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Since the series has ended, there are many unmarked spoilers, and spoilers from character placement in folders and portraits alone. You have been warned.

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    Psyren Drifters 
Psyren Drifters

The Psyren Drifters are anybody who has been put in Nemesis Q's game and is currently exploring the wasteland in order to figure out the cause and prevent it from happening. This group only lists current Drifters and Nemesis Q. Former Drifters include Matsuri, Usui, and Miyake.

Ageha Yoshina

"Well, I can't tell anything about my future anyway. As long as I'm alive, that's all I need."

The main character, Ageha is an Ordinary High-School Student who runs a business where he helps people for a small fee. He lives with his sister, though his father comes around every now and then. Their mother died a few years back though. Ageha finds his way into Psyren after trying to help fellow classmate Sakurako, and unlocks his latent psychic power after surviving his first round. Nemesis Q seems to have a special interest in him, as does the head of the W.I.S.E. Starship Commanders Grana. He possesses a special form of PSI called Melcheese's Door that is fueled by emotions instead of mental focus. Ageha is seriously concerned about changing the future, but dislikes Nemesis Q for tampering with people's lives. Is seen as an older brother by Kyle, and Sakurako as well as Marie have crushes on him. Has taken the role of leader of the Drifters, and made the painful decision to go back without the whole crew. Is described by Shao as "A Starry Sky, with the stars becoming more and more numerous" when he read his mind. Has taken a mindset that he needs to become more and more powerful in order to destroy the WISE. When asked if he meant to protect his friends, Ageha replied with "Same thing". This is worrying his instructor Matsuri, who wants to avoid having him turn into a Knight Templar.

Ageha's power is called Melchesse's Door, and instead of being based on control over the mind, manifests through emotions like Fredrica's and Shao's powers. In it's regular form, it is a giant Sphere of Destruction that releases branches that home in one any PSI signature, piercing them and sucking them dry. Through training, Ageha has channelled this energy into new, more useful forms. The first was Melchesse's Lance, an energy beam that homed in on a target and pierced them from afar. Then he developed the defensive Disc, which functions both as a shield, and a cutting implement at close range. Then he has the Sphere, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, but draining. In this mode, he can cancel it out to use Splash, which is equivalent to baseball-sized shrapnel flying everywhere. When he enters Nova, he takes his emotion-fueled PSI to its logical extreme, wearing it as an armor, having several halos over him, and multiple raw doors floating around him.

Tropes associated with Ageha:
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Melchsee's door. The raw version destroys absolutely everything, including allies. The Lance and Splash forms have the same problem, though with the former it takes a strong PSI signature for that to happen, and Splash widespread damage is the intent. Disc is only good at close range, and Sphere puts massive amounts of stress on him.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Most of his techniques have been thought up on the spot to suit the situation perfectly.
  • Bully Hunter: Back when he was in school.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: With Amamiya.
  • Cooldown Hug: To Amamiya when her Superpowered Evil Side tries to kill him.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Ageha's Melchsee's door is a weapon of pure destruction that works based on the user's emotions, which is a really bad thing for PSI to be based on. The last recorded person with this power went crazy. He seems to be doing fine, and is steadily gaining more and more control over it. After defeating Miroku, he gains perfect control over it.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Ageha's signature burst is jet black, and this attribute is so unique that it becomes his calling card to the W.I.S.E.
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower: Most of Ageha's door variants have been created at the last second, or thought out but not really tested. Subverted in that because of this he really doesn't realize the weaknesses of them until it's too late.

Sakurako Amamiya

"Are you okay? You´re giving off...smoke? Tehehe...looks like I cut your core clean in half."

Known as the "Ice Queen", Sakurako is a girl at Ageha's school who's prone to long periods of absence, from which she returns bruised and bandaged up. She avoids contact with all other people, keeping an emotionless façade when forced to interact. Her parents are neglectful, having both basically abandoned her after splitting up and not batting an eye when she vanishes for weeks at a time. She saves Ageha upon his first entrance to Psyren, and is protected by him for the duration of that trip. She then becomes his and Hiryuu's first tutors in using PSI. She eventually warms up to them, and occasionally has some episodes of craziness in battle. Is described by Shao as "Seven Finely Sharpened Blades" when he reads her mind. So far she has two named attacks—Insanity Size Mind Jack, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and a remote-viewing technique called Peeping Lover.

After being hit with an especially powerful Trance technique, Sakurako's memories start to unravel some. She forgets minor details such as the DVD from the future, and blacks out at times. Additionally, a second personality reveals itself within her mind, who is far nastier than Sakurako, and may be the cause of her psychotic episodes. This entity who calls herself Abyss has declared war on her original counterpart for control over the body. However, they have made peace with each other as Amamiya acknowledges Abyss as part of herself.

Tropes associated with Sakurako:
  • Luminescent Blush: After Ageha learns that she is in love with him she goes really Moe and keeps this for a chapter or so while interacting with him.
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon
  • Katanas Are Just Better: She's proficient in wielding several different weapons, but it's a katana that gives her the special power of revealing her true self.
  • Personality Powers: Normal Sakurako, who's stoic and reserved, is a Rise/Trance specialist. Abyss, who's slightly unhinged, is a Burst/Rise specialist.
  • Psycho Party Member: Sakurako is infamously crazy and prone to violence.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her Trance takes the form of a scythe in the group's third journey.
  • The Stoic: She's initially an "Ice Queen," though she gets better over time.

Hiryuu Asaga

"I swore to become that hero, so that I could carry myself with pride when I meet you again."

Also known as "Dragon" Asaga, Hiryuu went to elementary school with Ageha, who bullied him for being a cry-baby. Eventually he became bigger than Ageha, and they went to different schools. They meet again in Psyren, and after their first round he learns PSI quicker than Ageha does. He acts as Ageha's Lancer and the Ego in their original Power Trio. He eventually becomes The Big Guy when Oboro and Kabuto arrive. Matsuri, who is worried about Ageha and Oboro going mad with their power, tells Hiryuu that he is the only one who could stop either of them should the worst happen. After being teleported 4,000 meters in the air by Shiner and Left for Dead, He manages to survive by creating Dragon wings from Burst and bracing for impact with Rise. He is then rescued by Tatsuo from a stray Tavoo, and healed by a Tavoo named Kusakabe. He then assists the duo in destroying Neural Control Towers, which are what preserve the membrane over the sky.

His group rejoins with the remaining drifters after stopping the invasion of Root by blowing a hole in the membrane over it. They offer their help to rescue the captured Root inhabitants by manipulating the Neural Control Towers of the W.I.S.E. capital.

Tropes associated with Hiryuu:
  • Hero of Another Story: Spends a lot of his time in the future, doing his own work separate from the main group, and is not seen in the manga for a long period. He also doesn't participate in the last battle for the Promised Tears.
  • Left for Dead: Survives, naturally.
  • Madeof Iron: Having survived falling from the stratosphere, this easily applies.
  • Mighty Glacier: His Rise powers are more suited for strength, endurance and defense than speed and senses.
  • Meaningful Name: Hiryuu's (literally "flying dragon")Burst manifests in the form of dragon wings and a dragon tail.

