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Listed below are the various characters seen in the 'Si Vis Votum' forum RP. The first three folders contain information on characters played by Tropers, while the latter two focus on various NPCs they encounter on their journey.

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    Current Main Characters 

Distorted Reality!Prince Sokka

Played by: Stratofarius

In the world where this Sokka comes from, the roles of the Waterbenders and Firebenders are reversed. This Sokka's life is now very similar to that of the original Prince Zuko, right down to having a scar on his face and belittling all women due to his own sibling rivalry...well, most women. If one shows him kindness and helps him out, he knows how to be grateful.

The Eleventh Doctor

Played by: Stratofarius

This is no normal Doctor. In the original timeline, after the Master's enslavement of the Earth was erased, everything went back to normal, but Lucy Saxon ended up shooting the Master. In this alternate timeline, however, Lucy also (accidentally) shot the Doctor, forcing him to regenerate into his eleventh incarnation. Since his regeneration happened before the expected time (and other timey-wimey excuses), events like Rose's return, Davros' plan and the Master's return have been erased and won't ever happen. He currently travels with Donna Noble, and hasn't met Amy Pond or River Song (yet). This Eleventh Doctor, however, is a bit more childish, more chirpy, and hides something beneath that smile.

  • Adorkable
  • Beware the Silly Ones: almost everyone in the ship believed he was just another smart and funny alien. That is until he revealed his opinions about murder:
    The Doctor: Murder is just the easy way out of a problem. Let's suppose you have this person, this being that has murdered people and is using their bodies to find a way to become immortal. Your first thought is: this being should die! But that's the quick way out. Because when you kill someone, that's it. They're dead. Kapoot. Don't you think this being deserves something more, like the eternal torture of being trapped inside of a mirror, finally immortal, but also never being able to come out of his infinite prison? I'm just saying.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Gibbering Genius
  • Heroic B.S.O.D.: After Fate's death, the Doctor breaks down and starts crying... mainly because he's partly responsible to her death.
  • Keet
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Seen by Hazama as the 'Blue' to his 'Red'.
  • Stepford Smiler: There's something wrong with this Doctor, but he keeps on smiling.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!Zero

Played by: Flanker66

In Zero's world, Reploids like himself are capable of controlling a 'Stand'; a powerful magical ability.


Played by: Flanker66

Despite being blind, Kreia is a powerful Force-user.


Played by: Deadbeatloser22

The female guardian of the Goddess Paultena. Recent events indicate that she might be connected to the Wish hunt in a way she can't seem to remember...

Warriors Orochi!Subaru Nakajima

Played by: desdendelle

This particular version of Subaru Nakajima comes from the same universe as Fate (see 'Former Main Characters' for more info). Subaru ended up imprisoned beneath Ueda Castle with Zhao Yun. Striking a friendship with him, she followed him on his quest to free his lord Liu Bei from Orochi, looking for other members of Section 6 in the meantime.

Chibi!Hazama/Yuuki Terumi

Played by: Endark Culi

An alternate universe version of the main BlazBlue villain, who's only a foot tall due to Relius Clover's meddling. He is known by the NOL as Hazama, but his original name was Terumi, one of the legendary Six Heroes of old and the creator of the original Black Beast. While he has gotten used to being called 'Chibizama' by his coworkers at the NOL, being short rather infuriates him.

While he originally viewed the Wish hunt as nothing more than some elaborate trap, he has since decided to use the Wish to earn true freedom by killing all the godlike beings in the multiverse. And recently, he's struck a bargain with the Votum's 'Guest'; in exchange for fragments of The Wish, the Guest will lend him some assistance in completing this task.

Vault Hunter!Claptrap P. Claptrappington

Played by: Endark Culi

The yellow CL4P-TP robot from the town of Fyrestone, located on the planet Pandora. Following his brief encounters with Vault Hunters Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick, he was captured by his creators in the Hyperion corporation. They attempted to turn him into an Interplanetary Robot Assassin that could kill the Vault Hunters, but unlike what happened in the Canon timeline, this version of Claptrap managed to resist his reprogramming and escape. Now with a lot more power than before (though he hasn't the experience or knowledge to use all of his abilities), Claptrap became a Vault Hunter, going on adventures to find treasure throughout Pandora and to avoid being shot to pieces by the resident psychos, bandits, and Skags.


