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A Reference Overdosed series like the Dangerverse is, of course, going to have its fair share of shout outs:
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  • The username the author uses on most fanfic sites (whydoyouneedtoknow) is a The Incredibles reference.

Mainline Dangerverse

    Living With Danger 

    Living Without Danger 

    Dealing With Danger 
  • Chapter 3 is titled "Exit the Dragon".
  • "Slytherins," said Neville. "Why did it have to be Slytherins?"
  • After Nott has managed to cause a ruckus in class and get it blamed on Draco:
    "Why would I throw a firework in my own cauldron, though?" protested Draco as he sat down at the table and accepted a mug of tea. "No one would believe that."
    "Unless someone claimed you were trying to make people think you'd never do that," said Hermione with a sigh, sitting down opposite her brother. "So that you'd done it in a way to make people think you hadn't done it. That's probably what they'd say if we pointed out how stupid it would be for you to have stuck a piece of your own essay to the fireworks, too."
    Harry groaned. "It's as bad as iocaine powder," he said, making Draco and Hermione both laugh.
  • After Frank and Alice are awakened from their insanity (Chapter Eleven and a Half):
    Danger: "...Voldemort is still gone."
    Frank: "And Francisco Franco is still dead,"
  • After being captured by Lucius Malfoy in Dream Land:
    Draco: "Funny. I know another bunch of people who say things like those. 'Resistance Is Futile' and all that. And what's funny is, they may win for a while, but they always lose in the end. By the end of the program, the good guys beat them every time."
  • Danger, mourning her and Remus' inability to have children together states that Sirius "could help" with the problem, and that "it's a little inevitable I should think about it, with my name and all." (Gertrude being Hamlet's mother, who married her dead husband's brother.)
  • After discovering that Luna was sent a a new set of jewelry set with "real fossilized fairy fewmets" (Hermione knows what "fewmets" are (droppings) while the others don't):
    Moony smiled. "Taught you well, we have," he said in a squeaky voice.
    "Aren't you a little tall for Yoda?" asked Hermione critically.
  • After Harry thinks he's defeated a dementor only to find out it was just a test:
    Harry's expression had gone from confused to shocked to sullenly fuming. "I'll get you for this," he muttered.
    Remus raised an eyebrow. "And my little dog, too?"
  • Harry and Hermione discuss Arithmancy homework:
    "Like a maze, only we can't see the walls. We have to figure out what numbers on the sheet are the next ones in the sequence. Like figuring out what stones are safe to step on next."
    "Jehovah begins with an I," intoned Harry, making Hermione laugh.
  • The Longbottoms name their new home "Fireflower House".
  • After Hermione surprises Draco by swearing:
    Hermione: (to Draco) "I do when I need to. And I need to now. We have to think... find some way to get out of this—and I do NOT have the time to play Clarence to your George Bailey, so knock it off right now!"
  • Hermione's Animagus incantation includes, in Latin, "I am the cat who walks by herself, but not all places are alike to me."
  • "Let's go home," [Hermione] said, holding onto Moony, and seeing out the corner of her eye Padfoot and Letha both hugging Danger in celebration. "All of us."
    • Doubles as a Call-Back to Remus saying those same words just before he, Danger, Draco, and Hermione catch the Hogwarts Express back to London, and at several other points throughout the series: the first instance occurred during Chapter 21 of Living with Danger.
  • Draco, thinking about dream-sculpting, muses on trying to sculpt settings from books and movies:
    • He then tells Neville, who is practicing with his guitar, that he looks like Captain von Trapp. Neville's response is to call Meghan "Maria"; Luna comes over and the whole group ends up singing "Edelweiss."
  • Remus, in a good mood after hearing he has a good chance of winning the custody hearing, plays the opening of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof on his violin.
  • At their fourteenth birthday party, Harry and Neville are treated to a revue of scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the roles performed by the other Pack and Pride members. Even Mrs. Weasley enjoys the show.
