Series: Loving

Soap Opera that aired on ABC from June 26, 1983 to November 10, 1995. The show was notably co-created by Agnes Nixon.

The show was created as a response to the action/adventure and intrigue storylines dominating soaps in the 1980s, most notably featured on General Hospital. Unlike its stablemates, Loving would be a traditional soap opera with a major focus on romance.

The show was never a huge hit, generally ranking in the bottom 3 soaps during its 12 year run. Nevertheless, the show engendered a Spin-Off upon its cancellation called The City that would move most of the remaining cast to New York's SOHO District.

This show provides examples of:

  • Adored by the Network: For a show that consistently rated in the bottom of the daytime ratings, the show lasted 12 years. ABC showed a lot of love for this show during that time:
    • The show premiered as a two-hour primteime film ahead of the daytime premiere; notably, the pilot included Lloyd Bridges in the original cast.
    • About a year into the shows run, ABC moved the show from a late morning slot to the 12:30pm Eastern slot, displacing Ryan's Hope. The move led to a (slight) uptick in Loving's ratings, but had the opposite effect on Ryan's Hope. Nevertheless, Loving never came close to Ryan's Hope own, depressed ratings right before the move in 1984.
    • In desperation to keep the show afloat, ABC assigned its own executives to the show to improve ratings and storylines.
    • Even with its low ratings, ABC commissioned a spin-off of the show called The City, which moved most of the remaining cast to New York City.
  • Cross Over: The show was established as part of the shared universe with the other soap operas airing on ABC. The most notable crossover was the addition of Debbi Martin's Angie Hubbard character from All My Children.
  • Dramatic Half-Hour