Oboro Mochizuki

"We've only just met today! Must you end your life here?! Unacceptable! I won't allow you to! My life as Mochizuki Oboro is just getting interesting. To protect that life, I need every piece, not lacking a single one!"

A popular idol, Oboro is first seen talking about Psyren on live television—and nearly dying in the process. After being saved by Elmore and Van, he makes his first trip there and met Ageha, Hiryuu, and Sakurako. Unlike most Drifters, Oboro has his Psychic Nosebleed to awaken his powers in Psyren instead of after leaving, and comes to an hour or so later. Not only that, but he remembers the way the psychic energy used to heal him feels, and is able to replicate it perfectly. He also is able to catch the strongest Rise user in Japan off-guard the first time using it, and shows some... interesting uses of his Cure power upon returning to Psyren. Matsuri quite reasonably fears his power, and wants Hiryuu to keep an eye on him. He is described by Shao as "A Field of White" when he reads his mind. In the fight against Shiner, Oboro receives a mortal wound to the chest and then is teleported to a dumping ground for dead Tavoo. He absorbs the cores of several Tavoo and becomes one himself. Afterwards, Oboro joins the W.I.S.E. under the name "Odo", as part of an elite group called Scourge. However, he remains loyal to Ageha, and has begun making moves to support them in rescuing Marie, Fubuki, and the rest of the Root captives. All of his cores are forcibly deactivated by Quat Nevas, but since he retained a human form when transforming, he can survive.

Tropes associated with Oboro:

  • The Ace: Though not as hammy as is normally seen, Oboro has the ability to master PSI abilities with almost no effort.
  • BFS: gains one as Odo.
  • Bishōnen
  • The Chick: Fits this role more than Sakurako does.
  • Left for Dead: Oboro receives a mortal wound to the chest and then is teleported to a dumping ground for dead Tavoo.
  • The Medic: After he awakens his "Cure" ability.
  • The Mole: Oboro joins the W.I.S.E. Organization as Odo in order to help foil their plans.
  • Moral Dissonance: Using his Biological Ruin attack on a Tavoo core just to see what happens.
  • Teen Idol: This is his occupation before he joins the adventures in Psyren.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After incorporating multiple Tavoo cores.

Kabuto Kirisaki

"And besides, ain't running away the perfect solution to staying out of trouble? Escaping all the bad stuff is a great way to live! Plus, it would get rid of all the fighting, y'know? That's how I make peace."

Kabuto's intentions for entering Psyren were not as noble as the rest of the Drifters—he's simply in it for the monetary reward for whoever can divulge its secrets. Both his parents are dead, so he lives with his uncle, a journalist who lost a leg while reporting during a war. He arrives at the same time as Oboro, and like him has his Psychic Nosebleed in Psyren, and recovers rather quickly. However, his powers don't manifest until the next journey. Opportunistic, cowardly, and more Genre Savvy than the rest of the group, Kabuto plays the role of The Smart Guy.

In the fourth trip to Psyren (his third), Kabuto is seriously injured by a direct hit from Dholaki's Explosia, and according to Van was actually dead for a short while. He spends all of the fourth trip into Psyren as well as all of the return period recovering.

After returning home from the fourth trip, he discovers an entity named Yoyo that resides within his consciousness, and seems to be an Anthropomorphic Personification of his Sense ability. Unlike Sakurako's Abyss, Yoyo is benevolent and wishes to cooperate with Kabuto. He mostly overcomes his cowardice and successfully fights together with Yoyo against the Scourge when the latter invade Root in the fifth trip. After the attack he volunteers to infiltrate the W.I.S.E. headquarters together with Shao.

Tropes associated with Kabuto:

  • Spider-Sense: His psychic power "Menace" alerts him of any danger directed towards him.
  • Super Senses: His eyesight is extremely sharp, even without using Rise.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After encountering Yoyo and finally getting Rise training from Ian. Oh so much...
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Seems to only care about Amamiya, but has risked his life for Ageha on more than one occasion, and is actually quite loyal to him.

Nemesis Q (AKA Grigori 07)

Nemesis Q's true form 

"...A body... in which to entrust my power, Nemesis... and will... Thus, my time-travelling representative... Program... Nemesis Q."

The mysterious leader of the Drifter movement, Nemesis Q uses pay phones to recruit people to enter Psyren and travel the land in order to find out its secrets and stop it from ever happening. Possesses an incredibly powerful burst ability of Time Travel, though he is too weak to send himself. The Nemesis Q everybody sees is a Psychic Program ordered to send people through time and kill those who try and mention Psyren to non-Drifters. Seems to take a special interest in Ageha. In the future is located in Kyushu, specifically Okimukurojima in Kagoshima. The only reason she gives this information is because he is close to being discovered. Is actually female, and is rescued from the base where she was contained and is resuscitated at Root.

Later has her back story given in detail. She was raised in an orphanage, and government agents came to test for psychic abilities, saying whoever found the star card in a set would be tested further. Not wanting to be taken away, she desperately picked everything but the star through over a thousand tests. Realizing the odds of this were beyond astronomical, they took her away and tested her until she was deemed used up. Then she was contained at Mukurojima until after the disaster, where she began the Psyren game in order to find the cause of the disaster and her twin brother, Amagi Miroku. According to Iba she is far stronger than either Miroku or Junas, but was so reclusive they were never sure exactly how much stronger she was. When Miroku broke out of the Grigori facility, 07 refused to follow, saying he had changed, and calling him a monster. He tried to kill her, but she fended him off.

In the final trip to Psyren, 07 seems to die as she sends all of the Drifters back to the present, one year after they left. She's still alive in the present, but Present-07 has never come in contact with Ageha and co. However, the final chapter reveals that 07 survived in the future along with most of the Psychicers, who help awaken Ageha from his coma. In return for all that she has done, Ageha and Sakurako free her present self.

Tropes associated with Nemesis Q:

  • Ambiguous Gender: The woman who did the Psyren survey is in fact Nemesis Q.
  • Big Good: Kind of, if you come down to it. Even if her methods are twisted.
  • People Jars
  • Moral Dissonance: Save the world by kidnapping people, forcing them to run for their lives in hell on Earth from the worst type of Eldritch Abomination, and hoping they'll do their part even further back home? Oh, and if they try to relieve shell-shock by talking to others, you kill them and turn them into dust if they talk to the wrong people.
    • Considering she lived most of her life in isolation, she doesn't really care about the world until the Drifters actually meet her face-to-face. For her, morality doesn't enter the picture, she just wants to find out the 'truth' about her brother.
  • Naked First Impression: In her People Jar.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast
  • Projected Man / Samus Is a Girl: The male persona of Nemesis Q is actually a PSI program created to search out potential Drifters and bring them to Psyren; the person emitting the program is a woman known as #07.
  • You Are Number Six: Actually, Number 7.

