in the same way as Oz, the great and terrible.
    • Usopp and Kaya, who have become a couple in this fic, refer to each other as Gatsby and Daisy.
    • Kaya is once described as ‘unconsciously channeling the best healer of Soul Society.’
    • A Shout-Out to the 4Kids dub when Sanji sucks on lollipops instead of smoking while in the vicinity of the recovering Zoro.
    • The Black Cat Pirates.
      • Kuro references himself from the 4Kids dub of the video game One Piece Grand Battle.
      • One is a short ginger-haired man named Oliver.
      • Abraham, Giuseppe, Casey, O’Malley, Toulouse, and Berlioz are all taken from The Aristocats.
    • Another one given to The Wizard of Oz in Chapter 8, though much briefer.
    • The other staff of the Syrup Village mansion are the staff from Beauty and the Beast.
    • The Veggie Trio quotes The Borg’s iconic “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”
    • Due to the Shock and Awe with which Nami defeats Arlong, her epithet is changed to “Lightning Thief. “
    • Luffy's freakout when he realizes a furious and vengeful Garp is in Loguetown ends with "DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL! DESTROY US ALL!"
    • When Cabaji remarks on how weird the armada is thus far and asks if it could get any weirder, Mohji replies that it could if they got an amorphous white creature with ADD and OCD that was a powerful Reality Warper and annoying enough to make the sun grimace. This, as well as the sun morphing, winking to the audience, and morphing back afterwards, is a clear reference to Soul Eater.
    • Alvida's description of herself after eating the Sube Sube no Mi comes directly from Shrek 2 after the eponymous ogre sees the result of him drinking the Happily Ever After potion.
    • This line from Usopp in Chapter 10: "By the time I'm done with you, every one of you will have more gadgets and gizmos than a billionaire vigilante with a flair for theatricality and some misplaced sense of self-righteousness."
    • Perhaps unintentional, as it was muffled by distance, but when Usopp chastises the owner of a Queen Transponder Snail about neglecting the poor creature, said owner's speech is about as coherent as any given adult in the Peanuts series.
    • After Zoro wins his "fight" with Tashigi by disarming her with a knife hand:
    Tashigi: You cheated!
    Zoro: Pirate.
    • Luffy compares Smoker to Javert.
  • Second Wind:

    Pretty Cure 
  • Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy:
    • Chiara's hairstyle as Cure Vanilla was meant to resemble Bubbles.
    • There is one to the Brazillian edition of American Idol in episodes 31 and 34, particularly to a contestant known as Marcos Paulo. He ended up being eliminated during the Top 6 (such thing did happen to his fanfic counterpart Hyosuke Holic during his second appearance) and never popped up at media again since then, but the author still swoons over him.
    • Ayameko nicknaming her guitar "Blue Moon" in episode 45, which also mentions "Second Spin" (Night and Sunday's finishing move) and includes a Ship Tease moment reminiscent of Asa falling onto Yoko in episode 10.


     Real Person Fics 

     Sgt. Frog 
  • Yin And Yang Series: Oh so much.
    • Doraemon, in the first lines of the first story
    • Lupapa's design is based on Naruto's Kankurou, and her whole family are references to Naruto characters. Her name and thievery are based on Lupin III.
    • The character of Fujuju pays heavy homage to Doctor Who. He's British, wears a scarf, lives in an old telephone box that's Bigger on the Inside, and astonishes his human friends with alien technology.
      • Lampshaded once by Oliver.
      Fujuju: We're going to make [the telephone box] fly.
      Oliver: …Next thing I know you’ll be fighting trash cans and offering everyone jelly babies.
    • So does Botan, the Time, Time Bender.
    • The designs of twins Maggie and Oliver are loosely based on Rin and Len, while their sister Frannie's design is based on Miku.

