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Aya Brea is Aya Brea, not a bioroid
EVE 1 had the ability to shapeshift iirc and so several of the NMC creatures, Aya is ID'ed as a bioroid due to her having said abilities but there are some thing that give some credit to my theory:

1) look at her healing abilities, i am sure even bioroids would have a hard team healing as she does.

2) During the whole stay with Jensen she never had to apply sun blocker and was showing some skin, the other bioroids instead was hooded and made sure to never show some of his skin given their ultra sensibility to UV Rays.

3) The comment of the Shadow Broker, "she is the last of her species" i doubt she is the last of the bioroids, but rather the last one with NMC.

4) and maybe the most debatable point, the original person whom aya replaced was the GF of a templar, and probably a templar herself, as shown by the locket that the guy that jensen arrested before his forced vacation, said agent would never agree to work with the "abomination".

Now the question that arises is which Brea is she? is she the 1999-2000 brea? of PE 1 and PE 2 or is she the brea of PE 3 (3rd birthday) AKA EVE II/Aya's daugther-Clone.

Hein denigrating Shepard's
death was a Jerkass Fašade. In light of The Reveal that she was his daughter, he was trying to hide his grief and personal connection. What better way to do so than insult the dead?

The Reapers are in control of the Illuminati.
Compare Hein's description of the Illuminati...
"...they're ghosts, working in the shadows, always hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers... and conveniently placed scapegoats to throw dogs off the scent. They never touch anything directly. They influence. Suggest. Insinuate."
and Aleph's of the Reapers...
"They are subtle, corrupting creatures. They touch nothing directly. They fight through lies and proxy warriors, just as Naamah did on Vulcanus."
Maybe the Illuminati are another Reaper project to create a slave race after Harbinger's Collectors didn't work out so well? Albeit using indirect mechanisms rather than the direct transformations worked on the Collectors.

Black .357 bullet given to Adam has something to do with Persona3.
Sandal pointed at his forehead when 'demonstrating' its usage. (or Adam's. Not sure. Doesn't matter though.) The same thing SEES members do often.

with Shepard to busy being dead the fist human specter will be adam
but in a twist after Adam clears his name/humiliates the human specter candidate's Adam will become the specter representative of the citadel.