    Elmore Wood Residents 
Elmore Wood Residents

Elmore Wood is the estate of the famous and wealthy fortune-teller Elmore Tenjuin. Along with her late husband Kopher, Elmore adopted several children with natural psychic powers who were shunned by society and taught them how to practice control. Elmore and her kids play a major role in every timeline, either forming the first line of defense against the W.I.S.E. or being La Résistance. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to play Spotlight-Stealing Squad.

Elmore Tenjuin

"It's been a while, Nemesis Q! I'm Tenjuin Elmore, wife of Tenjuin Kopher, whom you turned to ash!"

An old lady who could see into the future whose husband was a mind-reader and a Psyren Drifter. After seeing him dissolve into dust for telling her about Psyren, she offered a reward of 500 million yen to whoever could figure out Psyren. She saves Oboro's life after he tries talking about Psyren on live television, and takes Ageha in while he trains to harness his unstable power. She runs an orphanage for Psychic children in order to help them control their Psychic Powers.

In the first and second timelines, Elmore dies in a plane crash. Without her guidance, her kids go out to battle the W.I.S.E. on their own, and are slaughtered.

In the third and fourth timelines, Ageha's antics manage to get her worked up enough that she has a heart attack on the plane, causing them to turn back so she can get treatment. Upon inspection the plane's engine troubles are found, and the crash never happens. She uses her connections to establish Root, an Elaborate Underground Base where the remains of humanity eke out a living. However, she's now so old that even Van's powerful Cure doesn't work on her anymore. Dies during the Root invasion, but not before giving a warning about Mithra. However, the warning was too late, at least for this timeline.

Tropes associated with Elmore:


"I am the Crimson Empress, Frederica! Your brain will be scorched to nothing!"

One of the orphans adopted by Elmore, Fredrica accidentally burned her house down when younger due to Power Incontinence, and was abandoned by her family. She teaches Ageha the secret of "Burst Stream," a method of controlling emotion-based powers like theirs and Shao's.

In the first and second timelines, Fredrica and the other Elmore Kids fight the W.I.S.E. on the Day of Revolution after Elmore dies, and all are mercilessly slaughtered.

In the third and fourth timelines, she hides underground with the rest of Elmore Wood to establish Root, honing her power to its fullest. She helps save Ageha and co. when they are double-teamed by Shiner and Dholaki, and assists Ageha and Sakurako in their mission to save Nemesis Q's creator.

In the final trip to Psyren, Fredrica fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Fredrica:

  • Berserk Button: Do not threaten Marie if you don't like 3rd-degree burns. You shouldn't comment on her flat chest either.
  • Future Badass: Like most of the Elmore kids.
  • Glass Cannon: Her pyrokinesis is extremely destructive and long-ranged, but she seems to be pretty weak in Rise. Her Pyro Queen protects her, but it can be pierced by strong attacks and Frederica suffers pain when it gets damaged.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: A sign she's lost control over herself.
  • Long-Range Fighter: She can inflict serious damage on close and medium as well, but her low speed and collateral damage make her more suited for long ranges.
  • The Hero: Of the Elmore team
  • Hot-Blooded: Going with Personality Powers
  • Nice Hat: Her bear hat as a kid and the bat hoodie grown up.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her family abandons her after her powers accidentally burn their house down.
  • Playing with Fire: Her psychic power is pyrokinesis.
  • Tsundere: Towards Ageha and later Kabuto.


"Do you know your inner self? I can see it, because I see people's true forms."

A Chinese Psychic orphan of the Elmore Wood residence, he is the polar opposite of Fredrica. Possessing the ability to read people's minds, their emotions, and the true nature of their souls, Shao has long been trying to come to terms with his power.

In the first and second timelines, Shao and the other Elmore Kids fight the W.I.S.E. on the Day of Revolution after Elmore dies, and all are mercilessly slaughtered.

In the third and fourth timelines, he hides underground with the rest of Elmore Wood to establish Root, honing his power to its fullest. He helps save Ageha and co. when they are double-teamed by Shiner and Dholaki, and waits alongside Kyle on the surface for Ageha to return in the fourth timeline. When Junas and Scourge break through Root, Shao takes on Eiji Kise, now called Vigo, and after nearly dying several times breaks Vigo's neck.

In the final trip to Psyren, Shao fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Shao:

  • Anti-Magic: He has the ability to cancel out other Psychicers' abilities
  • Awesome by Analysis: Made much easier by his power, Shao comes to understanding his opponent's abilities before forming a counter-strategy.


"There's no need for introductions, since I won't remember anyways. Waste of brain cells."

Another resident of Elmore Wood, Kyle has a very short attention span, and is the self-styled guard of the mansion. Considers Ageha to be the big brother he never had.

In the first and second timelines, Kyle and the other Elmore Kids fight the W.I.S.E. on the Day of Revolution after Elmore dies, and all are mercilessly slaughtered.

In the third and fourth timelines, He hides underground with the rest of Elmore Wood to establish Root, honing his power to its fullest. He helps save Ageha and co. when they are double-teamed by Shiner and Dholaki, killing the latter in one hit. He also assists Ageha and Sakurako in their mission to save Nemesis Q's creator. In the fourth timeline, he waits with Shao on the surface for Ageha and co. to return.

In the final trip to Psyren, Kyle fight W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Kyle:

  • Anime Hair: The worst offender.
  • Barrier Warrior: He specializes in forming barriers and platforms out of solid Burst energy.
  • Scars Are Forever: The scar on his cheek he got from fighting Amagi Miroku stays there, even 10 years later


"As I progress through my telekinesis training, I'm kind of programming it into my head... But I don't really think it's very special... After all, it's easy for me..."

Another resident of Elmore Wood, Marie a sweet, but clumsy girl whose powers are limited compared to the rest of the kids. Is often pushed around by Fredrica, and has a crush on Ageha.

In the first and second timelines, Marie and the other Elmore Kids fight the W.I.S.E. on the Day of Revolution after Elmore dies, and all are mercilessly slaughtered.

In the third and fourth timelines, she hides underground with the rest of Elmore Wood to establish Root, honing her power to its fullest. She helps save Ageha and co. when they are double-teamed by Shiner and Dholaki, and assists Ageha and Sakurako in their mission to save Nemesis Q's creator.

