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Heartwarming: Mass Effect Human Revolution
  • The aftermath of Tali's rescue in Chapter 7;
    Beyond the glass she could make out the form of a human in a long blue coat, leaning back against a chair, his arms folded over his chest, which rose and fell in slow intervals. His eyes were shut. She recognized him, and she calmed herself. Tali went back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that no harm would come to her.
    • Heh. Jensen seems to be what you'd get if Joe Friday got augmented.
  • Adam and Garrus taking time out of their investigation to find a girl who wandered off.
  • Chapter 22: Adam breaking free of the Black Queen's mind control.
    "Fahl and I... we earned this, we earned this moment..."
    "Yesss... You deserve this, you've earned all of this..."
    "...By NOT giving into the tide of death and horror that threatened to swallow us whole. By defying it! If I accept your offer I would be desecrating her memory, all that she stood for!"
  • Chapter 38: As Garrus airdrops into heavy AA fire to save Adam we get this line.
    Brea: "ARE YOU INSANE?!"
    Garrus: "NOPE. JUST DEVOTED."
  • Baraka's concern for the children at Peak 15. Which leads to her offscreen Heel-Face Turn before Adam meets her.
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