    • The show is repeated on Ginny's birthday, with Harry and Neville taking parts while Ginny spectates.
  • After Draco has a rough Defense class with Moody:
    "So he may be projecting your father onto you, or conflating the two of you—it's even possible that was his idea of a joke. Mad-Eye's sense of humor always was a bit rough. So no, I don't think there's anything wrong with him. Now, why don't you not bother about grabbing your arm anymore and show me you can transfigure it?"
    Draco rolled his eyes. "I can try."
    "What am I going to say?"
    "Yeah, yeah, do or do not, whatever, Yoda. What happens when you go out to do, but you do not?"
    Remus whistled a repeated note, which segued into a musical sequence.
    Draco smiled. "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again," he chanted with the music.
  • A Take That! to a once-common Harry/Draco Fandom-Specific Plot:
  • Harry and Remus discuss having no real choice in what they are and what the world perceives them as (Remus was four when he was bitten, Harry only fifteen months old when Voldemort gave him his scar):
    "We're not just whats," said Harry. "We're whos."
    Moony hummed a few notes of a song, and Harry smacked his leg. "You know what I mean."
    "Yes, I do, and you've picked it up exactly. You can't let this grind you down, Harry. You can't let them define who you are, and who you will be. Unless you like their image—Harry Potter, daredevil boy hero, faster than a speeding spell, stronger than the Hogwarts Express, able to leap over the castle in a single bound..."
  • After a rough day in preparation for Remus' custody hearing:
  • The Pack's singing toaster sings "Voi, che sapete" from The Marriage of Figaro and later an aria from Carmen.
  • After confronting Fenrir Greyback:
    [Danger] rose on her toes and shut her eyes, fighting to banish the hatred and focus on her destination. There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, she chanted in her head.
    You forgot to click your heels, Remus said as everything hurtled away from her and invisible bonds pressed in all around.
    Danger administered a mental smack.
  • When the Pride is discussing the First Task:
    Harry: "I don't know what I'm going to do. How do you face a girl dragon?"
  • During the custody hearing:
    Silver smoke geysered from her wand and rapidly coalesced into the shape she'd been hoping for, the shape she'd prayed it would take. She knew at that moment how the Pevensie sisters must have felt on the morning after the most dreadful night ever to occur in Narnia.
    The figure which stood before her was a brightly shining lion.
    • Another example, from Moody's last Defense class:
    A gnarled hand gripped the edge of the desk. "But certain doesn't make it right. And just because you're fighting for good things doesn't mean that everything you do is automatically good."
    Harry saw out of the corner of his eye Hermione's lips moving, and could have laid a bet on what she was saying. Good done in the name of Tash is still the work of Aslan. Evil done in the name of Aslan is still the work of Tash.
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is performed as an auxiliary task of the Triwizard Tournament. Notably, Cho and Cedric, respectively, are cast as the Butler and the Baker; the Butler gets a reprieve while the Baker is executed.
  • Chapter 46 is titled Cast Away.
  • During rehearsals for Joseph:
    "And Joseph, right in the center here." Letha drew a circle on the floor with her wand.
    Draco stepped into it. "Look, Mum, the Caucasian Chalk Circle."
    "I'm the director, not your mother, this is Webber, not Brecht, and if you can't stay inside your mark any better than you did when you and I blocked this number last night I'll put bars on it ahead of schedule, is that understood?"
  • Draco, playing a melody he "composed" meant to invoke "images of Hobbiton and Bag End" (actually "Concerning Hobbits" from ''The Fellowship of the Ring''), amuses himself by setting the rest of the Pride in Tolkien's races. Neville is a hobbit; Ron and Ginny are dwarves; Hermione (studious lady of Gondor), Meghan (shieldmaiden of Rohan), and Harry (Ranger) are human; Draco and Luna are elves.
  • After someone tries to drop the Caanan backdrop on top of Harry during a full dress rehearsal:
    Draco: "I guess someone thought we were doing Phantom instead of Joseph."
  • Remus and Danger revisit an old memory of the cubs performing Peter Pan with Harry on his broomstick.