Played by: Alleydodger

An alternate universe version of Scott Pilgrim. After going to confront Gideon to try and win back Ramona, Scott finds out that Ramona has indeed chosen Gideon over him. After leaving the club heartbroken, he once again finds himself confronted with NegaScott. This time, however, weak from heartbreak and fighting, Scott loses his fight to NegaScott and becomes consume by his hatred and anger. Scott then literally becomes NegaScott, the exact opposite of what he used to be. His first order of business was to kill Gideon and get revenge on Ramona, before ditching his friends forever.

Medieval!North and Theta

Played by: Alleydodger

A warrior who had a magical construct with a childlike nature implanted into his mind in order to bolster his combat skills. The two have a very close bond.

DCU!Mega Man

Played by: Udthe Imp

In a world where Dr. Light and Dr. Wily existed alongside superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman, MegaMan felt that the best way to protect people from the evils in the world was to join the Justice League.

  • Running Gag: Has mistaken three other main characters (In order: Arrow, Batman, and Zero) as the versions from his own universe.
    • Briefly comes up again when Wally showed up, but Mega realized his mistake before he finishes introducing himself.


Played by: Udthe Imp

A wilder, more hot-blooded version of Fluttershy the pegasus. When she was young, she have a feisty temper that helped her beat up bullies, but they got revenge by pushing her off the clouds and down into the dangerous Everfree Forest. After surviving the fall by landing right on a beastly warg, she was adopted into its wolf pack, and grew up surrounded by nature. After reaching maturity, she set up a veterinary clinic in the nearby town of Ponyville, treating animals of all kinds. She also runs a security service that employs the rest of her pack.

Additionally, rather than become the bearer of the Element of Kindness (as her canon self is), Flutterrush is attuned to the Element of Loyalty.

Red Arrow

Played by: Ominae

The former sidekick of Green Arrow, who felt outraged at the Justice League's lack of trust towards sidekicks and went off to fight evil on his own. After some time, in order to take down a greater threat, Red Arrow came back to the Young Justice organization. But secretly, the Red Arrow that joined the other sidekicks is a clone created by the very threat the group is trying to fight.

Blue Spirit!Zuko

Played by: Serendipital

The prince of the Fire Kingdom, who chose to ally himself with the 'Gaang' earlier than his canon counterpart, but had to remain in his 'Blue Spirit' guise in order to do so.

Fedoraverse!Wally West/Kid Flash

Played by: Serendipital

This version of Wally, rather than becoming a sidekick, utilizes his speed in order to commit petty theft.


Played by: Original PL 2

A young girl that was experimented on and tortured due to her nature, which is only indicated by the tiny horns on her head. Despite this discrimination, there are people that truly care for her, and she is truly happy working at their inn. Although the canon version of Nana was killed at one point, this version was able to survive the encounter, but lost both of her original arms in the scuffle. She now has two prosthetic replacements that tend to come off at inopportune moments, but thanks to her abilities, she can manipulate them flawlessly.

    Former Main Characters 

Warriors Orochi!Fate T. Harlaown

Played by: desdendelle

This particular version of Fate Harlaown did not participate in the JS Accident. Rather, Orochi, the Serpent King, used his demonic powers to fuse Mid-Childa with Land in War-era Japan and Three Kingdoms-era China. Mobile Section 6 was scattered to the winds; Fate wound up allying herself with the Sun family. Forced to fight their friends in order to rescue their loved ones, Fate did her best to be of assistance while still hoping to reunite with her own friends.

  • Sacrificial Lion: The only character in this section that was killed off rather than just vanish without explanation, and it occurred at the first stop of their journey.


Played by: Falkon

A girl from Kokiri Village, and the only resident of said village that did not have a fairy partner for a very long time. She believes that all of her adventures since meeting Nova the fairy have been parts of one great dream.

One Piece!Captain Ginyu

Played by: Krautman

Captain Ginyu, of the Ginyu Pirates, is the leader of one of the most feared and wacky band of scallywags ever to sail the Grand Line in search of great treasure.