In the final trip to Psyren, Marie is captured by W.I.S.E. but is later freed by Oboro and fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Marie:

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Marie makes Usui beg for mercy
  • Boring but Practical: Marie's telekinesis and programs are the most mundane and common application of PSI, but unlike Fredrica and Shao she doesn't have to worry about Power Incontinence and turning her brains into paste with one break in concentration.
  • Distressed Damsel: At the end of the Invasion arc, she's brought to Astral Nava by Vigo.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: "You have a nice body."
  • Future Badass: Like most of the Elmore kids
  • Marshmallow Hell: Gives one to Ageha while driving a 1000 ton rock
  • Mind over Matter: Her main power is telekinesis.
  • Precocious Crush: On Ageha
  • She Is All Grown Up: [[Future Marie is definitely no longer a Pettanko]]
  • Shrinking Violet: Fredrica's teasing and constant use of the water pistol being the cause, not to mention being abandoned by her family. Although she was definitely this towards Ageha in the third timeline, she seems to have grown out of it in the fourth upon the realization when she was younger that Amamiya is a rival for Ageha's affection.


"No need to worry! Just leave it to Van!"

A quiet French boy residing in Elmore Wood, Van is often kept close to Elmore to help with her failing heart. He saves Oboro's life when he's nearly killed by Nemesis Q, and inadvertently teaches him how to use Cure.

In the first and second timelines, Van and the other Elmore Kids fight the W.I.S.E. on the Day of Revolution after Elmore dies, and all are mercilessly slaughtered.

In the third timeline, he hides underground with the rest of Elmore Wood to establish Root, honing his power to its fullest. Seeing Ian die after healing so many people, and seeing all the others who still needed help, Van finally comes out of his shell and takes on Ian's mantle. He helps save Ageha and co. when they are double-teamed by Shiner and Dholaki.

The main difference between Van in the third and fourth timelines is that instead of opening up by seeing Ian die, he is personally taught how to improve his Cure power by Ian, who teaches him not to be afraid of people, and that opening up to them will help him use his powers better.

In the final trip to Psyren, Van fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Van:

  • Future Badass: Like most of the Elmore kids.
  • Gratuitous French: Van's French outbursts are actually spot-on grammatically.
  • Hot-Blooded: In the future when he gets over his shyness.
  • The Medic: Probably the strongest one in the series. According to Fredrica, he can completely regrow any organ or limb with the exception of the heart and brain from several meters away. He also manages to bring Kabuto back to life, though he has only been dead for a few seconds and is still somewhat alive when the cure begins.
  • Non-Action Guy: His talents rely entirely in healing, not fighting, and he likes it just fine that way..
  • Shoot the Medic First: Shiner attempts to do this.

    Other Tenju Root members 

Other Tenju Root Members

Tenjuin Elmore, taking the initiative before Amagi Miroku destroyed humanity, created an Elaborate Underground Base underneath a hospital she owned, and housed survivors there once things got dire. These are present characters who live here as of the fifth timeline. Included are the Elmore kids and Tenjuin Elmore as well.

Lan Shinonome

"We needed money at any cost... even if that meant to turn to crime..."

One of Inui's accomplices in seizing money from Yakuza, Lan possesses the power of Trick Room, which lets him "download" the contents of one cube to another, ranging from money, to electricity, to people. It turns out he was assisting Inui so he could pay for his sister's hospital bills. Is very rational, reasonable, and stoic, his brilliant idea of stealing from Yakuza aside. Due to practically raising his sister, he is very protective of children in general. Is very well-aware of his limits as a non-combat role, and generally won't put up a fight when confronted. Is part of La Résistance in the current future of Psyren, using his Trick Room to teleport people in the base and make it impossible for Tavoo to enter. In the present is blackmailed into working alongside Kagetora, though he seems to be taking it better than his friend Haruhiko.

In the final trip to Psyren, Lan fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Lan:

Haruhiko Yumeji

"It'll rock ya' down to your nuclei!"

Lan's best friend, and partner-in-crime alongside Inui. Shao describes his inner self as "A lost black cat crying for a place to go." Possesses electrical-based PSI. After Lan's sister is saved by Ian, he and Lan both ally with Kagetora and Matsuri to find Amagi Miroku. They are saved during the Day of Revolution from Shiner and Grana when Kagetora and Matsuri pull a You Shall Not Pass. In the future works as the human generator to keep Root running. In the present is blackmailed into working alongside Kagetora. He doesn't take it well.

In the final trip to Psyren, Haruhiko fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Haruhiko:

Yoshina Asuka

"People become strong because they have something to protect. The possibilities are endless."

Ageha's father, who was absent for a very long time until Ageha disappeared for 10 days straight in Psyren. Despite being 47 years old, he appears to barely be older than his kids. He is an astronomer who appears to have knowledge of the Orouborous asteroid that the W.I.S.E. plan to use. Before his wife died, he was a major workaholic, but then became a family man. When Ageha entered high school, he promised Ageha he would treat him like an adult and let him do his own thing if Ageha promised not to make his sister cry. When Ageha refuses to divulge any information of Psyren, he disowns him. He eventually becomes a member of Root, and through his actions there are several more survivors. He also appears to be a Psychicer with the power to manipulate gravity, time, and a hidden power beyond Burst, Rise, or Trance that he calls Nova.

In the final trip to Psyren, Asuka fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Asuka:

Yoshina Fubuki

Ageha's sister, she takes care of him since their dad is never home. She is incredibly strict, usually torturing her brother when he comes home late and forcing all the Elmore kids to do their chores once she moves in with them. However, she does really care for her brother. In the new future timeline, Fubuki is alive and married to Ian and they have a child together.

In the final trip to Psyren, Fubuki fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.


I don't mind using this power if it's for your sake, but please understand I'd much rather the world not know about it so I can live in peace.

A friend of Matsuri's with the power of Cure. He saved Kagetora's life a while back, but doesn't like making his powers well-known. Has a very nasty personality, and dislikes Sakurako because he feels she is taking away Matsuri's time to be with him. Is also annoyed at how Matsuri can't tell him about Psyren, but is willing to wait until the time he can. Has proposed to Matsuri 12 times.

In the first through third timelines, after Kagetora and Matsuri create a suicide diversion to let him and other survivors escape, Ian falls into a deep depression, and loses the will to live. He keeps using Cure on people nonstop until his brain burns out, and he simply falls asleep and never wakes up.

In the events leading up to the fourth timeline, Ian teaches Kabuto Rise, and helps mentor Van in using Cure better.

In the fourth timeline, Ian is alive, and married to Ageha's sister Fubuki. They have a son named Marco.

In the final trip to Psyren, Ian fights W.I.S.E. in the final battle.

Tropes associated with Ian:

  • I Just Want to Be Normal
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Especially when around Van and in the most recent futures as Ageha's brother-in-law.
  • Power Trio: The superego of the Matsuri/Kagetora/Ian trio.
  • Sociopathic Hero: he does healing jobs for Matsuri because he's in love with her, and did one for Kagetora at the cost of seeing him get on his knees and beg. Otherwise he's not a pleasant person to be around.
  • The Medic: For Root.

    The W.I.S.E. - Starship Commanders 
The W.I.S.E.

