Funny / Mobile Fighter Evangelion

  • Gendo. As The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. That is all.
  • Asuka the Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • A moment above them all: when she caught Toji and Kensuke selling pictures of hers, thanks to her father's advice she identified them as perverts and beat them up Super Sentai-style, then saw a picture that was actually tasteful and bought it.
  • When Mari makes friend with Toji and Hikari's little sisters, the narration has only one thing to say:
    And lo, a terror greater than the Angels was born.
  • Aoba is the saxophonist in a jazz band composed by sentient apes that preferred to stick with her instead of joining their brethens in the Congolese Federation.
  • After a fierce battle, Israfel is overwhelmed by the Evangelions and Jet Alone, and beaten back in a single body. The defenders of mankind have it dead to rights... At which point Israfel runs away. It's the sheer incredulity of everyone's reaction that sells it.
    Shinji: "...what?"
    Mayumi: "...well, this is new."
    Miyata: "...the Seventh Angel is retreating?"
    Misato: "Damn it! We had that thing dead to rights! Who gave them permission to run away?!"
  • Pen-Pen and one of Ritsuko's cats piloting Gundams.
  • Ritsuko as a Mad Scientist.
  • Gendo "taking revenge" on SEELE at the third chapter.