Shout Out / The Ed, Edd n Eddy Project

A fan-fic trilogy that contains the Eds in situations depending on the story is going to have Shout Outs one way or another. This one is no exception, except that this one contains as much as the Scott Pilgrim page.


Kingdom Hearts

  • In the second chapter has Ed going Gandalf on the Heartless, twirling his makeshift staff and slamming it on the ground, shouting "You. Shall. Not. Pass!"
    Edd: "Ed, wrong movie."
  • Eddy points out the smiley pin on his hat in the third chapter, saying that this if it is meant to be funny, "I ain't laughing."
  • Ed is built as a Shout-Out-dispensing machine, already talking about being a man with the hex and speaking of a world with a heart. Also "do a barrel roll!"
  • Intentional, but when Eddy mentions that if he sees Sarah and Jimmy in Townsville and Sarah starts yelling at them for no particular reason, he is "going to cry"
  • The first chapter in Act II is made of this, with the author even asking to point out the references. Just try guessing all of them...
  • If you are familiar with a certain web comic that also feature Megas, you know about the options Coop was given. However, instead of the super destructive type, they include: Megas' Hidden Divine Attack, Only a Few More Paragraphs in this Chapter, and Incredibly Lame Pun. Take a guess which one Coop chose
  • Apparently Ed wants to name a thought "K.K."
  • The entire Mind Screw of events in Chapter 14. Listing all of them will take all day.
  • There's apparently a lot of Soul Eater references. Chapter 18 takes this up several levels by having Van Kliess and Biowulf sing Excalibur's song, getting the Eds, Normadomus, Rex and Bobo Haha to do the "I-Have-Met-Excalibur" face, and even getting Agent Six to comment on it!