"We are W.I.S.E.. We will create a new order"

The W.I.S.E. are the main villains of the series. In every timeline they wipe out most of humanity, and turn the rest into Tavoo. They are led by the enigmatic Amagi Miroku, who defers most direct leadership to Grana. However, Miroku himself seems to be working for, or at least alongside Mithra, an enigmatic woman with strange eyes and surrounded by flames. The Starship Commanders, the primary members, rank themselves by number according to their strength. At the final trip to Psyren, all of the W.I.S.E. die due to being eaten by Quat Nevas.

Amagi Miroku (AKA Grigori 06)

"Amagi Miroku... Shall become the center of the universe!"

The mysterious leader of the W.I.S.E.. Believes that the world is filthy, and to change must be destroyed first. He poses as Inui's brother and brainwashes him in order to obtain funds to carry out his plans. Nearly kills Kyle when they try and rescue Kagetora, and is otherwise only seen in the Day of Revolution tapes. Is most likely one of the Elders Grana spoke of. Is Nemesis Q's twin brother, who was taken to the test facility with her. Is killed by Ageha, but uses the last of his life to activate the giant pit of souls for whatever Mithra has been planning. However, he survives several chapters afterwards, and upon realizing Mithra betrayed him, defies her with help from Grana. Every chapter it seems like he's making a final stand, so we can't be sure how dead he is.

Tropes associated with Amagi:

  • Dead Person Impersonation: Pretended to be Kyotada Saburou.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: To Mithra kind of. They seemed to be equal allies up to a certain point, with him as the leader and her as some sort of guide/mentor, but Miroku ultimately ended up as her pawn after his own plan failed.]]
  • Heel-Face Turn: realizes he was manipulated after Ageha floods him with memories from Psyren and a final message from future-07
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: When it was revealed he wasn't an ordinary human but a powerful psi-user and subsquently the Big Bad. Elicted an Oh Crap! response.
  • Light Is Not Good: Most of his powers are light-based. He's not such a nice guy though. Also see immediately below
  • Meaningful Name: Miroku is the Japanese term for Maitreya, the Future Buddha who will bring global enlightenment. The Kanji in Amagi together mean "Heaven's Wrath".
"If I kill you, perhaps then sister will return to my side?"

Grana (AKA Grigori 01)

"Bring it on! I, Grana, also known as 'The Asura of the Heavens', accept this challenge by the power invested in me by the Council of Elders!"

Starship Commander No. 1 of the W.I.S.E., Grana is the perpetually bored leader, answering only to the elders. Possesses godlike levels of telekinesis, being able to build massive towers that would take months to construct in under a minute while holding a casual conversation. Has a personal interest in Ageha after his encounter with Dholaki. In the present is 27 years old, making him 37 in Psyren. Is a byproduct of genetic engineering by Grigori, and not fully human. Destroyed Grigori 16 years before the series started. Due to not being thorough enough, they continued, and made their methods even more brutal. Grana has been lying low for this whole time, planning to just leave Japan altogether. Is stopped by Miroku, who offers him a position in the W.I.S.E.. In the unaltered future it is implied Miroku strong-armed Grana into joining with Junas helping him out. In the current timeline though, Miroku fought him alone and still won, though he had to make his Declaration several months early. Grana, along with Miroku and Caprico, are the only three members of WISE without Illuminas Forges. They had a contingency plan if Mithra betrayed them, and Grana has assisted Miroku with the last of the latter's life force into activating a counter-plan.

Tropes associated with Grana:

  • Boisterous Bruiser: Mainly lives for a good fight, but is not nearly as cold and serious as Junas or Uranus
  • Physical God: Next to Miroku, the strongest PSI user of the WISE.
"So you're saying that having proper feelings is bad? I'm gonna... I'M GONNA GET MY LIFE BACK!! AND I'LL KICK THE ASS OF ANYBODY WHO TRIES TO INTERFERE!!!!"
  • The Worf Effect - Grana is easily one of the most powerful people in the series, but has been beaten by Miroku and temporarily frozen by Grigori 03, mainly to show how serious they are.
  • You Are Number Six: Numero Uno foo'.

Junas (AKA Grigori 05)

I like warriors. The stronger they are, the more I want to mince them to pieces.

Starship Commander No. 2 of the W.I.S.E., Junas is never seen that far from Grana. Uses sword-related PSI, and was one of the two who accompanied Amagi Miroku at the Day of Revolution. Has an intense disliking of Dholaki, wishing he had died during his first encounter against the Drifters. Has been charged with searching out and destroying the Root organization, and in the present is assigned with destroying key links to Miroku's past. Was a Grigori research subject alongside Miroku and Q, and likely helped Miroku break out a year before the series start, hence his The Dragon tendencies. Survives up until the end of Miroku's Rebirth, but has his core forcibly deactivated by Quat Nevas. However, he's human enough that he can survive without it still.

Tropes associated with Junas:

  • Kick the Dog: His brutal murder of the Elmore kids in the revised 12/2 tape, killing orphanage volunteers for no particular reason except they were there, and annihilating Neo Amakusa.
  • Morality Pet: The only person around which he showed a softer side so far is Riko.


"...Is that an order? Is a 5th-ranked commander like you giving ME an order?"

Starship Commander No. 3 of the W.I.S.E. and the main researcher on PSI. As a result, he gets the best toys in regards to powers, namely teleportation. First seen rescuing Dholaki after an encounter with the Drifters, eventually is charged by Grana to assist Dholaki in capturing Ageha and turning him into a Tavoo. Nearly killed Hiryuu and Oboro, and is stopped by Fredrica and Shao, barely escaping with his life. In the present, is an Ordinary High-School Student with a girlfriend. That's all that is known of him besides the fact he is probably a born psychicer.

In the most recent timeline, Shiner is demoted to Starship Commander No. 4. Grigori 03, AKA Uranus, replaces him.

Tropes associated with Shiner:

Caprico (Birth name Riko Hachiboshi)

"Onii-chan, are you a bad person?"

Starship Commander No. 4, Caprico seems out of place compared to the other W.I.S.E.. She is responsible for constructing and researching the Tavoo minions. Received the prominent scar on her forehead when she was four after falling off of a cliff, the impact awakening her powers. In the present resides at Harukaze orphanage. The directors of the orphanage were afraid of her power, taking her sketchbook away to stop her from using her abilities, or locking her up for using them. Is a crucial piece to Miroku's plans, due to her PSI power "Creator".

In the most recent timeline, Caprico is demoted to Starship Commander No. 6, being replaced by Shiner and having the Number 5 slot being filled by Vigo.

Tropes associated with Caprico:

  • Came Back Strong: Says that after she fell off a cliff as a child and hit her head she got her PSI powers. Unknown how close to death she was, but trauma definitely awakened her powers.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: The scar on her forehead is her most prominent feature. However, she doesn't seem to be as evil as the rest of the group. It is later revealed that she got the scar when she fell off a cliff, which awakened her powers.


"There's countless ways to kill ya', but there's no meaning using cheap tricks to win! I always destroy my enemies by force!"

