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Web Animation: Phoenix Wrong
Phoenix Wrong is a collection of short Flash videos originated by Newgrounds user AshfordPride. These consists of animated videos of the cast of Ace Attorney (both the Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice continuities, and using sprites from both eras), with the sprites edited to make the characters sing famous songs or quote from movies/TV shows/popular Internet memes. The first series of videos proved to be quite popular, and after a while, other users got into the act. The quality between user videos tends to vary heavily.

Compare Video Collage, Youtube Poop, and AMV Hell.

Links: The original, and the PW collection (both hosted by Newgrounds)

Tropes common in Phoenix Wrong Flashes:

Perfect KirbyWebsite/NewgroundsPhoenotopia
Phoenix Wright Devils AttorneyWeb AnimationPico

alternative title(s): Phoenix Wrong
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