Shout Out: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

So my version of the thought, Draco, is that when we go out into the stars, we might find other people there. And if so, they certainly won't look like we do. There might be things out there that are grown from crystal, or big pulsating blobs...
  • The crystal creatures and blobs are the other two species that humans run into in EY's novella Three Worlds Collide.
.* Chapter 119
  • In chapter 120, Narcissa feels like she has spent a decade in cryonic suspension.
    She'd felt frozen, stopped in time…
  • The spell Minerva uses on her, 'Eunoe', is a reference to the titular river in Dante's Comedia. The river Lethe is said to cleanse one's memories, whereas Eunoe is said to restore one's positive memories.
  • Chapter 122: