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Shout Out: Mass Effect Human Revolution
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Atlus and Shin Megami Tensei megafranchise
  • In chapter 31, Aleph expresses surprise that Adam hasn't learned to use Zio or Tarukaja. In chapter 41, we see what Tarukaja does in this universe.
  • At Freeport S9, Bryce Lawson was accompanied by a pair of siblings called Margaret and Theodore.
  • Alpha, Beta and EL-115 show up on Noveria.
    • Margaret and Theodore belong to the Phantom Society.
  • Hein gives Edward a Demonica suit, which even looks the part.
    • The Warrior looks like Awake Jimenez.
  • Living alongside the Fiera in Xytegenia are Pookah, also known as Moogles, but the characteristics of the one introduced (one Alistair Montblanc) is more in line with the former.
  • During the geth attack in Chapter 41, the Deep Eyes hole up in Paulownia Mall.

Bioware franchises other than Mass Effect

  • When fighting the Black Queen/Benezia, her response to Bau's order to surrender is to shout I cannot be caged! I cannot be controlled! Understand this as you die, fool! note 
  • There's a Volus named Sandal.
    • The area of Caleston where the aliens reside is the...Alienage.
  • Hein would name his crossbow Maria because Bianca was already taken.
    • In chapter 24 a reasonable Templar named Vael appears.


  • Chapter 3: "Look, You want to run this job?" "Actually, yes, I do want to run this job!" "Well guess what? You CAN'T. Now get behind cover and keep your mouth SHUT. Your constant yapping is harming my calm."
  • Chapter 4: "You were dead, Mister Vakarian..." said the human as he unhooked the cardio-stimulators from Garrus' flesh. "Too soon, too soon! Fist wants you to suffer at least two days, minimum!"
    • The salarian in that scene is also wearing Jayne's "cunning hat."
  • Chapter 7: "Someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back!"
    • "They'll beat us, hang us, then burn our corpses, and if we're lucky, they'll do it In That Order."
  • Chapter 9: There was a Sergeant Reynolds involved in the defence of Elysium.
  • Chapter 15: Garrus rolled his eyes. "A shapeshi- oh come on, Jensen! Sounds like something out of a bad sci-phi!"
    "...You live on a space station."
    "...Yeah, so?"
  • Chapter 22: The 23-G Bellum Compound turns people into Reavers with shorter life-spans.
  • A salarian named Mister Weltall(German for Universe) took footage of Jensen's skycar chase.
  • Jules Leng's father was a psychotic Warrior Poet named Shan Yu.
  • Elysium was declared a "Black Rock" (an uninhabitable world) after Haliat's fleets bombed it with the Bellum gas.
  • Tali goes by the callsign "Kaylee" while on Noveria.
  • The entirety of "Interludes of Madness" is riddled with subtle references to River and the Academy.
  • Chapter 30 has a passing reference to the "Griswalds," otherwise known as the "apple grenades."
  • In chapter 40 Ramsus is described as "leaping like a leaf on the wind".
  • In Interlude 3 Subject Zero is asked "Do you know what your sin is?" by a man in a dark blue coat.

Metal Gear and other Kojima Productions works
  • The 108 was built by Shinkawa Heavy Industries. note 
  • Bioroids were hypothesised by a Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar.
    • Alenko's death posenote  and mention of Neo Kobe with Julian Seednote  makes it also a shout-out to Snatcher.
  • Bren is a giant whose Weapon of Choice is a 20mm rotary machinegun, like Vulcan Raven.
    • Red Raven's real name is Mey Leng.note 
    • In chapter 39 there's an Elevator Action Sequence involving invisible enemies.
  • Adam's daughter was named Sunny.
  • The slavers in chapter 20 took an Omar called Drebin.
    • Stabbing a guy with a blade embedded into your foot.
  • Adam pulls "a cord with glowing blue power cells plugged into it like bulbs of garlic on a string" out of a Geth.note  He does a similar thing to finish off Benezia.
    • "I heard he was as strong as a titan and lifted that damned Red Wanzer and threw it into the sun!"
    • "Nanomachines, son. ... How did this guy survive a gunshot wound to the head? Nanomachines. How come those missiles exploded spontaneously? Nanomachines. How did that crazy fucker regrow his head and arm? Nanomachines, nanomachines, nanomachines."
    • One of the Private Military Contractors under the WTO is World Marshall (sic).
    • "It's... It's a box."
    • "Jack the Ripper", superhuman Master Swordsman, and his robot dog, out on a bloody quest to fight the Government Conspiracy.
    • The robot dog surprises a bored guard at his checkpoint.
    • "Greetings, android. ... I am here to kill you."
    • Ramsus recreates Jetstream Sam's grand entrance on a Geth APC.
  • One of FRN-00's many names is Huey.
  • Also, the premise itself; A Cowboy Cop is turned into a Human Popsicle, and awakes in a world that has no place for him. After years of soul-searching, he travels to a giant Space Station where he discovers an evil conspiracy...
  • FRN-00's new body was codenamed Anubis.
    • Aleph calls Charge "Zero Shift".
    • One of the other terms Element Zero is known by is "Metatron".

Square Enix properties


  • Conrad Verner isn't a creepy fan of Shepard in this milieu. He's a creepy fan of Jensen that wears a green leather coat, round sunglasses and goes by the pseudonym "Jake Armitage". He also uses the terminology. It turns out to have In-Universe reasons - he found a pre-Collapse Shadowrun core Sourcebook, mistook it for a history text, and decided to become a Shadowrunner.
  • Also, Chad Dumier is a fan of the Tabletop Game, and has named the WTO's global exchange currency the Nuyen... which makes Conrad mistaking that sourcebook for a textbook somewhat more understandable.
  • 'This was what mercenary life was like in WTO Arcologies: A ten minute briefing. Three days of investigations, resource gathering, and planning. All culminating in an hour of pure mayhem...'
  • The Jester coins Omega a "flux state".
  • "Maybe some kind of anti-ghost insecticide gun?" suggested Conrad out of nowhere.
  • Glory, Eiger and Blitz get mentioned in chapter 42 as raiding a Europa Genomics facility.

  • Manticore uses four-legged "Jackal" heavy mechs. A reader asked about it and had it confirmed by Word of God.
  • Krogans used the "HeK" quad-barrel shotgun.
  • Five of the bullets Sandal gives Adam in chapter 38 correspond to some of the elements from Damage 2.0: Blast, Electric, Corrosive/Toxin, Cryo, Magnetic.
  • Ramsus uses a "Nyx" hardsuit and pulls off Absorb at the end of chapter 40.
  • In chapter 41 Adam sees Promethean tablets containing Oxium.
  • A monster called Lephantis appears.
  • The Gaians were Precursors who could turn technology against their users.
  • Corrupted enemies controlled by devices on their heads appear in Interlude 3.


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