Shout Out / Turnabout Storm

Being a crossover between 2 series that are filled with Shout Outs, it's only natural they would show up.
  • invokedAlbeit unintentionally, Phoenix says he read the book Twilight gave him on Equestria in 10 seconds flat.
  • He later unknowingly borrows another memetic phrase, this time from Rarity:
  • And he also borrowed a proverbnote  from Zidane, but this time knowing where he got it from.
    Phoenix: (I should really tell her I just stole that one from a video game.)
  • Phoenix has a bit of trouble remembering Fluttershy's name when he first hears of her. One of the accidental names he comes up with is "Firefly". Firefly was the name of a pony from Generation 1.
    • He also calls her "Flutterscotch" once, which is a Generation 3 name.
  • Like if they weren't similar enough, Trixie's "opening statement" is quite similar to one of Franziska's own in case 3 of Justice For All.
    Franziska: You have no chance. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I'm not losing this case!
    Trixie: The defense has no chance of winning in this. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None!
    • Trixie's Courtroom demeanor is highly reminiscent of Franziska all throughout the series, culminating in Trixie angrily spouting a 'fool'-ridden sentence much like Ms. Von Karma in part 5.
  • Phoenix comments that ponies controlling the weather sounds like a twist taken straight from a Twilight Zone episode.
  • Trixie calls our hero Phoenix Wrong.
  • The scene with Rainbow Dash's "embarrassing photo" may have been a reference to a similar scene in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. One of the ponies even quotes Flonne, more or less.
  • Want to know the names of Fluttershy's pet flies? There's Michael, Donna, Steven, Eric, Jackie...
  • The Judge's "OBJECTION OVERRULED!" may be a reference to his appearance in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
  • Rainbow's desperate words when Phoenix meets her again in the detention center are reminiscent of Larry Butz's during Phoenix's first trial, right down to "There's nothing left for me in the world!/Equestria!"
  • Both Pinkie and Rarity have Motor Mouth moments reminiscent of Oldbag's.
  • Just after Pinkie Pie opens Ace's room using the key, she proclaims "Pinkie Pie, master of unlocking!"
  • Pinkie reminds Phoenix that her name isn't Shirley.
  • Pinkie Pie's guesses for what they'll find in Ace's hotel room include a magical stone, a secret chamber, a prisoner, a cup and something Phoenix ordered.
  • Pinkie briefly slips into Cupcakes mode during a conversation about ladders and stepladders and cupcakes and muffins, that Pinkie Pie suddenly derails into a comparison between saws and hacksaws.
  • A list of several names includes names like Leroy Wingkons, Alucard, and Morhaymoto from Neighpon.
    • The brochure for the Equestria 500 in Part 3 - Twilight also has them.
  • Sonata is named after the Ludwig van Beethoven piano piece Moonlight Sonata. To drive this home, the actual piece itself plays when Sonata admits to the murder.
    • Neo went for broke here. Fluttershy saw a mysterious dark-colored mare leave the forest, but Phoenix can't identify her until Fluttershy mentions seeing a horn from moonlight reflected off her glasses.
  • Derpy, after bringing up Phoenix not knowing pegasi could move clouds, says "Oh how I laughed and laughed!" Phoenix's response is to think "Except I wasn't laughing...". This is almost a word-for-word recreation of part of the lyrics from Portal 2's ending song, Want You Gone.
  • invokedPinkie suggests that there are possibly two Rainbow Dashes, resulting in this double rainbow reference:
    Phoenix: Double Rainbow Dash?
    Pinkie: All the way! That would be so intense!
    • Pinkie then suggests that this twin's name is Wob Niar, referencing Case 3 of Trials and Tribulations where someone impersonates Phoenix and Maya suggests his name is Xin Eohp.
    • This becomes a Brick Joke in Part 5 when Phoenix bumps into a pegasus who looks almost exactly like Rainbow Dash, except she's bright orange with a Brooklyn Rage accent and matching personality, much like Phoenix's own impersonator Furio Tigre.
  • When Derpy is curious why Phoenix avoids addressing her by name, his excuse is that "I really like your mane."
