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Trivia: General Hospital
  • Actor Allusion: In a dream episode during Thanksgiving 2008, Maxie meets Matt and asks him if she's sure they hadn't met before, even asking, "did we go to high school together?" Their portrayors Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook had previously played High School Sweet Hearts, Shawn and Belle, on Days of Our Lives. Additionally, Matt and Maxie met by bumping into each other which is how Shawn and Belle first met.
    • Similarly when Sam McCall and John McBain meet. Both actors played vampire lovers on the short-lived supernatural spin-off of General Hospital, Port Charles.
      • A recent storyline took it a step further, having the man playing McBain reprise the role he portrayed on Port Charles.
  • The Character Died with Him: Dr. Steve Hardy, when actor John Beradino passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1996, was written out as having suffered a fatal heart attack. Hardy, whom Beradino had portrayed since the show's beginning in 1963, remained in the opening montage as late as 2004.
    • Anna Lee's Lila Quartermaine and John Ingle's Edward Quartermaine.
  • Fake Irish: Oregonian Erin Chambers plays Siobhan with an extremely thick accent that sounds as fake as it is.
  • Fan Nickname: "Scrubs" for Patrick and Robin, the last couple where both actually worked at the hospital.
    • Most GH couples have a nickname of this sort. It's usually some form of smushing the character's names together or else calling the couple by their initials. Examples include "Liason," and "Spixie."
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: German Dr. Obrecht wants Faison to dress as the Hoff for 2013 Halloween.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Rick Springfield as Dr. Eli Love; Vinny "Big Pussy" Pastore as Maximus Giambetti, Delia Fisher as Winnifred, James Franco as Franco, etc.
    • ...and you can tell what metal the balloons that were made to celebrate these big guest roles were composed of...
    • Roseanne Barr played Jennifer Smith #2 in 1994. Jennifer was married to Billy Boggs, played by Roseanne's then husband Tom Arnold.
    • What's Kaitlin doing in Port Charles?
    • It looks like Lazlo got better after being used as a Dalek experiment.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Maxie is Bonnie Rockwaller, Jason is Freakin' CLOUD STRIFE!!!
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Most episodes of General Hospital from 1963-1978 are extremely rare (especially the early color episodes from 1967-1975 which some are extinct) and exist only in B&W Kinescopes.
  • The Other Darrin: Lucky Spencer has had three different actors, and Carly has had four, with Carly #1 coming back as a different character with Carly #4 still around...
    • Michael's getting there: He's already had three actors play him, and he's not out of his teens yet.
    • Lucas Jones had 10 actors play him in total.
    • With the casting of Jen Lilley to temporarily replace an ailing Kirsten Storms, Maxie is now up to 4 (not counting her pre-SORASed baby actors, which would put her on par with her cousin Lucas).
    • In 2013, Julian Jerome (who supposedly died in 1988) was revived, played by William De Vry, known for his work on All My Children, where he played one of the most sadistic villains in soap history, Michael Cambias. Coincidentally, Lucky #2 was played by fellow AMC alum, Jacob Young, prior to his role as JR Chandler (and in another coincidence, both actors have had stints on The Boldand The Beautiful, De Vry's after his AMC run, Young's before and after his).
    • The most recent change took place in 2014, as the character of Jason Morgan returned after a 23-month absence, this time portrayed by Billy Miller, best known for his work on The Young and the Restless, which coincidentally also stars Steve Burton, the previous actor.
  • Too Soon: Luis Alcazar fell out of the window at least 10 stories high and the fall was shown from the outside. This scene took place a year after the 9/11 attacks. Admittedly, they did learn their lesson; Trevor Lansing's death by fall from a similar height in 2009 was not shown.
  • What Could Have Been: Too bad Taggert and Gia being Sonny's siblings was only for Fan February.
    • Winnifred's similarity to Spinelli was originally supposed to be a full-on act. That got derailed when the producers liked her similarity to Spinelli.

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