Recap / Mass Effect Human Revolution

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Reminder: Unmarked spoilers ahead!

Arc One: Citadel

Our story opens on Codex entries on Adam Jensen and the Sarif Cache, as well as the Shadow Broker's dossier on Adam, which contains a recording of a discussion between Nihlus Kryik and Tela Vasir, where the latter tells of how Adam single-handedly defeated a group of bank robbers. It follows into an audio transcript of Adam and his partner Garrus Vakarian arguing with Executor Pallin over the involvement of the Spectre Saren Arterius in the Eden Prime atrocity and introduces Systems Alliance Commander Junko Zayne Shepard and her subordinates. Another transcript follows Shepard and co. as they discuss Adam, the "Frankenstein Monster". Meanwhile, Adam takes Garrus's advice to have some rest, but is rudely awoken by unwelcome news: Commander Shepard has been murdered.

Adam goes to the crime scene, which he reviews with a colleague. The murder is an expert one, with hacker support, although the use of a military-issue knife is curious. A set of boot prints point to Systems Alliance Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko, who Adam finds mourning the loss of his fiancee. From the man, he learns that the flowers left by Shepard's bed, cherry blossoms, were a gesture she would not have appreciated. As he muses on the significance, he discovers Corporal Richard L Jenkins trying to do his own investigations and plays along for a bit before pulling out the rug from underfoot.


Arc Two: Caleston

Arc Three: Ilium

Arc Four: Noveria

Arc 4.1: Dosadi arcology

Arc 4.2: Peak 15

Arc 4.3: Dosadi redux

Arc Five: Citadel redux