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Nightmare Fuel: Mass Effect Human Revolution
  • Adam, Garrus and Sarah having to investigate the apartment of Shepard's killer, which is just full of creepy decorations.
  • Johann making "sculptures" of his AIA captors. Asshole Victim or no...
  • Chapter 34: The utterly clinical way the narration from Jules's perspective talks about the rape and death of Gianna Parasini.
  • Chapter 38: The Chekhov's Gun of staying too long under cloak giving you psychosis comes into vivid, horrible play.
  • In the same chapter, "Zaeed Massani." All of him.
  • Chapter 40: Bren's corpse turning into a roegadyn Husk.
  • Chapter 40: The aftermath of Ramsus' Attack Reflector which results in his victims burning to death in painful agony, the fine detail describing the burns really doesn't help.
  • Chapter 41: A Reaper burrowing out of a still-living man's skull by bursting out from the side of his head. Nearly everybody in Dosadi who has been "chipped" is essentially now a Reaper incubator.
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