    Facing Danger 
  • Harry is careful to leave the cupboard under the stairs slightly open the night he dens at 17 Privet Drive:
    • Hermione compares the warded doorway the Pride will have to pass through to rescue Graham—or at least a modeled version—to the Door in the Air from Prince Caspian.
    • At the Department of Mysteries:
    [Harry] lifted a foot to step forward, then stopped, a voice from a story rising to the surface of his mind. "Aren't we going to mark this pool?"
    Thank you, C. S. Lewis...
    • As Hermione is learning to trust again after taking the curse portion of lycanthropy from Ginny so Meghan could stop the disease portion, hugging Remus in lion form:
  • Sirius converses with Corona Gamp:
    "You say that the truth is dangerous," Corona murmured, stepping closer to his side. "But I fear neither death nor pain."
    "What do you fear, then, my lady?" Sirius returned in the same quiet tones.
    "A cage." Corona's gaze darted about the elegant ballroom as if the windows were barricaded and the doors locked against her leaving. "To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valor is gone beyond recall or desire."
    • Sirius then lampshades it: "You quote prettily, Mam'selle."
    • Hermione gets Sirius a Lothlorien-style leaf-pin fastener for his cloak for Christmas.
  • Apparently the "do or do not" thing is a Running Gag among the Pack:
    "I can certainly try." Danger gently disengaged Meghan and stood up just in time to catch Draco holding his hands above his head like ears. "Don't even start, fox-boy," she said, flicking one of his real ears. "That joke is dead and buried, and we are not making an Inferius out of it."
  • Danger coaxes Luna back into the Den by singing "Poor Sweet Baby" from Snoopy!!!.
  • In Luna's vision, as she weeps over what seems to be Draco's grave, a man who seems to be Lucius Malfoy comes, wearing a half-mask, and sings to her from The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Harry and Hermione discuss how they're going to get to Headquarters:
    Thou shalt not use the Floo Network, nor shalt thou use the Knight Bus, save when going away from Headquarters, Neenie said in a silly voice. Portkeys are right out.
    Harry chuckled. "One, two, Portkey."
    Three, sire.
    "Whatever. So what can we use?"
    • This bit gets reused later on:
      "Right." Draco stopped at the door. "So where should I go, then?"
      "Thou shalt not go through the other common rooms," said Anne sententiously, "nor shalt thou go through the hospital wing. The Headmaster's office is right out!"
    • Another bit, later on (one of the dirtiest bits Anne has ever written, for those who can complete the reference):
    Remus shut the door quietly, so as not to disturb the sleepers. For that, you get a spanking.
    But I haven't even lit the Grail-shaped beacon!
    You deserve it anyway.
    Fine. And after the spankings–
    Don't finish that sentence.
    Oh, so you don't like it anymore?
    Remus' reply to this was graphic, specific, and would have given the cubs nightmares for months.
    • Another example has Hermione threatening to turn her bickering brothers into newts.
    • Percy, seeking to create a gateway only Muggles would know how to enter, has a mockup of the Bridge of Death complete with the wizened old man with three questions and getting catapulted off the bridge if you don't answer correctly.
  • Remus repeats Gryffindor's bit of Tolkien when releasing the block on Harry's Gryffindor fire-powers.
  • The morning of Aletha and Sirius' magical wedding:
    29 August dawned bright, warm, and musical.
    I'm getting married in the morning,
    Ding-dong, the bells are gonna chime...
    [Aletha] paused a moment, as if thinking how to change the song to fit her situation better.
    Boys, come and kiss me,
    Show how you'll miss me,
    But get me down the stairs on time!
  • The first open anti-Umbridge prank:
  • After it turns out every student save for Harry, who isn't supposed to be there anyway is present and accounted for, McGonagall wonders:
  • Ginny and Harry in the Hogwarts Den after the prank:
    The kettle whistled. Harry picked it up and filled the cups. "Here you are," he said, carrying the cups to the table by their saucers. "Take your pick."
    "Well..." Ginny opened her eyes and grinned at him. "I'm not a great fool," she said in a nasal voice, "so I can clearly not choose the tea in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool; you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the tea in front of me..."
    Harry laughed. "Just don't chase me around going 'Umbridge, Umbridge, Umbridge'," he said, setting down one of the teacups in front of her.
    "Don't worry, I won't." Ginny picked up her tea and blew on it. "You're not Miracle Max anyway."
    "Who am I, then? Westley?"
    "Maybe. Or maybe you're Inigo Montoya."
    Harry laughed. "I can see it now," he said. "I walk up to Voldemort, and..." He set down his tea and stood up, adopting a Spanish accent and a heroic pose. "Hello!. My name is Harry Potter. You killed my father. And my mother. Prepare to Die."
  • Chapter 12 is titled "Help, I Need Somebody"
  • Peeves mocks Umbridge with a very familiar, very Ear Worm-y song:
    "There she is!" Peeves shouted, swooping down from his place near the ceiling. "Ugly Umbridge!"
    Calm, Dolores. Remain calm. His insults have no power over you.
    An eyepatch materialized on his face, a huge captain's hat on his head, and a mismatched and tattered outfit on his body. "Oooooooh," the poltergeist sang, off-key.
    Who lives in our castle although she's no good?
    Ugly Umbridge!
  • Ron deduces there's still a problem with the plan to rescue Graham Pritchard (getting Graham himself out through the very small hole in the ward around where he's being kept):
    "Problem, what problem?" Harry struck a heroic pose. "I laugh in the face of problems."
    • Chapter 40 is titled "A Matter of Pride".
  • Chapter 15 is titled "Cooperation Makes It Happen."
  • Chapter 16 is titled "Did He Just Say it's Time?."
  • After the Pride rescues Graham Pritchard:
    "—ran circles around them, and the best part is, they have no idea who it was!" Danger waved a hand in the air, giggling as though she and not Hermione were the younger of the sisters. "We could take credit for it, or some Aurors who've done work off the books—"