  • invokedPhoenix's first thought about Rarity is calling her a "marshmallow pony" (a Memetic Mutation from an "A Dog and Pony Show" perspective shot).
  • Apparently, Rarity's middle name is Tabitha, her voice actress' name in the actual show.
  • Rarity gives a shout out to the brony community in episode three, saying she "tried to love and tolerate" a crying child who was driving her nuts. A common brony response to an anti-brony is "I'm going to love and tolerate the shit out of you!"
  • Rarity's pen rant has a very similar vibe to James Rolfe's You Know Whats Bullshit series, who also made a video complaining about the same exact thing.
  • Rarity brings up a fashion idea for Phoenix's suit that sounds pretty close to Redd White's suit from the first Ace Attorney.
  • Spike asks if he can be a "hard-boiled" detective.
  • Twilight Sparkle once again reminds you that android he-... magic kindergarten is a real place, and you will be sent there at the first sign of defiance.
  • During a discussion about why the Judge goes by "Judge" outside of the courtroom, he states that it's a simple, one-word name, like that one singer, you know, "Living Material World!". And then the scene cuts to a picture of Rarity.
    • Also possibly a shout out to PONIES The Anthology, in which that very song is set to a montage of Rarity clips.
    • Can also be a shout out to the Film version of Inspector Gadget where Claw names himself such because of said singer.
  • The final paragraph in Equestria 500's program triptych: "So arsk[sic] yourself: Are you a bad enough pony to fly in the EQUESTRIAN 500?"
  • Muffin get fanfare! Taken straight from Super Metroid.
  • While most themes are either from either series or original, some tracks from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers appear. Lenora's theme is At The End of The Day, and the very last moments of the final stinger are accompanied by its epilogue theme.
  • Lenora's headband has Ema Skye's pin from Case 1-5: Rise from the Ashes on it (or at least a drawing of it).
  • Lenora's letter from Celestia says "Sorry, but the princess is in another castle".
  • While in Everfree with Twilight, Apple Bloom mentions a time when she was lost in the woods, complete with reference to a magnifying glass cutie mark.
  • invokedWhen Spike is waiting in anticipation for some gems to eat, he says "My body's ready".
  • Twilight mentions giving him something better than a Sapphire. What's better than Sapphire? Ruby and Emerald.
  • Twilight calls the Psyche-locks "Psycho-locks", like Edgeworth does in Trials and Tribulations.
  • In Part 4, after Phoenix catches Gilda lie (again), his remark is Oops, you did it again, Gilda.
  • Trixie makes a comparison that's akin to comparing ants to a boot.
  • Sonata mentions a newspaper called Equestria Daily
  • One of Lenora's reactions after Twilight snaps after she calls her "Twilight Sparkler" one too many times is a reference to a Running Gag in The Nostalgia Critic's review of Thomas the Tank Engine.
    Lenora: "Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!" She didn't have to yell at me. It's not my fault pony names are hard to pronounce!
  • Whilst looking for Trixie after winning the case, Phoenix encounters a strange, pale-green and white unicorn mare who shyly tells him that she really likes his hands before leaving a bemused Phoenix alone. This is an obvious shout-out to Lyra, Ponyville's resident human fanmare/fetishist in the brony fandom.
  • Phoenix is peeved by Pinkie Pie calling him a boy despite his being older than her.
    • It could also be seen as a shout-out to a conversation between Mia and Edgeworth in Trials and Tribulations, where Mia was just as irritated with Edgeworth over the exact same topic.
  • After the trial, Scootaloo shows up bringing her own "evidence" to submit, one of which is a pine cone. Later, we see Trixie staring at said pine cone (now in the hands of Nick). This is possibly a shout out to the meme that Trixie's favorite food is pine cones.
  • Ace Swift's final speech as he prepares to murder Sonata contains a near-direct quote from Redd White's speech as he's about to murder Mia: "My dear Sonata, I'm so very sorry. But I am afraid I must ask you for one more thing..."
  • The final stinger's format is very reminiscent of the stingers from the Metal Gear series: A Cryptic Conversation over a black background.