Starship Commander No. 5 of the W.I.S.E., Dholaki was the one interacted with the Drifters the most early in the series before his death. Responsible for patrolling the borders of Psyren for survivors, Dholaki prefers brute force in combat. Was one of the two accompanying Amagi Miroku on the Day of Revolution. Facing demotion after being defeated by Ageha's Melcheese's Lance attack, Dholaki implanted a second Illuminas Forge in himself, guaranteeing rejection and a .01% chance he'd survive a year. Severely injures Kabuto before being killed by Kyle. In the present behaves just like he does in the future, getting into fights and beating the crap out of people. May be a natural-born psychicer.

Tropes associated with Dholaki:

  • The Brute: He even makes a great speech about why he's this way.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He makes appearances in Amamiya's probe into Tatuo's past, in Matsuri's flashback of the siren towers, and in the 12/2 video before making his first actual appearance.

Grigori 03 (Codename Uranus)

Unlike Grana and the others, 03 had not given himself an actual name. He was an assassin sent by Grigori to kill Grana, who spared him after the battle. Now he's on the run as well. Has been following Grana ever since that battle, and picked up his own stalker named Eiji Kise. Has chosen to follow Miroku so that he can become as powerful. Going with Personality Powers, Uranus is very cold and abrasive towards his colleagues. Has a dislike of both Junas and Grana.

Once he enters the timeline, 03, now known as Uranus, replaces Shiner as Starship Commander No. 3. He is killed by Kyle and Fredrica when the two begin their invasion of the W.I.S.E. HQ

Tropes associated with Grigori 03:

  • Berserk Button: Evidently doesn't like being told he's from Ponkotsu. Also, Grana in general, especially when Grana refers to him as "buddy"

Eiji Kise (W.I.S.E. Codename Vigo)

"The ultimate creation... comes from ingenious destruction."

The Ax-Crazy serial killer Psycher who's wanted for some very brutal murders. He started following Grigori 03 around, who in turn started following Grana. Considers himself a genius. Is obviously deranged, and has a stuttering problem. Something about Miroku made him not kill him, despite having a tanto to his neck and being completely open. Is following Miroku in order to see "the perfect destruction". Also, because he's better looking than Eiji. His power is called Floor Diver, which lets him crawl into the ground and make his limbs appear from any surface. Among the W.I.S.E., his new name is Vigo. Infiltrates Root, but has the bad luck to encounter first Marie, then Shao. Nearly kills the latter, but his powers are rendered null and he's given a Neck Snap for his troubles. However, later on it can be seen that he still lives. He captures Marie, wanting to turn her into a statue. She refuses to be with him, so he decides to kill her. Marie asks him a few questions about family and if he had something to protect, and Mithra decides to jack her body after her current is running dry. Vigo steps in to save her, and has his forge ripped out by Mithra, killing him.

In the W.I.S.E. hierarchy has replaced Dholaki as Starship Commander No. 5

Tropes associated with Eiji:

  • A God Am I: Has the same mindset as Miroku in this respect.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Somewhat lampshaded by Vigo himself.
  • Love Redeems: Thanks to Marie being the first person who shows some concern for him.


The most enigmatic figure in Psyren now that we know more about Nemesis Q and Amagi Miroku. At first even her gender was an unknown, let alone her name. She appears in chapter 108, when Miroku refers to her as a "friend". She has been acting as his adviser, knowing that Grana, Shiner, and Dholaki would eventually join up with Miroku, and keeping him a step ahead of the game. She is usually floating, and surrounded by will-o-wisps, symbolic of souls. Elmore alluded to her as a serious threat before her death in the future. Reveals to Marie in Chapter 131 that she isn't human. Miroku says she used to be human before becoming possessed by Ouroborous.

Tropes associated with Mithra:

  • Anti-Magic: Seems to be able to nullify most PSI with ease.

    The W.I.S.E. - Scourge 


The Scourge are a Quirky Miniboss Squad personally led by Junas. Most of the authority is deferred to Junas' lieutenant Delboro during field operations though. The five members are Delboro, Barry, Odo, Ash, and Nekka. The Scourge are a recent addition to the W.I.S.E., being Tavoo who survived having multiple cores and presumably wouldn't have been consumed by mutations like Dholaki would have.


Delboro is the leader of Junas' elite group The Scourge.

Tropes associated with Delboro:
  • Genre Savvy: As soon as one of his comrades starts talking cryptically during a major battle he knows something is up and attacks.


One of the five Scourge members. Despite being ordered to capture and not kill Root members, he has no qualms with firing coins through their brains. Goes toe-to-toe with, and is killed by Kabuto.

Tropes associated with Ash:


The only female member of Scourge. Fights with a chain and gets very angry when somebody hurts her face. Is completely incinerated by Frederica.

Tropes associated with Nekka:


The silent member of Scourge. He obscures his face with a helmet, and his body is completely covered. He wields a large staff, and remains mostly silent. He appears to have some medical skill, since he patches Ageha up after the Invasion. He is one of the two surviving Scourge alongside Delboro. Has revealed himself to be none other than Mochizuki Oboro, who killed the original Odo to take his place.

Tropes associated with Odo:


A big, muscular member of Scourge. He specializes in brute force. Is paralyzed, defeated and presumably killed by Haruhiko.

Tropes associated with Barry:

  • Mighty Glacier: Easily defends against Frederica's flame and breaks both arms of an experienced rise-user with one punch. That does not protect his brain from high-voltage, though.

    W.I.S.E. - Other members 

Other W.I.S.E. members

Aside from the Starship commanders, there are several other members of W.I.S.E. out there. This list does not include the scouting Tavoo seen in early trips.

Kyotada Inui

"Humans are made coming to know pain!"

An insane Psychicer who uses his powers for crime. He organized a group of fellow Psychicers to rob a bank run by Yakuza, and managed to stop Kagetora when there was retaliation. His efforts were thwarted by Ageha and the Elmore Kids. He is a sadomasochist, and his power Angry Goalie is fueled by pain. He also has the ability to manipulate shadows as a weapon, but it's so slow we have yet to see what it does when it actually hit.He says that most of his efforts are to care for his brother Saburo, who he abuses repeatedly.

When Ageha captured Inui, they did a scan of his brain and found it was too muddled to read, and his memories had been altered several times. His brother Saburo had been dead for years, and the man claiming to be Saburo was Amagi Miroku. Upon being discovered, the Tree of Life seed within his stomach triggered and destroyed his insides, killing him instantly.

Tropes associated with Kyotada Inui:


"Surely you didn't think a plain human such as yourself could possibly be friends with an exquisite human like me, did you?"

