Characters / Skylessia

There are quite a number of important characters in the Skylessia RP. Naturally, this page is a work in progress.These include:


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     Generation I 


Harmony Duval

Maximillion Zwingley
The Duke of Fidona and one of the biggest idealists on the Sliding Scaleof Idealism Versus Cynicism. Probably also one of the most clearly heroic characters. Despite being 3rd Tier, he is constantly made fun of.
He's The Juggernaut, bitch!

Richter Vastor
A sage from Alacia specializing in Wind Magic, he wanders in search of knowledge. Loyal, honest and kind, to a fault, his Achilles' Heel is his embarrassment around females.

Syntyche Trevayne
A member of the Knights Celestia and one of the strongest people in the world. Former duchess of Goshen.


Ellis Nineveh
A young man of the Nineveh, a tribe of forest Vikings that are more or less stuck in Dark Age Europe. Brash, eager, and impossible to get along with, no matter how powerful he becomes he remains one of Skylessia's premier Butt Monkeys.

Mairenn Trenor
A young woman from the Trenor clan, a small tribe in northern Arad'uun. She's generally calm and easy-going. One of the many women involved with Vadim Itzal.
Mairenn and her prized bow, Soulsinger


Ahura Mazda

Vague BlackLightning
Ride The Lightning!


Aria Schezobraska
A beautiful, but strong-willed Devlani soldier from the Devlan Supreme Army who rebels and joins James Sromvoski in the historic Devlan Great War. She becomes James's queen after they fall in love during the war.
Aria during her Devlan Army days. Striking.

Ian Cole
  • The Alcoholic: Used to be this after being betrayed by his country, but he got better and vowed to stop drinking again. He's had one drink since, and that was when he thought he was going to freeze to death in a blizzard.
  • The Captain: Was this in the Devlani military, before he was blacklisted as an insurrectionist.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Doesn't say much, but when he does it sometimes falls into this category.
  • Defector from Decadence: Starts speaking out against the oppressive government after a member of his batallion kills an innocent woman. It doesn't go very well.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: Experiences one while living in Valhassa after getting thrown overboard of a ship and left for dead. He gets better.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: of the icy and piercing variety.
  • The Stoic: Mostly, but lately that's been changing as he's been dealing with Devlan directly.

Norville 'Banks' Banks

Veika Steinhart



Esperina Escalanza

Limius Tierne


Freya Lafayette


Andreas Valentine

Renoir Fasutoia

Sithmaith Brady




Lark McGee
Maybe not THE Ms. Fanservice, but a contender nevertheless.

Roc Skymir

Cherise Lanford
The Masked Mistress

Val Mae

Alzabez Kerchaj
A major in the Val Mae military and a former arena fighter. Calm, collected, good-humored, and sociable, she is an overall Nice Gal and befriends people easily.

Bearach Victore
A Val Maean merchant who looks far more like some sort of barbarian, he is actually a rather wealthy and genteel man. Of course, he does take up mercenary work on the side...

Kallis Macgregor

Sarha Selne

Xun Alartia

Vadim Itzal


Zelena Zvanhildur
Skylessia's own resident princess.


Kraid Kaflar

     Generation II 




The Marcelli Empire


Northern Territories




The Wilds