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Characters: Licence to Kill
Characters specific to Licence to Kill. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

Franz Sanchez

Played by : Robert Davi

The most powerful drug lord in Latin America, having been wanted by the DEA for years. He is captured in the opening scene of the movie, only to escape shortly afterwards and wreck havoc on Felix Leiter's life. Is arguably based on the version of Fransisco Scaramanga as seen in the original novel, but is considerably nicer, ironically.

  • Bond One-Liner:
    Perez: What about the money, patron?
    Sanchez: Launder it.
  • Nothing Personal: So he says to Leiter.
    Sanchez: I want you to know this is nothing personal. It's purely... business.
  • President for Life: He is the real ruler of the Banana Republic that is Isthmus. He even has a meeting with "el Presidenté", where he informs the man that he is "replaceable".
    Sanchez: Remember, you're only President... For life.

Pam Bouvier

Played by : Carey Lowell

The last CIA agent alive on Leiter's list of contacts on the Sanchez file, she meets Bond in a bar in Bimini. She ends up helping him in his crusade against Sanchez.

  • Action Girl: Maybe the best example in the entire franchise. She never really needs to be saved by Bond; in fact, she saves him on several occasions.

Lupe Lamora

Played by : Talisa Soto

Sanchez's girlfriend.


Played by : Benicio Del Toro

Sanchez's main and most loyal henchman.

  • Karmic Death: Falls into a cocaine grinder and gets shredded. Though Bond probably didn't know he raped and killed Della.

Milton Krest

Played by : Anthony Zerbe

Sanchez's henchman who operates the Wavekrest Marine Research as a cover for drug trade.

  • Blatant Lies: When Bond meets him.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Sanchez throws him inside his boat's decompression chamber and begins raising the pressure of the chamber. Once the pressure reaches a critical point, Sanchez, taking an axe, hacks through the air-pressure vent. The rapid decompression causes Krest's head to rapidly expand, then explode.
  • Death by Materialism: Subverted. Sanchez is led to think Krest died this way.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As with Kilifer, he's clearly nauseated watching Leiter being fed to the shark.
  • Mistaken for an Imposter: Krest may have been loyal the whole time, but between Bond's convincing tip to Sanchez about a possible traitor in his organization, and the presence of a huge pile of Sanchez' money on his boat, he ends up looking guilty as sin.


Played by: Don Stroud

Sanchez's head of security, he is the head of the Isthmus military. He is also a CIA grass who is trying to commandeer the Stinger missiles that Sanchez has stolen.

  • Villainous Rescue: Saves Bond from the Hong Kong and British narcotics agents who kidnapped him to bring him back to the UK.

Truman Lodge

Played by: Anthony Starke

Sanchez's financial advisor and accountant.

  • All There in the Manual: In a deleted scene, Pam mentions that he's wanted in the United States for insider trading on Wall Street, presumably in the 1987 Stock Market crash.

Ed Kilifer

Played by: Everett McGill

A DEA agent who was bribed by Sanchez to help him escape and betray Felix Leiter.

Professor Joe Butcher

Played by: Wayne Newton

Sanchez's middleman and TV evangelist for Olimpatec Meditation Institute.

El Presidente Hector Lopez

Played by: Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

The President of Isthmus.


Played by: Frank McRae

A friend of Felix Leiter, he owns a boat charter business and was chosen by Leiter to be his Best Man alongside Bond for his wedding. He later helps Bond to investigate Krest's facility and yacht.

Della Leiter, née Churchill

Played by: Priscilla Barnes

The bride of Felix Leiter, she is raped and killed by Sanchez's men on her wedding night.

  • Happily Married: Doesn't last even a day, sadly...
  • The Lost Lenore: One has to wonder if she is or isn't this for Bond... Bond risked his life to avenge her death, after all.

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