    "Even better," Sirius broke in. "Spread around four or five different stories. It was us, it was Aurors, it was real animals on some kind of intelligence potion the Department of Mysteries dreamed up, it was animals under Imperius by other Death Eaters making a power play, it was shape-shifting American kids playing superhero—"
  • Harry and Ginny have another discussion in the Hogwarts Den:
    "Knut for your thoughts." Ginny's voice broke into his ramblings, and suddenly Harry knew exactly what he was going to say, and how.
    "Show me the money," he said.
  • Aletha and Tonks discuss child-rearing:
    Aletha: "You spend years of your life on these ungrateful brats, and just when they finally start to get interesting, they leave!"
  • This may be stretching it, but due to slightly awkward wording, "Weasleys can do all the things" may qualify.
  • Draco, after hearing of his father escaping from Azkaban—again:
    I dreamed of being a Slytherin once. Of being the person I would have been, if nothing had ever changed. Draco Malfoy, and proud of it.
    I'm Draco still, and proud of who I am...
    Half a smile made it onto his face. Two out of three. Not bad.
  • Shortly after the above moment, Draco is able to witness Alex being serenaded by Anne:
  • The Pride's last prank on Umbridge is a big one, involving seven toilets singing "Heigh-Ho."
  • As the Pride flee the Room of Requirement with Umbridge closing in:
    "Someone is not here," Luna said, turning a little to get a different vantage point of the inside of the door, though Harry knew she was looking through it at the people on the other side. "Betrayed and not betrayed, tricked and not tricked, the black swan is fallen from the sky..."
    "The black swan," Ginny repeated under her breath. "There's a ballet, with a sorcerer's daughter..."
  • McGonagall makes reference to the "Danegeld", which was a tax raised to pay tribute to the Viking raiders to save a land from being ravaged, and also the subject of a poem by Rudyard Kipling, "Dane-Geld".
  • Danger quotes Twelfth Night: "'Did you ever see the picture of "We Three"?'"
    "O Time, thou must untangle this, not I," Mrs. Danger murmured. "It is too hard a knot for me t'untie."
  • Aletha and new History of Magic teacher Hestia Jones reference Monty Python's "Argument Sketch":
    Professor Jones huffed. "Look, I came here for an argument!"
    Mama Letha smiled. "And isn't that exactly what you're getting?"
    The Pride snickered.
    "All right, enough silly quoting."
  • Ryan and LadyChi of Potter Fic Weekly have expys at Hogwarts. The "Silly Duel" between them is full of references to memorable incidents discussed on the podcast.
    • Ryan's expy getting drenched in hot apricot preserves was something Anne promised to do during her PFW interview.
  • Chapter 37 begins with something else mentioned in the aforementioned interview: a character named William Robinson, created solely for a scene where he would be introduced to Danger:
    "Will, this is Gertrude Granger-Lupin, but she always goes by Danger. Danger, Will Robinson."
  • Harry and Lee discuss Maya and what will become the second Pride:
    Lee pulled a scrap of parchment from his pocket. "Well, I've got a little list..."
    "And they'll none of them be missed, right?"
    "Never mind."
  • Chapter 42 (heh) is titled "A Whole New World".
    • The first portion of the chapter even centered around George taking his girlfriend (who is dressed in a harem-girl outfit) out on a flying carpet! (Well, technically a broomstick, but still.) With half the Pride actually singing the song!
  • George's Muggle girlfriend finds out magic is real:
    "Magic is real?" Crystal knew it was at least the tenth time she'd asked the same question, but it wasn't one she wanted to leave open for debate. "Unicorns and dragons and wizards?"
    "Oh my," George agreed with a snicker.
  • A rather meta example:
    "My name is Maya Pritchard, and in January I did something very brave and very stupid..."
  • Chapter 44 is titled "When the Battle's Lost and Won."
  • Another rather meta moment:
    Percy: What are you doing here?
    Ginny: Rescuing you, of course.
  • Ron—a redheaded young man, newly blinded with bandages over his eyes, later to receive strange new abilities to make up for his sight... there's something very familiar about this... Unintentional, according to Word of Anne, but still fun.
  • Crystal lends Percy a copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel. He picks up a few things from it.
  • Chapter 48's title, "Bind Up the Brokenhearted", references Isaiah 61:1:
    The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the blind... (New International Version)
    • Notably, this is the chapter in which Mrs. Weasley sets the stage for Ron to come out of his self-pity cocoon over losing his sight.
  • Yet another meta moment:
  • This may have been inadvertent (subconscious at best), but...
    Masked wizard, swinging up a wand. Fire. Muggle child bending to pick a flower. Hold. House-elf, hands raised in spellcasting motions. Fire. Teenage girl with braided hair, eyes glinting disconcertingly as they focused on him—
  • The titles of Chapters 49 and 50, "What Once Was Lost" and "What Now Is Found" reference "Amazing Grace".
  • Danger and a memory-wiped Aletha meet up in Dream Land and discover that Aletha kept at least some memories of her former self:
    "[...]Because we were both still wounded, still torn apart, when we came together, we healed as one, not two. Which makes it sound like a horror movie, like Dr. Frankenstein–"
    "Frawn-kun-steen," Mare corrected under her breath, then frowned.
  • The "colors song" from Joseph becomes a plot point when Aletha uses its final word, "blue", to tell her memory-wiped self "Mare" that she had stored a copy of her memories within one of her Pack-pendants' blue jewels.
  • A moment borrowed from the Order of the Phoenix movie:
    A hand clamped down on [Lucius'] shoulder and squeezed, breaking his grip on Danger and turning him to face its owner.
    "Get away from my sister," said Sirius Black coldly, and punched Lucius in the face.
  • Draco briefly imitates an Igor when Harry orders him to help pack.