     The Smurfs 

     A Song of Ice and Fire 

     Sonic the Hedgehog 

     Star Trek 
  • Bait and Switch:
    • During Captain Kanril Eleya's Flashback Nightmare that takes up the first half of chapter one, one-shot character Crewman Davos drops the line "Bloody pirates" (referring to an Orion Syndicate Boarding Party).
    • Eleya notes in her narration that there's a theory that replicated food tastes a little artificial because it's exactly the same every time, whereas cooked food has variations (slight variances in ingredient proportions, cooking time, cooking temperature, etc.). This is borrowed from the nonfiction book Life Signs: The Biology of Star Trek (the biology equivalent of Lawrence Krauss' The Physics of Star Trek).
    • At the start of chapter two Eleya is playing Commander Marissa Allyn in a holonovel adaptation of Star Carrier: Earth Strike by William H. Keith, Jr..
    • In chapter six, Tess's and JG Park's "Conn, you gotta give me an Ivan." "Always wanted to try one!" exchange is borrowed from the pilot of Firefly.
    • In chapter seven, Eleya takes a page out of Jack O'Neill (from the Stargate SG-1 episode "The First Commandment"), demanding of an admin petty officer who's being an Obstructive Bureaucrat if it says "Captain" anywhere on her uniform.
    • Among the ships that make up the Marduk Carrier Battle Group is the USS Ivanova.
  • "Frostbite":
  • The Headhunt:
    • There's a reference to a Noodle Incident where some rogue Starfleet officers with a Section 31 obsession broke into Facility 4028 to extract an ally. This is a reference to the Foundry series Star Trek: Allegiance.
    • The C.O. of the USS Brisbane is named Sumati Chennapragada, the viewpoint character of a Star Trek lemon titled "A Bad Day for Shore Leave" (which we won't link due to it being massively NSFW).
  • "Last Rights":
    • The first line is Fallout's customary "War. War never changes." opener, albeit applied more literally than Fallout usually does (the following Opening Monologue talks about the necessity of surface armies even in an era of starships that can glass planets, rather than exploring human nature and fictional history).
    • The same monologue borrows a line from TV Tropes, specifically How to Invade an Alien Planet.
      "You can bomb it, you can strafe it, you can cover it with poison, you can turn it into glass, but you don't own it unless your army's on it and the other guy's isn't."
    • The author apparently couldn't resist throwing in a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference when Senior Chief Athezra is hit by Vaadwaur shrapnel.
      Athezra: Cap. How bad is it?
      Eleya: Just a flesh wound! Where's that damned medic!
  • "Past Continuous": Eleya's quotation that "spring wine is the Prophets' way of showing us they love us" is a slight modification of something Benjamin Franklin said about beer.
  • Peace Forged in Fire:
  • Reality Is Fluid:
    • The author's notes state that Professor Atani Dukat was inspired by Emperor Turhan from the Babylon 5 episode "The Coming of Shadows", inasmuch as they're both high-ranking members of an enemy culture who want to mend fences by apologizing for their fathers. Dukat has better luck than Turhan did, though.
    • One of the alternate timelines detected by the Schrodinger's Butterfly sensor array is the Star Trek Novel Verse, as evidenced by Deep Space 9 having been replaced by a Federation-built station on the same site.
    • Dul'krah, the Bajor's security chief, is said to have made the saboteur confess by glaring at him until he gave it up, in reference to Teal'c's favored method of interrogation in Stargate SG-1.
  • Reimagined Enterprise: Besides the internal ones to Star Trek itself, there are others.
  • Red Fire, Red Planet:
    • There's a mention of a freighter called the SS Ayanami, skippered by a Captain Ikari.
    • "Case Zulu" as an "enemies inbound, This Is Not a Drill" message is a reference to the Honor Harrington books.
    • When Norigom mouths off to General K'Bor, Brokosh borrows a line from the pilot of Firefly:
      Brokosh: Norigom, you will keep a civil tongue in that mouth when speaking to a superior officer or I will sew it shut. Do we have an understanding between us?
      Norigom: You don’t pay me to talk pretty. Just because—
      Brokosh: NORIGOM!
      Norigom: (meekly) Yes, Captain.
    • There's a MACO petty officer in chapter four named Gordon Freeman. The liner notes say that it was either that or "Django Freeman" and the author thought "Gordon" was funnier.
  • "Shakedown Shenanigans":
    • When Bynam test-fires one of the impulse engines it lets off a high-pitched squeal that he calls the "baby's cry", saying it'll go away by the end of the shakedown cruise. This is borrowed from The Black Fleet Crisis: Before the Storm.
    • At the end of the fic, pleased with the Bajor's performance, Eleya strokes the wall and whispers, "That's my girl. That's my good girl." Borrowed from the end of the Firefly pilot, where Kaylee did that after the dramatic escape from the Reavers.
  • The Wrong Reflection:
    • Eleya has posters on her bedroom wall for The Fifth Element and Mass Effect, and she ropes Gaarra into watching the former with her.
    • Riker tells Eleya he has "good news, bad news, and ... indifferent news", in reference to Rowan Atkinson's sketch "Pink Tights and Plenty of Props".
    • In keeping with Star Trek tradition of naming Starfleet shuttles after space scientists, Eleya's shuttle Shoemaker is named for astronomers Gene and Carolyn Shoemaker.
    • At the tail end of chapter 2 the fleet goes into a string of "X ship, standing by" messages, including Gray Leader and Gold Leader (the Peregrine fighter wings). Lampshaded when Eleya, who likes Earth sci-fi, comments:
      “Please nobody say ‘lock s-foils in attack position’.”
    • The comm chatter during the fleet battle in chapter three contains lines borrowed from A New Hope, Transformers, and Top Gun.
    • A double one to Stargate SG-1. Mirror Gul Antos remarks to Eleya regarding Dal Kanril, her mirror universe counterpart, that "I’ve been telling Morag for years he has a very insubordinate subordinate." Eleya openly admits that she's even worse.
    • To the Mass Effect fanfic The Translation in Blood, when Eleya manages to get Dal Kanril to snap to attention by acting like a drill instructor, and Dal Kanril responds, "Hey, that's cheating."
  • "To Absent Friends": To Jayne and Book's conversation in the Firefly episode "Objects in Space", when Biri has trouble believing that T'Var's a virgin.
    Biri: What, never?
    T'Var: No.
    Biri: "Not ever", never?

