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Series: General Hospital

Long-running soap opera airing on ABC since April 1, 1963.

The action, ostensibly, centers on the staff and patients at General Hospital in Port Charles, New York. Early characters of importance were Dr. Steve Hardy, his nurse wife, Audrey, nurse Jessie Brewer, Dr. Lesley Webber, and attorney Lee Baldwin. Many current characters are children and grandchildren of these veteran characters.

General Hospital's ratings slouched in the mid-1970s and the show faced cancellation. It was invigorated by the beloved (but controversial) pairing of Laura Webber Baldwin and Luke Spencer, a romance infamously spawned after Luke raped Laura at the Campus Disco in 1979. The rape was retconned as a "seduction" (only to later be acknowledged as rape) and the pair became the original soap opera Super Couple.

The early 1980s were a heyday for GH. Storylines delved into international intrigue, involving Soviet spies, Aztec treasure, and megalomaniac Mikkos Cassadine (played by John Colicos,) who attempted to freeze Port Charles and take over the world. Luke and Laura's wedding in November 1981 drew over 30 million viewers, and featured Elizabeth Taylor as Mikkos's widow. The mid 80s brought super couple number 2 in Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) and Felicia Cummings (Kristina Crump, who would later marry Jack Wagner in real life).

By the early 90's, the focus shifted to more family-based drama. The show got high marks for tearjerker stories such as Stone's death from AIDS, and young Maxie Jones receiving her cousin BJ's heart in a transplant.

The past decade has been dominated by mobsters Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Most of the show's long-term fans have been alienated by increasingly dark stories and a growing trend of killing off veteran characters, supposedly to attract a younger audience. In 2012, with the show under threat of cancellation there was a radical change in showrunners. The new regime ended the show's mob focus (more or less), bringing back veteran characters who were written out and restoring the titular hospital and many of the show's core families to the forefront again. Now the show is like most modern American soap operas again, with a mix between domestic/medical drama and outlandish adventure stories.

The series has spawned two spinoffs: Supernatural Soap Opera Port Charles and Night Shift, a weekly primetime summer series on Soap Net.

This series provides examples of:

  • Above the Influence - When Lulu is drugged at a photoshoot, Dante finds her and takes her back to his place to make sure nothing happens to her. She tries to initiate intimacy but Dante nobly declines.
  • Affably Evil: Jerry Jacks.
    • Anthony Zacchara
  • Alliterative Name - Jasper Jacks, his parents John and Jane Jacks, his brother Jerry Jacks, and his daughter Josslyn Jacks. His wife was also 'Carly Corinthos' before they got married.
  • The Alcoholic: Noah Drake, and most notoriously Luke Spencer and former nephew-in-law, A.J. Quartermaine.
  • Artifact Title - For a show called General Hospital, very few of the storylines are focused on Port Charles General Hospital. The first 15 or so years of the show were set almost exclusively in the hospital; however, much of the show's focus post Luke & Laura was on action/adventure and mafia storylines. As The Other Wiki points out, the spin-off Port Charles initially focused on the hospital and medical-related storylines more heavily when compared to the mothership.
  • Backup Twin - Kevin Collins; Bernie Abrahms; Rebecca Shaw
    • And Sam's never-spoken-of-again doppelganger from the Island of Ballroom Dancing.
    • Subverted with Dr. Silas Clay.
  • Bald of Awesome: Taggert
  • Bald of Evil: Theo Hoffman AKA "The Balkan".
  • Best Woman: Brenda serves as both the best "person" and maid of honor at Ned and Lois' wedding, being the best friend to both of them.
    • When Steve and Olivia were going to get married, Elizabeth served at the "Best Ma'am"
  • Big Eater - Carly. She even goes into labor during a clandestine trip to score forbidden french fries.
  • Black Comedy Rape
  • Bloodstained Glass Windows
  • Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress Kate, when shot while getting married to Sonny.
  • Break the Cutie: Michael's entire life has pretty much been this, and shows no signs of stopping. He was raped in prison and his girlfriend died. Before that he shot his father's fiancee and got shot himself shortly after. He also (supposedly) watched his biological dad die. Twice. The second time took.
  • Building of Adventure: Earlier in the series the show was set entirely in the hospital.
  • But I Can't Be Pregnant!
  • But We Used a Condom - Lulu and Dillon as well as Jason and Liz; the condoms turned out to be defective.
  • Cain and Abel: Morgan and Michael Corinthos.
  • Canon Immigrant - Several Night Shift characters made the jump to the mothership.
    • After One Life to Live was cancelled, GH moved a few of the characters from Llanview to Port Charles, notably Todd and Starr Manning and Skye Chandler (who was previously connected as the adopted daughter of Alan Quartermaine.)
  • The Cast Showoff: The Nurses' Ball tended to do this plenty of times, most notably with Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield (furthering both of their singing careers) and Kelly Monaco (using her experience on Dancing with the Stars).
  • Celebrity Star - Most famously Elizabeth Taylor; most recently James Franco. Also Ricky Martin, Rick Springfield.
  • Character Blog - @DrMattHunter on Twitter.
  • Claustrophobia - Sonny
  • Coming-Out Story - Lucas.
  • Cowboy Cop: Dante
  • Cross Over - Mostly with Port Charles, but with other soaps as well
    • The late Gerald Anthony's many appearances as Marco Dane from One Life to Live cemented the fact that the two soap operas occurred in the same overall Verse.
    • And due to (what can now be called the "original") OLTL's cancellation, Todd Manning, oldest child Starr, and John McBain headed to Port Chuck, with occasional appearances by Todd ex-wives Blair & Tea. As part of the agreement between ABC & Prospect Park (the current licensee of OLTL), those characters were removed from the show in early 2013.
    • An arc involving a relish contest in May 2013 involved a crossover with The Chew, a cooking talk shownote  aired by ABC as a lead-in to GH.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Many characters, but mostly Johnny Zacchara as of late.
  • Dead Star Walking
  • Determinator: Heather Webber was stabbed by her son in 2013 and buried alive, only to survive that and kidnap Carly Jacks in a few short months. She also swandived off the roof of General Hospital, something proven to have killed one man (Trevor Lansing) before.
  • Distaff Counterpart - Of all people, Spinelli got one in Winifred. Went over about as well as you'd expect.
    • He got a new one in his new girlfriend, Ellie (Ellie Spinelli, get it?), but she was far better liked.
  • Distressed Dude - Spinelli's usually the guy getting into trouble, and Jason is usually the one getting him out of it.
  • Domestic Abuser: Kristina's boyfriend Kiefer & depending on what stance you take, Sonny when he was married to Claudia.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male:
    • The Jasper Jacks and Irina incident
    • Also, when Brook Lynn drugged Dante because he wouldn't sleep with her otherwise. Almost worked- If not for Lulu walking in and tossing her out.
    • Although Brenda did not really sleep with Michael, no one ever REALLY brought up that it would be rape since Michael was too drunk to consent.
  • Dr. Jerk - Dr. Britt Westbourne has actually been referred to as "Dr. Westnile" (or "Dr. Bitch" by fans).
  • Dropped a Crane On Her: Abby
  • Elevator Going Down: Both GH's and the Metro Court's elevator have been used for this purpose more than once.
  • Expy: Thanks to the Executive Meddling that removed Todd Manning from General Hospital, a new character was introduced in May 2013, still played by Roger Howarth, but with a slightly different appearance and a somewhat similar personality. Lampshaded in his debut appearance, when a stagehand calls upon a man named "Todd" to get paper towels to clean up after a Vomit Chain Reaction from poisoned relish on The Chew. "Todd" ends up being just a janitor.
    • This "expy" was later revealed to be the character Franco.
  • Five-Man Band - Sonny & Co. provide a classic example:
  • Flanderization - Luke Spencer, Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan (see below), A.J Quartermaine, Alexis Davis, Spinelli amongst others.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: During the years of the "Fab Four."
    • Carly is Sanguine.
    • Sonny is Choleric.
    • Jason is Melancholic
    • Leaving Courtney as Phlegmatic.
  • Grandma, What Massive Hotness You Have: Anna and Laura.
    • This trope also applies to Alexis, Julian, and Stavros, among others.
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Quoted, word for word, by Luke as Faison pulls out a coin to decide whether to kill Luke or Nikolas.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Spinelli to Jason, big time.
  • Hitman with a Heart - Jason, referred to sarcastically on Television Without Pity as "the holy hitman".
  • Hollywood Hacking: Spinelli used to do this.
  • Hospital Hottie: Robin, Sabrina, Britt Westborn, and a few others.
  • Improbable Age: Several. Robin came back as an surgical attending at 27 years old and Patrick was introduced as a well known neurological surgeon despite being in his late 20s/early 30s at the most.
  • In Love with the Mark - Sonny Corinthos got two FBI agents to fall for him, and Spinelli got a third smitten.
  • Insult Friendly Fire - The current masters are Diane, Tracy, and Maxie.
  • It's Not You, It's My Enemies: This was Jason's reason for leaving Sam. Many Jason/Sam shippers are still rather pissed. Jason also broke up with Elizabeth due to this same excuse.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Tracy, especially in recent years.
  • Kick the Dog: When Kirstina needed a transplant and Alexis found out Sam's unborn child with Sonny was a perfect match for a donor, she railroaded the other woman in order to induce premature labor. She was successful but Sam suffered a miscarriage—and adding insult to injury Sonny decided (against Jason's wishes) to okay the transplant while Sam was still unconscious. Later on, as Sam is still reeling from the loss of her baby, Alexis visits her and positively gushes about how successful Kristina's operation was. Completely disregarding the fact that Sam's baby had to die for it.
  • Lampshade Hanging - Spinelli in his detective alter ego once said, "Have you ever noticed that there are no doorbells in this town? Everybody knocks!"
  • Large Ham - Mikkos Cassadine, to name one. Stavros has shown that it runs in the family.
  • Let Them Die Happy - Tearjerkingly averted when Robin told her boyfriend Stone (who was dying from AIDS) that she contracted HIV from him. Sonny and Luke discuss whether it would have been better for Robin to lie to Stone for however long Stone had left or if it would have torn her apart to be dishonest with Stone during his last days. No one knew that Stone only had a couple days left.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Jason Morgan, much? Anytime you got him out of the leather jacket was cause for celebration.
  • Locked in a Freezer - Maxie and 3 (Cooper) bonded while locked in the vault.
  • Long Bus Trip: Keesha Ward.
    • In fact, pretty much anyone who falls out of the writers' favor. Laura's been overseas for awhile, and Brenda was on said trip until her recent return.
  • Lovable Rogue: Luke Spencer pretty much embodies this trope.
  • Mad Magazine - Generally Inefficient Hospital.
  • Mad Scientist - Mikkos Cassadine, Liesel Obrecht, Cesar Faison...
  • Magic Plastic Surgery - Jerry Jacks; turned him from Julian Stone to Sebastian Roche...which was good enough for him to sneak back into town under an alias.
  • Magical Computer - Any Spinelli scene.
  • Mama Bear - Alexis, Carly.
  • Mandatory Motherhood
  • Marriage Before Romance: Robert and Holly have a marriage of convenience, while Scott and Dominique have an accidental one.
  • Milestone Celebration: Being a long runner, GH's had it's share.
    • 30th: A revisiting of the events of the first episode, also debuting a new opening sequence and theme song, replace the ones used since 1975/1978, which would be used until 2004.
    • 35th: A primetime special, chronicling the evolution of the show.
    • 50th: The return of the Nurses' Ball after a 12 year absence, the reason was due to budget cuts in 2001.
    • 51st: "Carlypalooza", past Carly's Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun returned; all three (including current Carly Laura Wright) alternated in scenes with Maurice Bernard.
  • Morality Pet: Michael to Jason.
  • Na´ve Everygirl - Laura Spencer, Georgie Jones.
  • Never Found the Body - Jason Morgan, Jerry Jacks.
  • Never My Fault: Alexis in regards to her sister Kristina's death. After having an affair with Sonny and finding out she was pregnant, Alexis decided she didn't want Sonny to know about the child. So Ned agreed to pass himself off as the baby's father. The thing is that Ned was dating Kristina at the time, and both Alexis and Ned led Kristina to believe that Ned had cheated on her with Alexis and that Alexis had stolen her boyfriend. When Kristina found out the truth, she became so angry that she rushed to Sonny's warehouse, thinking he was there, to expose Alexis's lies. Unfortunately for Kristina, Luis Alcazar planted a bomb in the warehouse and she was killed in the blast. Had Alexis been honest with her sister, then Kristina wouldn't have died. But to this day Alexis has never accepted responsibility for her role in Kristina's death and has placed the blame squarely on Sonny's shoulders.
  • Never Say "Die"
  • The Nicknamer - Spinelli, obsessively.
  • Obfuscating Disability - Anthony Zacchara.
  • One Steve Limit - Ways to get around similarly named characters? Give the namesake son a nickname (as Luke did with his son Lucky, and as Mike did with his son Sonny), use a more formal name (Mike Corbin vs. his grandson Michael Corinthos III; Luke Spencer vs. Lucas Jones), or use your last name (Spinelli's first name is Damian, which is also the name of a notorious '90s villain.)