    Surpassing Danger 

Other DV
    Much Ado 

    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose 
  • Chapter 1 has Harry and Draco, after losing a bet to Fred and George, performing "What Is This Feeling?" from Wicked.
  • Chapter 2 has Percy—blackmailed by Fred and George—playing King Arthur in an adaptation of the Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Fred and George play Patsy and the Black Knight—only Anne knows which is which—with Lee Jordan as the green knight).

Dangerverse AU
    True Colors 
  • Harry's cupboard under the stairs is bigger on the inside.
  • Dumbledore apparently uses the code-name Mithrandir, Gandalf's Sindarin name, used in Gondor and meaning "Grey Pilgrim" or "Grey Wanderer" (mith "grey" + randir "pilgrim, wandering man").
  • Possibly another meta-moment:
    Hagrid: "Yeh either hated Danger or yeh loved her. An' a lot o' people thought they'd hate her when they heard about her, an' when they met her they loved her. Funny world, isn't it?"
  • Harry anticipates finding out the truth behind Zelda:
    Zelda was a human in animal form, Ray's sister or his cousin or his aunt...
    Harry thumped his head against the pillow. I should never have listened to that recording of H.M.S. Pinafore.
  • A twofer as Ray and Zelda plan something:
  • From the epilogue:
    Luna leaned back against Ray, one hand absently stroking her Gryffindor crest. "Malfoy really should have known better than to try to keep your dad around," she murmured. "After all, it's not like he's a tame lion."

    That Which Does Not Kill Us 
  • Remus, who apparently died in the Battle of Hogwarts, makes reference to passing through "the river of Lethe". This is a reference both to Classical Mythology, as the Lethe was one of the four rivers of Hades, as well as The Divine Comedy, in which the waters of the river—which induce forgetfulness—erase the memories of one's former life.
  • It's implied that Harry has been journeying through Potterverse Fan Fic for the past few months.