One Piece!Recoome

Played by: Krautman

The subordinate of Captain Ginyu, and one of the few Main Characters aboard the Votum to come from the exact same universe as another.

Kamen Rider Blade!Kirby

Played by: Adannor

A pint-sized pink superhero that can copy the abilities of people he inhales, and can puff himself up to hover for long distances.

Killer Instinct!TJ Combo

Played by: Test Your Might

With the help of cybernetics, TJ Combo went from a nobody in a ghetto to a famous combatant in a brutal tournament. This version of TJ has killed Riptor (an Ultratech experiment) and Eyedol (a demon Ultratech awoke), has never been to the distant past, and was mayor of Combo City (which he founded) for two years before being summoned to the Votum.

Killer Instinct!Fulgore

Played by: Test Your Might

Another combatant in the Killer Instinct tournament that TJ Combo took part in. Fulgore is a robot that was created by Ultratech.

Superman: Red Son!Batman

Played by: Lizard Of Aus

A Russian Batman that was brought to the Votum moments before (or possibly after) dying to avoid becoming brainwashed.

    First Draft Picks 

All of the following characters have appeared in at least one post, but were quickly dropped by the players in favor of other characters. However, they might still be hanging around the Votum somewhere...

Baron Heinrich



Magical Girl!Jack the Ripper


Athrun Zala

Emiya 'Kerry' Kiritsugu

Shirley Cruz

Tobias Fangor

Genderbent!'Maria' Mario

    Votum-Specific NP Cs 

The Voice

The mysterious presence that summoned all of the Main Characters onto the starship Votum so that they could hunt for the Wish. Claims to have once been mortal, and after striking down the gods that toyed with his world for their own pleasure, took their place and vowed to use his new powers to help others. Whether or not his benevolence is genuine is uncertain.


In the universe that PIPBOY originates from, he was apparently destined for great things, but everybody blew each other up with nuclear weapons and left him in a computer. Realizing his potential, the Voice plucked him from his prison and allowed him to run the Votum, a starship capable of travelling to parallel universes.

The Trons

A series of robot helpers aboard the Votum. Though meant to be seen as mere servants and can only be told apart by their professions (Butlertron, Nursetron, etc.), they seem to have some semblance of individual personalities and self-awareness.

The Wish

The mysterious...'thing' that has the power to warp across the universe and make one's dreams come true. Hunting it down is the primary goal of everyone on the Votum, for even if they do not desire a wish, they certainly aren't going back home until the hunt has finished. According to lore, the Wish was once an ordinary creature that gained a phenomenal amount of power.


A strange device found by Scott and Kirby when the group went to the Avatar's universe. It appears to be capable of a variety of functions, including flight and swordplay, but its habit to take everything literally has caused the occasional problem for Scott.

The Guest

An enigmatic figure with a fancy vest and a shark-like grin, who first presented himself to select members of the Votum crew after they returned from their first mission. It's been implied that his current body is merely a temporary form that he borrowed from someone else, and soon after his appearance, there have arisen clues towards how old the Votum and the Wish hunt have truly been...

  • Older Than They Look: Is implied to be over five hundred years old, even though he looks like he's thirty. Pictures show he was on the first wish-hunting crew.

The Crew

The original Wish-hunting crew of the Votum. While most of the details about the group are unknown, it appears that an XCOM soldier, The Guest, and the genderbent Pit were a part of the group.

    Other NP Cs 

The 'Gaang'

A group of kids that the crew of the Votum ran into while exploring their first world. After realizing that they were the universe's 'main protagonists', the Votum crew assisted them in dealing with Firebenders in the area and destroying the technology they had created by studying a piece of The Wish.

Mushnik's Skid Row Florists Employees

The staff of a small floral shop located in a bad corner of a big city in a world that is, to quote the Doctor, "a living, breathing musical!" The business is named after its current proprietor, Mr. Mushnik, and there are two assistants that also help take care of the shop. These people seem harmless enough, but perhaps there's a connection between them and the strange plants growing in the sewers beneath the store...