     Super Mario Bros 
  • In Clash of the Elements there is one to Super Mario Bros. Z in Chapter 45 of Part 1 More specifically, the act of having the Star Spirits appear and using their energy to power-up Mario and the other heroes, a concept which, while it didn't get to appear in the actual series, at least got shown in the intro. Thankfully, the author gives Alvin-Earthworm full credit for the idea instead of claiming it as his own.

     Teen Titans 
  • The End of Ends:
    • Too many to count, though for starters, the opening line came from Corpse Bride.
    • As the destruction of the universe nears, Logan makes a reference to Edgar's "It won't matter... in a few minutes, you won't even be matter." line from the first Men in Black film.

     Total Drama 

     Warhammer 40000 

  • In the JAG fanfic Abyss of the Soul, Marine Staff Sergeant Jonathan Scott Beckett had faked his death and was living under the alias "Sam Archer" when he was arrested.
  • In Ringshadow's Slice of Life Star Fox fanfic Butterfly Photographs, Slippy programmed an AI into his pickup truck which has the ability to drive it. Its avatar is a face on a video screen, and its name is Max. At one point a character asks if Max is in one of the stages of rampancy in reaction to Max's slightly odd behaviour.
  • Decks Fall Everyone Dies. Examples: "Reverse card open" is a shout-out to the MAD videos that feature Kaiba repeating that line. Yami's line calling dice "rolling bones" (astragali) is a shout-out to the manga.
  • Disgaea: Jewel of the gods at the very begining has already given ones to One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Soul Eater, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Chrono Trigger, Beyblade, and Metal Gear.
  • In the Elemental Chess Trilogy, Ed and Winry Elric have a son named Lucas; the author chose the name after Luke from the Professor Layton games.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion/Xenogears, "Father Knows Best", Kensuke compares Rei with a famous skirt-wearing female superhero:
    “What did you see?” Her eyes narrow. She has not yet developed laser eyes, but that is on her to-do list.
    “I saw you fly,” he responds. Honesty, he figures, is the best policy.
    Rei clenches her eyes shut and lets out an almost silent swear.
    “I also did not take any pictures despite it being a prime opportunity for an upskirt picture because I have a good idea of what Asuka would do to me.”
    “Good instincts." Then she narrows her eyes. Her feet rise from the roof, and she folds her arms, floating over to him and over him. Leaning down, she meets his gaze. “Wait. You're more afraid of Asuka than me?”
    He shrugs. “You can fly, so my mental image of you beating me up has you in spandex and a cape.”
  • In Worm fanfic "Heroes and Villains" two female heroes invoke famous comic-book team-ups:
    Glory Girl: Exactly! And I've got a spare bedroom in my apartment, so you can crash there until you find a place of your own. And if you wanted to get away from the Shadow Stalker persona, we can borrow from those old pre-powers comic books. You know, Superman and Batman. Stuff like that.
    Shadow Stalker: In case you missed the memo, we're girls, not guys.
    Glory Girl: Fine. Supergirl and Batgirl. They were a thing too, you know.
    Shadow Stalker: I am not putting ears on my mask. And if you put an 'S' on your chest, I'm gonna tell everyone it stands for 'Stupid'.
    Glory Girl: Well, okay, we'll stick with Glory and the Shadow.