    Truth Amid the Lies 

    Vivens cum Pericula 
  • The title is a literal Latin translation of "Living with Danger"; fittingly, Danger has taken the name "Pericula" in this world.
  • When Pericula and Narcissa meet for the first time:
    Narcissa: "Did she sit like Patience on a monument?"
    Pericula: "Smiling at grief?"
  • When Pericula and Remus meet for the first time:
    Have you been working for the Malfoys long?"
    "Not terribly. I came to them in June."
    "Blown in by the east wind, and only to stay until it changes?"
    Peri laughed. "Something like that, but without the black hair."
  • Pericula "divines" Remus' lycanthropy:
    "I see a word," Peri intoned. "A word with eight letters... a word that asks a question, a question that many fear the answer to..."
    • Later in that same scene:
      Pericula: (deepening her voice) "There wolf. There castle."
      Aletha: “Why are you talking like that?"
      Remus: *jumps and bangs his head*
      Pericula: "I thought you wanted to." *kisses her fingertips and brushes them across the injured portion of Remus' head*
      Aletha: "No, I don't want to. Are you all right, Remus?"
      Remus: "Fine." *strangled voice, simultaneously rubbing his head and trying to hide his brilliantly pink face*
      Pericula: "Suit yourself, I'm easy."
  • Pericula and Dumbledore (I'm starting to notice a pattern here) meet for the first time, and Pericula explains how she came to be in her present predicament:
    "I was married once," she said. "And very happily married. I had a family I loved dearly and good friends. And then, through a strange series of events, I was given the chance to make their lives immeasurably better if I would simply walk away from them. It was not a trick, not a game, but a real offer. And I took it."
    "More things in heaven and on earth, Horatio?"
    "Yes, that's it exactly."
  • Chapter 6 has a threefer:
    "And I like seeing you, and Ray. But I could do without the Spanish Inquisition..." He closed his eyes, hearing her quick intake of breath. "I shouldn't have said that, should I?"
    "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Peri whisper-shouted, grinning madly. Her face relaxed into gentler lines. "I'm sorry. Once again, my astounding lack of tact surfaces as my distinguishing characteristic. One of these days they're going to collar me as a medical specimen—human born entirely without tact. I'll go right between the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman."
    Ray came around to them and spouted a long string of consonants, pointing at the fountain.
    "You want a penny to throw in?" Remus asked, rattling his pocket.
    Ray nodded hard.
    "Well, I may be a bit stretched at the moment..."
    "Like butter scraped over too much bread," Peri put in.
    • Remus hangs a rather large lampshade on her tendency to quote or reference various things.
  • This is also the chapter where Remus, Peri, Sirius, and Aletha come up with the concept for the Center for All to Magically Explore the Lifestyles of Others Today—basically a place for Muggles and magicals to explore each other's worlds.
  • Shortly afterward:
    "So, King Arthur," said Peri lightly as she and Remus walked down the street, hand in hand. "Will you start a Round Table in your court at Camelot?"
    "Indeed I will. And the knights will dance whene'er they're able."

     Lord Voldemort and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 
  • The title is a reference to "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

  • Starting with the obvious: the title is a reference to a song from the musical Annie, in which the eponymous little orphan muses over the note her parents left with her when she was left on the doorstep of the orphanage, sure they're still out there, wondering what they're like, and hoping they'll come back for her.
  • Chapter 3, showing what seems to be a Running Gag among the Pack in full:
    "Come on, Pearl," he whispered to her once they were safe in their bedroom. "No crying now. Time to be brave."
    Meghan wiped her eyes and sniffled hard. "I'll try."
    Draco held his hands behind his head as if they were pointed ears. "Do or do not," he said in a high-pitched voice. "There is no try."
  • Danger muses on what the "one impossible thing" accomplished via her wild magic might be:
    Everyone's expecting something to happen at the trial. She smiled sweetly. And pranksters' rule number one is: never, ever, do what they expect.
    Let's make it a true déjà vu, Alex...
    Danger smacked herself mentally. Too much American television, girl.
  • Chapter 9: Remus tells a story about how the Pack came to be, finishing thusly:
    Remus: "And so the Pack lived, and thrived, and the cubs grew strong and brave, and even when the hunters came and captured and separated them, the Pack found one another again. For the strength of the Pack is the wolf..."
    Hermione: "And the strength of the wolf is the Pack."
  • Meghan, in Neville's greenhouse (and no, that is not what they're calling it these days):
  • Chapter 10: Anne gets meta again:
    Miss Anderson smiled at him. "You're a wizard, Harry."
  • Chapter 11, inevitably:
    "May I ask you something?"
    "Of course."
    "I've always wondered—what were you thinking the day I told you? What went through your mind?"
    Aletha nodded. "My first reaction was probably fear," she said. "That and surprise..."
    "Our two main weapons are fear and surprise," interrupted Remus, "surprise and fear, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, three, our three main weapons..."
  • Chapter 12 appears to have a Take That! to the Manipulative!Dumbledore Fandom-Specific Plot:
    In most situations, of course, he didn't want to be manipulative. Even if he thought he knew what was best, and even if he turned out to be right (as was the case an overwhelming majority of the time), it was still his policy, most of the time, to give advice and guidance, then step back and let events happen unless he took part overtly. Besides being ethically correct, it was in general more entertaining.
  • Chapter 14, after beating Curcio:
    Remus reclaimed his chain and tucked it away under his shirt. "Let's go home," he said. "All of us."
  • In the same chapter, Remus is heard to utter "Numerus stultorum infinitus est." This is the Latin Vulgate translation of Ecclesiastes 1:15: "Infinite is the number of fools."
  • The universe Curcio tries to send Danger to (and thus erase her from existence) is the canon universe as of the end of Order of the Phoenix. It terrifies her.
  • Word of Anne is that it wasn't deliberate, but with only a few minor modifications, the end of "Maybe" could segue just fine into "Living Without Danger"—the endings of "Maybe" and "Living with Danger" line up perfectly:
    "Seems like some things are just meant to be," said Draco with satisfaction, sitting back in his seat. "Bertie Bott's, anyone?"

