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There are a boatload of references and Running Gags taken from the source materials. There are also some references to the MLP fandom itself (e.g. memes, popular fanon, and background ponies).

Mythology Gags are listed here as well.

Mythology Gags

  • The Fluttersleuth sequence is an homage to Problem Sleuth, the predecessor to Homestuck.
  • Rarity finds Sparkler's name appealing "for some undefinable reason", a reference to the G1 pony Sparkler who Rarity was based on.
  • A mysterious pony tries to remember Fluttershy's name — "Posie or something?" Again, a G1 reference.
  • The Batterqueen's retinue are all old-generation ponies. In her challenge against Minty, she makes a magic heart-patterned candy cane, while Minty presents a sock. This is a reference to the direct-to-DVD movie A Very Minty Christmas.
  • Non-pony mythology: For the baking competition, Love Lock hired an official time keeper. Said keeper is a curly-maned pony with a long scarf and hourglass cutiemark, aka the ponified Fourth Doctor, with the task of determining the best timed baker.
  • Most of the Rainbow Ponies are G1 characters who appeared in the "Ember's Dream" cassette story. As for Rainbow Dash's "Aunt" Ember, her design is based on this one's.
  • Ember and Velvet go way back.
  • Shadow Lobster Kingpin is a play on Shadow Mobster Kingpin from the Problem Sleuth secret pages.

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