A friend of Koichi Iba's and a worker in what is left of Grigori. He gives them the passkey to enter further into the facility, and is overall supportive of Iba, but it's all an act. He works for Amagi Miroku, and is a member of the W.I.S.E., but not a Starship Commander. He has a virus power, which he used on Matsuri in the last timeline to put her out of commission until after the Revolution, and in the timeline after that used it on her and Iba again, killing the latter. Aside from the virus, Yusaka has a power he calls Candy Man that is poison-based. Also, he's absolutely apeshit psycho. After killing Iba, fifty or so guards, and seriously injuring Matsuri and Sakurako, is fragged to death by Ageha, going out with that maniacal smile that grew on us so quickly. Except he was still barely alive, and decided to take the Grigori Research facility and PACS device with him.

Tropes associated with Yusaka:


Member of Dholaki's Special Police Force. First shown in the company of Dholaki to help capture the drifters. Fights primarily with dual blades. Chased Amamiya and was subsequently bisected and killed.

Tropes associated with Gizani:


Another Member of the Special Police Force. The full extent of his powers are unknown due to being turned into a mound of flesh by Oboro and was disposed of by Asaga.

Tropes associated with Gordov:

    Other Present Characters 
Other Present Characters

Other secondary characters residing in the present. In the third timeline they Matsuri, Kagetora, Ian, Lan and Haruhiko form a Five-Man Band of their own, led by Matsuri.

Matsuri Yagumo

A famous concert pianist and former Psyren drifter. She taught Sakurako everything she knows about PSI, and taught Hiryuu and Ageha as well. Possesses very powerful telekinesis, and is well-connected to over Psychicers who haven't been to Psyren. Matsuri has tested much about Psyren, and is probably the leading expert on it before the DVD is discovered. She tries to have Nemesis Q add points to her card, but her request is denied until Q decides to put one more point on as a thank-you to Ageha.

In the first through third timelines, Matsuri starts researching the cause of Psyren on her own when Ageha and the others don't come back from the future, which leads her to the Grigori research facility. She's ravaged by a powerful PSI virus (later revealed to be Yusaka's handiwork), and is unconscious until well after the Day of Revolution. She and Kagetora fight off the W.I.S.E. in order for survivors to escape, and don't make it out alive.

In the events that caused the fourth timeline to be created, Ageha kills Yusaka, keeping her conscious. Just as Miroku began moving everything ahead of schedule, her investigation was pulled ahead of schedule thanks to Ageha and Sakurako's discoveries. 07 adds one more point to Matsuri's calling card to return a favor to Ageha, allowing her to return to Psyren alongside Kagetora.

Tropes associated with Matsuri:

  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Most timelines result in her dying fighting off the W.I.S.E.
  • Multicolored Hair: Recent volume cover shows that her hair is dyed red in the front.
  • My Name Is Inigo Montoya: "(My name is) Matsuri Yagumo. I was killed by you once. I guess you wouldn't know though, since that future has been lost."
  • Obsolete Mentor: Until she kicks ass in the present and gets one more point on her card.
  • Power Trio: She's the id of the Matsuri/Kagetora/Ian trio.
  • The Sixth Ranger: Alongside Kagetora when she gains one more point on her card. Since she was part of the team before Ageha and left, this makes her the Zeroth Ranger or something.
  • Spy Catsuit: Dons one to infiltrate Grigori. When asked why they are wearing one she says that they have to look the part.
  • Super Strength: According to Ageha she is just as strong as Kagetora so REALLY strong.

Kagetora Hyoudou

A high-ranking Yakuza and the strongest Rise user in all of Japan, Kagetora is a close friend of Matsuri, having proposed to her 22 times after she saved his life. He doesn't know about Psyren, and was simply born with his psychic powers. He trains Ageha, Hiryuu, and Oboro in using Rise, and considers Ageha to be one of the few people who can keep up with him. Is captured by Haruhiko, Lan, and Inui while trying to stop a heist, and is rescued by Ageha and the Elmore kids.

In the first through third timelines, Kagetora and Matsuri sacrifice themselves to protect a group of survivors.

In the events that lead up to the fourth timeline, Kagetora interrupts Junas from abducting Caprico, and chases him for three days straight without tiring. He finally stops upon Matsuri's orders, but his intervention prevented Junas from assisting Miroku in recruiting Grana, which lead in the Day of Revolution being announced much earlier than expected. Matsuri managed to get him a Calling Card, allowing him to enter Psyren to help Ageha and the others.

Tropes associated with Kagetora:

  • Blatant Lies: His explanation for his jobs, and any excuse he makes to hide he is a yakuza.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: His scars look evil, but he is a good guy. Then again he is a yakuza so he probably got them doing morally questionable things.
  • Made of Iron: He gets electrocuted twice, tortured, and has a building collapse on him. He still manages to dig everybody else out and rescue them.
    • He blocks a knife with his forehead. By the way the dude with the knife was a Rise user too.
  • Power Trio: The Ego of the Kagetora/Lan/Haruhiko trio.
    • He plays the same role in the Matsuri/Kagetora/Ian trio.
  • The Sixth Ranger: becomes this for Ageha after he becomes a Drifter
  • Super Speed: Being one of, if not the greatest, Rise user this comes naturally.

Koichi Iba

"You got it wrong! I didn't do anything, I was just an underling!"

A former researcher at the Grigori institute before Amagi Miroku blew it to pieces. Afterwards, he got a job at the NASL, the facility where Yoshina Asuka works. One year ago, he got a job at the Ground Self-Defense Forces, where is position is unknown. According to a co-worker of his, he has a weird personality, is really dark, and if you feel that you're being watched, odds are he's there. He has a friend who works at a family diner who's aware of his old job at Grigori and what he did. Evidently he is the last Grigori worker, the rest having been hunted down by Miroku. He interacted with Junas, Miroku, and Q ever since they were little, mostly with Miroku. Out of sympathy one night he cut the power in Grigori so Miroku could sleep without the helmet that kept his psychic might under check, which resulted in his escape and the murder of every other Grigori worker. Is betrayed by his friend Yusaka, who was a psychicer working for Miroku, and killed by the PSI-virus that infected Matsuri.

Tropes associated with Koichi:

  • It's All My Fault: He unleashed Miroku upon the world. Nice one.
  • Mauve Shirt: He's a mere lab assistant, but somehow survived all of the chaos, if not by pure luck or gratitude from Miroku.
  • Sole Survivor: The only Grigori worker who survived the massacre by Miroku.


A mysterious meteor that landed on earth and is supposedly connected with the phenomena occurring around the world.

Tropes Associated with Ouroboros:

  • Eldritch Abomination: Confirmed as of Chapter 138, Ouroboros is a living entity that travels throughout the galaxy, devouring stars and planets for energy. He gave Miroku the dreams of sheep that caused him to go on a genocidal rampage. Eldritch Indeed.
  • True Final Boss: Where as many thought Miroku would be the final opponent that Ageha would fight, especially after revealing his "Raging King" - form, many now suppose that Ouroboros in the present may be the final battle.