    The Witch of the Westmoreland 
  • Okay, again, let's start with the obvious. The fic is inspired by the folk song of the same name.
  • The aftermath includes Sirius deciding to become an author under a pen name and writing a series of books based on the world that might have been (releasing the books into the Muggle world along the same timeline as the books in real life).
  • The follow-up, Coming Home seems to take place in the canon universe, but it turns out that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco have been playing their way through Deathly Hallows "in game mode", tricked by Death Eaters into thinking the books told the story of their actual lives. After passing from the end of DH into a world with obstacles very much like those in "The Fountain of Fair Fortune," they emerge back in their own world.

  • Once again, obviousness: the title of the first story, "The Point of No Return", is also the title of a song from The Phantom of the Opera, which is referenced throughout.
  • Russell's Animagus form is a raven. His Marauder name is "Quoth".

    Till We Reach That Day 

    A Secret Never Told 

    The Spell of Sealing 

Dangerverse Crossovers
    Who You Gonna Call? 
  • To call this fic a crossover is debatable—it's one long Shout-Out to Ghostbusters, with Voldemort apparently liking Harry's astral-projection ability so much, he decides to try it for himself. He seeks out Harry at Headquarters and Hilarity Ensues.

    He Nearly Killed the Cat 
  • The title of course being a reference to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
  • The crossover is between the Dangerverse and one of Anne's own original ideas, Legendbreakers.
  • The basic notion of fictional worlds being real is very reminiscent of The World as Myth (with elements of Literary Agent Hypothesis). Anne, however, credits Diana Wynne Jones, "though with my own spin, of course."
    • Word of Anne is that it kind of emerged from the concept for "That Which Does Not Kill Us".
  • During the Rite of Sealing, Nennie quotes A. A. Milne:
    Neenie: "I'll get you 'a little bit of butter to your bread' as soon as you have your drink, King dear."
  • Neenie discusses the Chroniclers and the Chronicled Worlds:
    "Around here, the people that we used to call writers or authors are usually called Chroniclers, because they're the ones who see what's going on in the worlds and write it down, chronicle it. The most skilled Chroniclers can just look out into nothingness, into the void, and see a brand-new world that no one ever saw before. But a lot of the less skilled ones, the newer ones, take a shortcut, especially when they're learning their trade."
    "That makes sense." Fox bit an extra-large chunk of pineapple in half. "What is it they do?"
    "They focus on an existing world, and a question. Usually a what-if question. What if Cinderella's slipper didn't fit? What if Hercules failed at one of his labors? What if a bunch of modern Americans turned up in the middle of the Thirty Years' War?"
    "Tell me that last one's a joke."
    "Not even. Going off the rails a bit, if you ask me, but nobody did. In any case."
  • This is quite possibly Anne's most meta work to date—there is even discussion of how the Dangerverse was supposed to be a fluffy AU (Word of Anne has it at eleven chapters with a Time Skip) that took on a life of its own.
  • Other Legendbreakers are versions of various fictional characters—the ones we've met so far are based on fantasy characters:
  • After rescuing Remus from the Reality Cops:
    "Yes, but we can't possibly be safe yet." Remus turned away to hide both what he was doing and his smile of satisfaction about it. Sometimes, balance comes in ways we never imagined. Such as the coincidence of an unexpected sight and a familiar phrase. "We're missing the most important things."
    "We are?" Neenie asked from behind him, sounding worried. "What do you mean?"
    If I'm going to go mad, I may as well go mad with style.
    Remus turned to face her and, with great dignity, draped the bright red bath sheet he had conjured around her shoulders. Reynard was presented with a gold one, and Remus displayed his own, with its prominent Gryffindor lion, before twisting it into a rope and tying it around his waist. "Now we're safe," he said with satisfaction. "We have our towels."