    • John Zacchara and John McBain. The former typically went by "Johnny" and the latter was usually on a Last Name Basis with other characters.
  • The Place
  • Playful Hacker - Spinelli, half the time.
  • Playing Gertrude- Genie Francis (Laura) is only 10 years older than Tyler Christopher (Nikolas).
    • Lisa LoCicero(Olivia Falconeri) is only nine years older than Dominic Zamprogna(Dante Falconeri).
    • Sarah Brown (Claudia Zacchara) is only four years older then Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara).
  • Pregnant Hostage - Claudia, when confronted by Sonny at her birthday party, takes a very pregnant Carly hostage to escape.
  • Prison Rape
  • Product Placement: In recent years, GH has occasionally had blatant plugs for real-world products:
    • A 2011 episode had a very awkward scene that shilled Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Said scene was followed by a commercial break led by an ad for said product.
    • A 2012 episode featured characters attending a screening of The Avengers and talking it up in front of posters for said movie. Hello, corporate synergy!
    • The Nurses' Ball in 2014 was sponsored by Yoplait Greek Yogurt, in-universe. Cue scenes of photo ops in front of a giant Yoplait logo.
  • The Rainman - at least, that's what we think Spinelli is...
  • Rape as Drama: A lot of examples over the years.
  • Rape Portrayed as Redemption
  • Reassigned To Alaska - Hannah Scott, because the actress got married to Jonathan Jackson. (Lucky Spencer #1/#4)
  • Rich Bitch: Tracy Quartermaine. She's also a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness - Spinelli
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Sabrina for the Nurses' Ball.
  • Shipper on Deck: Olivia is very invested in son Dante's relationship/marriage with Lulu.
  • Shipto Ship Combat - Jason/Sam (Ja Sam) vs. Jason/Liz (Liason) is probably the most heated example. M&M, Jo Max, and Spixie is another.
    • Legendary past battles include Brenda/Sonny vs. Brenda/Jax and Sonny/Carly vs. Sonny/Alexis.
  • Shower of Angst
  • Smug Snake: Lisa Niles, bonus points for being a total psycho.
  • Snow Means Cold - Mikkos Cassadine instantly created a blizzard in Port Charles during the middle of a hot summer.
  • Spinoff - Port Charles and Night Shift.
  • Something Completely Different - A February 2003 episode that served as GH's take on {{It'sAWonderfulLife}}.
  • Starfish Character
  • Stylistic Suck
  • Suicide by Cop
  • Supernatural Soap Opera - particularly with the "Casey the alien" story in 1990.
    • Port Charles in its last two years.
    • The Caleb the Vampire storyline, an homage to the above series.
  • Their First Time
  • The Mobsters Who Don't Do Anything - Do we ever find out what Sonny smuggles into Port Charles?
    • Do we ever find out what any Mobster on this show smuggles into Port Charles?
      • Lorenzo Alcazar was briefly an arms dealer.
    • Johnny recently tried the organ trade but Sonny shut him down.
  • The Character Diedwith Him: Lila & Edward Quartermaine
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Sonny lays an epic one out to Claudia at her birthday party after he finds out she was involved in Michael's shooting.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Franco in regards to Jason. It turns out to be because he thought they were fraternal twins.
  • The Stoic - Jason.
  • Transplant: Several One Life to Live characters came to Port Charles after that show was canceled: John McBain, Todd Manning and Starr Manning among them (Blair Cramer & Tea Delgado had brief guest spots).
  • Unwanted Harem: Lulu Spencer. She even had three boyfriends. At once.
    • Caused by there being only one or two other girls in her age range at the time (the others being Maxie and Georgie).
  • Loving Force: Luke and Laura
  • Villainous Crossdresser
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer. Even in their 60s they continue to get in trouble together, bickering all the while.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction - During the years of the annual Port Charles Nurses' Ball (1994-2001, 2013-), a running gag was that Lucy Coe would somehow always wind up onstage in her underwear at the end of the show ... often because of a rival's plotting.
    • It's not a coincidence that Lucy Coe returned as the hospital rebooted the Nurses' Ball.
      • And she wound up in her underwear. Again.
  • Water Source Tampering: Jerry Jacks does this to Port Charles water supply with a hydrochemical disease and demands a large ransom in return for the cure.
  • Weather Control Machine
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Michael has this with Sonny SO much. Basically everything the poor kid does is a misguided attempt to prove he's "tough" enough to earn his mobster father's respect.
    • And his biological son Morgan is bringing up the rear.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Remember when Laura and Lucy were going to open the Deception spa? And Milo quit his job for it?
  • Woman Scorned: Lisa Niles.
  • Yandere: Lisa Niles, again. She first tries to kill Robin then she tries to kill Patrick
  • Artistic License - Geography: Lorenzo Alcazar had a yacht on the Coast of Bolivia, a country that has been landlocked since 1883!
    • The show mentions the I-55 running in their location, upstate New York, that goes to Canada. I-55 runs from Illinois to Louisiana.
  • You Look Familiar: Sarah Brown, Carly #1, came back as Claudia Zacchara, while Carly #4 was around.
    • And, of course, any use of the Backup Twin above.
      • Due to legal issues, OLTL actors who were on GH will now be appearing as completely different characters.
      • One of which being Franco.
    • John Mc Bain and Samantha Mc Call had this when they first met. Their actors played vampire lovers Caleb and Livvie respectively on the spin-off series Port Charles.
    • Same with Maxie and Matt.

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