    Team Dragon 
Team Dragon

A nickname Hiryuu and Tatsuo had for themselves. After the current journey to Psyren, Tatsuo, Kasukabe, and Hiryuu form a group of their own who's goal is to destroy the Siren towers and open up the sky. Unique in that the majority of the members are Tavoo, but they're good guys. Led by Kasukabe.

Tatsuo Mana

"Please hold on to your half, Asaga...we'll meet again I promise...and I'll greet you while standing on my own two feet."

A childhood friend of Hiryuu, is highly intelligent but sickly. Hiryuu met him in middle school, brought his homework to him whenever he was too sick to go to school, and stood up for him when he got bullied. Hiryuu and Tatsuo together referred to each other as Team Dragon. Together they Eventually became a Psyren drifter and offered Hiryuu a card as well, but the offer was turned down. When Hiryuu never sees him again, he decides to go to Psyren to find him. Tatsuo was captured by the W.I.S.E. and had an Illuminas Forge implanted into him, turning him into a Tavoo. He still managed to keep a human form, but lost control over his body to the urges of his Tavoo nature. He fights Ageha and the other Drifters, and takes a Melchesse's Door to his core, not shattering it, but damaging it irreparably. This allows him to regain his consciousness, but since he lost his Psyren card he can't return home and will die slowly and painfully as he travels across the landscape and waits to run out of energy. He is still alive as of chapter 69, having rescued a battered Hiryuu who had just fallen from the stratosphere from a stray Tavoo. His core was fixed by a Tavoo named Kusakabe, who he is helping restore the sky over Earth again.

Has his core forcibly deactivated again by Quat Nevas. However, according to Kasukabe Tatsuo will live because his body didn't change upon the core being implanted, so he's human still. He has returned to the present alongside the main Drifters when Psyren was destroyed.

Tropes associated with Tatsuo:

Kasukabe Yuusuke

"Sooob~...not matter how often I watch 'Mobita and the Iron Men' it still makes me cry...!"

One of the chief researchers for the W.I.S.E. during their revolution. Became a Tavoo, but retained sentience and avoided brainwashing. Eventually he fell in love again with the lost human culture and rebelled. He's the one responsible for poking holes in the membrane over Psyren, and the W.I.S.E. have established the Control Towers to counteract his actions. Rescued Tatsuo and Hiryuu, and the two are helping him destroy the towers and figure out a way to reverse transformation.

Kasukabe has the power of technomancy, and can communicate with any type of computer to make it do his bidding, from your old IBM to living machines like the Illuminas Forge. When Quat Nevas deactivates all of the Illuminas and drains the energy they collected, Kasukabe, who had physically transformed after his surgery, couldn't survive without the core, and passed away.

Tropes associated with Kasukabe:

    Amakusa Empire 
Amakusa Empire

A group of humans who are out of sight of the W.I.S.E.. Established by Usui, who used his Psyren trips to figure out the ideal location and set supplies there. usui is worshiped as a god and reincarnation of the Emperor. He has a very feudal, ordered system, enforced by his personal minions who can use PSI. After his unsuccessful attack on Mukurojima and Nemesis Q, Usui's power is usurped, and he's reduced to a puppet leader and figurehead. Amakusa as a whole is utterly destroyed by Junas, who knew where the place was the whole time.


"A simple kid like you has no idea what the true value of that card is."

A man who wishes to know about Psyren in order to obtain the 500 million yen reward from Elmore. Besides Nemesis Q, is the first PSI user shown in the series, having a power of psychometry. He has a partner named Miyake and the two of them pose as cops in order to grab Ageha's card before it activates. Obviously this fails, and they are never heard from again until chapter 72 where it turns out Usui and Miyake are both still alive and about to track down and kill the woman behind Nemesis Q. Usui did manage to grab a card eventually, and used the knowledge of Psyren to figure out where it would be safe to establish a brutal feudal new world order, claiming to be the reincarnation of the Emperor and having the power to predict the future. When his card points ran out or he was being called at an inconvenient time, he would use his power to short it out and re-enter by grabbing another unactivated card and rendering it's intended owner braindead, much to Q's annoyance. Is mercilessly crushed and reduced to begging for mercy by Marie after he tries to use his mind-wipe attack on Sakurako.

Is killed by Junas, along with all of Amakusa. It's unsure how many survivors are left.

Tropes associated with Usui:

  • Anti-Magic: He can interrupt PSI with his left hand
  • Eyepatch of Power: Sports an eyepatch whenever he is seen. While nowhere near the strongest in Amakusa, holds incredible power over his people.



The mostly silent companion of Usui. The two of them pose as police officers in order to snag Ageha's card to use it themselves. When this fails, they aren't seen for several chapters, when Usui has used his knowledge of Psyren's landscape to form the Amakusa empire under the guise as a reincarnation of the Emperor with Miyake as his right-hand man. Is unceremoniously defeated by Sakurako in Q's Chamber. Ate bridge after Amakusa was destroyed.

Tropes associated with Miyake:

Amakusa Brain Beasts

The Quirky Miniboss Squad trained by Usui in PSI usage, the Brain Beasts are fanatically loyal to the Amakusa Empire and attempt to stop Ageha and the others from arriving to Nemesis Q's lair. After being defeated, they grab a sample of Sakurako's hair in order to track them down. Have little knowledge of the W.I.S.E. and no knowledge of the true nature of Q. Are most likely dead after Junas destroyed Amakusa. Tomochika's the only one confirmed dead.

Members of the Brain Beasts:

  • Torotomi - Gonk, Earth-manipulator. Oddly resembles Fukurou from One Piece. Calls his power "Sand Crawler". Is defeated easily by Ageha.
  • Saijou - The Brute, Dumb Muscle, Burst/Rise combo user. Possesses an attack called "Belial Claw", which basically crushes shit. Is effortlessly stopped and defeated by Kyle. Has a tendency to dabble in Rank Inflation with his power, saying Burst is at 230% or something like that
  • Tomochika - the leader of the Brain Beasts, possesses pyrokinetic powers similar to Fredrica's. Is defeated by her, and runs away grabbing a piece of Sakurako's hair.

Amakusa Elites

The two strongest minions of Usui aside from The Dragon, Taiga and Okugou encounter Ageha's group at Q's base. Both surrender when they realize they face certain death otherwise. Okugou summons a burst creature called Orugas, which is a giant lion-shaped creature that shoots energy blasts. Taiga has super-powerful Chakram made from PSI. Together form a Those Two Bad Guys team. Leave on friendly terms with Root, and basically force Usui to return to his position but will be watching his back from now on

Either dead or MIA.

Tropes associated with Okugou:

  • All Men Are Perverts: He proposes to Marie after seeing her for the first time. Of the three girls in the group, guess who has the best body?
  • Foil: To Taiga. Loud, defiant, and disorderly compared to Taiga's quiet, calculating nature.

Tropes associated with Taiga:

  • Foil: To the loud and boisterous Okugou. Is very calculating in comparison, and had more precise attacking.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Chakrams. Energy chakrams, but still chakrams.