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Shout Out: Mobile Fighter Evangelion
  • Misato's bike, per Word of God, is "basically a 'Go Go Gadget/Speed Racer' homage to AKIRA"
  • The random assortment of gadgets (including a grapple gun!) that Gendo pulls out of his cloak brings to mind images of a certain caped crusader.
  • In Episode 3, Gendo engages in a cathartic "ritual" following his meeting with the Instrumentality Committee. His behavior is a Shout-Out to Christopher Walken's character in The Country Bears.
  • In chapter 4, all the teachers at the school... well, the chapter's title is Meet The Team, if that tips you off.
  • The large, robotic body that we first see Randall (Ritusko's cat) in is basically Dog.
  • The anchorwoman for the local news in Tokyo-3 is named Trisha Takanawa.
  • The second 'NERV propaganda' video is a pastiche of the Valve video "Meet the Heavy".
  • Keel Lorenz wrote a book titled Second Impact: The Book.
  • A few cults centered around Angel worship are mentioned in Episode 5; one of them is The Light of the Divine, which is a recurring enemy in the Superwomen of Eva series by orionpax09 and Mike313.
  • A double reference to Half-Life 2: the gravity manipulation machines are called Freeman devices after their inventor. The Unobtanium needed to make them work is called Kleinium.
  • An Episode 7 flashback reveals that Ritsuko's cat Randall (playfully) attacked a GEHIRN scientist by the name of Dr. Molina with Dr. Octopus arms.
  • Rei reveals that, during the Mexican Campaign of 2010, she killed Roberta.
  • The Jet Alone's debut in Episode 8 is one gigantic Shout-Out to the Super Robot. The Jet Alone itself (well, part of it, at least) is a Shout-Out to G Gundam.
  • The crashing of the Jet Alone debut by Gendo was directly inspired by this scene from FLCL.
  • The third NERV propaganda video is a pastiche of a Cave Johnson commercial. Here's an example.
  • The names for Shinji's aunt, uncle and cousin (as well as the existence of Shinji's aunt and cousin) are all taken from Nobody Dies. Other names from the fic include Pieter Langley and Yomiko Nagisa.
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