    Shadow Stalker: That is not going to be our team name.
    Glory Girl: Okay then, we'll call ourselves Gimel's Finest. Or the Brave and the Foolhardy.
  • In Mary Mary? Quite Contrary!, there are many shout outs made in the "Sparkly Shiny Alchemist" story. For one thing, the protagonist's full name is Christiana Sophia Maysalee Thomasnote . And there's this quote from her "bro" Jeff:
  • Stray is full of these. The story's Arc Words are an obvious nod to Planescape: Torment, Snake has a dog named Kaworu (Otacon chose the name), and there are more subtle references to Watchmen and Kafka.
  • Tiberium Wars has more shout-outs than you can shake a stick at. Shout-outs range from Snow Crash to Mass Effect to Metal Gear to Generation Kill, with a hefty frequency of references to Firefly and Warhammer 40,000.
  • W.I.T.C.H. Fanfic Kieva Lynn's Season Three features C'thulu in one episode. The episode title "The Telemarketing Call of C'thulu" is a play on the title of The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Collect Call of C'thulu." They even beat him in much the same way.
  • Lord of the Land of Fire is prone to lacing the plots of his stories with references to things like World War II or The Book of Revelation, among other things.
  • Dragon Age fic Middle Of Nowhere has three in its very short first chapter alone: the fic's title, Larry Niven's novel ''The Mote In God's Eye'', and Lethal Weapon. There's a fourth one if you count the direct reference to Life on Mars. And they keep coming....
  • This Kill la Kill Poem Fic titled Le Danse de Satsuki is a shoutout to Marilyn's dancing scene from The Suicide Shop, complete with different reactions to the titular Satsuki's dancing and the scene's soundtrack.
  • Homecoming, 2026: A Whateley Universe fanfic:
    As additional students and visitors wandered through the culinary laboratory, a ball of light with wings flickered into existence over the shoulder of one of the school's sidhe students. The Virtual Assistant flitted in front of its master and began speaking. "Hey! Listen!"
    "What is it Navi?" Came the expected response.
    • To the "This. Is. Sparta!" scene of 300:
    After several long moments of silence, a jazzy tune sounded throughout the stadium and the lights snapped back on. The display screen was gone, it's place taken by a hemisphere shaped object, floating at about the height of the basketball hoops. Standing in the object was a student dressed like Marvin the Martin and twirling a parade marshal's baton. His voice boomed out across the stadium, "Ladies and Gentlemen. This! Is! Halloween! Are you ready to party?"
    • Skyball is conceptually a renamed version of Quidditch from Harry Potter. Both games with hoops and balls and two sides.
      Nestled in the basin that had been the mine proper were 6 giant hoops, perched on poles. They were divided into two clusters of three, with the space between them forming the academy's skyball field.
    • Splatterball is a teenage version of Doc from The Whiteboard.
    • Gary (Waite)'s VI is one to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
      Floating over one shoulder was a cloud-like formation of spaghetti, complete with two meatball eyes.
    • Gateway of Destiny is to EVE Online what GEO, from the fanfic's source, the Whateley Universe, is to World of Warcraft. Basically an enhanced version of what we have.
  • Pokémon Story: Sinnoh Journey:

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