    • Remus leaves a note for the James and Sirius of that world:
    P.S. The answer is 42. Now find the question.
  • Fox puts the younger Draco into the "True Colors" universe.
  • Neenie's mentors discuss how Legendbreakers work:
    "Legendbreakers work in the shadows," Eve's voice murmured in Neenie's memory. "We do our best work in the unChronicled moments and the indeterminate times. Or if not, if we have to come into the open, we make one small change and let its consequences spread naturally."
    "And even then, we have to be anonymous," Suzie's voice took over. "It has to be a case of, 'Who was that masked woman, anyway?'"
  • As part of an announcement that Sirius now has a room for his writing, Draco makes a Visual Pun involving his and Sirius' Animagus forms as "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (a sentence designed to display fonts, as it uses every letter of the alphabet at least once). Sirius then begins Chronicling a new world—the world where it turns out Ron and Ginny are.
  • John recruits the Be Careful versions of Severus Snape and his wife Cecelia from a point after the as-yet unwritten sequel to that story; Severus takes the name Russell Evans in a nod to the Returnverse.
  • Neenie grieves over being unable to save Lynx as well as Redwing, and Miss Susie explains how this changes her domain:
    And while your heart sorrows, the domain will grieve with you. Until you recoup your loss, until you regain the person you feel responsible for not saving this time, it will be winter here."
    "Always winter?" Neenie wrapped her arms around herself, shivering. "And never Christmas?"
    Miss Suzie's smile was as wintry as the breeze now cutting through Neenie's thin robes. "The words are yours, not mine, but yes."
  • Remus, missing Danger, quotes Genesis 2:24 (NKJV):
    "'For this reason,'" he quoted softly, "'a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.'"
  • The Pack and Pride are stuck in worlds in various places along the canon timeline:
    • Neenie finds Fox and John during what in the canon timeline would be just before the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone.
    • Carrie and Meghan are rescued from just a few months after Meghan's birth, in the same world as Pat, who is rescued just as he is about to pass through the Veil in Order of the Phoenix.
    • Redwing and Lynx are stuck in a "tell" circa Half-Blood Prince, with Draco disguising himself as a Hufflepuff to get Hermione's help fixing the Vanishing Cabinet.
      • Lynx is moved to another world by the R Cs.
    • Captain and Starwing are rescued from the Hogwarts Express circa Half-Blood Prince via a forced-split-and-merge.
    • Lynx, Danger, and Wolf are found by Meghan at the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Return of the Aurors 
  • The first several chapters are quite literally a line-by-line reconstruction of Return of the Jedi, suitably altered in places. Then things get weird...
  • The casting is probably worth noting:
    • Ron as Ron Solo (with his starship the Millennium Hawk)
    • Neville as N-3LO
    • Meghan as M2-B2
    • Draco as Drake Skywalker
    • Luna as Luna Calrissian
    • Hermione as Princess Neenie
    • Harry as Hairywolf the Wookiee
    • Ginny as Ginevra, chieftainess of the Ewok village (with a bit part as Ginna, a female Twi'lek)
    • Fred and George as Stormtroopers (makes sense, since they're clones anyway)
    • Percy as EV-9D9
    • Danger as Jedi Mistress Gerta and General Dadine
    • Aletha as Mon Letha
    • Remus as Admiral Lupar
    • Sirius as Sirius Nigilles
  • Since this is basically a self-insert fic by Ron, he renamed other characters after people he knows:
    • Dursley the Hutt (Dudley)
    • Ory Goila, Twi'lek minion of Dursley the Hutt (Goyle)
    • Boba Nott (Theodore Nott)
    • Salacious Crabbe (Crabbe)
    • Albu-Wan "Brian" Dunobi (Dumbledore)
    • Darth Malius/Lucas Skywalker (Lucius Malfoy)
    • Voldemort, of course, is the Emperor.
  • Many of the locations are named partially for Potterverse places:

     The Lion, the Snake, and the Safe Room