Shout Out / Showa & Vampire

Showa & Vampire contains many Shout Outs to various franchises. Just to name a few...


  • The weapons that Showa uses, namely the Laser Saber, the Vulcan Shooter and the Gravity Hammer, were weapons based from Halo and Star Wars.
  • Showa's Legacy Mode is based on Gokai Silver's Gold Form.
  • Kamen Rider Liger is based on Liger Zero. Kamen Rider Liger is the fanfiction author Kamen Rider Bushido's homage to Zoids' mascot mecha Liger Zero, and each form Liger uses corresponds to one of the forms Zoids' Liger Zero is capable of using.
  • Suzaku is based on Liger Zero's Fuzor Partner, Fire Phoenix.
    Liger: "Suzaku! Power Link!"
  • Shinichi's bike, the Cyclone-X3, created by both Yuji and Netto, is based on Placido's D-Wheel "The Terrible Omen".
    • The name probably derives from Cyclone, the name of the bikes owned by the original two Kamen Riders, with the 3 referencing it being the third with that name.
  • Yuji's D-Wheel, White Blaze, is a homage to White Blaze from Ronin Warriors.
  • The Mobirider and Rider Keys that Necros use are based on the Mobirate and Ranger Keys of the Gokaigers.
  • Kamen Rider Mega is one to Mega Man Star Force.
    • Mega's Photon Debugger is named after a particular Keyblade.
  • Yuji's Karyuu techniques and Elle's Tenryuu techniques are from Fairy Tail.
  • As stated above, Kamen Rider Showa's armor is one to Higurashi: When They Cry. In fact, he is also one to Moka Akashiya herself, whose eyes also change from green to red depending on how dangerous she is.
  • Kamen Rider Liger's Torrent Form is a twofer: The armor and capabilities is modeled after Abyss Gundam and its Finishing Move shares a name with one of Wargreymon X's techniques.
  • Abyss's armor is based on Joey Wheeler's Ritual Monster Lord of the Red.
  • Hmmm, a female vampire named Seras? Is she part of the Hellsing Organization?
  • The color schemes of Kamen Riders Storm and Dynamo are a shout-out to the Gouraigers.
    • The insert song for their first battle is Full Force, the fight song from Kamen Rider Kabuto, the two primary riders of which have the same beetle motif.

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